Emma Watson Shows Off Her Tight Ass

Emma Watson ass

Emma Watson is up to her old tricks, this time showing off her tight little ass for attention.

Is there no limit to the sexual depravity Emma Watson will stoop to? As we have seen repeatedly on this site the answer is a definite no.

Emma Watson will continue to prostitute her shameful nude feminine sex organs for fame and fortune, as this is what she has been taught by the Zionists from a young age. Only a holy Muslim re-education program with a whip made from the stiffest of Nile reeds can save Emma Watson now.

  • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

    Foul witch, she has cast a spell on me and my meat pipe yearns to penetrate her orifices. She is a follower of Satan!

    • The Neutral guy

      Hehe, funny, Hehe, Witch, and she played in Harry Potter, Hehe.

    • Yousuf

      You stupid self proclaimed Muslims!!! Can’t you, for once, stop and think!! That picture is a FAKE!! Just like the previous one!! Make Tawbah for spreading such lies.

  • Alex Delarge

    Again, cleverly photoshopped.

  • freedomfighter

    “Only a holy Muslim re-education program with a whip…”

    Don’t forget cutting off their heads, stoning them to death and blowing them up when they sit in cafes with their children.

    • Kahlid

      Indeed. Those are all Holy Acts against theland stealers of Shaitan (Jews) and their spawn.

      Excellent point!

  • Kahlid

    You’d figure she could afford to buy herself some tits with all of her Satanic Harry Poofter millions.

    It would definitely up her value when her career finally fails.

    Ha! Only kidding.

    She is a woman.

    She has no value.

    • jp

      “she is a woman she has no value” thts cruel. without women u wouldnt be here dumbass

      • Kahlid

        You’re correct. Other than baby-making and cleaning the house, doing dishes, laundry and other woman level tasks women have no value.

        Thank you!

        • The Neutral guy

          Dear Kahlid, that is a very unfair way to look on life, women are just people, men are people, we are all people, we share brains, that do not bring us up men and female, but are parents do, a woman was to be brought up like a man, she would be like a man, though lacking the clear strength size and genital differences, the fact you treat women so unfairly is completely stupid, females are not things and are as much as a person as you, the fact you treat them so unfairly and push them into all the things that you don’t want to do, makes you the worse man, makes you the lessor person, ultimately making the woman better than you.

      • Mufti David


        ……and without Adam there would be no Eve.

        • jp

          without muslims the world would be a safe place

          • Imam Abdul Bari

            Jerkoff jp

            Islam is the most peaceful religion on the planet, and its also the only true religion on the planet. The weak minded powers that be in the usa have put out filthy propaganda regarding Islam only to help prop up the jew god jesus and his cult known as christianity. This is a reason that us muslims will easily destroy all infidels and claim the us as hold mulim land. We’re also going to march right in to shithole jerusalem and slay every last big nosed jew with our ak’s and scimitars.

            Its too late for you to convert. You have already offended us muslims and more importantly our beloved Allah.

            Homos and googles like you are bound to eternal punishment by the great satan.

            May he stick his pitchfork up your anus til your rectum stretches and bleeds in pain.

            Allahu Akbar

          • Mufti David


            Is that the reason why there is high crime rate – robbery, drugs, shit eating, tranny-fication, prostitution, child porn, faggoty, gay-pastors, severe fucking of coons etc, in non-muslim countries compared to the peace and unity in muslim nations?

            If it weren’t for us muslims this world would have ended by now.

            Allahu Akbar!!

          • Aalee Aahil Al-Temiyat

            Imam Abdul Bari:

            Is there any logical sensibility, by declaring that islam is the most peaceful religion, and then backing up this claim through the use of violent threats, intolerance, and bigotry? Do you really think that that is the will of Allah?

            JP’s statement may be offensive, but rings with the truth thanks to unenlightened savages who make statements such as your’s.

            Allah is a god of great power, and as such, must be an entity of infinite wisdom. You make yourself out to be an extremist, one who is emotional, and childish, claiming that the attitude of a child is the will of Allah. If you are truly devout, how can you insult the wisdom of Allah by assuming that he is as childish and violent as a savage mortal? Your words taint the good peace found in many ways of life, and especially of that found in moral teachings of the Books. Muhammad bore witness to the angel Gabriel upon hist first great revelation, and angel who’s origin stems from Judaism, and is found in Christianity. This is the angel who first uttered the verses of the Qu’ran. Abraham, Moses, and Jesus were preceding prophets of Islam.

            “…God is above all comprehension, yet is acquainted with all things” (Qur’an 6:103). From Qur’an itself, you nor I could possibly comprehend the immortality, and greatness of Allah, let alone insist that you speak for him, as if he were a jealous child. Such arrogance is beyond all modesties, beyond all virtues. The violence and bigotry, beyond all mercy.

            May Peace Be Upon You All.

          • Einstein

            Islamic most peaceful??

            Is that why a few months ago when an EGYPTIAN made a video that depicted Mohammed as a pedofilic rapist, islamic pockets all over the world brang riots and hate to innocent countries and civilians?? and what about the on-going wars since 1948 when United Nations declared Israel, you’ve failed for 60 years and lost millions of lifes trying to claim where apparently mohammed rose to paradise, so very peaceful

            And no, there is no true religion, you’re just blind and can’t comprehend science therefore must turn to a deity to explain your existence…

            I wish i could be there to see the look’s on their faces when they die and realise that there is no deities/heavenly afterlife, that’s assuming there is anything at all, it would be priceless

    • fuck you

      fuck you, your live has no value nor does your piece of shit religion.

  • Magnumz144

    I would fuck her anyday

    but to the foolish people that say that she is hideous and i am referring to the Islamic religion………


    • aghmed

      Fagnum – who invited you to our holy website? It is you who have no life aside from your crusty Fleshlight.

      • Magnumz144

        assmed- you call this holy?

        Discrimination of gender, popularity and religion and u call this holy?
        Wow, your mind is fucked up sir and delusional to the extent of being in an insane asylum
        If you think life is coming on this site is having a life you are sadly mistaken and misguided
        And by the way what the FUCK IS A FLESHLIIGHT

    • ahmad

      when your imaginary guns shoot!!!!!!! you are fucking crazy!

  • Anubis

    That Satanic Limey witch has polished her evil witchcraft to perfection by taunting us pious Muslims with her naked nubile ass. She is casting her infamous PhallusErectus spell by showing off the tight curvature of her buttocks, flawless fair skin along with her sexy butt crack.

    Seductive whore bitch! It takes great willpower to overcome her great seductive powers, but we Muslims are much stronger disciplined than most common infidels. Even so, I may have to give her bare curvaceous fanny a good thrashing with my trouser snake to ward off her Satanic spell.

    • aghmed

      She has already cast the Poopis Chutis Fornicatis spell on me and I have succumbed to her brown eye of evil.


    u call this a holy website??? i will say that this website is nothing but all 100% fake photos and durka durka and his friends got nothing else better to do. they don’t respect other people, they keep spreading lies about people on this dumb asshole fu*king site

    • Anubis

      Silly homo chink Hong –

      You write the same ignorant rant every day. Now I have something for you in line what you always write:


      Now Hong, stop playing with yourself all the time and wetting your pink panties. You seem to despise this most holy Islamic site, but you hypocritically keep coming back for more of our holy Islamic comments and opinions.

      • aghmed

        Hong is an infidel who steals women’s panties from the laundrymat and wears them as he diddles his tiny chink pecker to tranny porn.

        • ahmad

          aghmad ….. ring ring ring.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Lobotomized brat Hong,

      Go back to finish colorizing pictures of your first grade book and leave this site protected by Allah free from mental redarded kaffirs. We don’t want to convert you to Islam. You are too dumb.

      PS – But there is still hope for you: blow yourself up near one of the Infidel targets declared by us pious Muslims.

      Since you, as a chink, are a too small to wear one of our suicide vests, we’ll mail you a can with special “nitro beans”; then you just have to ingnite a fart near the target (for instance Tiny Peter trailer)…

      Do you see? It’s easy and this way you can go to Muslims’ heaven.

      Allah Akbar!

  • paulie shores

    damn i always thought she had a nice ass. but this is a new thing for me……

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I’ve seen better asses on old granny, 30 year old Muslimas….and they were natural born females to boot.

    Not like “tranny emma” who was born a man and now calls herself a woman because he-she got her/himself a doctor made pussy.

    Infidels must die


    • Tyrone shoelaces

      Abdulla da ass sniffer

      Dats cuse yous like old stanky ass you loves it when they farts in yous face then yous lick dat old granny ass stupid muslim mofo.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Jungle Bunny tired ass,

        As a horse-gum you are going too far daring to talk disrespectfully to a brother.

        You must be whipped without mercy and forbidden to eat watermelon for a full day.

        • Tyrone shoelaces

          Homo Hashim

          Yous ain’t gots da balls to whip me being muslim you ain’t got no dick eithers I talks to dat fag Abdulla da ass sniffer anyway i wants and there ain’t a damn thing you cans do about it boy.

          As far as yous goes you is da smallest dick muslim homo out there and yous cross dress wit a burka wearing panties and a bra under it cause it turns on Abdulla and the rest of the homos here. I bets they takes turns banging your ass while yous give dem da reach around.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Tired ass,

            You should deversify your diet, because eating only watermelons makes you enter in a state of delirium.

            Me and the brothers are going to chase you, boy!

            We’ll put you back in a zoo cage where you belong.

          • Mufti David

            Typhoid shit

            It is proven by great islamic scientists that googles are going through “reverse evolution”, in that they’re turning into apes and monkeys. It had been observed that the population of apes has been slightly increasing in the last two decades. It has been predicted that the population of apes will double or even tripple in the next 50 yrs while googles will significantly decrease. Our scientist also stated that due to this reason there is absolutely no harm in using googles/coons for jihad missions like suicide bombing. Tyrone, I humbly invite you to our high-tech labs in iran so that we can study you for jihad purposes and you’ll will insha’allah get a place in heaven for your contribution.

    • Joey

      Emma is still twice the man you ever thought about being you dumb homo. All trannys are twice the man you are or ever will be.

      • Mufti David

        anal toy joey

        I thought you rare………………………..ly posted? This must be your third post in two years! Congratulations, its another big……flop. Shut your chonkey ass if got nothin good to say. Brainless infidels like you should just be reading what others say and wank off your drooling dick on your keyboard. Keep sniffin your filthy ass and if you come anywhere close to me I’ll shove your head in it. MuthaFuckin Moron….

        • Joey

          Why don’t you bend your white, christian ass over and let me pound it with my sausage.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            joe blow

            you sick homoqueer.
            No doubt this post was meant for big fag pete…..the queen of queers.

    • Ectomorph

      Abject Butt Jerk!

      Why do you always dress like a girl? Do you seretly want to be like Emma Watson? Do you have dreams that you are her, being fisted both ways by Hairy Poofter while sucking a banana?


  • Islam is Dumb as Fuck.

    Wow. Seems that the muslim community is very ego-centric. I like how you are all speaking English, not arabic or whatever shit language you speak. Notice how arabic isn’t even in the top 3 spoken languages? How pathetic. Not doing a very good job are you? Let me guess, you are not aloud to watch the Harry Potter films because it contains content that relates to Satan and black magic.
    Guess you’re all just a bunch of pussies who are mad at all the other races just because you have the smallest dicks out of all of them. Especially when you have to use IED’s to kill soldiers, since your all a bunch cowards who cant even handle a gun. “Islam will take over and all infidels shall be killed”, hmmm, getting your hopes up dont you think?
    The best bit is that you all probably think if you kill innocent non-muslims then Allah will praise you and you shall be allowed into heaven.

    • aghmed

      It is most hilarious that the so called “first world” armies are unable to quell unrest in Afghanistan or Iraq and continuously send their young men to step on our road side IED’s and get blown to bits. It is even more hilarious that Americans do not care at all about their soldiers and would rather watch sordid American programming such as Whoring it up with the Kardasians, Jersey Whore, or American Idolitry. Tell me again why you are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Central Africa, and looking to invade Iran and Syria? You idiots shall never win and will go bankrupt and crash harder than the Soviets who attempted to occupy the middle east.

      • Islam is Dumb as Fuck

        “..send their young men to step on our road side IED’s”, it appears you have put “our” yet you are not the person who has placed it? Oh i get it, you’re all talk and no action. The reality is you haven’t killed any infidels or soldiers. Tell me again, what country are you currently living in? Exactly. I guess you might want to re-attempt coming up with a decent comeback when you have a decent size army who don’t wear pajamas?

        • aghmed

          I have slain numerous infidels and stoned numerous homoqueers like you at the behest of the Sharia court system. Go watch your television and worship your false idols.

      • Imam Abdul Bari

        Brother, the roadside IEDs are certainly a joy to watch explode. What I find greater than an IED causing an infidels death is when the IED blows off limbs yet the puny life of the infidel is not taken. In this case, they suffer along with their shitty families and cause a drain to the economy of the usa. Those fools spend billions on caring for their weak military members after we muslims humiliate them on the battle field.

        Let this be a lesson learned to all the scrawny infidels who engulf this holy site with the bullshit.

        Allahu Akbar

    • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

      Dear “Islam rocks as fuck”,

      1. “The best bit is that you all probably think if you kill innocent non-muslims then Allah will praise you and you shall be allowed into heaven.”

      There is no such thing as an innocent infidal. Not believing in Allah is in itself a serious crime. Furthermore, the middle east is full of greedy Jew settlers, who drink the blood of Palestinian babies! They must all succumb!

      2. “are not aloud to watch” Aloud? Looks like us Muslims do a way better job at speaking english than you do. No wonder. Us Muslims are wise and skillfull beyond measure, thus speaking the babaric english tougue comes pretty easily to us.

      3. “you have the smallest dicks” A nice joke, I had a good laugh. I told my Harem girls this joke and they couldn’t stop giggling. Their gaping vaginas are a testament to my absurdly enormic cock size.

      4. “your all a bunch cowards who cant even handle a gun” Another joke! Our battle prowess is well known and infidals are struck with fear, when they see me appear beyond the horizon, riding my finest war camel and swinging my sharpend saif, while sounding my warcry “Yalalalalalalalalalalalalala!”. Mayhaps one day you come to my civilized homecountry Oman and we have a duell. Then maybe you revoke your opinion, when I severe all your limbs with a swift strike of my scimitar.

      • Islam is Dumb as Fuck

        It’s cute that you have been brainwashed to believe that all who don’t believe in Allah should die.
        The best part is that Allah = God and Christians believe in God. I can see that you muslims don’t seem to like Jews. I’m guessing its because they earn alot of money whilst you muslims are wearing pajamas and bathing in shit due to the fact that you can’t afford proper sewage systems.

        Seems you are unfamiliar with the “aloud”, it basically means “able”, shouldn’t you be wise enough to know that? Oh, thats right, you muslims aren’t wise, isn’t that quite obvious by looking at Pakistan and Saudi Arabia? You clearly aren’t wise if you think that all who don’t believe in Allah should die. This also brings up the question, how do you know if Allah is even real? Why aren’t all the Jews dead if Allah is so mighty? Why are all Islamic countries so poor if they are followers of Islam unlike those who are not followers?

        And yes, it is scientifically proven that asian males have the smallest penis sizes out of all the races. The best part is your “harem girls” are probably 7 and related to you, making you a pedophile. I guess that would make you a lot like that prophet called Mohammed. But you’re probably in denial about how small your penis is and so you’re going to say that you have many virgin wives whom you are going to have sexual intercourse with, however the reality is you are being forced to marry your own cousin meaning you are going to have inbred babies.

        Oman? Civilized. How nice. Isn’t that a country with a population of only 2 million? I believe it is. “Before 1970, only three formal schools existed in the whole country with fewer than 1000 students receiving education in them”. Very civilized and wise.

        • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

          Dear Islam rocks,

          thank you for giving further evidence of infidal stupidity.

          1. “Seems you are unfamiliar with the “aloud”, it basically means “able””

          dict.cc disapproves. Also the meaning “able” wouldn’t make sense in your sentence, would it?

          2. “Why aren’t all the Jews dead if Allah is so mighty?”

          Allah bestowed the Jews upon his world to test our muslim battle prowess and faith.

          3. “And yes, it is scientifically proven that asian males have the smallest penis sizes out of all the races. The best part is your “harem girls” are probably 7 and related to you, making you a pedophile.”

          4. “Oman? Civilized. How nice. Isn’t that a country with a population of only 2 million? I believe it is. “Before 1970, only three formal schools existed in the whole country with fewer than 1000 students receiving education in them”. Very civilized and wise.”

          Thanks. You got a point there and I am glad you admitted this simple fact. In Oman, we brutally stone homosexuals to death, our women know their place, i.e. as a dutiful housewife and breeder of future djihadist, who musn’t leave the house uncovered and unaccompanied by a male relative, neat haggling at the marketplace, and fanatic hate speeches against the west in our Mosque. Thus, we are indeed a very civilized country.

          Typical infidal answer. You just can’t stand the fact that us Muslims have huge harems with beautiful girls while your typical infidal is stuck with one obese fatty tranny for the rest of his pitiful life.

          • Islam is Dumb as Fuck

            I’m pretty sure “are you unable” makes sense.

            “Allah bestowed the Jews upon his world to test our muslim battle prowess and faith.”
            That has got to be the most pathetic thing I have ever read. You may have well said “Allah doesn’t exist and I’m a complete twat”
            Also notice how you didn’t reply to some of my statements? I guess thats because you don’t have a reasonable response do you? Typical muslim, thinks he’s wise, when really he has an IQ equal to that of an apple.

            “And yes, it is scientifically proven that asian males have the smallest penis sizes out of all the races. The best part is your “harem girls” are probably 7 and related to you, making you a pedophile.” Hmmm, it appears you didn’t reply to this? Thats because it’s true. Mohammed was a pedophile, just like you. But I guess that you do not believe in Science, since all you need to know is “the word of the Quran”. You can’t admit that the west is more powerful and civilized compared to the east. Your countries are on their knees facing disease and famine. You say Islam will take over, when you can not put up a decent sized army who don’t where pajamas and actually have brains. You can keep on fantasizing but the reality is Islam will never take over, and the west will continue to be powerful whilst the east is on it’s knees.

          • Mufti David

            I don’t know why people are this dumb. You are all hating islam and insulting it just because of some life-less idiots on this site.


            This is the most retarded thing I have ever heard from any muslim. Simply Stupid. Ofcourse its a crime not to believe in Allah(God) and Muhammed and you can never be innocent according to islam. But it is not the job of man to punish disbelievers. Disbelieving is a crime against Allah and his the one to punish them- thats why there is judgement day. Muslims should preach their religion peacefully and save others from the wrath of Allah, thats what Allah wants! Muhammad himself NEVER used his sword to preach islam (as proven here:www.rasoulallah.net/V2/document.aspx?lang=en&doc=3038 *). He even had a non-muslim uncle called Abu lahab and was in very good relation with him. Another disbiever called Abu jahal, the worst and most evil disbeliever at that time who has even severely mistreated muhammad & his companions many times, the prophet still used to go to his door to preach to him-the result wasn’t good, but he continued & gave his every effort to convert him. The prophet was indeed very happy when he was killed after battle since he was source of evil.

            *Nowadays so called muslims claim the Quran commands killing disblievers and terrorism. The Qur’ans arabic is really old, NOT exactly the same as modern day arabic. It can ONLY be properly translated by a highly learnt scholar(Sheik) of islam(you also have to refer to muhammads hadeeths(sayings/doings). Lowlife muslims/jews try to mis-translate some verses and cause misconception – the reason other stupid islamic sects like shias & ahmadiyyas form up. Killing people for no reason is a major sin in islam, and you too have to be killed according to sharia. Well, if you are terrorising for revenge then its another issue(America is a pretty nasty terrorist country).

            *This is a holy site, with PORN? Jihad with celeb porn? Any true muslim would spit at you! Fornication is one of the biggest sins in islam and so is anything that leads to it – naked pictures and videos. Muslim men are sinful to see more than the wrist and foot of a non-related woman(hence muslim women wear burka) and you are running a porn site and you call yourself a muslim? You are all Muslim-trash, Shame on you for degrading islam!

            I am a Christian and I visited Indonesia, the muslim country with one of the highest percentage of muslims, if not the highest(> 90%). I stayed there openly as christian in the middle of a million muslims. There are huge mosques everywhere! The muslims there are so peaceful, most friendly and with the best morals I have ever seen from any religion. I had like a hundred muslim friends just the next day! They taught me alot about islam. I was even invited to pray the great friday prayers in the biggest mosque just behind the imam(headpriest). The imam even offered to marry his beautiful daughter to me if I accepted islam. I was amazed! I mean…..I was a stranger but they were ready to accept me as a muslim brother. Thats how real muslims are, not you, you must be J E W S !

            Its a shame…I am christian and I tend to know islam better than you do. I’ll soon convert to islam. Inshallah.

          • Mufti David

            What the hell? Why did you use my name to post you bastard? Don’t have a nice name motherfucker? All those lies will cost you your filthy life. I hope you are eaten alive by a google. Fuuuuuuuuuck yoooooooouuuuuuuuu!!

          • James


            “I hope you are eaten alive by a google.”

            same to you.

            my story is all true, I dont need to pretend to be anyone. I’ve a beauiful name and I am english, proud english. You are not even a muslim anyway to hell with you.

        • Salem al-Jazira bin Laden

          My post got screwed up so here the addition

          3. “And yes, it is scientifically proven that asian males have the smallest penis sizes out of all the races. The best part is your “harem girls” are probably 7 and related to you, making you a pedophile.”

          It’s also scientifically proven that Jews have long noses and crooked teeth, so what?

          • Islam is Dumb as Fuck

            Im not jewish btw.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        James, the Island Ape:

        British are just the mongrel watchdogs of American kaffirs.

        It’s a country of decadent drunk people, ruled by a horse-face woman that hasn’t even got the first grade diploma.

        Eat shit and die mofo.

        • Mufti David

          Very true brother Hashim. If Britain wasn’t ruled by donkey-faced Queers, it would be a lot better today. The britshit claims to have more knowledge than us, HAHAHAHA….what a joke. And all those shameless lies! If he ever visited indonesia, all that would return to Britain would be his head. I suspect him to be behind most of the “impersonating” around this site.

  • The Guy with the Eye

    Ill show her My Magin wand if I can see her Golden Snitch.

  • Mufti David

    What a beautiful ass!!

    Emma with such a smooth, polished and chromy ass? I don’t believe this. I hate to say this but I agree with some of the kafir infidels, this photo is 100% photo-shopped and very cleverly indeed. This is definitely the ass of a fine arab virile muslima. Her photo was taken just when she was about to reward her powerful sheik husband with a handful of blowjobs and some muslim specials(top secret to disclose) by a filthy jew-spy for some kinda reward. It was perfect to fit emmas pic and cover all her freaky warts, sewer molds, alienish algae, spiky gutter anemones and other horrible stuff that grow there. Another trick of emma wartson to attract a virile muslim man.

    • Tyrone shoelaces

      Dickhead david

      Whats a bunch of bullshit the smelly arab bitch was going to rewards her husband wit her smelly pussy. dis powerful muslim yous talkin about must be the only stright muslim on dis site cause it’s well known yous is all homos.

  • jp

    most of u r probably not muslims… at least burqa burqa, i leave in CT, USA and when i posted my comments they go back 3 hours. soooooo… burqa burqa must leave in California or Washington or Canada. Problem solved

    • jp

      for ex. i send my comment in at 4pm and it comes up on the website as 1pm

      • FBI

        Thanks partner. Now we know where his bunker is hidden…he he he….. The degradation of Islam by this jew will soon end and Americans will be proven innocent. Wheres my RPG…

        • ahmad

          did you meant hitlers’s?

          • ahmad

            fbi you would be such a fagot not worth a knive

    • James

      Thats what I am saying. Muslims are far from like this. These are stupid jews in america trying to destroy islam. If you look at durka dorks profile pic he clearly looks like a israeli jew! This is a celeb-porn site, good muslims can never distribute porn and that too on the internet? Jews are very evil, they are the ones who caused 9/11 in the name of muslims. One of their missions is to destroy islam. They are the ones who caused a misunderstanding in islam and led to other sects like shia-muslims(disgusting, considered non-muslims) to emerge. I am glad people are getting to understand these things, really wise. Islam is a religion of peace, people should research more before yapping shit about it. Here is a good place:


      • ahmad

        i got some orders throught

      • aghmed

        Very good points. Thanks brother for opening my eyes. I hereby change my ways and repent to Allah.

        • ahmad


  • hoopla

    this is the worst troll site I have ever laid eyes on.

  • freedomfighter

    If a boat was sinking at sea, and there were 50 people on the boat, 25 cowardly virile muslim men and 13 women and 12 children, and there were 5 lifeboats that would each hold 10 people, and the lifeboats were filled and lowered into the sea, WHO would be left on the boat?

    • jp

      I DON’T KNOW!!!!!! TELL ME!!!!!! TELL ME!!!!!!!!!

      • freedomfighter

        Obviously the women and children you dumb ass!

  • whatisthepoint

    Whoever created this site – besides obviously being a racist – seriously needs to seek help. What do you guys gain from coming on this site and acting the way you do? You are obviously not muslims and are obviously against Islam, but why do all this? Are you guys unhappy with your lifes?

    I am honestly just trying to understand your site. Please if you are going to reply, be real and don’t hide behind your online personas. Speaking as a real person, I think you guys need to take a second and think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

    • freedomfighter

      It is obviously about money. Someone has to pay for hosting the site and the programming. The ads must bring in enough for them to make a profit. My guess is they are young Muslim computer nerds totally lacking in any social or moral values, as it seems most Muslins are.

      What I don’t understand is how they escape any libel lawsuits. Surely nothing more defines the law than what they produce on this sickening site.

  • aal

    either the whip or my strong hard muslim cock with which i shall tame my future concubine in my harem

  • Paco

    Freedom fagot
    You say that this site is sickening and yet you still post these stupid comments and look at these sexy pics
    Signned paco

  • Realist

    Whoever brought up dick sizes is just pissed Emma Watson has seen through the lie that “Asian males” are not attractive and decided to date one! Chances are the guy she’s dating has bigger nuts than the hater!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      real ass-hat

      only a pre-teen homoqueer says “hater” which is why you say “hater”

      also, we don’t care that you have an asian fag boyfriend. when Islam takes over, us Muslims will stone both you “hater saying fags” into hell.

      • binksy

        what do you mean by WHEN ISLAM TAKES OVER is there going to be a day when that happens because that is THE WORST idea EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • voice of reason

    sorry, but did your moms ever tell you not to believe everything being posted on the internet ?

    obviously this site is up to give Muslims bad reputation, you couldn’t even know if the guy who posted that picture was a muslim/christian/jewish/athiest let alone the picture being a complete fake..

  • ThatGuy

    If only it were real. It’s sad when a fake looks more realistic than the real.

  • evrybody came here to jack off you know…

  • Muslim Facts

    Fact. The Prophet Mohammad was a murdering War Lord who married a girl at the age of 12. Followers of islam should bear this in mind. 9/11, 7/7….enough said

    • Arcachnar

      You really should have more insight in the Islamic Faith and the Middle East. Mohammed was a lot more than a warlord. He have united the Arabic world and have performed holy miracles.

      Seriously, don’t go and blame ALL the Muslims for 9/11 and 7/7. Only a GROUP (who interpreting the Qur’an as the right to kill, maim non-believers) are responsible for these acts.

  • binksy

    its just a pic of a woman showing her ass.you can only see it if you search for it.so everyone thats got a problem with the female form shouldnt be searching for it.i never understood why women from some countries/religions HAVE to cover up so if someone could explain that please.p.s surelt looking at this pic is against certain religions SO WHY ARE YOU LOOKING?

    • lesbian encounter

      Yea the human body is nothing to be ashamed of