Emma Watson Gets Her Butt Licked By Harry Potter Fan

Emma Watson butt

Emma Watson gave a Harry Potter fan a thrill when she dropped her panties and demanded that he tongue her ass, at the 5th Annual Harry Potter Convention in Pasadena last night.

Emma (who was there to sign autographs for $10 a pop) caused quite a stir when she announced to the crowd that her stomach had been upset all day, and that she felt her butt was unclean. She then signaled out Lance Lattimore from Encino, CA to get on his knees and tongue her hole clean. Lance was eager to oblige as the other nerds looked on with envious approval.

Truly Emma Watson and her Harry Potter fans are sick degenerates who will engage in all manner of sexual perversions, and are excellent examples of what happens when books and films about magic and devil worship are allowed to run amok in society.

  • Anubis

    What happened to all our posts? Did some filthy infidel hack the site?

  • AidsBurger in Paradise

    Brother Anubis

    I think someone may have, because it seems that all the nigs and google lovers got all butt hurt by the comments on here.

    • Big Pete

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • me√®eeeeeeeeee

    I’d like to see a video that led to this event and what happened after.anyone???

    • Buttlicker

      It’s fake. You’d have to be a complete moron to think this is real (or extremely deluded).

    • Buttlicker

      It’s fake. You’d have to be a complete moron to think this is real (or extremely deluded).

  • me√®eeeeeeeeee

    I can’t find this anywhere on Google either

    • Word of wisdom

      And of course you won’t. Because there is an intelligence conspiracy involving extremely occult lobbies to hide such events. They track down the sites, black-out them in google, and sometimes, even worse.
      They don’t want american people to know the true nature of the operatives, like this watson ladyboy, they have given the mission to corrupt the youth.
      Although this knowledge is far more accessible in arabic websites, which are immune to censorship, I fear that Celebjihad is the only english-speaking source where you can find this kind of news. The holy jihad will always let you now the true nature of the corrupt western entertainment system.

  • Nick

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  • Rob

    I would have licked her dirty ass and kept the panties too.

  • Johnny echo

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  • rog

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  • emmas rimmer

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  • Vespa

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  • Chris Wade

    Yeah, this is about as real as the supposed faith the writer of this article has. Get a brain people. I realize how old this post is but seriously. >.<

  • straight male

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  • getagrip

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