Emma Watson See Through Top No Bra

Emma Watson see through

Who is that slight young man in the elegant flowing see through top in the picture above? Why it is none other than famous movie actor Emma Watson!

Emma Watson, who decided she was not happy just corrupting the minds of the youth with her gender bending style and movies glorifying witchcraft, posed in this see through top with no bra for the new issue of Vogue magazine.

As you can see in the picture above, Emma Watson is quite happy/excited/cold to be showing off her pert young breasts to the world in this photo. The only thing I can say in defense of Emma is that at least she waited until she looked like a man before showing her tits. That way it is less offensive to Allah, who has nothing but disdain for the female form.

  • theheadchimp

    Tits? What tits……all I see is a 12 year old boy.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Yes…a 12 year old homoqueer boy!

  • miley is a whore

    not sexy

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I hate many things about the west….especially googles and drunken indians….but pics of emma are close to the top on my hate list. They are second to googles and just slightly ahead of drunken injuns.

    Emma is so fucking ugly that she could walk up to a horse’s ass and think she was looking into a mirror.

    I have come to a major Jihad decision: I am going to issue a fatwa against all photographers who continue to take pics of this manly beast. The time has come to remove this creature from the public eye…..and I Abdulla….will be the one to get things rolling.


  • Daddyoh

    My Wand is getting sticky….

  • theheadchimp

    This is a good indication of how fucked up Western society is if they think this pathetic creature is attractive.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I find it hard to believe that a straight infidel could be attracted to this man-girl; I think the so called “men” who find this thing hot are actually homoqueers who are trying to deny their gayness….so they go for the next best thing…a man-girl.

      I also agree with your assessment of western society.

  • Wahaal Hyriid Bin Al-Fariiq

    It was reported by the noble BHO4LIFE that while Emma Watson received a tattoo while at Glastonbury that represented an “incestuous lesbian relationship” with her mother. However, BHO4LIFE was assassinated by the Zionist government of the United States while defending the building of the Islamic Center in NYC. His eight wives place his charge in my hands and I will speak truth on his behalf. From this picture it is clear that Emma Watson has gone full Bull Dyke also lending credence to the rumors the she is planning on having a sex change operation and changing “her” name to Emmett. She seems to already have quite the boyish physique and defined pectoral muscles for it.

    I put all the blame on the morally corrupt Western Society for turning this pretty young girl into, what can only be described as, an ABOMINATION.

    The noble qur’an teaches us that a woman is to be a woman and have no defilement from any source. Clearly this manbeast needs a lesson taught by the hand of Allah before she ends up like that Walrus Chaz Bono


  • hate sand niggers

    stupid sand googles only fuck camels so what they hell would they know about beauty

  • theheadchimp

    A hairy camels ass is still better looking than Emma. If you think Emma is hot then you are probably one of those Harry Potter fuckheads who couldn’t boink a “real woman” because you are in fairy land.

  • id rather not “bionk” a woman that “bionk” the hairy, cloth covered excused of women you have over there in guada-la-whogivesashit

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      In the first place you’re a fucking idiot and in the second….well there really isn’t a need for a second.

      Good luck on the “bionking” you nonspelling dumbass…..the duck “bionking” that is!

  • theheadchimp

    You are about a fucking dumbass…Women look pretty much the same the world over. Well except for those African bitches with ground touching National Geographic tits. I believe that an Arab woman was Miss USA in 2010 so you are really full of shit.

  • Bubu

    you don’t have to judge her just bcaz she cut her hair..she doesn’t look like a boy at all ..woman with short hair are beautiful too but of course ….you lifeless people stay here and comment . Emma Watson is actually really pretty …And about the pic…i don’t see any breasts but of course u do bcaz u make such a big dill out of nothing …>.<

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      My googleese detector just went crazy.

      Of all the googles and wiggers that I’ve seen post on this most special of all sites….your googleese tops them all.

      Yes…it is a big “dill” for me to name you as celebjihad’s top google of 2010.

      Be proud google….be proud.


  • fucking racist basterd. and by “boinking” i was referring to to your little headchimp pal’s comment learn to read theres a reason i but the “s there. and how am i a fucking idoit? your women are either so nasty and covered in hair, its a law for them to be covered in you bible. or either youre gay and you think women are “icky” and dont want to see them. i think the second one is a more fair guess its not fair to your women. im sure their nothing like you

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You have already won the title of Top Google, 2010. There is no need to keep competing.

      • theheadchimp

        Great idea Abdullah, top google 2010. Don’t forget they still got a couple weeks to go and I am sure some dumb google can top that Jigaboo. On the 31st we can have a “top list” of all the assholes and fucking nitwits.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Yes….you are right. We shall award the winning google….”Ghetto King” and the runner up “Prince of Crack”

          • Muslimslayer12

            You’ve reached number one spot on the slayers golden list, I’d run and hide if I were you!

    • theheadchimp

      Icky? Icky? What the fuck kind of talk is that? Are you 10 years old and afraid women will give you cooties?

  • White Person

    Wow, you Arabs are a bunch of fucking idiots. No wonder you need to be destroyed

  • White cool Person

    Fucking Arab pieces of shit!!!!!! Allah Allah Allah, fuck you dumb fucks!!!!
    Too bad we didn’t destroy you when we had the chance!
    Emma Watson is way hotter than you shut heads!

    • theheadchimp

      The only people who think Emma is hot are a bunch of Harry Potter nerds who will never see a real pussy in their lifetime. If the truth were known they probably think little Danny Radcliffe was the hotter of the two.

  • Happy Infidel

    Hey chimp-face, you might see all the pussies you want, but there ain’t a damn thing you can do with them if your balls were blown off moron. Keep drooling you filthy arab piece of camel shit.

  • theheadchimp

    You still don’t know shit you dumb motherfucker. Muslims own your party stores, gas stations and don’t think you go to a doctor that ain’t a muslim. Ha Ha your society is a bunch of whining fucking google loving losers like you.

  • me

    ive never been to a party store,or doctors office that was run by a muslim.
    and btw ive been to the middle east and i know what ur women look like, and they have nothing on emma so they all dye their hair and get nose jobs to look more western.

  • ed

    Can anybody pleaseee tell me which photoshoot is this picture from??
    I need to research on american women like her alone..in the bathroom..with tissue papers..at least 15 times..
    Only then would I be able to judge her..
    So please let me know the name of the photoshoot..thanks

    • Solyn

      Always rfeesrihng to hear a rational answer.

  • ed

    I downloaded vogue but still didn’t see this part

  • Muslimslayer12

    Emma Watson would gladly receive my wonder juice, unfortunatley I cannot say the same about those curtain wrapped east European sluts that look like sloths