Emma Watson On Holiday Bikini Pics

Emma Watson bikini

Emma Watson strolls the beach in a bikini while on what the British call a “holiday” in the photos below.

A “holiday” is a term used for when English women travel to exotic locations, and terrorize the locals with their horribly pale nearly nude frumpy bodies. As you can see in these bikini pictures, Emma Watson does this tradition proud with her tiny tits, dumpy ass, and translucent skin tone.

Emma Watson then further embraces the typical English holiday by latching on to the first male she encounters, so that she has someone to “snog”, “shag”, and “tiddlywink” with before returning to dreary old homoqueer England.


Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson
Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson
Emma Watson Emma Watson Emma Watson

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Seems like a fine young lad….

    • theUnholy

      you mean fine young lassie

  • KuttiBunja

    Akinfenwa has bigger tits

  • uhgg, too pale

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Brother Durka Durka,

    This slut Emma with almost no tits looks like Team Anus when he goes to the beach. The mofo is fan of body shaving and uses a black bikini too for engaging new google customers. Did ya know that? This is gross…

    • Hashys MANdingo BF

      Hashy man boobs are bigger than those

  • Beastly man

    Nothing special on her, she is an average girl. I wouldn’t even give her a second look if i passed by her in the street.

    • theUnholy

      Im not sure most gay guys would. So what was the point of your post then?

      • Beastly man

        The Unholy fag,

        Unlike most of the fags on this website including yourself, i actually like fucking females. You are in fact an irrelevant abomination.

        The true question you should be asking yourself… is what is the point of your existence? Other than cumshot mondays at the unholy church you attend, there is none!

        • theUnholy

          Measly man,

          Fucking females you say? I think your being rather liberal with the term female. I wouldnt qualify putting clown makeup on your friends and making them the bottoms as female. And just ’cause jake gyllenhaal is is feminine dosent make him female. I didnt subject myself to that movie, but were you the butch or the twink?

          I on the other hand, I DO have sex with women. In jfact I make them go through rigorous test to determine their sex and sexual value. After all they need to know how to handle a caber.

          • Beastly man

            We all know you have had sex with wo…….-“MEN” no need to bold “do”. Believe it or not it actually doesn’t take einstein to figure that one out!

            Your name alone gives it away and lets not forget that gay profile pic you have of that bearded old fag! You’re just screaming fruit cups and ponies!

          • the Unholy

            You’re right and I got Aids that same way. See the doc told me I couldn’t get Aids from sitting on a toilet seat. What the fucking Jew forgot to tell me was that that doesn’t apply if the other guy didn’t get up first!

            Now I’m Immune Deficient

          • Beastly man

            My american brothers, the faggots on this website are finally coming out of the closet. Its a matter of time before they do whats best for society and commit suicide!

            We are indeed making progress, no surprise. The white association always comes through!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Mr theUnholy,

            This time you really nailed Beasty Ass and all the fake “dudes” that infest Celebjihad. Congrats.

        • the Unholy

          I’m sorry I didn’t mean to call you a fag. I’m just still finding myself and sometimes I lash out at sweet innocent souls. Would it be a sufficient apology if I gave you a hummer?

          • Beastly man

            No need for an apology! You and the other cum brains that infect this website need to learn something……

            We americans don’t give a shit what comes out of your cum holes! We take what we want and if you try and stop us, we don’t mind putting a bullet in the back of your head!

            Lets get something straight here. I’m far from “sweet and innocent”! Sounds like you’re describing an abomination such as yourself! No real man would ever be consider “sweet and innocent” and no real man would ever call anyone that either!

          • theUnholy

            You’re fucking retarded.

          • Hezbollah Hitman

            Beastly Anus

            Your level of homosexuality is abundantly clear. You are a stupid ass mofo. If you are not the butt pumping homqueer Heath Ledger from Broke Butt Mountain who ironically defiled the pious Muslim character of the Joker.

            However I have concluded since you like wearing makeup you are not only a flaming jizz master you are also a wigger known as a juggalo

          • Beastly man

            Listen here, you rotten piece of shit…..

            My fatherrrr, was an evil irrational maaaan, but under all of that bitterness he taught me a valuable lesson i’ll always remember……

            “Don’t go sticking your nose in other folks business, cause one day it might just come off.”

            Daddy was a bit of a philosopher, when it came to things like pain…..

            Do you really want to bring out the inner him in me? …….I don’t think you do, but if that isn’t the case i can always show you how i got these scars!

          • Hezbollah Hitman

            I know exactly how you got those scars you cowardly mofo. You tried to abduct and sodomize Mexican male infants and you got hurt by his parents.

            After this, you took our show on the road to the Tijuana donkey show and got kicked because you use too much teeth. You should be more like your whore of a mother.

            She at least had the decency to take her dentures out!

          • theUnholy

            I couldnt help but notice in the middle of that pillow talk with you and the poser with beard envy that you didnt turn down his offer to give you a hummer.

            Did you return the favor? one could only imagine the mess that a freak like you would leave after one of your “clown jobs”.

            It shouldnt be too hard to figure out which trailor park you live in because all the boys their have rocket pops after you skid marked them. Kinda like leaving your calling card. That and handing out the queen of spades like you do in the movies.

  • aghmed

    What does any body see in the woman?

  • Crip Hop

    That’s why I toot it and boot it

  • Eric Cartman

    Yes sadly most of those who post here have MUCH larger tits than Emma. Too many Cheesy Poofs whole playing endless hours of Wow.

  • Realistic Change

    why is everyone so racist? we all have hearts, brains and DNA. just because someone is black, white, yellow or green doesn’t make them any different from you or me! racism is pathetic and everything this website stands for is too. I know its a parody website but some times things just get to out of hand. you guys need to cool out on your ‘trolling’ and learn that some people actually believe this stuff is real, and you truly are hurting some people feelings. life is too short and its just sad the way you guys are on here.

    • Word of wisdom

      Why are you racist against the holy qu’ran and the muslims ?

      • Realistic Change

        I am not racist, i love each and everyone of god’s creatures equally. We are all human, judging someone because of their skin color or gender is what i like to call monsters. I don’t judge people by their color, race, nor religion, I don’t judge them at all because the only one who can judge is god or allah in the muslims case. can’t we all just get along?

        • Word of wisdom

          We can get along as soon as you convert to islam, denounce you errors and repent from being a flaming homo.

  • Ron Weasley

    Who wouldn’t wanna bang Hermione?