Emmy Rossum Bikini Pictures

Emmy Rossum bikini

You may recognize actress Emmy Rossum from such films as “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Mystic River” or as the girl in the bikini with her ass sticking straight up in the air in the pictures below.

As these Emmy Rossum bikini pics show, there is clearly something terribly wrong with Emmy Rossum’s knee joints as every time she has to pick something up she bends at the waist, causing her ass to go up in the air, and the outline of her vagina to be clearly visible.

The only reasonable thing for Emmy Rossum to do is to have her legs amputated so that she no longer offends us pious Muslim men with her shameful tight ass every time she spots a quarter on the ground. I recently sharpened my saif and would be more than happy to lop them off for her. Allahu Akbar!


Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum

  • Mr. E

    It is comforting to see that Ms. Rossum is submitting to Islam by wearing a Burka, and a black one at that. Mind you, it may not be every pious Muslim’s ideal version of what a Burka should look like, but on her, it seems to work. As devout followers of Mohammed (PBUH) it should be our life’s work to encourage other hot infidel women to don such garb exclusively.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This skanky jew has no acting talent and she has a face that would stop a suicide vest from exploding.

  • Someone

    Poor muslims i pity you and your stupid religion i say this :god bless tight asses and bikinis! ps:fap fap fap

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      someone with AIDS

      I don’t pity you homoqueer….I’m laughing that you’ll burn in hell.

  • Anubis

    This slut loves to thrust her skanky butt up in the air every chance she gets. In the top picture it looks like she is trying to shit on those two people. Damn, how perverse!

    The one on the right is either an ugly google, or has already been grossly shit upon. It’s hard to tell the difference.