First Look At Disney’s Star Wars VII

Disney Star Wars VII

After purchasing Lucas Films for 4 billion dollars Disney announced that they will be releasing a new Star Wars movie, and now an exclusive first look at the cast from Star Wars VII has been leaked to the Web.

As you can see, Luke Skywalker will be played by Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez will be Princess Leia, and Zac Efron will be portraying the lovable scamp Hans Solo. The story for the film will take place after the rebels have defeated the Empire, and will be set on the Ewok planet of Endor.

Insiders are reporting that this new Disney Star Wars will most likely be a musical, and have a strong anti-bullying message, as Luke and his pals teach the Ewoks the importance of friendship and respecting each others differences.

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            Zail, here is an extremely funny and deeply insightful joke which sheds light on the intricacies of Middle-Eastern politics.

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          I am not from Britain but I heard It is very common for the Pakis there to marry first and second cousins. I remember reading that between 30% and 50% do so. This has caused havoc with the national health care system because there has been an upsurge in the number of kids born with deformities. Somebody should really teach these people not to fuck their family. But I guess when you’re living in a country with no camels to hump there isn’t much of an option.

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            Will you look at that!!

            A jew saying that muslims are inbred!! Irony much??

            Go read the history behind the Ashkenazis and jews in general before raising this particular topic.

            Jews are much better than muslims though

          • Moishe Goldberg

            Actually the degree of Jewish inbreeding has been vastly overrated. Jews are inbred in the sense that we were molded by a relatively small founder effect. In other words, Ashkanazi descend from a select group of people (traders are their families mostly) who settled Europe from the Middle East a long time ago. But since then Jews have mated with non-family members — sometimes even the host European population. They were influenced by hegemonic Roman Catholic laws in Europe that forbid marrying anyone less than a 6th cousin.

            Muslims (especially the more historically tribal Arabs) mate with family members… even to this day. Whatever Jewish inbreeding happened long ago and the corrupted genes have been diluted as a result. While they can still manifest themselves here or there, they are diluted. The Muslim inbreeding effect is clear and apparent. Even before Arabs converted to Islam it was customary to fuck cousins. They have literally been fucking each other from ancient times up to modern times at a very high rate. Inbreeding in the Jewish account is a historical phenomenon. For Muslims it is both historical and modern.

          • ????

            It cannot qualify as typical ‘inbreeding’ when the marriage only extends as much as 2nd or 3rd cousins. That is about 1/16 of the dna..not that much

            Also..if you rationalize scientifically..the inbreeding distortion and its ill effects were not proven at the time that you speak that cannot be quoted

            If you talk morally…they never engaged in ‘direct’ inbreeding..i.e sexual contact with close relatives….only confining themselves to second/third cousins…that is about it.

            If you want to argue against islam..inbreeding would not be such a helpful accusation

          • Moishe Goldberg

            You don’t think second cousins are close relatives? Yes they are. They have 1/4 the same DNA as you! That can produce a fucked up generation — especially when it encompasses millions of people. The entire Muslim world has similar inbreeding levels. Think of it this way, two random Muslims from Saudi Arabia, on the surface seemingly unrelated to each other, have a DNA similarity that is congruent with what you have with your second cousin. You don’t see that as being a problem? Data from British hospitals reveals how serious the issue is for Pakistanis marrying even their first cousins at a very high rate — over 30%!!!!

          • Moishe Goldberg


            Wow I underestimated… 55% of British-Pakistanis marry their first cousins. Sick

          • ????

            No mate…second cousins have 1/ 64 of the dna and not 1/4…..1/ 64 is not a lot.

            Also..the homogeneity of the jews can only be atrributed to inbreeding…which stands out above any other religion. Jews are known to breed amongst themselves…which is NOT a negative attribute.

            The biggest reason for the extremely high jewish IQ is that they have been homogeneous i.e they have confined themselves to reproduce within their own proximity.

            And that is not even the issue..the real issue is that muslims are so feeble minded and destructive to begin with….that they are inbred or not hardly makes any difference….they are a threat to a peaceful world in any case.

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            1st cousins share 3.13% of their dna.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            I meant 2nd cousins.

            First cousins share 12.5%

            And you suck down all the dna that you can get at the glory hole!

          • Moishe Goldberg

            No, second cousins have 1/4 your DNA. First cousins have 1/2 your DNA. Do you know anything about statistics?

            Example: Your mom and her brother (your uncle) have the same DNA. Right? Your mom marries your dad and produces you. You have 1/2 your mom’s DNA and 1/2 your dad’s DNA. Are you following? You uncle then marries some other lady and produces your cousin. Lets’ say your cousin is a girl. She has 1/2 her dad’s DNA (which is the same as your mom’s) and 1/2 her mom’s DNA. Both you and your cousin thus carry 1/2 of the same DNA. You get it from your mom and she gets it from her dad. A second cousin is the offspring of your cousin and some other person. So your second cousin has 1/4 the same DNA that you have.

            “Jews are known to breed amongst themselves”

            Jews never bred with their cousins like Muslims. They used to breed with other Jews in an often closed population. But it never ventured near the closeness that Muslim inbreeding has. Plus, Jews selectively bred for intelligence. Because we couldn’t own land in the Middle Ages we had to go into more challenging fields like finance, medicine, trade, accounting, etc. This situation naturally selected competent Jews to succeed. The smart Jews thrived, created more offspring, and passed down their superior genes to the next generation. The result is a very intelligent and successful race of modern Jews.

            Muslims do not breed for intelligence. It is just a stupid custom they have that is making them dumb, ugly, and unhealthy.

            Here is a quote on Muslim inbreeding:

            “According to Sennels, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred. In Pakistan, the numbers approach 70%. Even in England, more than half of Pakistani immigrants are married to their first cousins, and in Denmark the number of inbred Pakistani immigrants is around 40%.

            The numbers are equally devastating in other important Muslim countries: 67% in Saudi Arabia, 64% in Jordan and Kuwait, 63% in Sudan, 60% in Iraq, and 54% in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

            According to the BBC, this Pakistani, Muslim-inspired inbreeding is thought to explain the probability that a British Pakistani family is more than 13 times as likely to have children with recessive genetic disorders. While Pakistanis are responsible for three percent of the births in the UK, they account for 33% of children with genetic birth defects.”

          • ????

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            I did not quote 1st cousins even once…and the 2nd cousin’s percentage is around 3%


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            My last response was for Abdullah the Gayfer

          • ????


            Here is a text to throw some light on the percentage issue

            Father/daughter, mother/son or brother/sister → 25% (1⁄4)
            Grandfather/granddaughter or grandmother/grandson → 12.5% (1⁄8)
            Half-brother/half-sister → 12.5% (1⁄8)
            Uncle/niece or aunt/nephew → 12.5% (1⁄8)
            Great-grandfather/great-granddaughter or great-grandmother/great-grandson → 6.25% (1⁄16)
            Half-uncle/niece or half-aunt/nephew → 6.25% (1⁄16)
            First cousins → 6.25% (1⁄16)
            First cousins once removed or half-first cousins → 3.125% (1⁄32)
            Second cousins or first cousins twice removed → 1.5625% (1⁄64)
            Second cousins once removed or half-second cousins → 0.78125% (1⁄128)
            Third cousins or second cousins twice removed → 0.390625% (1⁄256)
            Third cousins once removed or half-third cousins → 0.1953125% (1⁄512)

            Now…about the motive…Jews have close marriages to sustain their intelligence..i.e Logic

            Muslims have close marriages…to sustain their pathetic asinine religious beliefs which quite frankly are appalling.

            They are so fucking stupid that they are yet unable to exist within a society that is based on science. They believe that everything that exists in this world stems from “Allah” the almighty

            Do you know how I know this?? CAUSE I AM A FUCKING MUSLIM!!

            And I hate it….every single day..and trust me..I can provide you with shocking facts that are yet unknown to other cultures.

            Muslims have IQs marginally higher than googles..and the biggest reason why the world has to endure all this bullshit is….

            The Mystique around allah…”WHAT IS UNKNOWN..UNSEEN…NEVER FELT…MUST BE TRUE!!

            This is the reason why islam is able to manipulate muslims so easily…and trust me I have been posting on this website for years now..I have been a muslim..kkk member..even jew and I have always tried to bring to light the maliciousness of my own religion!!

            I’ll get back to you with a proper name later..I think this is enough for now.

          • Moishe Goldberg


            Ok yea I got mixed up between the DNA of twins and non twin siblings. But the point in that Muslims are very inbred and the figures I posted describing upwards of 1/2 of them being so are testament to that. Yet it is not the positive inbreeding like what Jews practice. As you say, it is just a primitive custom they do. They don’t breed for intelligence, just out of availability. This has adverse effects on their potential intellect, health, sanity, and appearance. It’s not just the religion that warps their mind, it’s the inbreeding.

            If you are Muslim why don’t you just convert and leave the community? You seem to hate it so much. Just turn your back on it.

          • Moishe Goldberg

            “I have been posting on this website for years now..I have been a muslim..kkk member..even jew”

            Oh no don’t tell me you are Big Pete…

          • ????

            Leave it?? LOL man….if you were a muslim you would know how fucking pathetic it is.

            These bastards are even more barbarous towards their own who go against them than they are to the so called ‘infidels’

            Did you happen to read about an Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti who was tortured to death in prison(who was a muslim) just because he spoke against them?? It happened yesterday I think.

            Countless examples such as these mate..and even when I belong to a place where muslims aren’t that extreme..goes without saying that the extremity still exists..just in a more subtle manner

            Do you know that Arcachanar and me..we are the only 2 regular muslims that comment here..and you yourself know very well just how deluded Arcachanar is.

            A perfect example of muslim IQ and naiveness in front of dont even have to look any further.

            I am not against him though..I never comment against him…but just pity him.

          • ????

            Nah man…I posted as a jew only once or twice. See..the one that I post mostly satirical and intended to bring scorn upon that character itself.

            And since I was never against jews…I don’t feel the need to mock them either.

            I actually have the utmost regard for them..regardless of what people might say. Deep down inside.EVEN THEY ARE AWARE that their hate is fuelled by nothing but envy. Period.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            your source information is incorrect.

            I am a scientist and a Jihadist.

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          • Arcachnar

            I DO disagree with some points. The most of the Muslims have not only a GOOD education in universities / colleges in the Middle East (like me), Europe, Asia and the United States, but also earn their money as doctors, professors, scientists, bankers and other good jobs. Yes, there is still poverty, but it depends where you are. Just like in the US, Europe and Asia.

            I must also express the fact that I’ve studied in a good college in my country and thus have the degrees in History (Europe and Middle East), and biology. Naive? No. I am perfectly aware that bad things have had happen in the name of the religion. Yes. In some countries, extremity still subtly exists. (Sorry) Nevertheless, not shared with ALL the Muslims in that country or even in the world. Did not know about that blogger though. (again sorry) But, this also happens in other countries. (Russia, North-Korea, China et al.)

            Not the religion itself is at fault, but those who (mis)interpret the Qur’ran and preach it to induce fear, hate and war. (sorry,once more) It originally was a peaceful religion, just like Christianity. Like the latter, blood have been spilled for it.

          • Arcachnar

            Oh. You have forgot the fact that inbreeing DID happend in ancient times in Europe (Greeks, Romans, etc) and in other ancient cultures as well. To keep the royal blood in the family and such.

          • Nazi

            You are very wise, Brother Arcachnar.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

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            This text is from the main article of inbreeding.

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          • Moshe Dayan


            Very intelligent discourse. I just wish politicians would listen to Muslims like you in revealing the true danger this religion poses to their countries.

        • The Omen

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  • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

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  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    This is all very interesting, except for the fact that Disney is a jewish owned corporation.
    Even a sudoku tournament coming from them is a devilish thing.

    The real Hashim

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            Nazi imposter…whoever you are….I think its time we leave this guy alone.

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            At the end of the day..we have to remember our true purpose and not let the concept of sarcasm be lost on us right?

            Just think about it.

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            Point taken.

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    • Moishe Goldberg

      Every corporation is Jewish owned. Deal with it. We dominate the world. You just live in it.

      • Abdul Rasul

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        • Nazi

          When Israel is destroyed the world will be more peaceful.

          • Moshe Dayan

            Abdul Rashole and Nazi Fag::

            Israel ain’t going anywhere. Our iron boot on the throat of muslim palestinians will ensure that Israel lasts for 1000 years. As for ovens you muslims should be careful. I hear Muslim tastes real good spun over charcoal with some garlic and onions and I understand the Chinese are real hungry for food these days. Might be the solution to the palestinian question we’ve been looking for.

            Canned muslim assholes anyone? I hear its a delicacy in China.

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          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            You are right brother Nazi:

            The world will be more peaceful, less stinky and with a lower rate of big noses. Not to mention with more honest people.

            After googles and fags, Jews are the worst thing alive on this planet.

          • Arcachnar

            Boot on the throat? Oh man. With that kind of attitude, it wouldn’t help the Jewish race and Israel one bit. Trust me. If they keep on treating the Palestinians as dirt by cutting them off from water, food, electricity and jobs MORE countries will protest and stop the trade. Have not you seen the protests in Europe? The UN and the US government does not like it either.

            Recently, Israel lost already another trade partner. Turkey. Do you want more protests and people speak against all of it? No. Of course not. Why? All of this will cost Israel more than winning. Reputation is one of them. Calling themselves civilized. While bullying others, treating them as second rate civilians and most of all bring the peace in danger with self-righteous antics. Don’t. Europe and the US will not be for you (saving your country) ALL the time.

            Do you know what the saddest of all is? The bullied became the bullies. Just no better than those they have hated. Treat others as you treat yourselves.

          • Moshe Dayan


            Treat others as you treat yourselves. You sound like an apostate, you certainly are no muslim. Mohammed took pleasure in putting innocent men, women and children to the sword without second thought. When he expelled a jewish tribe from Medina, Mohammed wanted them all executed which was dismissed by the sovereign. The way of Islam is sword to the throat, not the gentle boot to the throat that we Jews humbly offer to the Palestinians. For now though we’ll be content with starting a war with Syria and taking even more Muslim land.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Arcachnar

            Excuse me? I AM a Muslim. Just like many others in the Muslim world, I am not an extremist and interpret the Qur’an to attack the West and all. You probably don’t want to hear that, because you love to blame them all. Don’t.

            Even though Muhammad may had His faults, He still united the Muslim world, brought peace and all.

            Many others have done worser things; Herotus, Nero, Stalin, various Mongols, Crusaders, etc. Do I have to name them all?

            Gentle boot? Don’t make me laugh. Many countries in the world does not see that way and protest against this unrighteous treatment.

            Start a war with Syria? That would be extremely foolish. Think of the dire consequences. It will bring the peace in danger and Israel will get more in trouble as ever. The UN and the US will certainly make you think twice.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: I’m conservative and old-fashioned, but not an extremist like YOU Moshe. You sound no better than those you dislike.

        • The Omen

          Anal Abdul

          Get back to the glory hole

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

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  • Dr. Frankenfurter

    If that EVER happens…I’ll Kill them. I SWEAR! I’ll do it .

  • fuckface

    Stole this from Reddit….

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    this is all wrong. here is the corrected new cast for star wars 7…..”The Glory Hole Rebellion”.

    justin beiber…..princess leia

    selena…….. an ewok

    the apostate obama’s wife…mooshelle…….is now playing the part of the wookie

    burt reynolds has been hired to play han solo.

    jon cryer….c3p0

    angus jones….luke skywalker

    barney franks…the emperor

    jack black…r2d2

    rosie odonnel…..jabba the hutt

    hillary clinton……..admiral akbar

    ron paul………yoda

    and oprah winfrey……………………………….as darth vader

    I predict this movie…like all other infidel attempts at cinema…will suck big time.


  • Delta Girl

    They’re so cute.

  • may Vishnu kill you all

    is that selena gomez or emma watson as princess leia?

    • Arcachnar

      That’s Selena.

  • Mohammad (just like every other muslim)

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    • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

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  • Mohumad in da cupboard

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  • Delta Girl

    I love Selena in that hairstyle.

  • John Anderson

    This is not true, Harrison Ford said that he would like to portray Han Solo again, and Mark Hamill and Carrie Fischer are also playing their characters again.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      john homo

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  • John