Flo From Progressive Commercials Naked

Flo progressive naked

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to watch infidel American TV you’ve no doubt seen the Progressive Insurance commercials featuring an offensive sass-mouthed woman named “Flo”.

This Flo makes stupid faces while babbling on about different insurance products in direct violation of the Muslim law that women should be neither seen nor heard.

Now Flo appears to have taken her blasphemy to the next level by prostituting her frumpy nude body in the photo above. If this is the type of thing that sells insurance in the heathen US of A they are going to need to buy a lot of it because us Muslims are going to turn their possessions into dust.

  • makefunofmyname


    • Bubba

      I knew she would get nekkid someday. She has a twinkle in her eyes.

  • flobot


  • The Guy with the EyE

    Thirdsies!!!!!! Who gives a fuck about this bitch…she used to be on Angle too….well once.

  • Arcachnar

    Never heard of her and I don’t care.

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      • Arcachnar

        Are you talking about yourself again? Fucking fag. I don’t know this woman, because I NEVER saw these kind of commercials.

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      • Spartan 117

        Islam will never rule any but the shit America allows them to own because America has the biggest air force navy and the most technologically advanced army in the world the USA pretty much own the world

      • maximumbetty

        Who’s the I’ll conceived idiot who doe’s not have proper grammar…
        Ya I know da funk punk but u,z even lost that graz mos define…
        Flo is the chix tix & beyond so get a grip on uz tip…
        Chic ain’t gonna zip quick…gitit!!!


  • Skeet-Seeking Missle

    Why is it that a site thats ‘for Muslims’ glorifies American movies, TV shows, music, and American culture in general? Even Muslims can’t get enough of America…

    • Arcachnar

      Glorify American products? Since when?

      • Skeet-Seeking Missle

        This website is proof to that. I have never seen one actress/singer on here that was from anywhere else but America (A good majority of them starring on Disney and Nickelodeon, both being American businesses and children’s TV channels). So if you want to know when it started then look at when this site was opened.

        • Arcachnar

          Not all is coming from the US. Emily Watson and some others are not Americans.

          • Tyrone shoelaces

            Dats right cause they is limeys who ain’t wanted here just like you in your ubangie mud hut

          • Arcachnar

            Limeys? What is that supposed to be? Your stupidity shines again. Go away.

          • Tyronr shoelaces


            It’s tha same as you callin da black man negro dumb ass mofo.

        • Kahlid

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          You’re all scumbag worthless nigger homoqueers who will perish once Islam rules the West.

          • adam

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          • Kahlid

            Killing 4 Muslims? What did you do? Give them AIDS by forcibly raping them?

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            Prepare to meet your Mecca, scumbags!

            ALLAHU AKBAR!

          • Yourdeadfamily

            Muslim people are a joke, want to rule the world but cant even run a small government lol. Some people just have dreams that are a little to big for their wills.

          • Arcachnar

            @Yourdeadfamily IF you had any idea about the situations at hand than you would not have said this. As if the US have not trouble with its own government. The most governments like SA, Qatar, Kuwait, et al DO have a strong government and is economical just as good as the US and Europe.

            The situation in Egypt, Syria and other lands are more difficult than you have imagined. Go and learn more about this.

      • Tyrone shoelaces

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      • Tyronr shoelaces

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  • Zach

    wow, horrible photoshop. I expect better from you guys.

    • Supreme Jihadist

      You have a horrible sex-change operation which went wrong. You should expect a rain of stones from us.

  • Paul

    Y’all know damn well this shit is fake. If y’all are gonna put naked women on here at least make it look real!

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I want to suck her pussy soooo baaaddd! I’ve always wanted her since she first did those ads. Ohh shit. She is so freakin hooottt!!!!

    • that one guy

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  • GreenGarageDoor

    When i saw this i cracked up haha!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When us Muslims take over, her blood will “flow”

    • House of Ribs

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            adam anus

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    • jjos

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    • jjos

      You r a mentally challenged doon coon…. I hope they put u on some watchlist …..may all your sheep, goats whatever be stricken with pestilence, you son of a fish smelling whore

  • Dick Hertz

    That’s something that no one needed to see.

  • supremedick

    ummmmmmmmmmmmm…….uhh nice?

  • Shadows

    Clearly this picture is a fake u can see by the reflection from her face and the body this photo is photo shop

    • The Ghost of Rodney The King

      Flection? what flection? I done see no flection. nigga be trippin.

  • justin igger

    no kidding it’s shooped capt. obvious. but they did her justice. in real life the hag named stephanie courtney that portrays flo could not look this good nekkid. she’s actually worth raping in this shoop.

    much love from the USA.

    • flofucker

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  • The Ghost of Rodney The King

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      Sorry, that’s redundant.

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  • Person

    This isn’t real. Her skin tone doesn’t match the skin on her face.

  • bob


  • meh

    as asual another photoshop…doesnt stop this bs website from reporting this shit as fact though

  • drew

    this picture is clearly photoshopped. don’t you people realize that nearly 80% of the things on here are fake. for instance look on the side. “miley cyrus sex tape video” do you think if this was real that’s all anyone would be talking about. it would be all over the news, all over google. stop being so gulliible.


    This photo is so damn fake!! HAHAHA!!! Nice photoshop!!

  • Lol

    Fake this was photoshopped or something

  • Dando

    Yo what the fuck is this shit nigga, racist ass crap in this fucking nigga shit. Damn, nigga I hate gays. You guys are a bunch of queers dude. Fucking arguing for no fucking reason. Retards. Peace yo.

  • yasser hussien islam

    Thats one ugly shemale!! Back home in the middle east, he would already been castrated and left out for the vultures. Im tired of these comercial faggots. Allah is great!!!

  • jay

    fake as a free whore

  • kevin

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  • Lordnomad

    Faked and photoshopped. look at the neck. u can see the line when her head was put over a body

  • Ariana Khalid

    It’s funny how some people hate Americana so much. Trust and believe, if y’all Muslims let Americans be, we’d stay out of your business and let you do you.

  • Jordan

    Look at those perky titties

  • bong

    Fuck you Muslims talking about turning the USA to dust that’s why we just rapped your country. So kill yourself and make it easier for everyone. This site is so fucking rasist.

  • immigration

    lets send all the niggers and spics to the middle east and build walmarts and fuck them out of all they”re money, oil, and women… oh and fuck your king osama and mohammed allah worshiping pussies.

  • Daniel Tosh

    Holy FUCK this site is racist :D This is going on the next Tosh.0 for sure xD

  • WakkaWakka

    This site cracks me up I’m American and I’m not nearly as obsessed with celebrities as you people are.

    Also, the article is a little off when it said “turn their posessions to dust.”

    The American military budget makes up over 50% of the world military spending. So if you take all the middle east countries, then add every single other country on the planet (other than America), it would still be less than America spends. Now factor in that we’ve been on the cutting edge of military technology for the last several decades. If you want to know what I’m talking about, look at NASA’s Sframjet program. And that’s just what is viewable by the public.

    Idle threats don’t scare us :)

    Besides….if you blew us up you’d have nothing to write about hahaha

  • steve s

    Come on guys, do’t be dumb asses. Its a photoshopped image. Dont be so gullible.

  • All American Vet

    Jihad this beeotches…….Flo is hot, yes it is photoshopped. regardless she is still hot

  • TsvarTjoliskijos

    Seeing flo naked makes me want fuck your mother

  • TsvarTjoliskijos

    I would like to fuck your mother and flo at same time, then wipe my dick on you pillow

  • Kermit29

    Adulterated pic obviously–and what an improvement!! Hot chick.

  • MulimsSuckCock

    Are all you dipshited Muslim fucks really that fucking stupid, or just plain retarded? The above picture is a fake. If you can’t tell that her head has been cut and pasted onto some other woman’s body, you’re about fucking ignorant as your dipshited religion.

  • cohesiverope6

    cannibal goes to his local food market and notices that a Jewish brain sells for a hundred dollars a pound while a Muslim brain has a price tag of over a thousand dollars per pound. So he asks the butcher “Why is the Muslim’s brain so expensive?”

    The butcher replies “It’s very simple, we need a least a dozen Muslim brains to get one pound.”

  • the one

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  • kevin

    You guys are fucking retards America is fucking amazing your speaking English try to invade our country again all Americans are armed will kick your ass

    • reddragon

      fuck yeah bro. they do know there going to hell, right?

  • dave

    rule 34 no exceptions

  • deadhorserenforcer

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  • deadhorserenforcer

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  • Naruto

    Flo looks so great naked

  • Naruto

    i always wanted to see Flo naked lol

  • Naruto

    who’s putting this picture of this guy on here ›:(

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  • Chris

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