Erin Andrews Peephole Video

erin andrews

There has been a lot of controversy over ESPN reporter Erin Andrews’ alleged “Peephole Video”. Some say it is ethically wrong to view the video since it appears to be an invasion of privacy. I say, if women walk around their hotel rooms sans a burka they got to expect guys drilling holes in the wall and setting up miniature cameras.

Here is the video that is causing all the hoopla. You can judge for yourself if you think it is even Erin Andrews in it.

And here are some pics of Erin for a comparison.


erin andrews erin andrews erin andrews erin andrews

  • Dead Ed

    A beauty in the buff. She oughtta work for FOX News along side the beauties they have over there like Julie Banderas, Rebecca Gomez, Megan Kelly, Kimberly Guilfoyle & Harris Faulkner.

    • Robert Malignis

      Screw fox news, it’s lie contriving, fear mongering crusted sh*t. Erin should stay where she’s at

      • Dead Ed

        Fear mongering is coming from the other news channels who NEVER have guest from the other side to voice their opinion. They are NOT fair & balanced like FOX is. Hannity & O’Reilly don’t claim to be journalist like Keith Ogreman & Chrissy Hissyfit Mathews who gets thrills up their legs when Obama speaks. FOX at least has liberal hosts like Geraldo, Brit Hume & Greta Van Sustern.
        Your hatred of FOX is directed towards 2 people who are making a killing in the ratings on cable & radio, but they are opinion shows.
        They report, we decide. NO TINGLES up their legs, but a mix of gender & race reporters. All other cable news have only white hosts & not enough women.

        • Dead Ed

          These are facts, & they can’t be broken.

          Everytime I win a debate, an angel gets their wings.

          • JP

            Your statement doesn’t support your claim that the other stations are the ones fear mongering. None of the things you mention cause fear in its viewers . Having guests on that claim catastrophe and disaster are right around the corner if we don’t get rid of Obama is fear mongering. Fox has faux liberals on. Fox only hires attractive women as yet another cheap way to keep its viewers tuning in. As far as diversity goes , name the people on Fox who.aren’t white and I’ll name at least an equal amount from any other network.

      • Dead Ed

        Keep your Teen Wolf Blitzer & Keith Ogreman’s gay little boy, Hannity’s haircut wannabe, nephew Rachael Madcow – I’ll stick to the hot foxes of FOX.

      • Dead Ed

        Oh, just so you know (put your nose closer to the screen & follow me on this, because I’m gonna educate your narrow-minded little liberal brain), the Founder of FOX News, Rupert Murdoch & the CEO of FOX News, Roger Ailes, they both endorsed and donated millions to Obama’s campaign. They may be liberals themselves, but they know that a “fair & balanced” way to run a news network is the RIGHT way (no pun intended). That’s why since launching in 1997, FOX has been successful & never lost viewers.

        MSNBC has been in financial trouble, but because it is in the tank for the left, they have gone down the road of PBS & NPR (paid by tax payers & VERY liberal).

        CNN’s chairman, Ted Turner, now, let’s c, who did he endorse & donate millions to? He was very open about it, & was not shy about it… Oh, that’s right, Barack Obama.

        The country is going to shit now with a socialist agenda. We coulda had a war hero (McCain) but we got a zero (Obama) who never so much ran a lemonade stand. Thanks to his supporters at see-BS, Communist News Network (CNN), Another Barack Channel (ABC) & My Seriously New Barack Channel (MSNBC).

        • JP

          You think Ailes and Murdoch endorsed and donated to Obama ?! Haha god now I know why your such a dedicated Fox “news” viewer. You are misinformed and easily fooled. But hey if youvreally believe that prove it, cite a reliable source. As far as PBS tell me what is so liberal about sesame street ? NPR always has people from different points of view during discussions and both receive the majority of their funds from pledge drives and private donations. Maybe before you attempt to educate anyone else you should educate yourself.

  • pentelho

    magrela feia do caralho, vai ter muié feia na puta que pariu este eua por isso adoro meu brasilzão

    • Grape

      ENGLISH MOTHAFUCKA!!! do you speak it

  • andrew blanchard

    i want to actually see the erin andrews video uncensored , please if you can send a copy of it to me , thank you very much for your time. i am a big fan of this website and i’ll recomend it to other people.

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    I want to make a video of myself fucking the Prophet Mohammed in the ass with a 12 inch dildo, but I’m worried about overseas violence if it ever goes viral.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I am going to record myself fucking the prophet mohammed in the ass with a dildo. The muslims have to accept it and watch it.

  • Ed

    Don’t do it. Please