Emma Watson See Through Dress No Bra

Emma Watson see through

Actress and shameless English strumpet Emma Watson wears a see through dress and no bra in the photo above.

Emma Watson’s breasts must not like each other because they appear to be heading in completely opposite directions. An infidel would have better luck trying to tittie f*ck Emma Watson’s shoulder blades then the enormous gap between her boobs.

Luckily for Emma Watson the girth of the average Muslim man would more than cover the distance between her wonky tits. Though the only way us Muslims would become aroused by Emma is if we mistook her for a bacha bazi (dancing boy).

  • Henchman #2


    • Grandma Henchman


      In the Henchman family we don’t have any member of the “Firsties” gang.
      Even Henchman #1 which is the dumbest of all, wouldn’t participate in this silly game.

      Grandma will go after you.

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Gay grandma

        You don’t come on this KKK site and earn the credentials to criticize everyone right away. You must put in serious time before you get into the ring with the champs.

        Your posts are shitty and need a lot of work.


        • Grandma Henchman

          Respect your elders young man!

          Besides I was told that you were homosexual and that is bad. Gay people have no credentials down in Arkansas. I have that problem in the family and I know what i mean.

          Also: I thought the KKK ended when my grandfather was alive. I don’t like dinosaurs either.

          • Henchman

            Faggy Imposter Grandma
            Shut the fuck up, you homo impersonator. I don’t care whether you’re that faggot Henchman #2, but I don’t give a shit, you’ll get the bayonet soon enough.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Henchman you dipshit,

            You should show more respect for your ancestors and use a proper language when addressing them.

            This only shows that you are a low class homo and a moron.

          • Henchman

            Hashim Shit Skin
            I see you’re back from Gay Bobs gloryhole. With fewer brain cells apparently.

            Well, you camel humpin’ homo, this homo here ain’t related to me, numb nuts. Everybody that ain’t on crack can see that, you dumb homo. You probably have something to do with all these imposters, as you are a faggot Muslim.

            Fuck off and go back to Gay bobs.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            moshe mangina

            you’re so gay you gave yourself “tongue herpes” just so you could give better rim jobs at the glory hole.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          gay pete

          I’ll say it one more time, you shit for brains infidel: Us Muslims are straight and you’re a flaming fag.

          You must be getting stupider….that nutsack slapping against your chin should have been your first clue that you’re a homo.

          • Supp nigsa!

            A nigsa comment on a picture, your argument is invalid

          • moshe dayan

            Anal Abdullah,

            Obviously that gloryhole dick you inhaled bumped up against your brain and did some damage. To say Muslims are straight is to defy logic. Muslims invented anal sex. It was Sandrin Mahmout II in 1069 who made the discovery that if you cut a hole in the wall of a washroom stall and stick your cock through, the guy on the other side will suck it. The infamous muslim gloryhole was born.

            Anal Abdullah takes his place in history as the undisputed “King” of the gloryhole. Suck on AA.

            Eat shit and die fucktard

          • Grand Dragon Pete


            You muslims are straight…..just like Elton John was straight in the 80’s.

            You’re so gay…..you tape cheez balls to youur hot dog before eating it.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            mangina and gay pete

            you two fags are so gay that the doctor has to rub your tonsils to give you a prostate exam.

          • Grand Dragon Pete


            You’re so gay….when the doctor asked you for a sperm sample you farted in a cup.


          • Abdullah fucka

            There’s nuttin’ wrong with takin a lil cock every once in a while…

      • Henchman #2


        I am sorry.. I was foolish to say that.

        But can you forgive me? I want do it again… Sorry Grandma…

        • Henchman #2


          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Homo Henchman #2

            You have been exposed as one of the impersonators of the big time homo named Anal Abdullah…..the proof is in the most recent Jeanette article.

            Not only are you a big time fag……but you are also a dumbass google.


          • Artist

            You got it wrong again a second time. It is: …………wait for it……………Won’t.

          • Henchman #2

            Grand Faggot Pete

            And you have been exposed for a long time as the #1 fag on this website.

            I the true KKK leader will get rid of you and your homo KKQueers and make America a better place.

            Tough luck mofo. Expect the noose.


          • Henchman

            Homo Imposter
            Will you shut the fuck up, you lame faggot. True kkk leader? Haha, you dumb fag, you’re just a homo imposter.

            I, the real Henchman, will now put a bullet those crooked eyes of yours.

        • Grandma Henchman

          OK, young man. This time you’ll be forgiven.

          But if you repeat this kind of silly attitude I’ll not send to you my special strawberry pie next time.

          • Umar the Brown

            This is all coded language for how the KKK people are going to have a big sex orgy with each other at the trailer park. I am sure that the local Piggly Wiggly stores are now out of Thunderbird wine and cheap beer.

            This would be a good time for us Muslims to use our Iranian brothers’ reversed-engineered drone technology and really take care of this problem once and for all.

            ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Henchman #2


          I guess you wont like me taking over since you’re a fag and you’re going to die.

          I dont care what grandma says, you make this family look like shit and you need to go.

          All those sessions at the gloryhole have corrupted you…. sorry brother..

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Homo #2

            At 4:55a CST…….the gaydar at Klan Headquarters went off like crazy. At that same time…..you were posting more bullshit on our site.

            This ain’t no coincidence muthafucka.


          • Henchman #2

            Grand Faggot Pete

            Since you have so many fags in your klan i expect it would go off all the time. So no, it wasnt me but infact one of your KKK members that had just returned from the KKK gloryhole.

          • Grand Dragon Pete


            Ha. Another one of your shitty replies.

            You got owned homo


  • aghmed

    she lusts for a virile muslim man to adjust her knobs and dump jihadist jizz in her mouth

    • Imam Khalid

      Quite so.

      • Henchman


  • The West is the Best

    Ass pounder Aghmed

    Where is she going to find one? you butt pumping muslims are all fags packing eachothers asses.

    • aghmed

      Westnile Virus – your nubian slave torn anus is too stupid to comprehend the glory of a mighty Muslim.

      • The West is the Best

        Ass pounder aghmed
        Why would I want to comprehend the gloryhole of a micro dick muslim?

        • aghmed

          because you have aids

          • The West is the Best

            Asslicker aghmed

            NO I don’t get anywhere near muslims or Alissa DiCarlo so there is no way I have aids but you may getting your ass packed on a daily basis by fag muslims there is a good chance you got boy.

  • The West is the Best

    Stenchman and grandhag stenchman

    Your a fool if you don’t think the posters here don’t no that your posting as both stenchman and the grand hag even the dipshit muslims no and there stupid mofos.

  • Henchman #2

    The west is a dumb fag

    Dumb homo!

    Me and grandma are different people and if you dont like it the only thing for you is execution.

    White Power!

    • The West is the Best

      Stenchman#2 Butt pumper

      You ain’t got the balls Stench boy and you and grand hag are the same you post as both your more of a dipshit than I thought if you think others belive your not the same.

      Your best bet would be to go back to jerking off to gay porn cause your no maych for anyone here even the homo muslims could kick your ass be happy that they are only pumping it at the gloryhole and not beating it and making you clean up after there camels.

      • Supp nigsa!

        Hah gaay

        • Henchman

          Faggot Imposter
          I don’t know whether you’re making a homo dumbass of yourself on purpose or not. Either way, you’re just a dumb faggot.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    West is a fag is back talking trash as usual. He’s probably 4’5″ tall and has a 3″ penis when fully erect.

    • The West is the Best

      Allsmelly DiCunto

      What you on a break from the donkey show/? I bet you 5′-0″ with a big fat pimple covered ass that smells from all the old caked on shit all over it and your pussy is cave like and has nasty matted hair from being unwashed and fucked daily by donkeys and your face look as if it ws hit with an ugly stick.

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  • The West is the Best

    Allsmelly Dicunto

    Oh and when iam talking to you I am talking to trash you piece of shit.

  • AbuHamzasDirtyHook(NotHookNoseJew)

    The West is the Biggest Dumb Fuck in all of the Ulcerated Sphincter of Arserica.

    You and Petes Assloving Dragon should get a room. Form a circle jerk with your other little Klan loving idiots, then, you can bend over and form a nice gay human centipede.

    Afterwards, given that you can all stretch out your penises and insert them in your own bottom holes.

    Perhaps in doing so, perhaps you will open up a split in the space time continuum, tearing apart the very existence of the decadent Western world.

    Or perhaps you can just all go fuck yourselves, you no good, inbred, Honky pieces of shit.

    ALLAHU AKBAR, fuck nuggets.

    • moshe dayan

      AssLicker Abu,

      You are obviously muslim so you need to follow these instructions carefully. Ready? Ok, first find a Glock 17 and load it with a full mag. Next, pull you pants down, place the muzzle of the Glock up your ass bent over with your thumb on the trigger. Finally swing backwards really hard so the back of the gun hits the wall.

      That should solve one problem.

      Eat shit and die motherfucker.

      • AbuHamzasDirtyHook(NotHookNoseJew)

        Ha, coming from a dirty hook nosed Fagin like you that’s rich.

        It makes me almost want to lower myself to getting a packet of bacon, coming over to your gaudy synagogue and ramming it straight down your neck.

        Except I can’t, because pigs are filthy.

        Well, that and for some reason I can’t seem to find any cuts of pork meat, mainly because “Fred West is Best”, “Pete’s Dragon” and the rest of those redneck, secret black loving fucktards like Henchman 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc have either married all the pigs, or fucked them and buried all the corpses.

        I will have to make do with procuring a pork pie and possibly sending it to you via carrier pigeon.

        Oops, pigeon had the word “pig” in it too.

        Now, go back to sticking your dick in the Wailing Wall, you curly haired gonk.

        • Henchman


          Did you write all this while you were at the gloryhole? Impressive. You must be one noisy chick.

          Your prize? A shotgun blast to the face.

    • The West is the Best

      Apoohandjob dirtydick

      So you fuck googles you and anal abdullah should get together cause he’s into black cock you can get Tyrone Shoelaces and have a threesome in abdullahs private room at the gloryhole.

      • Henchman

        Abu L Dirty Man Hooks

      • Henchman

        Abu LovesDirty ManHooks
        Shut up, you filthy desert coon. We all know you Muslims are the real homos. Gay Bobs shocking confessions have been heard by the Klan. And…

        You shall all receive the noose. I’ll be enjoying the show on the back my Ford with a pack of Bud, as you homo muslims kick and screech “Allahu gaybar!”.

      • AbuHamzasDirtyHook(NotHookNoseJew)

        You lack even the basic concept of written English.

        We Muslims speak many languages, you can only comprehend the grunts and oinks coming from your retarded twelve toed sister as you forcefully take her up the wrong hole, thus cementing your unholy wedlock.

        • Zohair – The Good One

          Brother AbuHamzasDirtyHook(NotHookNoseJew)

          I sincerely recommend you alter your name to something more precise, with spaces between different words

          With a name like AbuHamzasDirtyHook(NotHookNoseJew), you do not exhibit the insightfulness and perspicacity that you evidently possess

          • Abu Hamzas Dirty Hook (Not Hook Nose Jew)

            Thank you for pointing out my egregious error, brother.

            I shall rectify forthwith, as soon as I have finished sellotaping this homemade IED to a homing crow that I have programmed with Pete’s Dragon’s trailer park address.

          • not an asshole

            Are you really planning a fucking terrorist attack over a comment

          • Henchman

            Abu Takes It Up The Ass (A Hook Nose Jew)
            As soon as you two homos finish sucking each other off, I’ll just toss a grenade in your gloryhole. I nearly fell asleep reading your dumb homo comments.

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Hench Woman, you loathsome little prick!

            To think that I refrained all this time from exposing your faggotry, to think that I hid the love story between you and Pete all this time.

            Wll guess what homoman, I shan’t anymore!

            You and Pete, the 2 gay lovers, are by far outnumbered, we Muslims are greater in number and intellect as well. We shall crush both of you like the Vermin that you are.

            And your accusations of impersnations don’t fool anyone homo, Henchman 1,2,3…..to 100 all are your multiple personalities. You secretly transform into Grandma, faggot, cross dresser etc.

            So the way we all see it, you are an old-timer woman,cross dresser, KKK member,who is a lesbian female , a gay male, and nocturnal Shemale as well

          • Henchman

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            A buckshot should wipe that silly grin off your homo face.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Ban West from the site. He’s a psychotic rapist. He used to post as Kyle the Rapist. He’s a power rapist who hates women.

    • The West is the Best

      Allrotten DiCunto

      Wrong again smelly And I don’t hate women just filthy pig dog and donkey fuckers like you now you say I post as this rapist person because you have been caught being a imposter It was easy for me to find your IP address so think about that when you start to have computer problems.

  • Mighty Drake Jacob

    Emma Watson sure is one hot piece of English ass, she certainly warrants some big aryan dong.

  • Observant Arab

    My hawk eyes, used to looking for infidels to kill in the desert, have seen what none of you has noticed.

    Emma is holding her ears. Why? She is in a church, and can no longer stomach the blasphemy of Christian ministers.

    In fact, Emma’s heart is turning towards the True Faith.

    Having been the first to see Emma’s repentance, I claim her, when she converts to Islam, for my Harem.

    My brothers, is that fine with you?

  • The West is the Best

    Up the ass arab

    Your hawk eyes are looking for Another homo muslim to butt fuck. She is holding her ears because she can’t stand hearing you fag muslims fighting over who’s first at the gloryhole. And she does not want anything to do with you queers she hates homo muslims and she knows you mofos have micro dicks.

  • steve

    holy shit all u fuckin greasy sand googles r major pillow biters…all u talk about is fucking dudes n suckin cock……..just cuz thats what ur daddy used to do to u doesnt mean u have to blabber on non stop about dicks and gay sex….but i guess it makes sense…..sand google women look just like the men…but maybe a lil more hairy ….but i guess i shouldnt b suprized since u all follow a book about a retarded pedophile (alah)

  • steve

    n yo west,
    fuckin rights brother …tell them greasy sand googles wuts up

  • Scarlett Johansson

    Hey emma, wanna scissor or sumthing,
    i have a dildo we can usee, what do ya say?

  • matthew

    So muslims admit that they fuck boys.gay assholes