Emma Watson Naked In The Bathtub

Emma Watson naked bath

By posing naked with her legs spread on top of a bathtub in the photo above, Emma Watson has given new meaning to the term “a whore’s bath”.

Emma Watson is in need of a good delousing, as she is almost certainly infested with every sort of malicious crotch weeble prevalent in the infidel West.

Only boiling Islamic holy water can properly sanitize Emma Watson’s shameful nude body. However, even after this treatment she will need a thorough examination by a Muslim Imam (holy man), who will inspect every crevice and orifice to ensure she is clean.

  • Darth Vader

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    • Darth Vaders Mother


      • goodguy

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    • Tox

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  • Hitler

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  • Horny

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    • Tox

      Retard #2. You rly think that is Emma Watsons body?

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  • Smarterthanyou2

    Why do you bash the West? Don’t you live over here? Didn’t your father discard you and someone from the West brought you over here to give you a better life? If you hate America do much leave I’m sued the US government will gladly pay for a liar to be out of this great country I feel sad fof you and I will pray that god forgives you for your betrayal it’s not too late to change think of the good America has done for you and think about what you’d father and the other muslims have done to you

    • Word of wisdom

      “think of the good America has done for you ”

      Ridiculous. In your country, women drive cars ! Are you proud of it ?

      • Smarterthanyou2

        Yes I’m proud but in your country women don’t wanna have sex with you so you rape them then they come to America and give it up freely cause we have abilities to pleasure a woman, are you proud of your impotency?

        • Word of wisdom

          Dumberthanmost, I understand you have no juridical notion at all… Don’t you know that, by law, there can be no rape on a woman ? It is an impossibility !
          And don’t you know that all rapists are women ? Had you read the shariah, you’d know it. But since you are an ignorant american pig, you don’t know anything and we have to teach you everything. Everything. It’s a wonder your joke of a nation still exists. It must be the jews of sheitan.

          Let’s say a good muslim initiates an spontaneous intercourse with one of those poisonous jezebel like we still see too many on the streets nowadays. According to the shariah, it is considered an “anticipated wedding”… The good man and the whore therefore MUST marry ; and because islam is generous in most case, the court and the husband often forgive the provocative ways of the temptress.
          But, sometimes, the whore refuses the wedding. She becomes “de facto” a dangerous adultery, and her assault on her victim’s honor becomes a RAPE : she is an andulterous rapist.
          And the most high abhors rape, because those egoistical adulterous prostitutes put at risk, on purpose, the soul and reputation of pious muslims. They know what they do. They trap pious men with their venomous smells because they want their and damnation, they want to sink them in the feminine pit of sin and shameful depravation. Rape is a hateful crime, and the shariah asks these whores to be stoned on sight.

          That’s how the law works. The real one, not the fantasies you see in gay tv with driving or reading women, stupid.

          Still, Dumbestofall, I like your presence here (for now), because you allow our brothers in jihad to witness the stupid inferiority of american society.

          • Rasuli

            Chill bro. Chill.

          • Smarterthanyou2

            You have proven the reason why I have changed your religion’s name to liar I have seen the videos I have talked to numerous people from your hell hole country and I know the truth and for you to claim who you are and sit and lie in front of your Allah is saddening you are the reason we kill you bums everyday

            None of your words even sound real you all are ugly no girl would freely give anything to your disgusting beings

            Words of gaydom be honest free yourself of your sins and maybe we will spare your sorry little life

            You are only correct on one thing rape is illegal on women and if you think you know anything about my country by reading the lies on this page you are sadly mistaken. There are muslims

          • Smarterthanyou2

            Words of gaydom i am shocked you would lie in front of your Allah that’s why I changed the name of your religion to liars Ive seem the videos I’ve talking to numerous woman that runaway from your hell hole country speak the truth and maybe we will spare your sad and sick little life

            You are only correct on one thing rape is illegal but to think a woman would freely give herself to your ugly being is just crazy talk you know there is no way a woman would want to be with you

            Words of gaydom come to our country you think it’s bad it’ll prove you wrong there are many liars here just like you and we allow them to live and exist and show them no violence atleast we tolerate you liars here which just shows how far above you we are

            I will change your dumb religion’s name from liars once you bitches start telling the truth all of the time

          • Word of Wisdom MY ASS

            Stfo, why cant you respect other countries

          • Word of wisdom

            Why should I respect what doesn’t respect the law of islam ? Your west is a mountain of sins and error, it is not to be respected, but cleansed with stones and fire.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Word


          • Americanman

            Ha it’s amazing your country still exists. In surprised we haven’t nuke your trash bag wearing, tower exploding, bomb blowing excuse of a country

          • Infidel 51

            All jihadists must hang. Your holy Koran is supposed to be a book of love, but really a book of destruction. It’s no wonder Marines are pissing on your dead faces. Photshopping Emma Watson is pathetic propaganda just like the Koran. Go collect some lamp cords and make IED’s, you sad fuck.

        • USA Rules

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    • Brooke Tyler

      Some people just don’t get it..no matter how hard you pound it it..they just don’t get it..your one of those people. Americans have a saying..you can’t fix stupid… that obviously applies here.

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        Fixing stupid is not a problem……it only requires the killing of all colored people……and also the gays.


        • brooketylercom

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    • Hmmm

      You do know Emma Watson isn’t american right?

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      and we should listen to fags like you who masterbate to nude pics of the FRENCH actress emma watson because all the girls that see you hate you because you go all pervert in your moms basement

      • The English are coming!

        Emma Watson’s English not French mate :L

    • vogel

      I wish I could find this islam bastard so I could put a bullet in his head and let god sort this asshole out. Seriously? Rape is always the womens fault? I cant wait till you die and god sends your soul to burn for eternity. How are you that ignorant. I piss on allah, thinking about joining the American military so I can send as many ignorant fuckers to hell as possible. The is no reason for ignorance when concering other races, other religions or sexes. Anybody who does will literally burn for eternity. Live your own life and enjoy it and shut the fuck up. No reason to involve yourself in other peoples affairs.

    • Liam.Turner

      Emma Watson is not American lol

  • Akinfenwa The Tank

    A Muslim she is destined to be. In the Harry Twatter films, she has shown she is good with wooden wands. If she is good with pink ones remains to be seen.

  • Dr. Frankenfurter

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  • Anubis

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    With such powerful black magic, only an Islamic exorcism by trained devout Imams can purge the depraved sluttery from her infidel wretched soul. As the Imams gather around Emma. they chant chosen verses from the holy Qur’an, while shooting their pure Islamic warm jizz upon her nubile body and face.

    May merciful Allah bless this holy undertaking.

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  • A kid who shouldn’t be here

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  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    No bath is ever going to get that English witch clean. I use to respect England when they were a modern country back in the 1600s when they use to burn their witches now they make them celebrity’s.

    If she were my wife that would be a bath of turpentine, than i would scrub her up and down with a good strong brilo pad ( a piece of my beard ) and than dry her with a nice rough door mat. Than we will see if this wicked witch ever strips again.

    • unrasist american

      shes french

      • The English are coming!

        ENGLISH!!! :L IMDB!!

    • anthony

      1600’s? modern? you come from a land of sand and hate your women are oppressed and you think you have control? bitch please id love to see how long you would last without them

  • Atheist

    Screw religions; neither of them are actually true. Now get along like good boys and girls, ok?

  • Mocmed Mias-Hurt

    I love to rape muslim men it is much easier because they can’t fight for shit it is like raping a woman. Why can muslims fight is it evolutionary or a product of environment? Anyway I just want to thank all the muslim fathers out there for raising your boys to be weak, easy targets for my brutal raping.

  • basbogatrrtion

    Interesting point of view.Thanks for the post. Once youve put one of his books down, you simply cant pick it up again. (talking about Henry James) Mark Twain 1835 1910

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  • ISpy

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  • Timmy

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    im laughing my arse off here people from the 2 most extreme places in the world have actually gone of topic and just started a little school yard gay insult contest at the end of the day american guy you are on a muslim site you must have anticipated this sort of resistance and as for the muslims you really do think you should re consider your opinions here about rape and how they are all gonna die i used to be a christian and never shoved my belief down any ones throat and seriously you owe women your lives no woman no birth and one more thing this is a fake so jihad about it all you like its just like santa non-existance

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  • Sense.

    muslims..why are you on this website? Allah would not be amused im sure.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      This site is a Muslim educational and Jihad recruitment center.

      This means you had best shut the fuck up or expect to have an IED shoved up your ass and then shot with the AK-47

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  • comingforyou

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  • Extinct muslims

    Is this an actual pic of her or is this fake?

  • The truth

    Islamic beliefs may be the right way in your eyes, all you Muslim fucks, but if you take a step back and look at the world outside of your 3rd world shit hole of a country, you would see that you are clearly mistaken in everything you devote your shity, insignificant, worthless, maggot, piss poor excuse a life to. And just so ALL of you know, this picture is photoshopped, obviously.

  • Larryg

    Fuck religion! I just live and let live, Be a good and loving person and your living righteous! Gotta luv emma watson

  • Queer Islam Crusher

    The only infected thing here is Mohammed. He’s the queerest thing ever, and probably fucked every camel and goat there is in the desert.

  • Al hala shamlakala al falahala

    Irony:when the west invents something and Muslims use it to preach how dumb the west is. And why has a fake foot of emma Watson deteriorated into racial hatred? Muslim scum.

  • everyoneshutup

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  • Don’t feed the trolls.

    Seriously how dumb can you be feeding the trolls like that. If they really believe in half the shit listed above then their pitiful gods can sort them out when they die. How silly to believe in a god the preaches peace yet demands a jihad against half the world, a god that demands you worship him alone yet looks down on idolising to the extent of worship in any other form. The Hipocracy is amusing to say the least.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Stupefies

    How the fuck did some photoshopped porn become the breeding ground for religious hate?!? Can’t you all just see past your own thick stubborn skulls and get along whilst enjoying said (not badly photoshopped either!) porn =D says the atheist in the sensible middle ground

    • Riker

      I can not believe what I have read here. First, I am an American Christian. And second, I am pissed by how most of my fellow citizens are acting. Have you forgotten our most beloved values? In The Declaration of Independence, it promises freedom of religion. I do not know about our Islam neighbors upholding the same values, but have you brother Americans really thrown away our most important of documents just to pick sides in a petty cultural fight? We are Americans, damn it, so get your heads off this one track mindset and try to act like Americans! Whether the deity is God or Allah, I don’t think either would like us blowing each others’ brains out just over a cultural and/or religious difference! We should be saving our resources to help research and medicinal advances. The only way to advance to higher levels is if we all put our differences behind us and work together. I have spoke my piece. Thank you.