Emma Watson Named Sexiest Man Alive

Emma Watson man

Well the results are in and the Celeb Jihad 2010 Sexiest Man Alive is none other than Emma Watson!

This is an amazing accomplishment for Emma Watson and she must be very proud. Just last year Emma was a pretty attractive woman, and now less than 12 months later Emma Watson is the sexiest man alive.

Let Emma Watson serve as an example for all you kids out there. Emma wasn’t happy just being an attractive female. She didn’t like what people were saying about her, and she wanted to achieve greatness. So what did she do? She changed the conversation and became a man. Now Emma Watson is on top of the world!

Congrats Emma Watson, you are one handsome fella!

  • theheadchimp

    That is one handsome man isn’t it (in a tranny way). He must be hung to have to have a fly that big. That zipper is over 3 feet long.

  • Abdulla The Butcher

    Emmet (the former Emma) has become the leading transsexual trend setter in the homoqueer capital of the USA: hollywood. I can only imagine how many sex change operations are being booked even as I type.

    I have to admit one thing; these infidels never cease to amaze me…..the lengths they will go to for a new degenerate thrill.

    When he was a woman….she wouldn’t suck a cock and now that he is a man….he won’t lick a pussy.

    I’ve quit trying to figure out infidels; It’s best to just stone them and let Allah send their souls to hell.

    • Desdemonna

      Stone them?!
      What is wrong with you?
      Are you some sort of demon?
      Have you no soul or empathy?

      I hope someone prays on your judgment day.

      • Abdulla The Butcher

        I do Gods will…..which involves directing the killing all manner of infidels.
        This includes you!

        • Normal person who doesn’t unrationaly judge others

          Ummmm yeah I’m pretty sure that god loves everyone so you can stick your retarded thoughts that you are doing God’s will right up your ass

  • Andee

    God, the close-minded assholes these days. A pretty girl cuts her hair short and suddenly everyone freaks out and calls her a man. I still think she’s a beautiful WOMAN.

    • Emmawhatson?

      Wat?! Are you sure you are talkin’ about Emma Wat-son?! Maybe you have her confused with Annie Lennox? Oh shit, they both resemble men.

      • Desdemonna

        She still looks pretty to me also.

        She does not have any manly features.

  • Ali bin-Fuqrab

    This is what you get when a former woman has had enough of pansy British “men” similar to Russell Brand and then mix in Hollywood’s polluted air, atmosphere and chemicals in the food. You get a lesboqueer genetic deformity with gender identity problems…even in a previously healthy person. Infidels are creating their own Gomorrah (Hollywood) and Sodom (San Francisco). May Allah be just with their souls as they’re sent to hell!

  • english person

    i guess as long as she’s not a camel then she will be ok and not get raped by some desert dwelling camel fucker,we took your oil and bombed your homes ,your jihad shit is just that shit.

    • Abdulla The Butcher

      Big words from the pussy english….the has-beens of the world.

      You sorry ass crumpet eaters will be up shit creek after america becomes a Muslim nation. After that, you buck toothed bastards wont have the infidel americans to hide behind.

      But don’t feel left out, in a few decades all of europe will be Muslim….and you fuckers will be our slaves.

      Suck on that huturd!


      • Desdemonna

        Haha America a Muslim nation!

        I know we will never surrender or be beneath people who are so close minded.

        Americans will not give up their freedom!

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          Who said anything about giving up your freedom?
          I don’t want any of you to give up anything…I want to see you protest your deaths!
          That’s what makes Jihad fun.

          We Muslims intend to exterminate your entire subhuman population of infidels…..which includes jews, googles, mexicans, polocks, canadians, alaskans, russians, japs, chinese, homoqueers and lesboqueers……and every other degenerate animal masquerading as a human….yep….everything from vampire looking romanians to those hair-lipped dope heads…the jamaicans. All will be stoned, axed, shot, blown-up, burned, gassed…and thanks to the Iranians….nuked!

          So, shut your mouth bitch, and get ready to meet satan!

          All Praise To Allah!

        • theheadchimp

          You gotta be a dumb bitch or else why would you pick a screen name after a google fucker like Desdemona…..If you don’t think America is becoming muslim, take a trip to Dearborn Michigan. Better yet go into any party store in any state and see who is behind the counter.

  • this cunt is a fucking faggot

    allah can suck my cock,i bet you don’t even have a country you half cast.when the time come we will deal with you all,that’s why you sit there in the desert eating shit…..

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I could not have said it better myself; you are a cunt and a faggot.

  • Jews4Jihad

    I will reluctantly accept that the limey harlot has changed gender but I insist she be circumcised immediately in keeping with the instruction of the prophet and the will of Abraham. In my former depraved life as a Jew (Praise be upon Allah for my conversion) I was a moyle. I volunteer to do the job myself

  • Sweet Muslim Dream

    Allah torments me! I should never buy disposible cell phone on the inter-net!
    Which dragon is worse!!!!Annie Lennox/Libya or Emma Watson./Afghanistan? If I could only show them the True Religion!
    Is that helicopter coming this way……