Emma Watson In See Through Top And Feathers

Emma Watson

Look at Emma Watson in this see through top and feathers. What was she thinking?

Ever since Emma Watson cut her hair she has looked like a bird. Why would she further invite the comparison by wearing feathers? Are birds some sort of sick Brown University lesbo fetish? Knowing how corrupt that university’s study body is, I say the answer is resounding yes.

I can just see it now, Emma Watson and her fellow coeds having weird bird sex parties were Emma simulates laying eggs and pecking at bits of corn to the delight of the heathen lesboqueers in attendance.

May Allah protect us from bird woman Emma Watson and her sick lesbo fetishes. Allahu Akbar!


Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson
Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson

  • Came in late.

    Yeah, definitely not diggin the short hair.

  • theheadchimp

    She looks like a dyke….oh snap she is.

    • will..

      dyke or not she fucking hot, but i think she looks a little too old for muslims,
      what you think chimp she look better in a burka?

  • theheadchimp

    You gotta be shitting me! You think she’s hot? She looks like a 14 year old boy with Justin Bieber legs.

    • will..

      i bet the burka was invented for muslims to cover up how young there wives were.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        will….get turned on by young boys

        I see you are attracted to the sexually ambiguous individuals….this reflects your total lack off decency and clearly proves you are a mentally deranged infidel.

  • Dead Ed®

    Well, I’m sick of hearing how hot Emma Watson is now…

    I’ve been saying that for the past TEN YEARS

    …When she WAS a little girl.

  • Dead Ed®

    Aside from Emma Watson coming out, let us not forget,

    Harry Potter is coming out, too.