Emma Watson Shows Her Thighs To The Paparazzi

Emma Watson

Emma Watson you little tramp! How dare you flash your bare legs and upper thighs to the paparazzi.

I’ll have you know Ms Watson that some paparazzi are good Allah fearing Muslims with a harem of wives who they tolerate very much. They don’t need your unwanted sexual advances to cloud their pure minds. Allah help me if any of those fine men were thrown into a sexual frenzy from seeing your thighs and forced to go off and cheat on their wives with numerous women then I will see to it that the clerics hold you personally responsible and that you are taken out back of the Mosque and horse whipped.

Here is the photographic evidence of Emma Watson trying to corrupt the hard working pious paparazzi with her tight milky white thighs.


Emma Watson Emma Watson
Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson

  • Ahmed

    just funny … so what?

  • Enni

    If you’re a real Moslem, you shouldn’t post such photos. You could offend feelings…

    You’re are so dirty… With this posts your virgins will end in smoke… Yeah… and you will get a lot of old and brutally ugly witches! For ever and ever… Allah’s revenge…

    • KK


  • WatsonBoy16


  • mind*uck

    yea your sad little rag head wishes you could touch those God loving legs….not a chance camel jockey!

  • Aikido_kid12

    What the?!Im a muslim nut you guys are just scums

    • Aikido_kid12

      What the?!Im a muslim but u guys r just scums.I noe u just dispise emma,so just keep your comments to yourself.

  • PiFF

    Celeb Jihad you are awesome!!! LOL @ “harem of wives who they tolerate very much”…. niceeeee

  • Afrose

    U idiot u r not real muslim do’t u tell other people that u r muslim, just becoz of people like u we r in this situation right now

  • Timmy

    Uggghhhh. This website always posts suckish posts about stuff that never happens. Get stuff right if your goin to post anything!

    • Timmy

      Uggghhhh. Regardless guys, i like to suck myself off to Micheal Jackson’s “Beat it”.

  • jack murphy

    Oh fuck off muslim scum,and leave emma alone!!!!!!

  • Larry

    Yeah, Jack Murphy! I appreciate your comment. That picture of Emma, has nothing to do with Muslim religion. She looks sexy!!!!!

  • Happy Infidel

    Hehe I doubt whether the papparazi are Allah-fearing Muslims. That’s the damn funniest thing I’ve heard all day. What morons whoever wrote that!!

  • IHateCelebs

    Too bad she’s also showing those hairy arms to the papparazzi

  • Happy Infidel

    Better hairy arms than hairy faces that your Muslim women have beneath those burkas.

  • Javier

    The baby is indeed a very cute lonikog one. but his flash skills are lousy and his day rate is way too high.And the photo was taken from Paul’s justgiving page, and features a photo from another race day. It’s not that complicated really. What did you have for lunch today? You didn’t mention it on twitter.