Emma Watson Tans Her Vagina

Emma Watson vagina

It looks as though “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson is enjoying tanning her vagina in the photo above.

A tan cooch is coveted by Western whores like Emma Watson, as it is a symbol of a very active sex life in which the vagina is constantly out in use under the warm Summer sun.

Unfortunately for Emma Watson her lady hole is probably infested with so many diseases and yeasts that if she continues to bake it in the sun she’ll end up queefing out a loaf of bread.

  • Umar the Brown

    I once saw a cave like this on a trip to Afghanistan in the good old days with my Taliban friends. We considered it a blight to Allah and blew it up with dynamite. May the same fate await this filthy Khufar British whore and her Djinn Axe Wound. If it pleases Allah and I know it would.



      • The Guy with the EyE

        looks like shes had a Busy day and shes just airing it out LMAO

        • Lulu

          OMG Girl! Put some clothes on for gosh sakes.

          • billy with a foot long willy

            theres nothing wrong with her, girls should not be allowed to wear underwear

    • matx

      come to the usa and say that fucker! you are nothing but a pussy. fuck your country, fuck the Koran.

      Fuck your couch, sand google

      • shakir

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  • Ali bin Fuqrab

    Damn, she has one deformed stomach! And that stench even reeks in an unholy manner through the monitor!

    • james

      how would you know what it smells like dumbass go and see if the stench you are talking about is the actually stench go suck her pussy because when i find you im gonna kill you because tats my girlfriend. o yay and p.s her pussy actually smells good. dumbass

      • nitesh

        aao buriya me chodhe

        • forest

          bury your chode?

  • Wikipedia Editor David

    Hello, all. I will be proving and disproving everybody’s comments and statements today. I look forward too it.

    • The west i the best

      Wicked homo

      Go away and jerk off to your gay porn.

    • Ahmed

      Prove that you are not a Gay bootlicking Transexual with cum on his chin.

  • Einsam

    i just want to eat some of that

  • Frank

    i like how her belly changes shape…. witch means not a very good fake :(

  • Arcachnar

    Iam getting tired of this site you muslims are fucking morons.

    • Arcachnar

      @Impersonator/Glory/Tyron/The west Now everyone knows that you are NOT the real one and a pathetic impersonator. Everyone knows that I have a total different writing style and I would NEVER insult my fellow Muslims or my religion.

      • Arcachnar

        Edit: How dare you to even try to insult my fellow Muslims through this childish action! I am not taking this insolence lightly. For my name is unrighteous used for this insult towards those of my own race. Swift death to this infidel.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Achy Ass

          I have never seen someone refer to “writing style” so much in my life.

          This alone proves you suck cock and take it in the brown-eye, nevermind the ass kissing you do to homo Hashim and anal Abdullah.

          This KKK site is for us pure aryans, not mud fuckers like you.

          Suck cock mofo


          • Arcachnar

            Wow. How do you call it the way how your posts looks different than everyone’s else then? Also, IF you have read my posts more carefully, you would have seen that 1) I am not talk to them all the time. 2) That I have a bit of a different view on some parts of the Islam. 3) Not always agree on some points with Abdullah and Hashim. Cannot you read or something? Okay?

            This is not a KKK site and NEVER was.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: I was talking about that I NEVER will insult ALL my fellow Muslims. Including those on this site.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Achy Asshole

          Shut up before a member of The Brotherhood slaps you so hard that anal Abdullah’s semen flies outta your ass.

          Ha. And homo Hashim’s, cock sucker Khalid’s, and the rest of the queer jihadists who use you as a cum dumpster.

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          • Arcachnar

            Which of the

          • Arcachnar

            Which of the brotherhood? There is no one here. You really cannot stop talking about talking about pathetic homosexual tinted ‘insults’. Are you reflecting your own sexuality on others again? Pathetic.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Achy anus

          Shut up before a member of The Brotherhood slaps you so hard that anal Abdullah’s semen flies out your nasty ass.

          Ha….and homo Hashim’s, cock sucker Khalid’s, and the rest of the queer jihadists that use your brown-eye as a cum dumpster.

          Sick mofos


          • Arcachnar

            Oh. It is? Oops. Wrong word indeed.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Achy ass

          I believe the proper term would be “projecting,” not “reflecting,” as you said.

          Reflecting? Wow….you and idiot injun are toe pee drinkers in a pod.


          • Arcachnar

            I placed my last post at the wrong reply by accident. Look up. I did use a wrong word for a change.

          • Arcachnar

            Besides, English is not my first language. So, what is your excuse for your many misspelled and wrongly used words? Toe pee?

        • The west is the best


          Now you post about this site and muslims and then as it always is you lie that you posted it at all you are one sick head case and a dolt.

          Your as much a muslim as that Grand dragon moron there are those who can help you with that lying problem check it out.

          • Arcachnar

            Sure. Keep on believing that.

          • Arcachnar

            As long I am on this site, I always have defended my religion and fellow Muslims against those who spoke bad about them. This is not just suddenly that I now began to do.

            An impersonator has written those bad things about this site and et al. Probably YOU.

          • The west is the best


            Sure put the blame on someone else you post things and say it’s not me someone is using my name just more lies you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Arcachnar

            Have you seen ALL my posts? I always have defended the Islam and my fellow Muslims. Use your brain for change. Only an impersonator (this site is plagued by this childish actions) would attack them.

  • dude

    she has short blonde hair, its not her

  • fuck you hypocrites!!

    why the fuck are you all trying to sound so fucking smart with you “big” words and “sentence structure” you guys sound stupid . .. use your own fucking language.. .. this website is full of naked bitches and you go talking about it like dickinson, FUCK YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tier1operator

    All these comments about the Muslim way and threats against the western world are being watched and each member on this site is being tracked.

    • Arcachnar

      Each member? I don’t even threat the Western world.

      • The west is the best

        Assin facenar

        No you just lie.

        • Arcachnar

          @Tyron/Glory/The West Only you. You still have not come with the crucial evidence that those supposed black inventors exists. Proof it.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Achy anus

            You really need to take a look at how many comments you flood each article with and then evaluate your shitty life.

            There used to be a big queer that posted as regularly as you now do…..his name is/was no nuts Niko.

            Yes….I think there’s a high probability that you two are one of the same….and regardless, you both like the cock ‘n brown-eye.

            Ha. Butt bangin buds are sick mofos


          • Arcachnar

            Sure. If you want to believe that, I would not stop you. But Niko was here waaaaaay before me. Are you obsessed with him?

          • The west is the best


            Did you mean prove it? well there is this thing called the internet where you can find all the info I posted unless you a retard it can be found there.

          • Arcachnar

            @The West I may be old fashioned, but the thing that is called internet is already well known by me since a very long time. So, I fucking well know how the use it. I have looked everywhere on the internet. And I mean…everywhere. Nothing. Nothing at all.

            Just admit that Claremont Briggs, William Foster, Winston Dumont, etc does not exist. Whitney was white, not black.

            Why don’t YOU come up with the crucial evidence or links to show me that I was wrong. Like I already asked you a few times. But, because it does not exists you have not come with them.

            Edit: Yes. I meant prove it.

    • ObserversDickisaFatwa

      The only one tracking MY member better be Selena Gomez……and she best be tracking it whilst nude….

  • Joke

    This has to be the funniest website ever! LOL at the guys who think the pics are actually real, hahahaahaha this site is a joke, but I respect it (not really) [Insert Troll Face]

    The creators of this site are hilarious, like putting up fake nude pictures of celebs is gonna solve their problems, hahaha. and jihad take over usa is impossible, that trick with the planes and building, not the best idea yet :P And umm oh yeah OBAMA ENDED OSAMA.

    Funny website, and LOL to those who take each pic seriously, I feel so sorry for you hahahaha. You could at least give credit to the site you get your pics from.

    Jihad is a joke and so is this site t(-.-t)

    • fuck you hypocrites!!


  • Dick Hertz

    When shown like that, vaginas look spooky.

  • Monster

    Hilarious reading. People offended on a public forum still amazes me to this day.

  • silleeellis

    Who ever is writing these comets about these super imposed pictures should if they are 30 or older have everything related to them for the.past and future 100 year be put to death and clenzed they will return as space its.self. seriously how evil must one be to even thing of this let alone post it. I feel so wee for.youwa mud a.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    emma’s “doctor made pussy” is clearly big enough to hide enough gold bars to buy a north korean atom bomb.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Ball sucker Butcher

      Its too bad klanswoman Emma’s pussy isn’t big enough to take big big aryan dong. If it was, she would have already produced many young muslim killers for me.

      Ha. My cock is bigger than a N Korea atom bomb….and bigger than those midget N Koreans as well.

      Us aryans are lucky mofos


      • forest

        This reminds of a thing I saw, and that we should all see… about your penis. You should probably finding out now please.

  • The west is the best

    She should spend more time washing the smelly thing the last thing that pussy needs is the hot sun the stench is foul enough that the people around her gaged when she opened her legs and passed out or ran away if they could.

  • Unknown

    the pics real, shes hot id fuck that pussy anyday, as 4 all yu lil shits insulting muslims carry on because at the end of the day it wont even matter JUDGEMENTS day is on its way evryone will recieve punishment 4 your sins althoung i feel 4 all the non muslims cos 4 u it aint gnna b pretty.

    • Chewbacca

      Man… Shut the fuck up none of us non christians wanna here about your fucking judgement day

    • Chewbacca

      Also i agree i would hit that mofo as long as she was disease free

  • Kahlid

    I see ladyboy Watson has a cup filled with jenkem. Probably furnished by google American ‘athletes’ while in the UK.


    This is fake. I’ve seen this picture many times with Emma Watson fully clothed. You people really need to get a life.

  • Some dude

    Qur’an*** not koran

  • Chewbacca

    Aaaaaah yea girl air that thin out, because you got so many diseases they all are screaming to leave





  • duutduut

    Emma Watson has an excellent vagina. I’d slide my penis into it.

  • Kim K

    if my cunt was as white as hers id take it out to the park to tan too

  • Loalled boy

    Fake 100% asdasd

  • Ragnar

    Wow, I have seen many fake pictures around the net but this one is bad lol. I have made far better fakes in the past just for fun, they didn’t even try to find a lower body with the same skin color or siting at the right angle. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this a -15, me dropping my balls on the keyboard probably could have done better. This picture… EPIC FAIL!!!

    Now as for all the RETARDED posts here:
    1. 80% of you all can not spell or form a proper sentence worth shit, I suggest going to school before you make bigger fools of your selves. I dropped out in 8th grade and can still spell and structure my sentences far better lol.

    2. This is a site full of fake pictures, stop trying to use it as a place to insult one another and let out your racial frustrations. Use the site for what it is meant for, fake ass pictures and the discussion there of.

    3. Guide for living a more stress free life.
    a. Leave religion, race, sexual orientation, insulting names/words/comments, threatening comments and anger out of all conversations. This will reduce conflicts and will make it more likely that people will listen to you and not wright you off as 1 more asshole in the world. (Yes I am aware that I have broken this rule with # 1. but after reading through these posts I am annoyed so I do not care)
    b. Do not take the things people say personal. If someone calls you a cock sucker remember it is nothing personal, it is 2 nouns put together to illicit a prescribed response.
    c. Stay calm and be kind, no matter how rude someone is in words or actions just remember to stay calm and be nice, if you do not respond in the expected manner more often then not they will change their attitude or just give up trying to illicit a reaction and if they continue remember that they are making fools of them selves not you.
    d. Find a stress outlet, a stress outlet is something you enjoy doing that makes you feel good like cooking, cleaning, walking/jogging/riding, painting, listening to music, playing a game, punching a pillow or simply screaming into one, there are millions of things that work to release stress so find one that suits you and do it.

    Feel free to criticize me correct my spelling/grammar/sentence structure or what ever else you please, as most likely I will be paying no attention at all anyways.

  • Lillabean

    Bad photoshop obviously. I just wanted to make sure it was. The lighting is all wrong, looks like a copy and paste job lol. But I must admit that I was like ‘whaaaaat no way!!’ So glad I was wrong. I liked her in the Harry Potter movies. I can’t wait until racism dies out. That or the human species. People are soooo fucking stupid and that’s everywhere in the world. Most of you are probably trollin’ anywho. Hopefully that y chromosome degrades at an ever increasing rate. I can imagine the world would be a much more beautiful place without people.

  • Andrew123

    Wow If I was there I wold stick my dick into your vag

  • meguy1847563

    i wish i was the guy in the top right corner

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I see the tranny emma is drinking the favorite drink of homoqueers……….the shit smoothie.

    I can only imagine the ugly scene made by mangina moshe, gay pete, arapa-homo the injun and west is gayest as they slurp down a few shit smoothies at their favorite gay bar before they depart for the glory hole.

    Them mofos are an abomination.

    • Anonymous

      You are an abomination with that slanderous talk!

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


        I speak the truth. You are just too degenerate to comprehend Islamic wisdom.

        eat shit and die mofo

  • ckell eui

    these blogs are so fake and hypocracized that I can’t wait for you to pop your head up!!!!!!!

  • D

    So fake photoshopped so much