Emma Watson Is A Sex Slave

Emma Watson slave

It appears as though former “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson is now a sex slave.

It should come as no surprise that Emma Watson would embrace the role of a submissive, giving herself over to her master’s every desire, as she spent her whole childhood submitting to Satan by promoting the dark arts and devil worship in the Harry Potter movies.

Really it was inevitable that Emma Watson would find that she could only derive sexual pleasure from being used and abused by a dominate male. If only Emma had been born a Muslim she could have discovered this about herself so much sooner, and not have damned herself to the eternal hellfire.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    emma ain’t fooling anybody with those brand new tits. Just one year ago he/she was still packing sausage.

    Us Muslims don’t go for trannys but we will show up to stone them.


    • Magnumz144

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      • Abdullah The Butcher


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    • Yakuza

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Fahq

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    • muslimextreminator

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      • Aethist

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  • hugecockhabib

    This whore from Gryyffindor shall be gagged by my enormous magic wand.

    • Magnumz144

      Correction:magic pebble

      • hugecockhabib

        Correction: The magic boulders under my enchanted tower

  • Celebs Fan

    both of u can GO TO HELL. that girl in the photo is not Emma Waston. bloody SON OF A B****, assholes

    • Word of wisdom

      Yes it is : I can confirm these are the tyre piles she stacks at the back of her garden. Same brands, same size, same treads… I know because I have been there a few times.

      • Celebs Fan

        word of wisdom, how can u that?? u havent been to her house. and yet u say that girl in the photo is her. GO TO HELL

        • Word of wisdom

          Hong, are all chinamen as thick as you ? How dare you doubt the words of an authentic jihadist ? If I told you I know Emma Watson’s house it’s because it’s true. I was there on many occasion, and you could even spot me under disguise on some paparazzi photos if you knew me. You’d be surprised, I tell you.

          You have to realise I have worked for many years as an undercover jihad operative in the entertainment and movies ring in america during my student years (paid by a UN student exchange program funded by us taxpayers money), and then as qatari entertainment agent / content producer.
          I infiltrated many parties, ceremonies, “red carpets”, often as a “diversity token”, dressed as a hipster, talking shit, pretending to consider women worthy interlocutors, resisting to the urge of stoning the many homoqueers and drug addicts that were runing free there, and even shaking jewish hands.
          But I was not “enjoying the party”… I was in fact gathering shitloads of infos and intelligence of the western entertainment system from the inside.
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    • Habib the assassin

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      • Yakuza

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

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        • Habib the assassin

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  • jack meoff

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  • sillyamerican

    Anyone with eyes can tell that pic has been messed with…just look at the chin. Can we say “photo shop” ?

    • Word of wisdom

      Photoshop indeed, the chin is messed up : they obviously used this software to clean her chin from the many carbuncles that grew there from her constant carpet munching and glory hole session.

  • Anubis

    Being a bossy, obnoxious know it all Satan worshiping witch at Hogwarts for years, it appears Emma is branching off and trying the submissive horny sexy slave route now. With all her lesboqueer escapades with other skanks at Brown University, it is not clear what type of master she is now seeking to dominate her nubile body.

    Judging her many rug munching and scissoring debauchery with other lezzies, I’d say she is looking for a big husky hairy dyke to whip the devil out of her.

    But perhaps Emma has finally given up her vile lesboqueer ways, and wants to be fully sexually dominated by a Muslim master.

    • D

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      • Habib the assassin

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  • ImAmerican

    I can’t tell if everyone is being serious or just acting Muslim.. WTF is wrong with this site.

    • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil


      Don’t you dare to doubt of the pious intentions and pedagogic purposes of this holy site.

      Allahu Akbar

      • Pure of Heart

        there is nothing “holy” about this site. all of you need to let go of the hate in your hearts.

        • Habib the assassin

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  • ali habib ahmed jafar mustafa kemal rashid

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  • Habib the assassin

    I praise the one who turned this Brit into a sex slave.

    • Zanadir bin-Shalam Mabiad

      Allah has done it with some help from ISIS

  • jack meoff

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  • Habib the assassin

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  • wtf

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  • Noah

    Its obviously fake, if you look real close at her hair line you can see where they triied to blend her face in. Anyone who thought this was real is a retard.

  • Habib the assassin

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  • Alnaal

    You guys, that shit is photo shopped. The face was attached to someone else’s body, because that face is from a pose she did for a magazine in America.

    You people are ridiculous. Stop talking about stoning people, when all you do is sit behind a computer screen and talk shit.

  • christina

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  • AA

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  • Me

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  • ILoveEmmaWatson

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