Emma Watson Is One Sexy Dude

Emma Watson

Emma Watson was photographed out showing off her taut teenage boy body in some workout clothes.

Emma is definitely one sexy fella, but would it kill her to smile every once and a while. Ever since she started going to school at Brown University she constantly has this frown on her face like she just licked some coed’s sour pussy. Of course maybe it is not her fault and Brown University is experiencing an outbreak of stank puss.

These pictures of Emma Watson showing some skin remind me of an old joke we have in my village in Afghanistan. It goes what is the best part about having sex with Emma Watson? Putting it in her butt and pretending she is a 12 year old boy! Praise be to Allah, that cracks me up every time.

Anyway enjoy these pictures of Emma Watson showing some skin.


Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson
Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    Wow I am so hung over but I will post ne ways
    You sound like a hater of the Jonas Brothers. I don’t like haters of the Jonas Brothers.
    I also don’t like showering unlesss I can use toothpaste shampoo, so I don’t shower
    I like the way it feels when I chew aluminum
    I think that it would be really fun to shove A WHOLE ROLL OF TISSUE PAPER up my nose and see how many colds that prevents
    I eat Velveeta cheese with tabasco sauce every morning while listening to the Jonas Brothers’ most recent three singles. I find that it makes good deodorant, too.
    More often than not I mutilate neighborhood children in other towns. By the time it’s in the news I’m out of town and I’ve had my fun
    For the last two weeks I’ve been gnawing on a tree in my back yard. It’s halfway to timber!
    Hey, you! Yeah, you know who you are! I’m watching you so don’t you dare say bad things about the Jonas Brothers, got it? THey r 2 talented 4 u 2 insult them and I don’t like insulters of the Jonas Brothers

    • Scipio

      Is the first line a joke? because im 99% certain no Jonas brothers fan has even reached puberty yet let alone old enough to drink.

      • Fat Housewife

        My oldest girl likes the Jonas Brothers and she’s 14, but I have a suspicion that when she and her friends have the house to themselves, they go on a drinking binge. I know I’m not very current, but I do know that drinking has become cool for younger and younger children as of late. Age doesn’t matter anymore. I guess we’re becoming like Italy, where the town drunk is 3 years old, but at least we’re still making good food and great soaps. Until that changes I don’t see a problem, especially since my oldest girl stopped blasting that irritating Miley Cyrus music and instead quietly sits in her room listening to the Jonas Brothers. I know it’s more of the same, but it’s improvement

        • Scipio

          You should stick video cameras round the house to see if she is drinking alcohol. If you find she is you should beat her without mercy like i did to my boy… hes in care now so i don’t see him much anymore but he doesn’t drink alcohol. Hope my advice is helpful.

          • Zee

            You beat up your son because he was drinking? Good God you are a sick person and an EXTREMELY poor example of a parent.

            if I’d be there to witness you beating up your son then God better had mercy on you for I wouldn’t.

            Physical violence is NOT the right answer or right way to punish a child when they are disobedient or breaking a rule, such persons and parents that does such horrible things do not understand the concept OF RIGHT AND WRONG!!!

            You must keep in mind that it is in the nature of Children to be rebelious and disobedient, no human is ever perfect, Remmember YOU must set the limit and not let the child set the limits, BUT YOU DO NOT DO SO BY VIOLENCE!!!

            And I belive I reserve the right to say; May you rot in hell if you dont straighten yourself up.

          • Myrtle

            Quit feeding the trolls, Zee!! Have you never been to the internet?

  • Horny Tony

    I’d suck a fart out of her ass

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      Not if she gets one out of yours first…FILTHY INFIDELS!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Ever since Emma showed up at Brown, he has been on one long mission to have nonstop sex with as many infidels as possible. Male, female, homoqueer……it doesn’t matter to him; he takes on all “comers.”

    The above photos clearly show Mr.Watson decked out in his “seduction suit” and hot on the prowl for some dumb kuffar to take back to his dorm for some wild “back door action.”

    Well I say this….I am sickened by the degenerate behavior of this third rate kiddie actor. It’s time to say enough is enough to these immoral “quasi celebrities” and hold then responsible for their vile actions.

    Sexual immorality pisses off Allah in a big way and much of the work we Jihadists do involves
    waging war against prostitutes, homoqueers, non-prostitute whores, and shitty celebrities who use sex to keep theierasing their damage they inflict
    ….and I do mean all comers.done nothing but flaunt his degenerate western notions of sexuality. How far will he go? I suppose masturbating in class wasn’t good enough for him; now he is on the prowl

    • shadow

      This guy is a big joke ! no wonder dumbshit are growing in numbers .

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    My camel stepped on a rather fat Jew while I was both riding and Jihading….which made him trip, and resulted in me submitting the above post before it was completed.
    This is the post I intended.

    Ever since Emma showed up at Brown, he has been on one long mission to have nonstop sex with as many infidels as possible. Male, female, homoqueer……it doesn’t matter to him; he takes on all “comers.”

    The above photos clearly show Mr.Watson decked out in his “seduction suit” and hot on the prowl for some dumb kuffar to take back to his dorm for some wild “back door action.”

    Well I say this….I am sickened by the degenerate behavior of this third rate kiddie actor. It’s time to say enough is enough to these immoral “quasi celebrities” and hold then responsible for their vile actions.

    Sexual immorality pisses off Allah in a big way and much of the work we Jihadists do involves
    waging war against prostitutes, homoqueers, non-prostitute whores, and shitty celebrities who use sex to maintain their popularity.

    Well Mr. Watson, the time has come to put an end to your rampant debauchery. You have flaunted your taught boy body for the last time; it your flagrant sexual immorality has earned you a fatwa.

    You see…..we Muslims are sick of your degenerate western notions of sexuality and have decided to the time is now to give you your walking papers…..and by walking papers……I mean cut your throat!

    You have one chance to avoid “Jihad Justice.”
    Stop being immoral and convert to Islam…..it is your only hope!



      ur stupid

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        What an articulate infidel you are….not!

        I tell you this you dim witted asshole…nothing you say can ruffle the Butcher. I have killed greater kuffars than you and I shall continue killing for decades to come. I also send Jihadists to all parts of the world, especially the degenerate USA. They seek out immoral characters such as yourself…and in the most painful way possible, send them to hell.

        Think about that the next time you are getting ass rammed by a drunken degenerate…because sooner or later….your number will be up and you will have to answer for your insults…..and by answer I mean die!



          u don’t scare me at all , bitch
          youre holed up in your rank pig of a mother sucking her dick
          Cowardly, slut

          come to Russia, so we can ram a soviet V2 rocket up your tight pussy ,
          so your faith dribbles between your two slimy flabs of flesh, PUSSY !

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            I agree with you on one thing, your mother is a notorious pig of a slut. But the agreement ends there.

            I tell you this you stupid cock sucking infidel……..your weak minded shit talking exposes you for what you are; a pimply faced homoqueer trying to impress the other homoqueers that occasionally come to this post….just to crash and burn.

            And just what is this Russian V2 bullshit you speak of?….I think you are referring to the German V2 of WWII.
            Way to convince me you are a Ruskie!

            And yes…..I know why you tried to impersonate a Ruskie……. That piece of shit country is loaded down with drunks, drug addicts, prostitutes and homoqueers. In other words; Russia is just like home to you.

            Know this pathetic loser: you are no match for any of the Jihadists on this site…so just take your leaky homoqueer ass and go back to giving cheap blow jobs down at the bowling alley and spare the readers of this blog the misery of decoding your retarded rants.

            And before you get too comfortable, know that one day soon you will be put to death by a soldier of Islam.

            I would say suck on that…..but I already know that’s what you’re doing!

            I look forward to your death homoqueer scum!

            ALLAHU AKBAR

        • Alice

          yay kill me first kill me first

          • Griffin

            Shut up all you damn muslims

    • Ben

      Yes, that must be why Emma Watson was rank #12 in the Sexiest Women in the World this year…

      • theheadchimp

        Ben Dover
        You are a fucking Tool. Who made up such a stupid lying list……a dumbass like you? She wouldn’t make #12 unless she was in a swine festival and then Miss Piggy would own her ass.

  • Tom

    I think she looks good with short hair

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      He (Emma) looks like shit.
      You must be a homoqueer….and that means death and eternal damnation.


  • Dhul Fiqar

    Another half naked American whore. Even if she looks like a man does not mean she can dress like one. She would be arrested and beaten in my country. She was in that evil Zionist satan movie Harry Potter too. American culture is filled with filth.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      so true…so true


      and your culture is filled with nothing but misbegotten boredom and crazy radicals

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Return to your cock sucking, you western homofag….and leave the serious business of social commentary to real men.

    • no please

      She’s British, the movies are British and based on a book written by a British author. FAIL

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        she sucks…the british sucks…and the author of those horrible books sucks…but you know who sucks the most?

        The dumb infidel fuckers who read those shitty books and watch those idiotic movies.

    • drake79

      ahhhhh,hello…emma watson is british she’s not american…and your country sucks thats why you are so ignorant and hateful,and i bet your fucking your sister…….hahaha!!!come here in US and we will beat the hell out of you…you are one of the reason that we americans hate muslims…your such a waste in this world all of you need to be bomb….hahaha!!!

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You must have consumed much alcohol because you sound like a drunken idiot.

        I am not impressed by your intolerant stance toward Muslims but you must realize that you only are making things bad for yourself. When Islam takes over america…pig shit like yourself will be severly punished….and by punished I mean executed.

        • wad11656

          heh heh


        • pissedatasses


    • pissedatasses

      You realize Emma is British and you are an non-accepting mentally sick jerk. Harry Potter isn’t evil MY GOD it is just a fucking story! There are millions of stories just like it, they are stories made to entertain those who have a creative mind. I’m not saying you have to like the story but it is not evil. Everyone knows it is not real, and if something isn’t real it can’t be evil.

    • zinoka

      are you fucking kidding me she is from england you xenophobic piece of shit

    • el.

      lol, too bad she’s british!

  • theheadchimp

    Abdullah you are becoming a folk hero on this site. I bet a lot of this homoqueer assholes have nightmares of you. Keep up the good work.

    • Osbama bin Biladen

      I do not like to be outdone, but I must pay respect where it is due. Abdullah the Butcher will be a jihad role model for generations to come.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    To all my brother Jihadists.

    It is a great honor to defend the cause of Islam against the Zionist backed entertainment industry.
    I hate all manner of infidel entertainers and want nothing more than to turn each and every one of them into bear food.

    I recognize the power of Allah in the “kuffar wrecking words” of headchimp, Osbama, Dar and all other Jihadists, and am thankful that such men are kicking the shit out of the drunken idiots and foolish whores who continuously drop in with their goofy ideas and sorry ass comments.

    We Jihadists are doing the will of Allah…..and that is why no dumbass infidel will ever post on this site, without getting burned a new asshole.

    Death To Infidels

    Allahu Akbar

    • Name Stealer

      Wow… I feel inspired. Be right back

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        Hello, it’s clearly Joe Jonas’s Girl.
        Did you know that I’m even dumber when I’m not stoned?
        Well I am
        I mean this morning I broke a brick with my forehead and then I realized I didn’t have a concussion so I headbutted my neighbor’s car. I got my concussion and now his car is getting a new air bag!
        I woke up in the hospital and felt hungry, so I ate the pillow and that was enough to eat, so I got up and left because if I stayed then I’d have to get treated for my concussion and nobody wants that.
        The pillow was giving me indigestion and so I crept up on a squirrel in a tree and I ate it raw. Why pay for hospital food when you can catch breakfast just out the window?
        Well, I tied my shoes together by the laces and I hopped awkwardly to school and not one boy made a wolf whistle! Can you imagine the nerve? Do you think I’m ugly? No, they’re just jerks!
        Well, I hopped into class two hours late and the teacher asked me where I’d been, so I hopped over to the chalk board and started gnawing on it because my hands were busy doing whatever you can guess
        Anyways the teacher had a big f*t migraine and it served the wh*re right because she’s f*t and ugl* and she’s a total h*e. I figured that if she had a migraine though she also had a stomach ache but I didn’t have tums but I figured that chalk would do the same thing because they taste the same and so I grabbed the chalk in my mouth and did some less figurative lip service to the teacher because a migraine is enough, right? Well I managed to blow it down her throat and she passed out and was really quiet and then the school nurse came in and asked me what I did and I said I saved her from indigestion. She didn’t believe me, I guess, and she also did some mouth to mouth dyking with the teacher and I guess she wasn’t blowing because the chalk came out and the teacher was still quiet and then it was lunch time.
        I like school, though, just like I like the Jonas Brothers. You guys sound like haters of the Jonas Brothers. I don’t like haters of the Jonas Brothers.
        I do like scraping a chalk board, though. It’s really soothing. I also regularly eat salsa on my chocolate chip cookies and I cook roadkill because someone’s gotta eat it.
        Yeah, I’m cool. I like the Jonas Brothers.

        • Bob Loblaw

          You don’t quite have that unique diction down yet.

        • The WTF

          Well, If you like the jonas br. then you are A. a lez. B. a gay.C a creep. or D. all of the above. j.bro girl you are D.with out a doubt.

  • theheadchimp

    DEATH TO THE BUTCHER you are a fucking idiot. If you are going to rant, try to make some sense you dumb asshole. Pretending you are a Russkie is not the way to do it. Those Afgani muslims kicked the shit out of the Russian army or did you not notice.

  • Muhammad al-Omari

    Only in America do the girls look like boys and the boys too often look like girls (Bieber = girl; Jonas brothers = girls; Michael Jackson = woman; Michael Bolton = very ugly woman, etc).

    And then there’s the American illiteracy problem that is exemplified perfectly by Death to the Butcher and the other infidels on here who attempt to communicate a coherent thought but fail miserably.

    America — a proud nation? No: there’s nothing to be proud of!

    Praise Allah

    • drake79

      your allah sucks,,,if your allah is a good God (which he is an asshole too),,,your allah will not let you kill and bomb people..but because your allah is not a God but a stupid muslim also that pretend to be a God and his crazy by the way…so fuck you and your allah!!!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        In the first place we don’t bomb people;we bomb animals.

        You infidels are not considered human because you reject Allah…you are nothing but subhuman animals….so anything that happens to you is of your own doing.

        You, and all infidels, will suffer in the end…after Allah sends you all to hell….to be with Satan.

        • lucas

          GO SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUCIFER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

        • fuckthewhat

          Lol, dongs.

    • Nonasshole American

      She’s British. the American culture shuns upon her as well,

    • gfm2011

      Hey, listen you ugly Moslem [email protected]#cker, describing Michael Bolton as a “very ugly woman” is an intolerably arrogant and presumptuous statement from a camel-sh!t-eating sand-ni@@er like you. Ugly? You, with your braided-armpit, bearded skanks who weigh 200+ pounds and look like somebody’s institutionalized aunt from Krapistan…. You have the GALL to call any American woman ugly? It boggles the mind… You people are as ugly as my brown-eyed a-hole! Your women I would not touch with a 24-inch condom! Your membership in the race of humans is severely in question; you seem to be more like hermaphroditic, degenerate sons (and especially daughters) of diseased and stinking, foul, loathsome, odious, despicable, corn-holed female scum-suckers. Which describes the so-called “women” of your foul culture most economically. May you expire as you are right now, anally savaging your infectious, illegitimate black-faced mother who has thick copious white sticky liquid gushing from her abundantly raped mouth… Which, of course, you will gratefully lick from her sore-covered mouth so as to transfer to your but-buddy brothers, one at a time. Before you consume the dregs from her dripping rectal cavity.
      Have a nice day.

  • Quami gnudKamel

    Brown university is a Zionist training ground for jihad infiltration! Imagine; Watson allowed entry into our most secret traing camp in his natural state. And then, with Burka, allowed deeper access into the area! Exposing true secrets with a sat phone cock ring!
    Show us your genitals!

  • All2Skitzd

    I thought she was sexy in the first harry potter movie =P

  • Rora

    She would make a good looking guy, but whatever, she’s pretty with short of long hair. Don’t understand the bashing..

    • Abdulla The Butcher


      You probably don’t understand many things; especially why you love to munch beaver.

      You are the basher on this site. Why do you insist on referring to Emma as “her” when he is clearly a man?

      I’ll tell you why……you are a perverted lesboqueer and you want to transform Emma (who has worked hard to become a man) into some kind of weird submissive “female” lesboqueer role, just for your pathetic lesboqueer fantasies. In other words, you want him to do a sex change, sex change.

      I have two words for you: fuck you.

      Go back to your rug munching and leave this newly made fellow alone.

      Allahu Akbar

      Well, it won’t work. Emma is 100% dude and has no interest in me

      • drake79

        oh God,another stupid idiot that fucking her own sister….hey you,yes you fucking shit,,go fuck your chicken…damn muslims,,,fuck your allah instead,,,wanker!!!hahaha…………..

    • gfm2011

      Well, that’s because you’re a faggot.

  • A Real Muslim

    Dude WTF r u doing? All this shit your saying is ruining how other people think of muslims i myself am muslim, and what your doing is not defending the cause of islam. Your just a retarded may allah give you guidance good day.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      you are no real Muslim

      You are an infidel imposter; no real Muslim would ever say, “dude” or “good day.” You are just an ignorant western asshole, doing what western assholes do best; telling lies and causing trouble for Muslims.

      The work of Jihad is Allah’s work and the Qur’an specifically instructs us as to what we are to do with the infidels…..so don’t tell me what Muslims would or would not support; all Muslims support Jihad……and they support me…Abdullah.

      I hope to find you someday and make you pay for your lies…..and by pay I mean rip out your filthy tongue!

      Also, you will later be fed to wolves.


      • gfm2011

        Well, Mr. Butcher sir, perhaps you would like to consume the residual corn from my stool? I am an infidel who considers your idiot, gutter religion a clear case of mental defect through centuries of inbreeding. With camels. And smell, armpit-hairy woman. As long as it’s just in the posterior. With your brother stinking a-hole-licking “light-in-the-loafers” boyfriends. Why don’t you just calm down, call one of your favorite cabana-boys, and practice your religion of worshipping Allah – by eating of your own stool.

      • fuckthewhat

        Your eloquent speeches are wasted, as nobody can understand you due to the copious amounts of dongs in your mouth.

  • fuck u bitch of abdullah

    u r such an idiotic bitch. Emma is a HER and she is very beautiful, awesome and she is my idol with anna(susan in the chronicles of narnia)

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    fuck u bitch

    Just what the fuck are you whining about?
    “emma is a her…..weave her awone……..i wuv her…she is my fwend.”

    HA…you have to be the most pathetic and pussified asshole I’ve come across in weeks.

    Listen little infidel boy….you seem to be too stupid to realize your lot in life…but by Allah…. it wont be too much longer before you’re begging for someone to put you out of your misery.
    The jihad is coming!

    Now run along and watch your cartoons and stupid ass make believe movies…you faggoty ass faggot.


    • gfm2011

      Do you really think that anybody on this thread has the slightest belief that you are a Muslim? You have got to be joking.

      You make way too much sense to be a Muslim. You must be just a typical liberal trying to stir up sh!t.

  • MuslimHater

    Fuck you Ali Akbar,to see a beauty such as Emma,you’d have too die as a suicide bomber and HOPE that whatever’s waiting for you in YOUR heaven would look even a quarter as good as Emma,lets hopE all your family die of AIDS real fukn soon,ou burka-wearin’ cunt……

  • theheadchimp

    You stupid mofo if you think Emma is a beauty then you must need a seeing eye dog. Emma is the ugliest bitch this side of Dykeville.





  • theheadchimp

    If you want to get connected with her try getting a job as a jock strap…….that should do it.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Emma’s crotch…..now that’s the stuff of homoqueer dreams.

      If these fuckers think emma is hot…they must be living in a trailer on top of some mountain in eastern kentucky. They probably even painted their 88 chevette “General Lee” style in honor of the Dukes of Hazzard.

      Googles and hillbillies…..it seems that’s all this site is attracting these days.

      • gfm2011

        Which one are you, homo?

  • YouNeedHelp

    Fuck you, you fucking fuck fuck.

    You first trash Emma when she had long hair and now you praise her when she cuts it off.
    Although I personally haven’t found any humor at all in your website (and believe me i’ve tried) this is just fucking insane. At least have the decency to be consistent with you work you prick.

    Just because you are a lonely wanker that thinks girls are icky and tries to back it up by saying it is the all mighty’s desire; while at the same time secretly hiding in the closet about your true homosexuality doesn’t mean you have to always trash celebs to get your half a second of fame.
    Of course everyone is disgusted at Emma after her new haircut. But after your trash of her being a whore and showing her good stuff (I mean that nasty thing in between her legs, that you can’t blow) on tv you now praise her. WTF.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fuck you

      No…Fuck You!

      You are a stupid asshole and your dumbass rant reads like the work of a retard.

      I do not care if you like or dislike the Jihadist appraisal of this he/she emma….the truth often makes you infidels upset.

      If you were honest (which is impossible) you would admit that you are a homoqueer yourself…yes, the evidence is here……otherwise you wouldn’t be getting all worked up and using such words as “icky”

      Drop dead you fucking homoqueer loser.


  • theheadchimp

    The second clue Abdullah is when he used the word wanker……Its something only a homoqueer would say.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      It seems 2010 has been the year of homoqueers and googles.

      I have seen on the news that the east coast of the US is cold as the fucking north pole….hopefully a bunch of googles will freeze to death this winter.

      • theheadchimp

        We can only dream eh?

        Is it just me or are these nitwits getting fucking dumber by the day? I tell you I miss the stupidity of Joe Jonas’s girl and DeadEd Rosenberg.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          These nitwits are getting dumber by the day.

          Joe Jonas’ Girl……come back!

  • lucas

    Wow….. Everybody on this site has some real problems.Muslims,israelis,americans,asians,british…What ever the fuck you are. Just realize that no matter what you say. You will NEVER get along…or any of that shit….. You know why??? because you will never believe in the others beliefs… Muslims, jihadists..you believe in allah..israelis..im not sure what you believe in….americans….god…asians…what ever the fuck you believe in…british..not sure…me personally…im native american..we believe in the spirit of the lands..the sun and all that…so i dont see what the fuck you all have to bitch about…atleast your people arent almost exstinct….or fucking fused with the nasty fucking white man..fucking white devils….how do you people justify what you did??…fuck you…but you know??…no matter what language you say it in…alla,spirit of the earth,fish monster,god,no matter what….it is still meaning ethereal being,divine power,and all that shit….so….just get the fuck over it…and believe what you believe and just fucking drop it…..its people like all the people on here who cause war,and kill thousands of women and children….for what reason????? to make them believe what you do thats fucking stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your mothers and sisters daughters….what the fuck is wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????…….fuck you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….you all deserve to go to hell in your own religions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Infidel injun

      We have had many googles; (who worship mostly col. sanders…aka the chicken god) and gooks, who worship heathen idols; and everything in between. But this is the first time a red skinned devil has posted here and announced it….as if bragging…ha.

      You so-called “american injuns” are the degenerate offspring of cain and history has shown your people to be among the most fucked up among all infidels…except jews and googles.

      Now, given the fact that injuns are a bunch of lazy drunks…..why on Earth would anybody…much less a Muslim…. listen to your crazy, alcohol induced rant?
      I’ll tell you….nobody cares shit about what you have to say!

      So get back to your fucking wigwam, and put on some chicken feathers, and drink yourself unconscious, and keep your ignorant ass comments about religion to yourself.

      Also, when Islam takes over america, we are going to finish what General Custer started….and I think you know what I mean (extermination).

      Fuck all you buffalo worshiping red devils!


      • wad11656

        Why so blatantly racist? What the heck? Who cares what race you are? It never made sense to me…You’re born in whatever race by chance. big whoop. Now what you believe in is where proper debate can come in. Religion, etc. I understand THAT, though I don’t believe it’s beneficial in any sense at all, but it makes sense that people would debate about it…

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          Googles are not human…they are society destroying shaved-apes.
          If you had any damn sense, you would see this.
          Just look around the world; where ever they congregate in large groups…destruction follows.

          Look around america; any place with googles has trouble.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            The same goes for Injuns.
            Those drunk bastards can’t do anything but drink firewater and complain about being sent to a reservation.
            Had we Muslims been conducting the Indian wars….there would be no reservations…or Indians.

          • gfm2011

            Wow, now you sound like a real devout Muslim!

  • theheadchimp

    Native American
    Go back to smoking peyote and fucking coyotes.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      This native american is one dumbass mofo!

  • CaptainMcSmash

    Wow, I had no idea middle eastern sites were just as awful as ones in the rest of the world. Guess people on the internet are shitcunts universally.

    I had to stop reading the comments after a while, they just made me so sad. Abdullah The Butcher, you genuinely believe everything you say, of that I have no doubt, but to murder simply because they are of another culture, to threaten and insult any and all others that don’t believe what you believe. I can’t imagine any true believer of the Allah would demand this sort of behavior.

    You just seem like a bad person, my comments will undoubtedly mean nothing to you, but maybe one day when your much older you’ll look back on your youthful passion with regret.

    Anywho, I’d just like to explain she doesn’t look happy at all because she probably just wants to go to uni and just be normal but she is constantly shadowed by paparazzi, hence these photos. Anyone would get tired of it.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      captain mcshitty

      Your long winded load of horse shit is both boring and stupid.
      You know nothing of Islam or the world…so just keep your fucked up opinions to yourself….until a Muslim teaches you what you should know.

      Anywho….congratulations on your upcoming graduation from preschool…….motherfucker.

      Also…you are in the running for; long winded, cry baby, asshole of the year.

      ALLAHU AKBAR …….you dumbass infidel

    • tell it like it is

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