Ex-Wife Heroically Sells Gary Coleman Death Bed Pic

Gary Coleman death pic

Above is Gary Coleman’s death bed picture which his ex-wife reportedly sold to The Globe for $10,000.

I for one would like to applaud Gary Coleman’s ex-wife for having the good sense to take this picture and profit from it. There is nothing sexier than a woman who has the good sense to see a good business opportunity in even the most dramatic of situations.

What is even more impressive is that she was composed enough to pose in the picture with the dying Gary Coleman. Now that is one level headed woman! Of course the pic would have been a little sexier if she was smiling and giving a thumbs up or perhaps one of those Myspace pouty faces while pressing her tits together.

Gary Coleman’s death was tragic… but only because now when our Celeb Jihad begins there is one less celebrity for us to righteously smite. However, the silver lining is that this picture proves the American public is hungry for dead celebrities, so I’ll be able to make a small fortune selling the pictures from my Jihading exploits.

  • dawn

    The saying about hell having no fury is NOT sexist. It is very true. Somehow, though, I have no doubts that a man, excuse me, a GUY would do the exact same thing to an ex wife. People in general are just getting scummier and scummier. But there is just something particularly disheartening when the offences are happening more and more by women.

    He may very well have been a verbally abusive jerk. Reports in the past have rumored him as such. And she may have very well been looking for some sweet revenge before it was too late. But why not at least let the guy die with SOME dignity?

  • summerfever

    the wife is a low class pice of shit trailer trash whore- what do you expect from a dumb ass cunt like that.

    all i can say is KARMA ……

    one can only pray to see karna unleashed on this piece of shit excuse of a wife.

    • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

      Karma is the teachings of the Kafir! I hope one day you will be beheaded for your sins, infidel!

      • SSG Rock

        Screw you and your cult religion Habbi Dabbi Jababbi

      • Pamela

        Isn’t it nice to be in America Jabbar???? Where you can speel your crap and not be beheaded for it .

    • 79ma03

      this guy if full of hate. no is no better than anyone else what gives him the right dumb ass

  • roslyco

    that is one cold ass wife regardless of wether he was a celeb or not thats somebodies child i hope she rot in hell and who ever took the pic needs a steel boot shoved up their ass how would you feel if thats was one of your parents lying there and some ass whole posed by them and snapped a pic no sense of respect to me

  • Sandra

    This makes me sick to think someone would do this to another human being while on their death bed; she is a very selfish person. My one question is why the hell did she have the say of pulling the plug….why were his parents not brought in to make that decision? They were no longer married. I wonder what her excuse is for selling that picture?!

  • thaddrumz

    I wish I could take a picture of her (on her deathbed).

  • Lala

    She is a sick vile PIG and should be looked into, by the F.B.I., Utah could careless it seems to me to put this disguisting bitch in jail!

    R.I.P Gary Coleman

    Justice for Gary!

  • SSG Rock

    Hey Jabbar, you can come and try to cut my head off if you have the balls you pussy. I’ll pull your head off with my bare hands and stick it on a pike in my front yard and let the neighborhood cats play with it, let the blackbirds pick it over and the dogs piss on it.

    • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

      Internet tough guy detected. I am guessing you bench 340 LBS, are 6’6, and own twenty guns. All the while you play such computer games as World of Warcraft.

  • dorey

    The problem is she couldn’t assist him when he needed her at the house when he was bleeding. If it were her child would she had of said “hold your own towel on your head”. But happy to collect $10,000 little dollars to humiliate someone who was sick that day from 4 hours of chemo, trying to cook for her ugly ass. Low down bitch.

  • Elvia

    Such a sad shame. I can’t believe that anybody could be so cruel, heartless and money hungry. At what cost/expense. Some people would sell their souls to the devil, if they could get the money now. I see she has done, just that. May God forgive her for such a deed. Frankly, if this was my brother or even a friend laying there…and this so call ex wife (i see why she is an x), can’t say what I would do…but it really bothers me, it angers and saddens me. We live in a world where many will try to make a quick penny and lose themselves in the midst of it all. Who knows….maybe that is her self. She just showing her true evil colors. Sad, sad, sad shame! RIP Gary Coleman. I hope and do pray they find out who killed him….had my doubts when I heard her 911 call but after seeing this photo…is obvious…she cared nothing about him….but how can you push him…like she said…How could I have done it..He was down stairs, I was upstairs…surely at one point and time, both were up stairs..RIGHT?! Goodness! I better stop typing, I am getting angry.

  • Lauren

    She took that pic! There is no way in hell anyone else took it. And even if she did say she didn’t know who took it, she had to. What where you looking up at then? Surely not the light! Smh.. And to take advantage of a man like that….

  • Dead Ed

    I’d say that’s “unbelievable”, but it’s NOT “unbelievable”. This is TOTALLY “expected”.


    i think this is sooo sad because this low trash ugly beaver looking hillbilly is trying to take him and his family for a ride i think she should be ashamed of herself selling this picture for money its soo sad he had to die but sweetie with the money you should get surgery he would have wanted you to do that so do yourself a favor!

  • pryor

    Thought she had seizures and could not handle stress, like when she could not come down stairs when asked by the medic on her 911 call. She said the sight was too stressful and then quoted her history of having seizures. Gary would have been better marrying a man.

  • Pamela

    How stupid is the Globe for putting the photo on the cover ?
    You do not even have to buy it just go look at it for free

  • leah

    what a dam shame i cant believe these people would do such a horrible thing to this guy i hope they got them mofos becuase they had no right doing this to him

  • Lisa

    All I can say is HELL is waiting for her.

  • Katy Jane

    Ugh, that’s so sick & twisted. Who does that!? Obviously her, I guess. There’s something so weird about this whole entire situation; she wouldn’t go near her DYING HUSBAND/ex-husband WHATEVER because she “couldn’t handle the blood”. I say that she’s at fault for his death, since there was obviously things that she could do to prevent the death; or you know maybe there wasn’t, but she still could have put in the effort to ATTEMPT to save him, you know? What a low class piece of shit, honestly.

    I agree with Lisa; hell is definitely waiting for her.
    And we’ll see karma come back to bite her in the ass soon, I’m 110% sure of it.

  • cowbell hero

    so thats who outbid me on ebay :/

  • Patrick53

    It was reported that after his death she was caught by Gary’s manager filling up Gary’s pickup truck with his stuff and was forced to return all of it to the house and put the truck back in the garage. I don’t think she could make it any more obvious that she only married him for money.

  • Natureboy

    Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah you already know how pale face operates. Be it woman or man, Charlie’s true self is the devil.

  • akamoneyman

    people do anything 4 money she probably never loved him in the first place dam trailer park whore