Emma Watson Naked In X-Rated Harry Potter Poster

Emma Watson naked

With the theatrical release of the final Harry Potter movie just days away, a controversial movie poster for the film featuring Emma Watson’s character “Hermione” completely naked has been leaked to the Internet.

This poster of a naked Emma Watson is obviously a last ditch attempt to draw attention to the new Harry Potter movie by using sex to appeal to audiences’ baser instincts. Sadly for Harry Potter producers, naked or not, Emma Watson is completely lacking in sex appeal.

If I wanted to see a nude underdeveloped female body I’d go watch my younger sister Ghayda shower (which I do). Emma Watson naked will not get people to go see Harry Potter, and the movie will surely bomb in theaters or my name isn’t Durka Durka Mohammed.

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            i respect all relegians, i disagree with all forms of violance and terrorisim, and i believe that it is not “muslam” that are terrorists, but any group of people that wish to do harm in any maner. in any case, ip addresses can only be tracked to the ip holder, as in australia, for me all you would see is some building that optus own in Melbourne, noe i live 2 hours away. and the only way that any one can track that ip to you location is if you are currently online and they plant a virus, yes they could get a warrent to obtain records from the telco to get your address, but all you have to do to change you ip address with most telcos is the restart your router. BTW, i think the HP movies and book were excelent and that emma was a great actor, not a good as some, but great in any case, and in the last few years has started to look really hot. my two cents worth

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  • IHateCelebs

    The nerdy kid who plays Harry already appeared nude in a play, so that makes Emma the second man from Harry Potter to go full monty.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • theheadchimp

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  • Anon

    Bet it’s fake. More pics or it never happened.

  • mila kuntlips

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    • Anonymous

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  • Johns

    FAKE, just like this blog… nothing new, just boring stuff

  • dan

    This is a fake pic done over two years ago on the forum of the freefakers guild. You know it’s well done when you see it appearing elsewhere.

    • IHateCelebs


      And you know satire is successful when it flies right over the head of morons. Like you just demonstrated.

  • QueenEsther

    This picture has been proven a fake by many sources a long time ago- and if you think that a major motion picture company would use full frontal nudity in a film that is marketed to children and young adults, you are a total idiot.
    And to any of you POSER “jihadists” out there- please, you all can’t even stop killing your own kind-sunnis killing Shiites. And you keep your women suppresed because it makes you feel “superior’- meanwhile, it’s a double standard- you visit whores while your wives and daughters must be kept under your thumb- you are all pigs. Your days are numbered, Al Qaida is being dismantled, and you will all go back to killing your own, when your not fucking a camel, and drinking alcohol even though the quran says it is wrong- yes, there are decent, peacefull Muslim people. But it’s because of you idiots that give the good people a bad name. those that spread hate and fear WILL be destroyed.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • Y hAtE

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  • LaughingAtRetards

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      • SoWhat?

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    • trouser_monster

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      please learn to do a bit of research first before talking shit about other countries invading them for their oil.

      just in case you’re wondering, im not a muslim, i dont have a religion, and im canadian.

      • kungfugreek

        Oh Im sorry what was Canada good for again? Showing skin for Muslim women is considered vulgar because the men in that country say so. i am a Greek American living in Germany and Muslim women here walk around 99% of the time with their faces uncovered. so before touch go trolling just remember…you’re Canadian…nobody cares about you…have a nice day you hoser :-)

      • kungfugreek

        And the only reason y’all haven’t invaded anybody is because you can’t gather enough mounties and their horses can’t swim across the Atlantic.also women showing their face in Muslim countries is not the same as exposing “tits and vag”. You do your research and stop telling others to do theirs. it’s just gonna make you look dumber than you obviously are. so please don’t insult our eyes any further with your trolling and obvious bigotry. thank you and fuck off B-)

  • theheadchimp

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      • WhateverBuddy

        It’s spelled “kindergarten”, not “kintergarden”. Were you trying to be ironic, or just moronic?

        • REP2

          Moronic! LOL!

          Legio Patria Nostra.

          Viva La Legion, Viva La Ancient, Viva La France

  • AreYouForReal?

    DURPA DURPA DURP……..It Smashed the box office records of all previous hp movies and is on a record high ticket selling….THE WORST ATTEMPT AT JOURNALISM/COLUMN WRITING.

  • brujo

    I find her VERY attractive and sexy. And I suppose you’ll make fun of me but I find Kirstin Stewart sexy as well. You don’t need huge boobies to be desireable.

  • the faisal sher

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  • dewi jones

    this is fake picture she actually had bigger boobs than the girl in this photo

  • Peter C

    This poster does not do Emma any credit at all! Let her pose for real – she has incredible breasts, and she’ll look like $100 000 000.00 naked, and as for not having sex appeal, well, my friend, go and do your homework again. She is SMOKIN’ hot! Don’t insult her with a fake pic!



  • fahmad

    I am shocked to see this picture. not sure is ti real?

  • lamo

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  • khan

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    such shame.

    i think he is a jewes who hate him but he will get punised by god (ALLAH)

  • Dufuck?!

    Dude! WTF is wrong with Muslims? Watching their little sisters naked in the shower? Marrying children off to random creepy old pedophile assholes? DEAR GOD! And you think your going to heaven?!

  • Sydan Leonheart

    LOL, there’s more fake nudes of Emma Whatson than any other celeb.
    Why is this girl so special, there’s alot more celebs who’re even more beautiful.

    (Prove this one’s fake: convenient robe around the neck is covering the cutting line)

  • Ben

    This is fake. Every naked pic of Emma on the web is fake.

  • Farzaneh the Midwife

    Don’t you just hate it when men get breast implants!

  • Freak

    You all are sick, hell is waiting for you guys…….

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      So is your mother but she is to old to be a concubine…..perhaps she can care for the camels.

    • theheadchimp

      Is that what the girls call you? Or are you a carny and thats what the kids call you?

  • Anubis

    Even if Hermione (aka Her Hiny) dressed like this through out the last 2 or 3 movies in the Harry Potter series, the increasingly dismal depressing plot still wouldn’t have made the movies any more bearable to watch.

    Besides, if slutty dyke Emma Watson had seen her own naked reflections such as this poster on the set, she would have become so sopping wet and horny that she would have cast a Satanic lustful lesbo spell on every gal on the set. No doubt starting with the ones that played Genny Weasley and Luna Lovegood, resulting with lots of scissoring and rugmunching action going on.

  • fckingcrazy

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  • Rickrap

    Man if she does shave down there man i want to eat that pussy out.

    • theheadchimp

      Rickrap the asshole
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  • Ryan

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  • Neeko

    I really hate all of the ignorant people on this site.
    Emma Watson is gorgeous, and this photo is not actually her.

    Girls get naked, get over it and get with the program.
    They’re not going to stop.

  • Israel

    Thats god damn fake!!!

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      I think the baby’s yours.

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  • Eminem lover.

    Well that’s gross. Also, I wish muslims would stop brining ‘Allah’ into everything. I don’t give a fuck. I’m not being racist but they’re bringing it into comments when the pictures are just for fun. It’s like stfu.

    • theheadchimp

      Eminem lover
      Listen up faggot, anybody that would even listen to Eminem is a halfwitted retard. You are being a racist fuck so like quit being so stupid.

  • Jesus

    Oh my god! I like her cute little pussy and small tits.. My cock is getting erected to see Emma like this.
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  • jesusfux

    Oh my god! I like this girl’s little tits and small pussy. my cock is getting erected to see her naked. I wanna shag her. if anyone brings her to me, i will send them to heaven.


    This website is fake, funny as shit and the admin sure is getting a kick out of all of this, in which case he is probably not muslim and just random dude messing around.

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  • Trolly troll

    Wow, some people just don’t get satire, do they?

  • i hate arabs

    holy fuck guys shut up Everyone who is not a fucking arab terrorist remember they are sad about Osama and al- queda

  • kris

    this is obviously fake because Emma would never do that and harry potter movies never needed any extra advertising of this sort they have always been wildly popular this was obviously made by a troll and any of you dumb enough to believe this is true should go back to grade 1 because you are very stupid

    • Frumunda Mabalz


    • maw

      Thanks for that analysis Sherlock.

  • Boobs holic

    that’s so funny.. you better look at hermione body.. you get the wrong body.. you know, hermione boobs not be flat like that..

  • George

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