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  • Zeppelin

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    • mayhem

      me too

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      You want cock, another idiot just killed more than 20 inocent children in a school in the US, etc. –
      Americans are the more mentally disarranged race in the whole world, and most probably in the Milky Way.

      • Zohair- The Good one

        Brother Hashim you are absolutely right.

        These americans are so stupid that they do not realize that they are victims of their own actions. Their own culture is reponsible for their peril

        Just to give you an example..Jacob Tyler Roberts…a man from oregon just 2 days earlier shot 2 people at the mall.

        What these morons overlooked (as always) is his facebook page.

        I, being the insightful muslim that I am…went on his facebook page and do you know what I saw?

        DEXTER…the tv show that glorifies killing…was one of his favorite shows…a psychopathic killer watching a psychopathic show…what are the odds…what might be the consequesnces?

        I ask you brother…what can a society like this expect after justifying killing this way..hugs and kisses?

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          You said it all, brother Zohair.

          This meaningless violence will only stop when we, Jihadists, deploy the same kind of “savage” behavior to eradicate the evil and impose the peace of the righteous ones.

          • Zohair- The Good one

            Another example in front of you right now!!

            2 People have already given ‘Thumbs Down’ to brother Hashim’s and my comment.

            Which means……they ‘Dislike’ that people are SPEAKING AGAINST PSYCHOPATHIC KILLERS WHO KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE!!

            What does this tell you?? These people sympathise with killers!! And they are living among us!!

            For the sake of those innocent people that got killed…I would like to go out on a limb and request these 2 gentlemen who gave ‘Thumbs down’ to these post…to reveal themselves.

            Kindly reply..whoever are you…

          • Fuck Muslims

            So, if you guys always call each other brother, then does that mean that your mom is a slut that has babies every 20 mins. ?’

          • Zohair- The Good one

            No google..

            It means that we are members of the Islamic Brotherhood and that whore you call “Mother Sow” pushed you out of her vagina standing on her feet…and thus you….a “Nigglet” …..were born

        • Zeppelin

          Fuck that all I care abot is my cock.

        • Rich L. of New Haven, CT

          I am a Red Blooded American but when I found out about the TV show a while back called “Dexter” about a serial killer, even I could not believe that this show was on tv. And so it does not surprise me that some sicko/coward who shoots people is probably sick (period) but when you add the tv show into the mix, it all becomes foggy. Was he influenced by that show? It’s a very real possibility. Yet who is to blame? The USA in general? The tv execs who pick and create shows in the first place? I still say (and agree) about the scientist who recently stated and I quote, “this world is made for 1 billion people who ride a bike to work, and NOT 7 billion people who drive gas guzzling SUV’s”. end quote. Too many people sucking the world dry. And Gluttony is running rampant. Case in point, the show called “Man vs Food” is all about Gluttony. And we teach this to our children that it is okay? We are sending the wrong signals to the point where even other countries can see just how fucked up we Americans are.
          My point being that too many people makes for too much diversity. Americans are spoiled (and I admit that goes for me too) and so we become bored. We always want more and bigger stuff. Does it surprise you then that a sicko gets so bored he decides to buy a gun and end it all? But first he must make a name for himself and so he kills children? Fucking unbelievable! If God were here He would end this world in a heartbeat. It’s corrupt to the point of failure. Capitalism does NOT work. The US gov’t has deceived us in that the US Constitution where every man can go as far and wide as his wits can carry him just doesn’t work anymore. It teaches us selfishness and that it is okay to stab your co-worker in the back on the way up the corporate ladder. No sir! It’s not alright and so more and more people are looking for a way out. A way out with a bang I might add!

          • Zohair- The Good one

            Rich L. of New Haven, CT….I agree.

            I urge the readers who read this to remember this:

            Guns do not MAKE killers….but FACILITATE killers.

            In the same way..

            TV shows like these do not MAKE killers…but FACILITATE killers (Psychologically)

            They simulate the subconscious mind…which is already highly vulnerable.

            The question you americans need to ask yourself is………is it worth it?

          • Moshe Dayan

            It isn’t just Americans, this is a worldwide phenomenon. Humans evolved from chimps and if you want to see why humans do the things we do, just read up on these guys. Chimpanzees do all the nice things we do like killing other male chimps to take their place in the hierarchy, killing children of competing males, group warfare etc. A human is just a chimp who has figured out how to complicate killing by invoking religion, or tv shows or almost anything else. At the end of the day though it is simply that humans like to kill and nothing anyone can do will ever change that.

          • Zohair- The Good one

            Moshe….I agree..but partially. It simply isn’t true that we can do nothing about it. I’ll give you an example..

            Hundreds of accidents happen because of drunk driving..reckless driving This motivates the government to impose ‘Drunk driving laws’….speed limits.

            Why? Because by doing so the government is effectively preventing many more accidents that would have happened otherwise…had these laws not been in place.

            My point is…you can effectively impede disasters upto the extent that it is at least comprehensible.

            The very same person who killed 26…would have killed say 2 or maximum 3 had gun laws been in place…because then he would have use a knife….or who knows maybe even not commited that act at all.( Unlikely but possible)

            Bottom line is…you make commmiting an atrocious act so damn freaking hard..that even the most highly motivated perpetrator is deterred to the maximum extent…but unfortunately..the opposite is happening…instead of deterring……we fucking encourage them!!

          • Moshe Dayan


            I’m sorry but the idea of gun control as a means to stop a schizophrenic psycho from killing won’t work. With a 14 inch bowie knive he could have killed 100 in that school or a mall and because it is so quiet no one would realize what is going on. A sword can kill even faster than a knife. Finally, as the Oklahoma bombers proved, a few commonly available ingredients with some basic chemistry knowledge can do what a hundred guns could not. Only hardcore liberals think its possible to ban firearms. What really needs to be banned are violent TV and media, the reporting of mass shootings and psychos themselves. People who have mental disabilites should be severely monitored. The ones that don’t take their meds should be committed. We used to lock them up and we need to do that again. As for singling out Americans, that’s a cop out. This is a worldwide copycat phenomenon. Happens in almost all countries now in one for or another.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Dumbass Dayan,

            Only a narrow minded like you can make a so stupid reasoning. America is, by far, the country with a highest rate of murders by 100.000 habitants: more than 9 (most countries in civilized world are near or bellow one). Everybody agrees that this has to do with the freedom of carrying a gun. The result with knives, karate strikes, etc would never be the same, of course.

            You are really stupid.

          • Moshe Dayan

            Hashim the Stunned,

            First off, here in the Jewish state, every citizen is in posession of a fully automatic weapon. There has never been a recorded use of any of these weapons in this type of crime. If there was ANY correlation between gun ownership and this type of crime, there would be dead Jews on every corner…and there ain’t. Also in an Israeli school, the principal and all the teachers have access to automatic weapons and are trained to use them at a military level. In Israiel, if this freak shot his way into the school it would have turned out differently and he would be the only fatality. Gun control is a losing argument. However we do need to control something. Just like Columbine, Adam Lanza will be found to be a homoqueer who was teased at school. There are too many of these mentally unstable freaks roaming the USA because they have “rights too”:. We need to round these mofos up and put them in a walled camp where they can never escape.and the only harm they do is to each other. Sadly that ape Obama is going to use the leftist sentiment held by yourself and others in an attempt to disarm the US public.

          • Zohair- The Good one

            Yet again Brother Hashim proves how intelligent us muslims are

            Gun Homicides by country

            United States 9,146
            Japan 11
            New Zealand 7
            Ireland 21
            Sweden 37
            Israel 6
            Netherlands 55
            England and Wales 41
            Germany 158
            Canada 173

          • Moshe Dayan


            Those stats prove my point explicitly. Israel is per capita the most heavily armed country in the world yet there are 6 gun homicides, no doubt all due to Israeli Palestinians. You can have as many guns in the public as you want, automatic weapons and mass shootings will not occur but if you have mental retards and psychos floating around in your population then gun control isn’t going to matter. The Oklahoma bombers killed more people than all the mass shootings combined and they did it with a truckload of fertilizer and some diesel.

          • Zohair- The Good one

            Moshe this is just half the story. You want to know the reality ?

            Talking specifically about Israel

            Israel 500,000
            United States 270,000,000

            That is the average total of civilian fire arms…i.e Israel has in total 500 thousand and United States has in total 270 MILLION!!!

            Secondly, to possess a gun the requirement age is 27 !! And that too just one hand gun with a limited number of bullets

            Thirdly, Israel is motivated to have firearms because of the never ending conflict between Jews and Muslim….and Muslims are very trigger-happy as it is.

            So it is more of a compulsion than choice.

        • zach speaker of truth

          all of you say that Americans are stupid but don’t you judge us before you look in the mirror you guy blow your self up and kill a large amount of Innocent life’s all the time

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Zach speaker of untruth,

            We don’t say all Americans are stupid: only 99.5%.
            Of course you dont belong to the 0.5% minority.

          • sir alexander (american)

            way to go….now im only 13…….. but i do know that AMERICA RULES over any third world automatic gun wielding country

        • Muslims Are Shit!

          No one gives a goddamn about what you child raping, genital mutilating, closet homosexual, Muslim mass murdering fuckwads think or feel about anything.

          I cannot wait until Israel turns Iran into a green glass parking lot.

          DEATH TO ISLAM!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Hashim

        You are correct again.
        Americans are number 1 in only one category: mental illness.

        And that guy who did the shooting was a real nut.

        • Beshiri al-Saud

          My brothers are 100% right this culture is addicted to drugs, anti-depressents make people.insane. Be a man and cope with your problems. Big pharma big governt working to dope up weak minded americans to destroy themselves. Lucky for them Islam is willing and able to pick up the pieces! ALLAHU AKBAR

        • steven1093

          i am american.. and the number one thing is mental illness

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Anal Abdullah

          Shut up homo.

          The problem with some Americans is that they tolerate googles, wetbacks, muslims, and all homos. The other problem is that not ever man, woman, and child owns a gun.

          Guns are needed by every person in the U.S.A and some of the jigaboo lovers believe we should all be stripped of our 5th amendment right to carry a weapon.

          This is bullshit!

          The NRA is the second most important organization in the US (behind The KKK) and those white men will stand for our rights while The Brotherhood kills muslims and googles!


          • Reaper

            Grand Dragon

            Does your dad wash his cock off after he takes it out of your filthy mouth?

          • One Eye Snake

            Grand Dragon Dumbass

            You uneducated piece of shit. It’s the 2nd amendment that deals with the right to bear arms, not the 5th. Why don’t you go let a zombie bite you so that we have the right to put you out of your misery. Then I can excersize a few of my USA rights on your pasty cracker ass and kill another KKK member. I’m white btw and I don’t support racist fucks like yourself.

            Eat shit and shit it out, then eat it again motherfucker. Oh and be sure to insert razorblades in your asshole when done.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Sucks one eyed snake

            Dumb mofo.

            The second amendment gives white people the right to execute any colored and/or homo they may come across.

            The second amendment also gives white people the right to say what’s on their mind.

            Nowhere in the Getttysburgh address does it give you the right to suck cock. That right isn’t in the Bible either.

            Jesus demands you be executed.


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Mr. One Eye Snake,

            You are right: fag Pete is an ignorant racist. But you must forgive “his” confusion about the 2nd Amendment. The only thing that “he” can count properly are the number of salami getting in and out is rear sewer.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            *his rear sewer (aka “google dongs welcome back door”)

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          fag pete

          The trannyklan “sisters” bang googles in the ass and wear dresses to fancy gay parties.

          There ain’t one of you inbred, special ed, ass-pounders who could put up a fight against a bag of falafel much less even defeat an american homo in a slap-fight.

          All of you assholes know that when Islam takes over, you fags are headed to homo-hell.

          Save your big talk for the fag whose humping your brown-eye because tough talk from a fag is about as useless as a sand salesman in the desert.

          eat shit and die mofo

        • sir alexander (american)

          fuc off……you sack of isreal SHIT

        • muslim hater

          Wrong… but it is not fighting and rejecting that can change the world. It is accepting and helping one another that causes change. Also Hashim before you call somebody a “dumbass” make sure your spelling is correct. You spelt below wrong.

      • Elmo

        More than 20? That’s it? That’s an everyday occurrence for you Muslims. 20 innocents dead is actually what you call a good day. Somalia breaks that number before breakfast.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Elmo the naive,

          You read too many Pentagon fairy tales.

      • Akinfenwha The Tank

        Brother Hashim – I could not agree more.

        My only fear is that if Emma does not repent her sins and convert before next Friday, when Allah crushes the Infidels and leaves us Muslim men and women to prosper on a planet free of Western Faggots.

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Homo Hashim


        Yes……there is no doubt that “you want cock.”

        My God homo……you didn’t need to spell it out for all of us straight men to see!

        No doubt the devil’s pitchfork up your ass will be welcomed by you.


      • UmadBro

        okay. americans have people whi shoot people in a school. but you have people who like to park airplanes in towers. -_- way to fail.

    • Joe

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      Ill suck cock but I looooove pussy!!!!!

  • Stumpington

    good job guys, this nearly looks real

    • Durka

      It is ya dumbshit.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    My cock looks even bigger in pics than it actually is……and its ginormous in real time.

    I don’t want you muslims looking at my cock in the pic and wankin off…..sick mofos.


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Small Worm Pete,

      Your delusional comments are a clear evidence that your brain is severely affected by the last stage of the mad cows disease. Allah does not sleep …

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fag pete

      I attribute your lack of normal intelligence to your gay associations with googles.

      You’ve been “ass-fucked” to the point of ignorance.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Brother Abdullah,

        That is a very plausible explanation too of the close to zero intelligence level of Miss Piggy. Congratulations.

        • Beshiri al-Saud

          My brothers. The more americans like Grand Drag Queen Pete the faster Islam shall conquer!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            I’m not your bother you filthy animal how dare you consider your self of my blood line.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Filthy impersonator,

            I’ll find who you are and use your own entrails to hang you to death.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Hashim

          While drinking delicious goats milk last night in my palace, I couldn’t help but think about the best way to piss off fag pete. I then thought about this pic of the british bitch emma watson and what gay pete had to say above.

          I think it would really piss him off, maybe to the point of suicide if we stare at his healthy cock in the pic above while we lick our lips and pull on our tunic snakes. This might be what we need to do to get that filthy homoqueer of this holy site for good.

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            fake mofo imposter

            It is against Islam to impersonate a powerful Muslim and no matter how much “hero worship” you have…Allah will smite you for your behavior.

            Do not impersonate me or any of the other Muslim mens on this site.

          • Zohair- The Good one

            Brother Abdullah

            Read the second para of this imposter’s comment. He is none other than Grand Dragon Pete

          • MUSLIMS ARE SHIT!

            All you Muslims are queers. It’s all you dumb fucks talk about in these comments.

            You describe that sick stuff in such detail that there is no other possible explanation except that you’re all faggot freaks.

            Hope Israel wipes you ragheads from the face of the Earth.


      Piss ant pete, you never had one cuz everyone knows you hacked your dick off to prove your dedication in serving your god who is satan the devil himself.

  • Dr.Frankenfurter

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  • mayhem

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    • mayhem

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

        The get your ass to Tikrit and join my harem

        • Moshe Dayan

          The fag alert just peaked out at 10 on the richter scale.

          Anal Abdullah is one sick homo. Look at his avatar, at first it looks like a fist in front of his mouth but our Mossad agents have sent the photo away for trichionometric analysis. Once clarified the object is actually a massive horse-cock with a huge deformed head and Anal Abdullah is licking it. Ewwww, what a homoqueer.

          Eat shit and die mofo

  • Angel Jones

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      • Kim

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      • justin

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  • usa rules

    fuck all muslims

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Yes please fuck us muslims in our ass we love cocks.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


        I bet you are The Real Manure / The Real American dumb brat.
        Soon you’ll hear from me…

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Hashim

          Soon they will hear from the RPG!

          • Satan


            I have been watching you from day one when you were born from a jackal and brought unto this earth. I knew then that someday you would be by my side. Being the ruler of Hell has kept me quite busy but I was recently able to catch up on a few of my favorite television programs. Full house being one and To catch a Predator starring you. I enjoyed your exploits on that show but I really did not think that Chris Hanson gave you enough time to explain why you showed up at that 8 year old boys house naked and with a banana sticking out of your ass. Oh well enjoy the little time you have left upstairs because I need another puerto rican down here. I too have a quota to fill.

            yours truly Lucifer

          • Zohair- The Good one


            There seem to be a lot of serial killer supporters and googles on celebjihad these days.

            Did you send them intentionally to sabotage this most holy website?

          • Satan


            You have quite a keen eye on you to notice my handy work. It is too bad that you are considered “the good one” because I could always use a man of your talents down here with me. But I will be watching in case you slip up and decide to take the dark path.

            yours truly Lucifer

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Zohair,

            Your sagacity is remarkable.

            I have no doubt that the infestation of fags, impersonators, jews and googles that our beloved site has suffered lately, is the work of the rotten being that smells to sulfur, has a furry tail and forked feet, commonly known as “Shaitan”.

            We must pray towards Mecca not 5, but 10 times a day, declare not 7 but 77 Fatwas, and recruit still more Jihadist to fight the enemies of the Islam.

            Armed with our resilience and courage we shall overcome.

            Allahu Akbar

          • Zohair- The Good one

            Why , thanks Satan.

            I feel honoured and terrified at the same time !

            Might I request you to rid this site of Googles at least.

            We all know that they are your children….so you must be missing them isn’t it?

            If they are too evil even by your standards and you don’t want them either..at least direct them all to a Homofaggot website.

            This is the least you could do to show gratitude for Brother Abdullah…what do you say?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Shitty impersonator of Shaitan

            You need another puerto rican to fill your ass with anal lube before you take another ass fucking at the Tiajuana donkey show.

            And while I’ve never seen a jackal, the last time I shot a load of jizz on your mother’s face, she howled like a wolf….and that’s close to a jackal.

            eat shit and die mofo….you’ll never out-wit us Muslims!

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Zohair- The Good one

            I thank you Brother Hashim…and might I say that your remedy is truly becoming.

            We must increase ‘Namaz’…(prayer towards Mecca) and recruit more jihadists for our cause.

            Just after posting this…I shall start working on my ‘Baby Jihadist Maker’ (6th wife) in the name of Allah

            Allah be praised!!

          • Satan


            I will put your suggestion under heavy consideration. But you must know that even in Hell we can only fit so many googles on the same porch at one time. But since you are not one of my regular customers might I ask you to come of your own free will. I offer free room and board, free cable, and an excellent health care plan. I will also put you in charge of all of the googles and jews for which you can torment till your hearts desire. But make haste with your decision for if you wish to see Abdullah you must hurry. Because I have decided that keeping him here might give us a bad reputation . So I have made arrangements for him to be reincarnated as one of those hockey puck air fresheners that one would find in the urinals at bus and subway stations.

            yours truly Lucifer

          • Zohair- The Good one


            Much as I find your offer highly tempting and generous (even by Non-Satanic standards)….I am afraid I will have to decline,

            You see..being a pious muslim…Allah demands that I stay on his playground (Earth) and wage Jihad for him against infidels…..both physically and virtually on Soft Porn Jihad websites like Celebjihad.

            By the way…I am not sure I understand your inclination towards calling brother Abdullah over there…when he has proved to be very lucrative to your business here itself…..sending googles and infidels to you by the dozens…

            I wonder what satanic agenda is behind this then.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Zohair,

            This fake “Satan” is just another alias of Pete, the super Fag.
            Quite easy to find out…

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Fake satan…aka fag pete

            shove one of them, urinal cake air fresheners, up your stinky ass and you might just get more anal pounding at the glory hole.

            Hopefully….somebody will give you AIDS.

      • TBEAR182

        Satan, is it true that you’ve got goat’s horns on your donger?

        I mean, I can take but I just want to know what I’m in for.

  • Timmy

    Fuck how did you hack my phone again

  • Debunked

    Dear god, this photo doesn’t even deserve my time to explain how fake this photo is… Usually I end these posts with “Well done though. Great for the imagination” but this doesn’t even deserve that. Sad, so so sad…

    • Zeppelin

      What’s really sad is your loose asshole. I could barely get any traction at all in there last night.

  • deathtomuslim

    muslim are faggot piece of shit losers

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      No doubt you are too drunk and high on drugs to type what you really meant, so I will do it for you, you ignorant dumbass.

      …..american faggots are pieces of shit losers and Islam is great.

      Now, that is the truth!


      • Are you serious?

        What is wrong with you people? This religious bullshit really sucks, you honest believe what you are saying???? I don’t believe religion can bring anything else than war and hate. I think it only makes you weak. Sheep are also weak, that why they always follow the one in front.. Are you weak? Do you want to be like a sheep? You guys really need to start thinking for yourselves instead of following the words of something that nobody can prove he even exists… Honestly, if you can proof “your religion” is the truth, than please let me have a meeting with your God, face to face.. lets say tomorrow around noon.??? can you arrange that? Would be nice, I have a lot of questions….
        But… let me predict what will really happen tomorrow.. as you will not be able to proof anything, you will not be able to arrange anything (except weak stories about what you call “religion”) so absolutely nothing will happen.. why? Because all the odds concerning his existence are against him. (if you don’t know what i’m talking about, you haven’t learned too much about science). Of course this this all is not just about Islam, but also about Christianity .. God, Allah.. I still don’t see the difference between them, its all the same, and if they really exist they are definitely one and the same as well..

        Someone who is really getting bored of all this religious bullshit

        • Imam Khalid


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          jap with the clap

          Shut up you buck-toothed mofo.

          I can prove the truth of Islam with the AK-47 any day of the week.
          Just show up in Tikrit, Baghdad or El Tobar and you’ll get all the proof you want.

          Anyyway, what does a filthy swine gook know about anything other than pig fucking and rice picking?
          HA…not one damn thing.

          eat shit and die asian-ape mofo

          ALLAHU AKBAR

      • Moshe Dayan

        Anal Abdullah,

        You remind me of the muslim who looked back and gave a toothy grin in that scene with the Turkish officer in Lawrence of Arabia. Taking it quickly up the ass is the graduation ceremony standard in the local madrasses. You homos are about to reap the vengence from God when the Mayan calendar flips over and all the muslims immediately burst into flames and go straight to hell.

        Eat shit and die homoqueer

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          mangina jew-pig

          And you remind me of that pic of freddie mercury after he passed out from sucking off 62 cocks in a row back in 71.

          They said he was cum drunk….which I’m sure you know all about.

  • Bitchplease

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    • Abdul Rasul


      Americans women are whores, which is why all you fags have aids. Us Muslims would touch any of those harlots, it would be like fucking a Jew.

      • Moshe Dayan

        Abdul Arsehole

        You just proved you’re a fucking queer. “Jew” refers to a male, “Jewess” is the female version so your thoughts of gay male sex as a normal thing is revealed to the world. Since no jew would ever fuck a degenerate inbred fucktard like you its likely that it is Anal Abdullah’s ass you were fondly thinking of as you made your comparison. Recognize your Jew masters you dog and stick to sucking muslim cock at your gloryhole and the IDF won’t kill your ass.

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  • Lol

    I spent about 10 minutes reading all the comments and realized that both sides U.S and Muslims make mistakes some big and some small but each religion wants peace in the end so why don’t we follow our ultimate belief and make peace?

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Shut the fuck up idiot! We Muslims despise hippies.

      We are Jihadists, and this means that we’ll only rest when all Infidels will join their master, Shaitan (the real one, not the pathetic masquerade of Fag Pete).

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Assalaamu Álaykum Brother Hashim

        Soon fag pete and this hippy homo will get to meet the real Shaitan and I doubt they will enjoy an eternity of burning in hell!

        Fi Amanullah, FATA-BARRUK-ALLAH.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Greetings brother Abdullah! You are right:

          This whole story will have a very sad end for this two perverted homos, since Shaitan is an eunuch himself, and his only concern is to keep hell fire burning and feeding it with sinners like those two bitches.

          • shahid

            Brother Hashim

            If one says “Assalaamu Álaykum” the other responds “Wailaikum Assalam”

          • Moshe Dayan

            Homo Hashim and Anal Abdullah,

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    I think most people in the Middle East don’t realize their government is altering and censoring news. If you don’t see an unbiased story then what’s the point. I think more westerners feel sad for Islamic countries because the people in them truly have no idea what’s going on to their own people. All the talk about infidels and harlots just confirms the ignorance. Leave the comfort of the Middle East and see the world clearly for what it is. If god exists, I’m sure he wouldn’t promote murder, nor would a follower of him.

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