Emma Watson Naked Picture?

Emma Watson naked

Unbelievable! It appears as though Harry Potter star Emma Watson is at it again, prostituting her nude body for fame and fortune.

The photo above definitely appears to be a picture of Emma Watson presenting her bare hindquarters to illicit erotic thoughts from us pious Muslim men. In exchange for corrupting our pure Islamic minds, Emma Watson probably is paid handsomely in Jew gold from the Zionists who control Hollywood.

If this is in fact Emma Watson attacking Islam with her shameful naked body, then she must stop at once! I will not hesitate to issue a strongly worded fatwa against Emma Watson if I so much as see a hint of a labia again. This is her last warning!

  • Omg

    Fake as Pamela anderson tits

  • sympatico

    this picture was actually taken during a “same-gender-but-different-house” sleepover with the lesboqueers of House Hufflepuff during her fifth year in Hogwarts.

    • Hibbsy

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  • Abdul fuckheri

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    Oh please..will someone let me jihadize her already?

    • jonathan

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    • Ope

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      • Person

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  • Anubis

    Yes, this scene and many more like it of the witch flaunting her nubile body and instigating some wild lezzy orgies at Hogwarts were edited out. It was done so as to have a special director’s cut Blu-Ray HD version later with all the sinful deleted scenes back in to entice Harry Potter fans to shell out more money for this latest version, which they of course will.

    It is rumored that when Emma was doing the nude sex scenes, she got so carried away with lesboqueer lust, that she was like a wild animal and had to pried off her terrified female costars.

  • Achphlegmed

    I am fairly certain that this is from her upcoming spinoff entitled “Harry Potter and his goblet of cum”…. Looks like a movie which must be watched in great detail before a fatwa may be written.

  • caddy050972

    That is a photoshopped picture. Sorry. This is slander and if Mrs. Emma Watson sees it you could be sued.

    • IHateCelebs


      You found this website by looking for pictures of young female starlets, by entering search engine phrases like “Jennifer Aniston tits” and “Victoria Justice bikini” and “Justin Bieber camel-toe” and yet you are going to act all high and mighty with us? Stop polluting this holy jihad website with your infidel filth.

    • Jim King

      you’re the only one taking this seriously, dumbass. i’ll have this bigheaded faggotry cease at once. If you can’t take a joke, get the fuck off the internet, you butthurt son of a douche.


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    • theheadchimp

      Quit pretending to be a google. There isn’t a coon alive that can spell that many words correctly. But a lot of them are 2 letter words so I could be wrong. I’ll spot you the C and the T and if you can’t spell cat then I’ll know you were really black and I will apologize.

      • Dave

        Way too fucking funny

      • DAYUM

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        • theheadchimp

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      • Muhammad The hitman

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      • Ahhah One of Many

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    • momock

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    • Nick


    • anonymous

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  • blondie

    This is clearly a fake! her face isnt event centered correctly! this was photoshopped on here!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Your head wouldn’t be centered correctly either, if you had eaten as much pussy as emma.

  • Neeko

    This is fake, just so we all know.

    • toddery beatles

      no shit.

  • wendy rivers

    I don’t care if its emma or not, that girls is hot and looks yummy

  • pra vc cara do comentario da foto

    ushausha como se vc podesse fazer algo pra éla, se vc disser algo e éla n gostar, vc pdoe ser processado, vc todo locão ” este é seu ultimo aviso” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ri mt cara seu gay troxa a pegada dela, o sorpo dela tudo nela vale mais doque sua mera existencia

  • Riggs

    Slander is spoken. When its printed or broadcasted its libel.

  • jenelle

    FAKE!! I’m reporting this website for the fake slanderous photos and threats against these innocent people who have been photoshopped so that they will sue you. And just so you stupid muslims know she is not tempting your piety, you ruined your own piety by looking for naked pictures in the first place, if you dont want to get tempted and this type of fake photos offend you then stop looking for them!!!!

  • Brett

    She’s got four toes. Great detail, if it’s a fake…

    • Rodney The King

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  • gman

    The photo looks like it was altered by photoshop.

  • njegos

    is ‘ this a fake ?

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • Muhammad The hitman

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      • jeno

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        oh and she has four toes in that picture

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    • Marcus

      The definition of a Muslim-

      Somebody who goes to live in other peoples countries but refuses to integrate with or tolerate their way of life. At the same time they demand we tolerate them and make all the changes to accomodate their stoneage way of life.

      Not all muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are muslims.

      • Ace

        Correction, ALL terrorists are muslims. And if I am mistaken, it would be because muslims paved the way for other religions to adopt this practice. However, I much rather enjoy this “fo to” than quibble over terminology with one hand. Good day.

  • John

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  • No one in particular

    Quite the sanctimonious show of religion against a European girl. As of she got into the acting business JUST FOR THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY. I’m not exactly sure she is or would be targeting any real demographic with neither her acting nor the possibility of her nudity around the internet.

    Why exactly are you searching for Emma Watson Naked? If you actually get offended.by the vulgarity, why not filter content?

    Just saying…

    • agree

      they say lots of celeb nudity is attacks on them, and i believe they look for it so they have something to bitch about

  • NANU


  • Legend Prince

    Emma this is not a professionalism attitude to become popular star pl z remember that e we are human we should respect t our human being I AM MUSLIM RELAY ITS NOT GOOD THINK PL Z STOP IT .

  • Muhammad The hitman

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  • joe

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  • nik

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  • matt semenuk

    It reminds me of Eileen Mnacuso

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  • A muslim who will not take this

    Fuck all of you making a mockery of Islam. You bastards portray us as animals when you generalize us because of what a few of us did. Are u not ashamed bastards of how you rape and pillage our lands and put on the charade that you are all innocent. You assholes are all hypocrites and dogs. So go back to you filthy stereotypical swines. I will ensure that this site is put down for it’s blatant disregard of the ethics of a muslim man. How dare you name your site this you bastards. Jihad is being killed in war to protect your loved ones and your land. You filthy swines. You shall pay you bastards.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • to the muslims

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    • Ahhah One of Many

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      • Arcachnar

        Wow. You really don’t anything about the Islam.

      • Ace

        I never got why muslims cared for the virgins waiting for them when they marry 8 year old virgins every day. Could those virgins perhaps be younger than ones in this life ? Because I understand how it might be frustrating that a 4 or 5 year old has no hint of breasts to speak of, so perhaps the virgins in the afterlife are born with ample breasts and erect nipples ?

    • Rev Tim

      Islam is a mockery of Christianity. Muhammed decided to “claim” he was visited by an angel. The coming of Jesus Christ was foretold several hundred years before he came. If Muhammed did see anything, it was the devil playing a trick on him and it looks like he fell for it.

  • Harits

    I’m laughing so hard at your comments.

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    Aside from the pics this site is stupid. Just a bunch of losers talkin shit about people and pretending to be muslim. You all are sad individuals and it shames me we are of the same species. On second thought, no we arent. You all seem to be stuck in Neanderthal mode. If i could, i would hunt all of you down and tear what little genitalia u have right off your bodies to ensure u can never taint the human gene pool with your sub par genetics. Eat shit and die

    • Robinson

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  • Todd

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  • Guy

    Not sure if author is gay or just really religious

    • match

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  • Diputus

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  • The Sane One

    Wow, this is really a thing, you muslims are pathetic, and its an attack against you?!?! Are all you muslims that self centered?!?!? NO ONE GIVES TWO SHITS ABOUT YOUR RELIGION!!!

  • Jsherman

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  • Mohumad in da cupboard

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