Future Queen Kate Middleton Bikini Scandal

Kate Middleton bikini

Just a month before her wedding to Prince William, these bikini pictures of Kate Middleton have surfaced, sending shock waves through the royal family and much of England.

As you can see in the photos below Kate Middleton brazenly flaunts her nearly naked body on a yacht while wearing a bikini. No doubt this will seriously call into question her character and may end her engagement to Prince William.

The first thing the royal family will want to determine is if Kate Middleton’s maidenhead is still intact. Obviously the midwife who examined her before the engagement was permitted could of been bribed or blind. After these pictures a more thorough examination is definitely needed.

As these bikini pictures show Kate Middleton is immoral and possibly a prostitute. If Prince William insists on going ahead with marrying her, the royal family will be forced to deal with her after the fact. Perhaps another “car accident” in a Parisian tunnel will do the trick. Regardless, of how it is done I don’t see this ending well for Kate. Allahu Akbar!


Kate Middleton Kate Middleton Kate Middleton Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Kate Middleton Kate Middleton Kate Middleton

  • Butt Fuck Allah

    Considering these are just a few more unpublished photos of a vacation that was published nearly four years ago. I really doubt they will send ‘shockwaves through the royal family’. A simple google search will show you all the ‘sordid’ others.

    Anyway, yes she does have a superb body I’ll grant you that. But I think you need to try and improve your ‘satirical writing’ a bit more. I think your current writers ate getting a bit tedious and repetitive.

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  • open the scroll

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  • pigfuckingAllah

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  • molly

    WOW your articles suck and it is such bull shit where the fuck do you get your information from… just because she is wearing a bikini doesnt make her a prostitute!! and you really need to find a new job because the fact that you pretty much make up all this shit is pathetic!!!! i have read three of your articles : Selena Gomez Forgets To Wear Pants…she is wearing a dress you friggin moron!!! and it is long were the fuck do yuo get the balls to say she is not a proper role modle and that “her mind was hazy from all the black tar heroin and wild sex orgies these Disney stars seem to love to partake in.” your a fucking DICK!!!! and the miley cyrus’ new boyfriend are you fucking kidding me!!! really where the fuck do you get you STUPID, MORONIC, FUCKING IMMATURE information..???? and the fact that people even read this and believe it just shows how stupid and gullible the world can be!!!

    • theheadchimp

      Ah Miss Dumbass…….you read it and got your panties all in a bunch. What seems to be your problem? Name a disney star that isn’t a total loser? Just one, and Mickey Mouse doesn’t count.

  • truth

    Seems that the author saw right!!!!
    Just now , it is coming out that Kate Middleton was indeed a teenage prostitute :
    participating in sex orgies where money was exchanged.