Emma Watson Sets A Bad Example

Emma Watson drinking

I can not believe Emma Watson did this! Doesn’t she know she is a role model for millions of young girls? I mean drinking a Corona at night is just crazy!

Everyone knows that white people should only drink Coronas during the day, preferably while outside. It makes them feel like day laborers. If you are a white girl drinking a Corona at night you might as well open up a burrito stand in your panties because you are basically saying “I want to have sex with a Mexican”, and that isn’t just stupid but it can also be dangerous.

Once you let one Mexican in your vag they are damn near impossible to get out. Not only that but they’ll bring their friends, family, pets ect. Next thing you know your whole vaginal infrastructure is under severe strain trying to support all the free loading Mexicans you got up in there.

Emma Watson drinking

Oh God no Emma, don’t ever pretend to be drunk after drinking one Corona. Nothing brings more joy to a Mexican then to take advantage of things. If you did this in a Home Depot parking lot you’d be liable to start a riot!

Emma Watson needs to realize that she is a role model, and by behaving like this she’ll overrun our country with Mexicans looking to have sex with ridiculously drunk chicks that American guys could be doing. Sure the Mexican apologists will tell you that they only do the ones no one else wants to do, but they fail to realize that after 16 shots I’ll do pretty much anything.

  • renee

    are you really that fucking stupid to believe that this is at all recent in any way for you to get that upset about it. no one waits unitl they’re of age to take at least drink and unless you were there with her which i’m sure you were not, you have no right to state what you think is true as the truth itself. Seriously, pull the stick out of your ass and get over it, I’m sure you didn’t freak out like this when any other famous person admitted to doing something they probably shouldn’t have and she didn’t do anything wrong. And as far as you’re little “mexicans like to take advantage of things” FUCK YOU, you stupid ignorant little shit. I can’t even believe you’re here to write this, if I were your mother I would have you put to sleep. You need to realize that we live in a country where you’re given better opportunities in life and in the work place for being a minority so FUCK YOU and your racism shit, being the mexican that I am I would fucking love to take a job away from you sick masochistic SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!

    • eric

      I’m pretty sure renee has aspergers. that would be the only way to miss all that sarcasm

      • Bex

        Obviously the ten thumbs up she got all have aspergers too.

        • phyre

          I have Asperger’s AND a gaming buddy from Mexico, and I think this is great satire.

      • linsay

        that’s really low to try to insult someone by saying they have Aspergers. what a sad bunch of people.

      • SeanNoWay

        The Mexican equivilent…….jashergers

      • FUCK YOU”eric”


    • joe

      renee ur a bit dim ent ya

    • AussieAspie

      Emma Watson is English, yes. Britain’s drinking age is 18, yes. If this photo was taken in her homeland, on or after April 15 2008, she is drinking LEGALLY!! Get over it…

      P.s. I have Asperger’s!

    • stefma

      She can’t help it, she was born this way.

    • Pedro

      Renee I am with you!

    • SeanNoWay

      Apparently, You can only use one sentence. Periods are a way of life. You should use one, more than 1 time every 28 days. Take a breath and a tampon break. If you think that Emma Watson is a role model for girls ,**ALERT(run-on-sentence)*** because I’m Polish and a 41 year old American and I think that Harry Potter is a Divination and God says in the Bible that ‘any divination(including magic, and witchcraft) is Evil’ so if you are anything close to Christian you should’nt wish that someone’s mother should put them to sleep.<notice the period) I live in Denver Colorado.< Mexicans are everywhere here. I lost at least 10 jobs to 'Your Kind' If anyone gets a FUCK YOU! I would say you deserve it. As far as Emma goes….well, she allready sold her soul so get over it!!

    • bec

      LOL! dude, have you not heard of sarcasm or ‘tongue-in-cheek’ style of writing? this article is obviously a bit of fun and not to be taken seriously, it was comical to me – grow a sense of humor mate!!!!! …. i thought it was funny… cheers, from Australia =D

  • Enni

    Oh my god! The post is so thick that it hurts. You know as much about it as the man in the moon. These pictures are 3 or 4 years old. It was a funny shoot and Emma never really drunk this “Corona” sherbet.

    • Audrey

      So you’re saying she WAS drinking underrage and is an even bigger idiot than we thought.


    • Nick

      who gives a shin stay out of peoples lives

      • Nick

        shit sorry

  • saadi

    enjoy yor life cauz it getting shorter

  • ‘manda

    she’s horrid!

    She’s really arrogant, and everyone seems to think she’s really smart! Hello! She went to a boarding school and only got 3A’s – thats appauling!

    I wen’t to one of the roughest state schools in Newcastle, and whilst getting a part-time degree at aged 17, I also gained 17 GCSE’s and 8 A levels with 6A’s and 2B’s. Therefore, why am I not getting praised for being a good role model? My results excel hers, and my university offers are far superior!

    Sorry, but she frustrates me, cause I’ve never been to a club in my life, I hit the books everyday, so why does she get so much positivity?

    • genius

      Well, I’m sorry you’re still completely illiterate after all that supposedly hardcore schooling.

      You got a degree at “aged” 17? What, are you some kind of wine? Throwing random “Therefore”s around doesn’t make you sound much smarter either, but rather just like an idiot trying to sound smart (which I assume is what you actually are). The phrase “My results excel hers” doesn’t make much sense, as “excel” is a verb and not an adjective. I’ll let you pass for forgetting the apostrophe in “cause,” but come on, “everyday” you hit the books? “Everyday” means “commonplace.” I think the word you’re going for is “every day.” I doubt you have offers from any notable universities.

      Good luck getting into the Univ. of Dumbasses Trying to Sound Smart and Failing!

      • Leah

        I agree this bloke is a dumbass, but “my results excel hers” is a perfectly acceptable sentence (except it’s probably not true).

        • Nayhem

          Actually ” My results EXCEED hers” is the correct phrase. At least it is in America, in Britain or wherever your from that might not be the case “bloke”.

          • Sheesh

            Actually, both make sense and can be used.

    • Leah

      Ummm… you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      For her GCSE, she got 8 As and 2 A*s. Then for her A-LEVELS she only did three subjects (she started with 4 but dropped one) and got As for all those.

      So the 3 As you’re talking about were here A-levels, NOT her GCSEs. Dumbass. Do some research.

      She also had offers from Cambridge, Oxford, and Ivy League universities in the US… so I don’t think your university offers are superior to hers.

      • Tetss

        In what, having A’s, at highschool, is an accomplishment at all? I mean seriously? I look back to when I was there, and it’s just the easiest shit ever… University, is another league. I’ll be more convinced of her smartness if she gets those As in there…

        As for those universities, Cambridge, Oxford and Ivy League, I must remind you that most people don’t make it there, for the simple reason they have no money for it. She, on the other hand, don’t have that issue.

        • Massey

          You can’t get A’s at University, just small point i thought i’d make

        • Zack

          Easy as in, falling asleep in class, maybe? “She, on the other hand, don’t have that issue.”

    • Bigmanondisho

      Hahahaha!!do i detect some jealousy!!!! You kno dis girl will out smart you so shut the fuck up,, and anyone can fake pictures so don’t go jumping to conclusions!!!! I bet in your past life you were prolly beat and left in the cellar where you only got fed once-a-month, and that’s why you try breakin people down so you can feel better about your winy bitch fit throwin piece of shit life!!! And Emma prolly don’t care what you think cause she’s to busy bein pretty, and famous!!! Hahahahaha!!!! go suck a dick!!!

      • hubert

        emma is fucken hot but i think she on of the hotest calebs out there she has porn stuff i got my friends to check but some nude shots but she dousent seem like she knows most of them happend but she is still the pretyest caleb out there.

    • a whitey

      w/e. shes fucking hot. i wanna eat the shit out of her hot puss

      • Hugh G. Rekshin

        Hate to break this to you but that’s not where the shit comes out. You have to look elsewhere.

    • Az

      She may not have the best academic record but I bet she knows how to spell appalling.

      • stefma

        Right? hahahahha

    • yada

      You just hatin! I have actually chatted with her and she is a sweetheart!

    • stump

      17 GCSE’s and 8 A levels and you still can’t spell? that is APPALLING! State of education in the UK today…..

    • you=moron

      Firstly this guy is taking the piss.
      Secondly, you also spelt “went” wrong there’s no apostrophe you illiterate moron. What did you get your A levels in media studies and being a general pompous fuck?

    • Adam

      Hey, first, I think it is more about the fact that she is a well known actress as well as getting the grades.

      Second, just asking but seriously seventeen GCSEs? I only took ten GCSE courses and my timetable was full at school. Then, A levels, factoring in evening courses, I would say it is only logical to be able to do six A levels at a time and they take two years each. If you are on a part-time degree as well then you must be some sort of child prodigy. If that is the case, then someone should care. As it isn’t, I assume you may be exaggerating.

    • stefma

      Manda, wth are you talking about? No one cares if you finished grade school. Your writing doesn’t display your superior knowledge that you so proudly claim to possess. The point is-she’s a rich beotch and she doesn’t have to pick up another book for the rest of her life unless she chooses to do so. Get over yourself ASAP. You are making an ass out of yourself. I feel cheated that idiots like you have the chance to go to great schools and this is what you walk away with…Maybe you should consider continuing your edumacation dear.

    • karen

      because she’s probably prettier and more talented than you. grades aren’t everything lady, they just show that you did your homework and you had no social life so you’re probably a weirdo homebody.

      • karen

        oh, and anyone that goes by the name “manda” should go throw themselves off a building. that’s fucking dumb.

    • Nick

      FUCK show offs

    • John

      Manda, don’t break your arm slapping yourself on the back.

    • SeanNoWay

      WHAAAAAA, F-ing WHAAA. Let me call 9-wahhh-wahhh. I need a whaaambulance. Really???? Go to a fu**ing club. They will let you in. I want to know what school let you in and what club did’nt? I have a suggestion for you, Hit the clubs once instead of hitting the books. Drink 1 Corona. Don’t cast so much ‘negativity’. By the way, I received

    • Bonzi

      I hope this is satire, in that case I love it. Otherwise, your harrable! Get over it!

  • Blech

    ‘manda, that’s probably because she knows how to spell “appalling.”

  • God

    Is this a running gag that people talk shit about the person posting the pics( site admin)? If it is thats great cuz I laugh at them every time i read them.


    Hey man, what’s wrong, no Dead Ted Kennedy jokes? By you not having Dead Ted Kennedy jokes, just shows you’re not cutting edge. It shows either you’re scared or your an ignorant liberal.

    • Dead Ed

      You can’t say George W. Bush never did anything for Ted Kennedy. When George W. Bush was President of the United States, he named the Justice Department headquarters after Robert F. Kennedy. Then he went down the street and named a strip club after Ted.

  • God

    ‘Kennedy Curse’ Claims Life Of 77-Year-Old Tumor-Riddled Binge-Drinker

    • Dead Ed

      Ted Kennedy’s recent visit to Duke University when he had the last brain fart didn’t save him. He ran from his crimes, like abondoning a woman to drown after driving his car off a bridge while drunk and not reporting it til the next day, decades of corruption in the Senate going unnoticed by the liberal media and drinking with Bush’s daughters while he was being innaugerated. He shoulda died a long time ago. They need to make ammendments where senators and congress have term limits. This guy got more senile as he got old in the senate. Drinking and singing out of tune, trying to dance while drunk, calling Justice Alito “Ali-oto”, calling Justice Gates a bigot and change his support from Obama to Hillary after seeing her drinking at a bar.
      The man was a wasted jackass (no pun intended…).

  • emma4eva

    ‘wtf?!?thats soooo stupid!!!!emma never really drunk “corola”!!!this was just a funny shoot!!!everyone said that!!!emma watson 4 eva!!!!

  • Enni

    Oh, the six monkeys… And apelike they comment this exemplary nonsense. Sorry, but that hurts like shit.

    • stefma


  • God

    ^^^ what ??

  • tania

    yeah, these are about 4-5 years old. get some new material.

  • eduardo fagundes da silva

    Emma me ouvi ,roubaram meu e-mail, é estam usando meu nome para conversar com voce ,e eu estou neste novo .
    voce ja ouviu chimaira ,the flame ,black heart ,isto esta me assustando,
    fica esperta ! te amo

    • Bigmanondisho

      we speak english, not bullshit!!!!!!

    • stefma

      In your dreams bud, in your dreams…

  • Jill

    The picture is really old.

  • Nathalie

    Mexican?????You idiot,racist…don’t you know that Caucasians and foreigners are the majority of the people who drink the Corona beer???And you know why???Because thank God Mexicans are capable of making good-quality stuff that people actually enjoy!!! Not like some people who make beer that people drink just because.You think you are all that because you are not mexican with out realizing Mexican heritage has more beautiful women and culture than any other culture in the world!!! Think again,bone-head!

    • Bigmanondisho

      dat’s wat’s up,, keep tellin em off!!!!!!!!!

    • yada

      The author is a comical writer. This is called satire. Relax.

  • Leah

    #1 – This is an old photo. Really old.
    #2 – She’s only posing with the bottle in these photos. We don’t know if she actually drank it. (And yes, teenagers do stupid things like posing with alcohol bottles to make themselves look cool when they havent drunk any)
    #3 – I’m under the impression it’s legal in the UK for underage kids to drink if they’re on private property. This looks like a restaurant, yeah, but we don’t know for sure where it was or what she drank.

  • EH

    Maybe his vag is full of Mexicans.

  • Nina

    First of all, I don’t I don’t know much about this photo except for the fact taht’s it’s quite a bit old in relation to Emma’s age, but I don’t see how drinking is bad really…I mean if you’re gonna go out and get toally hammered, that’s a bad example.

    And Manda, she’s gets the credit for setting a good example because she’s a huge star and someone many young girls have seen and look up to, but she’s not like Lindsay Lohan or or any of those stars who go out partying…she’s mature, she;s classy, she’s gotten good grades, academics are important for her, and when she speaks, you can tell she’s not dumb…in fact you can tell she’s smart and classy when she speaks. That’s someone a young girl should look up to and try to imitate.

    You seem jelous and a little bitter Manda.

    Not to do with Manda and his/her stupidity:

    Why is this being posted like a million years later? I keep up with her news because I like her a s a person, and i find this?

  • Muse

    This post is about 5 years late.

  • Bigmanondisho

    everyone has had a drink they be young, so don’t act like it’s a bad thing!! And we don’t even kno if she really drinks!! so all you haters stop bein pussy’s and get a mother fuckin life and stop tryin to hurt other peoples!!!!!!!! Fuck all you haters that disagree,, and if you got something to say message me back bitch!!!!

  • jmyster

    LOL whoever posted this is hilarious ahahhhhaahha

  • pitu

    this post is so thick with sarcasm that it would take a person of the same thickness to not grasp that. and i am not talking about thick booties. ha. booties. sounds like baby shoes.

  • I’m a complete moron

    Steven Wright: I finally got around to reading the dictionary. Turns out the zebra did it.

    [the entire audience, except Homer, laughs]

    Homer Simpson: I don’t get it.

    Lisa Simpson: Dad, the zebra didn’t do it, it’s just a word at the end of the dictionary.

    Homer Simpson: I still don’t get it.

    Lisa Simpson: It’s just a joke.

    Homer Simpson: Oh, I get it! I get jokes!

  • thomas harmer

    i do not konw why this is so bad her drinking that i was drink a little at the same age not all that time
    but how is it going to hurt

    not me not her famly and not her firends

  • IamLegend

    these pics are quite old & where she lives it’s legal for her to drink. what’s the problem?

  • Ntelling

    It’s a joke no one can take a joke how sad. Everyone knows Mexicans love beer and Emma Watson!!
    That’s why they gave it to her.

  • sean

    did anyone actually read this article, it is obvious that this person is speaking (typing, writing what have you) sarcastically, and my opinion in this matter is, that both parties need to watch their behavior…

    the celebs, knowing they are famous, should do more to try and protect their private lives, and the fucking parents, and media, are the worse of the bunch, you don’t want to see this kind of behavior, and yet you pry and pry, to get photos like this, and then you all eat it up like Sundays breakfast, and hey, if you have a problem with a certain person on tv, or a certain channel, or TV and the media itself… TURN OFF THE FUCKING TV AND READ A BOOK, OR PLAY A VIDEO GAME, OR BLOCK THAT STATION SO YOUR KIDS CANT SEE IT AND STFU

    sorry for the over reaction

  • Marie2

    arent you overreacting just a little?
    i mean, this picture was taken 3 or 4 years ago. the whole corona thing you said is just bullshit, nobody would fall for it. by the way, to other people that have posted here: she really did drink that corona, cant you see that the bottle is empty in the second picture?
    anyways, so what? shes still a fantastic role model.

  • meow

    what a little whore!

  • Grace


  • Christina

    To the post and comments –

    Thanks, would lol again. Majority of you are too dumb to recognize satire, it’s cute.

  • Stingerc

    Drinking age for beer in England is 16. What’s the big deal.

  • Emma

    Well, I’ve got nothing to say. But if she chooses to drink that’s fine. The laws could be completely different over in England.

  • Miranda Jiroux

    she is an ADULT dimwit

  • dani


  • Katy

    Why do you all take this shit so seriously? It’s a joke. When they talk about someone being fat who isn’t, it’s a joke. Everyone needs to take the stick out of their asses and lighten up!

  • Megan

    What so bad about Mexicans? Personally, they’re one of my fave breeds, lol.

    • Pam

      what do you mean with my fave breeds?????????????????????

      • Gary

        You know, BREED, like as in, DOGS.

        • jatuk

          Ha. She (or he?) doesn’t get it…. must be a Mexican.

  • Marlene

    This might as well be a joke, but it was a very disrespectful one!
    You have to respect HER life! And you have to respect the country cause joke or not this sounds a LOT like racism!

  • KK

    Well she’s 19 and assuming these pictures were taken in the U.K. where the drinking age is 18 and they are generally much more lax about it anyway, it’s perfectly legal.

  • Nikki

    wow. literally who… cares? like shes a teenager.. shes enjoying her life… having fun with her friends.. plus shes a star.. she deff does not wanna miss out her teen years just because shes a huge celebrity! i do the same shizz she does. and yeah im late cuz these pics are really old =D

    • Audrey

      What does underage drinking and taking pic sof it like a moron have to do with being a teen, exactly? o_O are you drunk yourself, or something?

  • Me

    Why do people think she is all sweet and innocent. I saw her banged by 4 guys and sucking them too. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. Just go to a porn site and look for her. She’s just an ordinary whore like other hollywood girls her age…

  • Bob

    Uh, this is a parody for fucksakes.
    As a minority, I’m only offended that my fellow minorities don’t get the joke.

  • Dead Ed™

    Do you remember a long time ago when witches were something to be feared? Then Harry Potter came along. We used to fear vampires too, until Twilight…
    So I went to a library and asked for a book on Obama’s autobiography and Marx and Engel’s Communist Manifesto.
    I knew what I was getting myself into, but fuck me, this guy is the only thing left that’s scary. Same socialist agenda.

  • donald

    come on…she’s been of legal drinking age in her country of origin for over 3 years.

  • ak7

    fuck you putos

  • Pam

    don’t talk shit about mexicans!!!

    I wonder what would you have said if it was a budweiser instead????

    stupid racist!!!!!

  • Johhny Lingo

    They should have arrested her !!!…… for not drinking Heineken instead ..

  • Socialistgetusedtoit

    Article Writer,

    You fail to notice that she is, here, approaching her womanhood and so is entitled to a little fun and craziness, and if, and when, something like this is published to all of the ‘little girls out there’ you speak of, should we blame her for ‘setting a bad example’, or the idol-worshipping celebrity culture we ourselves, and you too, I guess, indulge ourselves in?

  • eli

    wtf is it with you people against mexicans.
    its so hilarious that you have no other reason to “hate” us then saying we need to get out of “your” country and blah blah blahh

  • Someone with a brain

    Most that got interested in HP movies are of age to drink now.