Emma Watson See Through Nip Slip Pics

Emma Watson nipples

Emma Watson brazenly shows her shameful nipples while wearing a see through dress to a British award show.

A woman’s body is an abomination in the eyes of Allah, and it must be covered at all times. Just because Emma Watson looks like a man it does not mean she should be allowed to flaunt her disgusting aureola like this.

If Emma Watson thinks that she can get away with displaying her puffy pink nipples in the pictures below because she has an androgynous hairstyle she has another thing coming… and that thing is the stern hand of Sharia justice. Allahu Akbar!


Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson
Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    emma’s disgusting transhomoqueersexual conversion is almost complete.
    She may be a “dude that looks like a lady” but when us Muslims salute her with the stones, she will regret her crimes against nature and Allah.

    Burning in hell for eternity is just what this tranny deserves.

    • The reaper

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    • Word of wisdom

      It is clear, wise Abdullah, that nature can’t be fought and never should : no matter the black arts his surgeons may have summoned in their demonic plan, they failled and weren’t able to hide the fact that Watson has trucker’s legs the grace of which is hardly on par with a rusted stovepipe.

      No stone will be too heavy to correct this disgusting tranny abomination.

      • The reaper

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        • Word of wisdom

          reaped ass, go impale yourself on harry potter’s tiny wand.

          • The reaper

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    • John

      Attack selena, or any other American with stones, and we will strike back with weapons that will make you soil your trousers. Know this, the USA has the ability to annihilate every heathen Mohammadan land within the space of a half hour. She is a Christian who will stand by the Saviour at the last days when Islam (an invention of Satan) will be eradicated.

      • Regret

        lol, she’s not a practicing christian, she doesn’t attend church, she’s only a christian because her parents baptized her without her consent as a baby, oh, and she’s not american either, go back to mcdonalds.

        also islam out-dates christianity, christianity actually draws most of its lore from islam, the same god, similar prophets, similar moral messages, the only palpable difference is that islam is written in a language you fat fuckers can’t read.

        also the devil is just ismael, the angel of death, he is an angel and works for god just like every other angel, so the devil is a benign deity, learn your religion, and others, before you comment on either.

    • Jermz

      When all of you die you’re all going to burn in hell – Accepting Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved – if you do not accept Christ as your lord, then you will not have everlasting life. Allah can not save you, maybe you should read a bible for once in your life.

      • Nemesis

        Stow spewing your christian bullshit and cram it down your throat you piece of garbage.

    • Mud

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    ummmmm i see no nipple.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    clearly you have nothing better to do. here’s an idea, crawl out of your mother’s basement and get a real job!

  • The reaper

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  • Big Pete

    Emma is going to make a member of The Klan very happy one day. She no doubt shares out hatred of all people dark and has probably killed a google and a muslim, possible even a spic as well. That’s what we Klan members call a trifecta.

    I see that there are many homo retards, other than the muslims, posting stupid shit that isn’t even funny. Those people are certainly googles or homos…or possible both.

    It doesn’t matter, soon you all will be hangin from a noose.


  • 3D

    Can’t see any nipple there.

    • Darkness the dick sucker

      Who wants to see her nipples I rather see some big dick

      • Word of wisdom

        darkroom, I knew since the begining you were a disgusting homoqueer, and here you confess.

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  • Allah for Dollah

    I like Justin Beiber’s new makeover. She finally looks like a young lady.

  • darkness the dick sucker

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  • the reaper

    you guys are tards i checked her pic and her slip is not showing it looks like it under her dress like it should be

    • darkness the cock sucker

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  • The reaper

    An Iranian man carrying grenades blew off his own legs and wounded four civilians Tuesday

    • Word of wisdom

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      • The reaper

        So says an iraqy

  • The reaper

    Syrian government forces renewed their assault on the rebellious city of Homs

    • Word of wisdom

      Now, this is mean, reaped ass ! It is a bit sad for us indeed, as syria is a laical state, and they’re wining against our al quaeda jihadist financed by england, qatar, and most of all, usa
      I worked perfectly in libya, and thanks to america, we could overthrow this ghedaffi heathen who didn’t respect shariah, didn’t allow polygamy and public stonings, sent women to the university. He even allowed other religions to go indisturbed all over the place, just like the great satan saddam hussein.
      If we want middle east to turn into a real muslim theocracy, and accomplish the true edification of the dar-el-islam, we must pull down all these countries where islam is not the constitution : this bashar el asad syrian scum is no better than saddam hussein, ghedaffi, mubarrack : he’s a heathen and bad muslim, he doesn’t respect the shariah, and must be overthrown.

      We’ll have to ship in some more foreign jihadists from afghanistan, pakistan and saudi arabia : we know our friend Barrak Obama will fund us, as he always does. We can count on murrkin’s legendary stupidity : they watch fox and cnn o get their info, and they will no doubt accept to grow their debt even further so that we can turn the whole planet into a shariah driven regime.

      Ah, Barrack, while we deal with syrian, go destroy for us ahmadinnejad’ Iran and restore the power of the ayatollah there, please. He’s sending women to school and wants to build a modern economy there : ahmadinnedjah is too dangerous, for all of us.

      • darkness the cock sucker

        I say just nuke the damn place, The better off the world would be BTW didnt read all that shit you just wrore no one will too much to read

  • darkness the cock sucker

    U.S. Drew a Clear Line for Iran — It Won’t Dare Cross It pussies

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  • I like Emma. She is very beautiful.

  • Geert Wilders

    All muslims are goat or camel molesters and islam is backwards.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Ha…the last time us Muslims entertained your mother at the Mosque…she was bent over backwards and was “bleating” her brains out.

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  • Geert Wilders

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Normal Society

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  • raj

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  • AmericanBiker

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