Finally A Jennifer Love Hewitt Nip Slip Pic

Jennifer Love Hewitt nip slip

Jennifer Love Hewitt has one of the most famous racks in all of Hollywood, and for years now Jennifer has shamelessly flaunted her breasts every chance she got in movies, on TV, and in public. However, Jennifer Love Hewitt has never been caught slipping a nipple, making her areola one Hollywood’s most elusive.

Unless you were a goofy looking celebrity pretending to be interested in marrying her or a casting agent, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s nipples were off limits to you… until now! As you can see in the photo above, Jennifer Love Hewitt has finally been photographed in a nip slip… and what a nip slip it is! The whole of Jennifer’s left breast and nipple are clearly visible, and her nipple appears to be what is known in the industry as a “pokie” or an erect nipple.

Obviously Jennifer Love Hewitt has no one but herself to blame for this nip slip. To think that she could continue to tempt fate, flaunting her bosom by crawling around on the floor in a low cut top without her nipple popping out was pure hubris. Now that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s nipple has been exposed to the public I expect the last bit of interest around her to fade away along with her career. Truly a great day for humanity.

  • Conyeah East

    Im’a let her finish that nip slip, but I wanna say that J Lo had the best nip slip of all. Miley Cyrus woulda been better but that was obviously a fotoshop. Where my Courvoisier?

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  • theheadchimp

    Conyeah East
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    • sayian

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  • sympatico

    This would NOT have happened, if she’d have worn a burqa!


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    • IHateCelebs


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      Back to the gloryhole with you.

  • DWL

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  • That is soooo not a nip slip.

  • GoatMechanic.InCompton

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    • theheadchimp

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  • GoatMechanic.InCompton

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  • Rickinator

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