First Look At The Octomom Sex Tape

Octomom sex tape

It was announced earlier this week that after filing for bankruptcy “Octomom” Nadya Suleman has finally agreed to do porn.

This news was met with great enthusiasm by the men in the infidel West as they allow all their women to be whores, so they obviously love big floppy loose vagina (almost as much as penis).

Yes, by the looks of this exclusive picture from the Octomom sex tape the degenerate infidel perverts will soon be furiously masturbating their tiny wieners, because Octomom’s baby box is every bit as terrifyingly gigantic as one would imagined.

  • Anubis

    That is one enormous ugly pussy, like the ugly infidels pussies that make silly lewd anti-Muslim comments on this holy Islamic site. I’d hate to imagine the fishy stench that no doubt emanates from it.

    Wetback lesboqueer Selena Homez’s stink hole is rumored to be that huge from all her street walking prostitution and performing in the TJ donkey shows, so it could also substitute for hers.

    • Tyrone shoelaces

      Ass lick anubis.

      Dat looks like a muslim stinkin pussy to me is dat yous getin ready to dive into it no can’t be yous is a homo and it’s not a dick if it was yous would not bs standin there you would be on your knees suckin it waitin for abdulla to take you from behind .

      • Anubis

        homo TyCOON POOlaces –

        Why don’t you slap yourself to death with your fat assed lips.

        • Tyrone sholaces

          Ass sniffer anubis.

          Yous don’t no whats my lips looks like fool so why don’t yous stop makin dumb ass comments yous don’t no a thing abouts and stick to da ones yous do like suckin dick and lickin goat balls.

          • john from cleveland

            Uhh… Yous sounds stupids whens yous talks like this. ;-)

          • dontbother_iwont_reply

            Why yous talk like yous from Brooklyn, ya mook! I’s just axing.

    • Big Pete

      Anus Anubis

      This is what happens to women when they encounter large white man meat.

      Muslim women will soon know the pleasure of vanilla cock and will be gaping wide like the grand canyon.

      You small peckered muslims will never be able to satisfy them after we’re done.

      Ha. That was a joke. You can’t satisfy them now.

      Suck on that mofo


      • Anubis

        Pig Feet –

        Are you on drugs or something, because you always rant on this holy site about Muslim cocks. Just to make this clear in your thick head, we Muslims wouldn’t let your homo ass any where near us. Muslims are Allah’s chosen people, and dirty Kuffars like you are an abomination in his eyes. You’re such a flaming queer that you should be stoned immediately then have your stinkin’ carcass thrown to the jackals.

        Pecker Pete and google TyCOON, is there a difference? No, they’re the same low life.

        • Mufti David

          He behaves funny because of smokin Tyrone’s shit. If he is this irritating on this site, imagine how wild he is in the ghetto with his pet buddy Tyrone.

          • Tyrone sholaces

            mufty=child molester.

            First of alls i don’t knows dis pete dude and da only thing to do wit shit is you muslims when yous lick da shit off of yous dicks after yous butt fuck eachother in dat giant cat litter box yous call home.

          • Big Pete

            Little dick David

            If you don’t shut your homo ass up I’m going to unleash big nig Tyrone on your ass.

            He knows how to handle fags like you…by bending them over and taking their ass to pound town.

            You dirty sand googles and that stinkin coon Tyronne are a match made in homo heaven…othwrwise known as hell.


      • john from cleveland

        U kno wat? It really isnt my job to seperate a couple of little schoolgirls from fighting, but i do hav to say that the kkk is just a bunch of asshole idiots with tiny dicks who make racial, ethinical, religious, and perverse comments and do it while hiding behind soiled white bed linen becuz they r a bunch of pussies and not man enough to say it to ppls faces. But, im just a christian, caucasian male who doesnt take crap from ppl who hide. So long bitches!

  • JustinOtherHobbit

    Looks more like the twat of an Arab man to me…But what do I know, right? I was only over there for 4 tours watching through a scope while the men slam each other in the ass, suck on little boys dicks and completely ignore the sexual satisfaction of their own women. Like the chickenshit queers they are.


    that photo was taken from the movie Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi. the owner of this f**king site like to do photo shop and use it as something else. they got no life

    • Word of wisdom

      are you sure ? I can’t imagine of movies showing such huge vaginas. It must be the real octomom thing.

      • Pierre

        MIRIAM!!!! You are AMAZING! Way to glow, girl~ your sight is absolutely DELIGHT-FULL! Can’t wait to share with all those I KNOW would love it~ To your rnaiadt success & happy cooking,juliana

  • Ahmed

    Holy Horseshit Batman! I’m never allowing my wife to bear children EVER!

    • NUKE the middle east

      you know you got a hard on

      • Yasir

        thank you for this Rosie- as usual, you’ve delivered an inpniratiosal, compassionate and important message!i think i will print this out and share this with my yoga class tomorrow evening. we judge our bodies far too much and this writing is such a good antidote.

  • sympatico

    Billy the Kid was fucking Octomom, when suddenly she said “stick your hand up my pussy”.
    He did so.
    She was breathing faster now.
    She then said to him “put your arm inside me”.
    He obliged and put his whole arm inside, filling her up even more.
    Not beeing able to get enough, she screamed at him “go completely inside my pussy!”
    He was unsure but eventually complied and managed to clime inside.
    Octomom was now close to orgasm.
    After a moment Billy the Kid came out again and said “You’ll never believe me, but I’ve just met John Wayne inside and he is looking for his horse!”

    • Tantan

      I thought I’d give that snecod verse a try for fun. I enjoyed yours very much! Here we go:Bye, Bye, my tweets are done,And you won’t see me here next year.Unless I take my cell,and my battery doesn’t drain.Cause I’m off to BEA,And I’m doing on a plane.I’ll be in New York City,And my cell’ be outa range.I can’t tweet when outa range.BEA’ll be outa range.No tweets when outa range.

  • wes

    Put Octomom in a porn (Octopussy, anyone?) and you’re sure to see bodily fluids shooting left and right and long, hard poles. Of course, the bodily fluids will be projectile vomiting and the poles will literally be 10-foot poles, because I don’t see how anyone would want to get near that clown car uterus.

  • Kahlid

    More proof that the West needs to be cleansed of it’s kuffars and their vices and sin.

    When our brothers in Tehran finish their final solution, we will be that much closer to ridding the planet of nearly all homoqueers, muds, Jews, Octomoms and faggots named HONG forever.

  • Tyrell Nigola

    Sheet mufuckas! I donts see what the big deel iz. It looks like every other piece of ass I paid for.

  • Mufti David

    That’s no pussy, that’s an enormous anus of a western whore after it was left by a mighty jihadist.

    This is just a warning to all western tiny-cocked kuffar.

    Allahu Akbar !!

    • john from cleveland

      And this is just a warning for all of the muslim shitheads in the world! Everbody knows where ur going after u kill urself in some religious mission like suicide bombing, flying planes into buildings, shooting american troops with ur tiny ak-47’s while we shoot back with 50 cals and tanks. Ur all going to hell, say wat u want, now. But wen im with the ONLY god and ur in hell ill be watching while u burn! HEY, NEWS FLASH! I just found ur fearless leader osama! Yea, i saw him on his knees in front of a statue of muhammad, giving him a blowjob! I knew he was a queer! I hav a question y do u force all of ur bitches hide under soiled bed linen just like the kkk? Is it so u dont hav to see how ugly they r? Only a punk forces a woman to do something that stupid! See u later sandbags!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        john the homo

        I know why you’re upset…that pic of the octomom’s pussy…….. looks a lot like your asshole did after your initiation at big fag pete’s gay club.

  • jose

    Losers all losers……

    • john from cleveland


      • UR Dad Is Gay

        Are you requesting for Jose to “leave his current occupation” (because let’s be honest, all Hispanics have full-time tax-paying jobs by the age of 14) so that your child-molesting YT ass can stop sucking off welfare hot dogs and steal his “minimum wage” job?

  • Mufti David

    John cleavered ass

    Your mother has been raped countless times by ghetto coons because of wearing that bikini and exposing her hairy chimp body. On the other hand, if a beautiful muslim girl in a burka were to pass through the ghetto streets (which can never happen), no damn google would dare lay a finger on her unless he wants to be locked in a zoo and wants a jihad canon in his ass. In fact they would all run & lock themselves in their trailers like rats and peep through the windows.

    The burka not only brings beauty but also a great deal of power.

  • JIhadbastards

    That pic is from star wars you stupid motherfuckers

  • A true Patriot

    Dum fuckers that’s a screen shot of the salac pit in star wars return of the Jedi

  • My name is not required

    I see what you did there Durka Durka.

  • Thurmund

    All you googles look the same to me. Sand google, black google, all you monkeys do it steal, rape and kill, and should all be wiped off the Earth.

    • Felix

      You are a shit head….

    • UR Dad Is Gay

      Jerry Sandusky says he resents your comment and will rape more white children in protest. Plus, if the “googles” are raping women then that just means more children are available for you neanderthals. #WIN

  • so not required

    I’ve never even watched that star wars and I know that’s from star wars.
    To everyone who didn’t know that, SERIOUSLY HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A SCREEN IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE? An electronic one that transmits images, say like your computer or television screen? I mean honestly that’s a serious question.
    Second note, HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE BE SERIOUS?! On both sides, why the fuck so hateful?! Excuse my language but I’ve never seen people like this before! Why are you bashing on womens bodies when BOTH sides are supposed to respect their bodies? This was about octomom NOT RACIAL SHIT, WHY ARE YOU BRINGING IT IN?!
    Both sides are fucking exacerbating the problem, blame the hate of your culture upon yourself for not making it seem like something to be liked. Western and Middle-eastern/Pacific-Island/African(Islam in general). If someone said they didn’t like my family name I would attempt to get them to like me, so they would like my family name. If someone didn’t like blondes, I would attempt to prove them wrong. Not bash on them for not liking me. Use some logic, my word. Someone doesn’t like me? Try to get them to like me. Don’t bash on them and make the situation worse. I’m not one to pass judgments and neither are any of you, if you follow the word of God or Allah. Realize that.

    • Weylin

      Chillax my nigga.

  • Desert Lioness

    Really? All this mudslinging back and forth is nothing but rediculous an childish. Why can we just respect each other’s differences like grown adults instead of fighting over stupid things like five year olds do?

  • DarkKnight

    Screw you Big Pete, everyone knows white women are the most sexually deprived women. Probably the reason why they opt for other more ethnic men to please them, sometimes even in the presence of their husbands. You’re weak and you know it.

  • over allah, jihad, war and hate…

    You are ALL VERY LOST AND CONFUSED SOULS. No better than a pack of different coloured dogs, fighting it out to prove who “the real ” dog is. …… NEWS FLASH…. NO MATTER UR COLOUR OR BREED, WE ARE ALL PART OF THE ONE TRUTH. WE SHARE THIS… WE ARE ALL HUMAN.
    NO ONE RACE IS SUPERIOR TO ANY OTHER. Sad that some of us will run out of time before figuring this Universal truth out. PEACE AND ONE LOVE xxx

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      glory hole gay

      You sound like a real homoqueer and a stupid asshole.

      I will not waste time telling you anything other than us Muslims will soon be taking over and it wont be good for you.

  • Shining west

    Abdullah, come to America and I show you what Winchester was thinking about when they made this lever action rifle. No way you will be taking over with this in my hands!

    • Lecrae

      I have seen more hatred on this site than I have possibly ever seen in my life. I’m Irish Catholic, so yeah I’m white. I grew up in new Orleans, so I was raised around black people. Y’all Muslims claim y’all are the superior race?? It’s funny to see y’all talking so much trash about western civilization, but yet y’all don’t believe in treating y’all women right. And just to let y’all racist pigs know, my wife is Arab and black.

  • Carney McFly

    “This news was met with great enthusiasm by the men in the infidel West as they allow all their women to be whores, so they obviously love big floppy loose vagina (almost as much as penis).

    Yes, by the looks of this exclusive picture from the Octomom sex tape the degenerate infidel perverts will soon be furiously masturbating their tiny wieners, because Octomom’s baby box is every bit as terrifyingly gigantic as one would imagined.”

    Is that as bad as a bunch of Muslims gang raping a 2 year old because her parents wouldn’t convert to Islam? Perhaps you should stop pointing fingers. I guess is “infidels” like adult women too much..

  • Carney McFly

    Not to mention your beloved prophet Mohammed married and raped and nine-year-old girl.

  • mike

    I heard Allah was a homosexual —-and Mohammed liked to suck dick too :0)

  • mike

    is it just me or do others think most Arabs smell bad ? And I have seen very few attractive muslim women , most are nasty looking

  • wildwest

    Really this is a hole in the ground maybe you should stop postin fake ass pictures and get a life