Emma Watson Closes Her Eyes During Sex

Emma Watson sex

Emma Watson closes her eyes while getting railed by some random dude in the photo above.

Clearly Emma Watson is trying to imagine that she is getting her box stuffed by a virile Muslim man. Unfortunately for Emma this the closest she’ll ever come to knowing the pleasures of a Muslim’s tunic snake penetrating her diseased infidel piss flaps.

Us Muslims will never forgive Emma Watson for shamelessly promoting devil worship and female literacy in the sinful Harry Potter movies. Emma Watson will have to answer for her crimes in Shariah court, and until she does she will not know true sexual ecstasy laying beneath a powerful Muslim man.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Emma isn’t fit to fuck my camel.
    I can’t wait until the day of her stoning.


    • Big Pete

      Asseater Abdullah

      Shut up homo unless you want The Klan pounding your ass in to oblivion.

      The only thing fit to fuck a camel is a filthy sand google like yourself.

      When Sharia Law is replaced by democracy in the mid east we will kill anyone who revolts against it.


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        big faggot pete

        Forget it pervert.

        You will never pound the ass of a Muslim…so give up your gay fantasy and face the reality of your trial in Sharia Court.

        If you have one brain cell left you will kill yourself because us Muslims will make you wish you had.

        • Big Pete

          My bitch

          I have pounded the ass of many muslim women. It was against their will, but ass pounding of epic proportions nonetheless.

          There will be a lot of aryans pounding the asses and pussies of muslim women when the US overtakes the middle east and does away with Sharia Law.

          Take that goat fucker


          • Big petes daddy

            How many time do I have to tell you boy you is not in the KKK so stop dreaming you no that strting with you great grandfather the KKK won’t let us join It would be ok if we was just inbreeds but when we buttfuck eachother it’s a homosexual act and they don’t go for that.

            Now get your ass home boy we need to take you mama to the car wash for her monthly shower and i need to go to the bank and cash the welfare check and hurry your mama is stinkin real bad.Will throw her in the back of the truck and you can blow me while I drive.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            big teabagger pete

            You stupid asshole….wearing a dress doesn’t make any of you trannys a woman.

            The only asshole you trannyclan cocksuckers pound has a set of balls to go with it.

            Face it blowjob king/queen….your demented brain ain’t no match for us Muslims and we will always make you cum slurpers look like a bunch of fools….which you are.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Queer Pete’s Boyfriend

            I love how you sucked my dick last night Big Pete! You drank every drop!

          • Dudu Israeli

            KLANSMAN, can jews join??

            HAHA sorry fag, i do hate muslims, but KKK?

        • Rabbi Brian

          I am not sure if I’ve pounded the ass of a Muslim woman. When faced with the two shit encrusted and hairy overgrown holes, we always flipped a coin to guess which one was the vagina.

          It was a Peace Corps mission and the ’70s, so our mission was to introduce penises to Muslim countries where the women were at great risk of having their vaginas grow over due to the clitoris-sized penises of their men. From our briefings, we learned the Muslim men would discharge a small amount of seminal fluid and the unsatisfied Muslim women would scissor them furiously trying to get some into their vaginal canals.

          It’s a miracle any Muslim children are born at all as half the time the men were discharging urine, syphillitic mucous, and dick cheese.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            rabbi land-stealer

            Everybody knows that peace corps is code for “homoqueer club”
            and that you perverted mofos only go to afrika to trade trinkets for asshole sex with the dumbass, retarded googles there.

            But know this mofo…Iran is about to make you faggy jews pay…..atomic style… for your crimes against humanity.

        • the mad mexican

          hey abbot the butt plug i piss on your sharia law and your camels…. my fertile Mexican sperm snake will impregnate your wives and sisters and grow up to show you and all you Taliban wanna be”s what it is like to rule a nation and its people you stinky goat fucker!!!!

          • The Right wind– hates fucking muslims

            fuck all the muslims, and their fucking ala bullshit.
            you are all dirty animals, and you like to suck cock…..

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            backside wind

            You are full of shit infidel and you have the dirty sanchez.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Tiny Pete:

        Shut the fuck up! Don’t dare to talk about Islam with disrespect, you filthy Jew!

        Meanwhile your google foster father is calling you for another “therapy” session…

        • Big Pete

          Huge cocksucker Hashim

          Dumbass. I’ve never spoken about Islam with any respect whatsoever and never will. Its a heathen, gay religion that allows for much homosexualith and pedophilia. Many fags and lesbos are converting to Islam here in the US, which means they’re doubly fucked when The Klan catches their queer asses.

          I’ll respect Islam when pigs fly and muslims stop sucking cock.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            I know a pig that will fly soon and his name is Tiny Pete.

        • Muslimhater

          stfu u ugly fkn muslim, one day all fkn muslims will burn until they go to fkn hell and that will be the day the earth is free from u pieces of shit

    • jack meoff

      .she can’t fuck your camel–his cock is always in your ass

    • Real person

      I can’t wait until you die and find fuck all… You have ruined your life in the hope of the next life and there isn’t one. Once you have been eaten by camels at least your life won’t have been for nothing, you will be part of the food chain!! What a CUNT you are!!!

  • Big Pete

    The aryans here in America have to rise up against the muslim queers and beat them off of Sharia Law. Their extreme views are disgusting. It is never ok to fuck a male camel and never ok to have a male gota suck you off. That’s just gay and intolerable.

    The muslim homos must be destroyed and if the military isn’t going to do it then The Brotherhood will. If those british pussies would pull up their pants and stop taking cock then a victory would be slightly easier. But no, those queers were of no help to the USA. Its fine, The Klan is full of men that are twice as strong, four times as big, and ten times longer than british fags.

    Muslims are not long for living.

    Suck on that homos.


    • aghmed

      You want to beat off Muslims? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Wow you really are queer.

      • Big Pete


        Shut up homo.

        What The Klan and the US military should really do is pull out of muslims countries and drop a huge atomic bomb right on their faces.

        A Klan member would never make a homo reference.


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          big homo pete

          Ha..you stupid homoqueer.
          The trannyclan (formerally the kkk) is nothing but a homo gang

          • Big Pete

            Bitch boy

            You’re right, camel cocksucker.

            The Klan is a homo gang….a homophobic gang.

            We slice up fags and feed ’em to the gators.

            Good news. We do the same to muslims.

            Fuck off queer


      • The KKK!


        If you are gay then howbout we $PAY$ a visit to your barn. We would love to be fucked by you and your fleabag camels. Too bad ‘pete the disgrace to our klan’ wont be joining us.

        K K K !

    • Anubis

      Big Strap-on with the microscopic pecker –

      Everyone knows you’re a flaming homoqueer, now you’re finally admitted it amongst the ignorant and silly ranting of yours. You stated,(not that anyone really cares what you rant about), that you want to beat off Muslims (dirty disgusting Kuffar!), and at the end, you fantasize about sucking on homos like yourself. What a total sick perverted fudge packer!

      That is obviously your inner self crying out to come out of the closet, that you’re craving for sick homosexual acts of depravity. We devout Muslims should stone your homoqueer ass immediately.

      • Lord Semaj

        He is also incessantly talking about pounding ass.

      • Big Pete

        Anus sniffer Anubis

        You won’t be stoning my ass with anything. Not your rock and definitely not your cock.

        Only a filthy mofo would talk about stoning ass as much as you and your half google husband Abdullah. “Stone” his ass all you want, even suck cock if you want, just stay away from us aryans or you’ll end up one dead homo.

        The Quran clearly states that muslims must engage in homo acts to be granted entry in to Allah. And by that I mean in to his ass and mouth.

        The new generation of queer jihadists will be easily defeated by the most powerful country in the world, the USA!

        Suck on that you donkey fucker.


        • Anubis

          Homo Big Strap-on pecker –

          Stop trolling this holy Islamic site with your incessant homoqueer rants.Nobody reads the utter nonsense you type out anymore. Go fudge pack your butt buddies and die from AIDS!

          End of story!

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          White shit,

          “The most powerful country of the world” has been ass kicked out of Iraq and soon will be out of Afhganistan as well as from all countries where Jihadists can face those hot dog eaters.

          Lucky you: soon we’ll take over US of A and finish your misery too.

          • Big Pete

            Homo asseater

            The USA is the most powerful country in the world and we decimated Iraq, just as we did in 1991.

            Remember “shock and awe?” No, not the first time you took cock in the ass. I’m talking about the bombs and cruise missiles that rained down on Iraq and Afghanistan. That was indeed a great day….for Americans and The Brotherhood.

            We could hear the muslims pissing and shitting their pants in fear.

            Put a cock in your mouth and shut up, unless you want more “rain” in Iraq and the rest of the middle east.

            And by “rain” I meant bombs, not semen. Sorry about that.


    • Big petes daddy

      I no you is a dumb ass boy but how many time do I have to tell you to get home move your ass or you is gonna get a whipping.

      • Big Pete

        Google Tyrone

        We can’t see your face, but we all know when a google is typing and when a human being is typing. Your post is definitely the typing of a google.

        It’s fine that you want to play a daddy to someone, but it sure as hell ain’t gonna be my ass.

        You coons don’t make very good fathers, mainly because your kids never know who you are. Second thought, that’s probably a good thing. They don’t want to know that daddy sucks cock at the local bus station just to buy some crack and pay child support.

        Ha…..just kidding about the child support. No google has ever paid that.


    • aal

      we are not the queer. YOU ARE

    • Lana

      Sharia law will fall.
      The KKK will fall.
      Dictatorship will fall.
      I ask everyone here one thing wh is it bad to be gay? It is just how you feel. Who are we to define love? The problem with Sharia law is that you twist your holy texts to suit your purpose. I have read many holy texts and the idea behind everyone is this “do unto others as you would have them do to you” in simpler terms be nice and kind to people.
      It doesn’t matter if you are black or white.
      Cristian or Muslim.
      Straight and gay.
      The only thing that matters is how you treat others and if you are true to yourself.
      One of the greatest men in human history said this.
      ” I have a dream that one day black Americans will walk side by side with people of all races”
      And now a black American is president.
      I say this “I have a dream that one day peoples of all races,religions and sexualities will put aside their differences and rejoice for they have found their brothers and sisters”
      Join me in making a change massmatto, a samurai lord, once said ” a single stone can start an avalanche” I one stone can do that imagine what a thousand stones can do.

    • tom the fighter

      Wow the fact that you lot needed us to help you and that you can’t control your trigger fingers disproves your point we’ve both lost men to the paki bastards we need to work togetherlets just take it out on the camel fuckers

    • Raging Jew

      interesting that the only war the americans won without the help of the british was the war of independence against them. If the brits dont help, they usually loose…. sorry, perform a ‘tactical retreat’ which is american english for loosing.

  • wtf

    rise up against the muslim queers and beat them off sound kind of gay to me “homo pete”

    • The KKK!


      K K K !

      • Khilib husian Kalid

        The KKY.

        So is HIV you klan wanna be

    • Big Pete

      White Trash Fuckhead

      Of course you think it sounds gay, you’re a dumb homo. You yankee queers up north think about homo acts 24/7, so its not at all surprising for you to bring your faggotry to my comment.

      The only thing The Klan will be beating off is your head….with a bat and maybe a gator tail.

      You northern homos are the worst.

      Thake that you coon loving cocksucker


  • jack meoff

    you stupid fucks photoshopped a picture of a 12 year old muslim girl and her father–you put emma’s head on her because she was to fucking ugly to look at.

    • Mufti David

      Look closely, the guys dick has your name embosed on it. Now I just hope that isn’t your mother you’re fuckin.

      • Big Pete


        Us aryans don’t want to take a good look at cock. We know you get up close and person with many schlongs and that makes you one major queer and puts you on the “eliminate” list.

        Yes, your days of stroking the tube steak and licking the gravy maker are coming to an end.

        Wipe that semen off your face before The Brotherhood shows up.


        • Itss Mee

          Why are you all banging on about getting rid of “homos” and muslims? Surely islam does not teach that killing white, western people is right? Think in todays society many people are disillusioned or simply using religion as a scape goat to fuel hatred that they dont even have a valid excuse for, the KKK is a joke, who are they to say who is not equal and who is? If everyone tried GROWING UP a bit, and working together, rather then being fucking retarded and trying to blow each other up, then there wouldnt be a problem. This is all caused by Greed and hatred and Ignorance, Try looking at Buddhism, might learn something.

          • Mufti David

            Hey, since when did buddists start showing up here? I almost forgot to add these shitheads on my kill-on-sight list, but I think I won’t have to. This buddha ass lickers are almost extinct. The few of them hiding around will soon go and take their fat ass buddhas spiked dick in their asses & die.

          • Big Pete

            Needs meeat stick

            God damn you are one disgusting homo.

            Its best if you don’t talk about sucking the cocks of buddhists. The doll-e Lama is a big fuckin homo tranny that sucks off young boys until he can’t hold any more semen.
            Sorry, but that ain’t someone who I want to follow.

            No doubt your strong love for cock and rim jobs took you to homoism, also known as buddhism.

            You disgust The Klan and will die for your queer sins.


        • Big petes daddy

          Thats it you is gettin a whipping and you is gonna be locked in the barn for a week and you can watch us when we have family sex night we gonna tie you up by the window so you can get a good view and see what you is missing that will learn ya to listen.

  • Anubis

    The witch Emma Watson has been worshiping Satan for years, and yearning for big Muslim man meat thrusting deep inside her stink holes filling them with powerful man seed. Because Muslim men deny her their essence, she had to settle for all kinds of scissoring and rug munching debauchery with other lezzies at Hogwarts, and later at Brown University. Brown University is a lesboqueer magnet haven for blossoming lezzy whores. There she chopped her hair off and became a full fledged dyke.

    Later after she dropped out of college, and her acting career crapped down the toilet, she has taken up prostitution like that filthy beaner skank, Selena Homez (her career after Disney also went down the crapper). As you can see in the above photo, Enema Watson offered her sinful body up as a cum depository for horny infidels.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Anubis

      The homoqueer “big gay pete” and the satanic beast emma have one thing in common.

      emma dropped out of brown university and pete is always trying to get into “brown-eye university”

      also, both are walking douchebags with shit for brains.

      • Anubis

        Brother Abdullah –

        Excellent observation. That flaming fudge packing homoqueer Big Strap-on Pecker is desperately trying to get his filthy homo ass enrolled into the “brown-eye university” where homo scum like him would be in perverted queer bliss until he dies of the homo disease AIDS.

        • Um, just one thing. The fact that you have an egyptian god as your name and profile pic really does not help your argument.

          • Anubis

            Just one more thing about your “just one thing”, the fact that you’re an ignorant and filthy infidel definitely does not help your ludicrous statement. Egypt is a MUSLIM country controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslims are taking over across the globe.

            Praise Allah!

      • Big Pete

        Brother Butcher

        “Brown-eye University” is in the heart of Tikrit, so are sure you want me enrolled there?

        You muslims would be dead mofos if I was there.

        No doubt you’re head professor of the “ass-to-mouth” department.


  • The Guy with the Eye

    She also takes it in the ass and barks like a dog..and in the heat of the moment..She goes ass to mouth

  • Kahlid

    No Hong the Homo comments?

    Here, I’ll simulate the experience of being yelled at by a slant eyed, cat eating, chopstick using hermaphroditic Chinese Communist:


    • Anubis

      Brother Kahlid, you got that homo chink Hong’s ranting down pat. Sometimes he comes back with another username, such as “Celeb’s FANny”, but we all know it’s him by the same jungle google ebonics rantings of a trolling slopehead buffoon.

  • Kahlid

    I would plow this harlot with my sarbool and then behead her with my saif for practicing witchcraft once I had blasted her face with millions of suicide bombers.

  • VoiceOfReason

    Please people arguing isn’t the answer here we all have our own opinions of others and there are some facts that can’t be denied
    1st the KKK isn’t the smartest organization
    2nd Emma Watson is kinda a whore
    3rd you don’t have to bash on the Muslim faith
    4th you don’t have to hate America
    5th I personally believe there is a place for all of us no matter what faith you are
    6th everyone has the right to hate Jews because they are annoying

    • Jew lover

      I do love jews, the suck my cock all the time and I fuck them a lot. sigh…the’ll all go to hell. :(

    • Big Pete


      Dumbass queer. The KKK is one of the most intelligent organizations mankind has ever seen.

      Who do you think figured out that homosexuality can be passed by a mere hand shake? Or that one look from a queer can turn someone gay? Or that googles have a brain half the size of an aryan man? Or that all muslim men are the biggest fags on the planet?

      Yes, that was all the KKK’s work.

      Go eat an ass you homo


  • bhump

    Listen your bible aka( quran) is a terrible book stating that jesus wasn’t the son of god which he is! And I hope you people are ready on judgement day.

    • Khilib Husian Kalid

      I hope you are ready for the Jihad running dogs like you shall be cut down.

  • Khilib Husian Kalid

    Iam the new Imam of Celeb Jihad I have taken out Durka Durka the Habib’s and the Butcher I now have full control of Celeb jihad.Anyone using the above names while posting are fakes there posts will also be lies.As of now all post will be real and any false muslims will be punished.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      queer khilib

      the only the you have full control of is your gag reflex from years of cock sucking practice.

      Go back to your teenage glory hole you pathetic wannabee….this site has real Muslim Jihadists and we make pussified homoqueers like you look like brain dead idiots….which you are.

      eat shit and die mofo

    • Anubis

      This Khilib infidel sounds as homo as Big Strap-on Pecker and homo chink Hong.

  • Khilib Husian Kalid

    My followers as you new Imam I will rid this site of the fakes like the butcher posted above.He is a fake the real butcher was stoned under my orders. These fakes will be destroyed.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      drag queen khilib

      If you really want to rid this site of one stupid, cock sucking, asshole….just leave and don’t return.

      However, you dumbass mofos are like gay court jesters with a punishment complex. The stupider us Muslims make you look…the more stupid you want us to make you look.
      That we will continue doing.

      You assholes are a bunch of dumb shitheads and stoning is too good for you.

      eat shit and die mofo

      • Khilib Husian Kalid

        Onec again this fake Butcher is running at the mouth like shit flows from a camels ass as your new Imam I will track down this fake Butcher and return him to celeb jihad where his stoning will be on video for all the good muslims to see and serve as a warning to all the fakes who post here.

  • jack meoff

    you towel heads are wrong–america loves your sharia law–we want you to keep useing it–when you come to america your women love our american cocks, so we fuck your women -send them home–make sure the father finds out – he then goes sharia and kills her- then we arrest him for life—yes we love sharia law–we call it our muslim 2 for 1 special–we call it thinning out the heard–after another 15 or 20 years you stupid mother fuckers will have wiped your own asses out–we don’t have to do anything –so please keep sharia law–and remember keep killing each other, it’s what allah want’s.

  • Big Pete

    Daddy, didn’t you always want to join the KKK? You even approached them but they immediately sensed your gay ass and fucked you right there and then & they still didn’t accept us part of them. They still continue fucking us but don’t accept us.


  • Muhammad samir

    ألله أكبرits just matter of time. The time will come that you will not found any non-muslim in the world. The real jihad will take place when the prophet isah will return(jesus).all the unbelievers will be kille. NOTE(by that time no conversion)‎

    • the mad mexican

      Remember moccasin samba good conquers evil and god is good…. so that leaves you with 2 strikes and the third strike is when the f 22 raptors turn your town into a lake of fire!!!! don’t forget to praise Allah and say Cali acchhbar …..you ignorant pheasant you know not of who you are dealing with and your stupidity will be your down fall..

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with you people, you’re just a bunch of extremist nutters with the type of minds that caused 9/11, stop bullshitting about your plans to control western civilisation and about bringing in your sexist, racist laws and start being civilised. Assholes

    • True Muslim

      Us muslims are peaceful, we have good morals, we are very friendly & everybody knows that. Islam comes from the word salaam which means peace. we do not hate christians nor any one. We will never be racists, anyone from any race can join islam and he is welcome as our brother. This site is doing nothing but giving us muslims a bad name. Surely a true muslim who happens to mistakenly visit this site would be extremely disgusted and would not even stop here more than few seconds-i swear it. we all believe in God(Allah) so why do we hate & try to bomb eachother? Our real enemies should be people like hindus who did not believe in our prophets (alayhimus salaam-may peace be upon them) & have a thousand gods, buddhists, satanists, and the cursed SCIENTISTS who don’t even believe God exists. Please, we also have our bad muslims as much as every religion has theirs. It isn’t fair that we are regarded as terrorists when few dumb war-loving arabs destroy the twin towers. please don’t put the blame on the entire muslim ummah, instead blame those who did it. Our jihad isn’t something you play around with, jihad is against the people who are a threat to our land & religion. The shariah is our constitution, every one who has offended, whether muslim or not, will be dealt according to it but ONLY in an islamic state. We will continue preaching our peaceful religion and if someone does not bring imaan(faith) in it, we don’t give a damn for God has given wisdom to man. Please brothers stop this, Allah Ta’ala is watching us and we will all have to pay for our actions. May Allah have mercy on us all.

      Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

      • Kahlid

        Impostor kuffar.

        Zionist infiltrator.

      • Anon

        Very true, except Hindus actually have only one god (do some research). Don’t bring them into this discussion.

      • Word of wisdom

        So called “true muslim”,

        If you were a true muslim, you wouldn’t lie like a zionist infiltrator, because you’d be proud to claim that christians are to be hated as much as hindus because they deified Issa (they call him Jesus), and believe the prophet muhamad is only an heretic possessed by the devil who betrayed their god and their gospels, and they worship the trinity, which is a great sin of associating persons to allah, the worst insult you can imagine in islam. That’s why we behead apostates from islam to christianity.
        That’s why the shariah commands that we destroy crosses and cancel christianity – you can’t deny that it is written that when he’ll come back, muhamad (mhsh) will destroy the last crosses.
        If you were a true muslim, you wouldn’t spread bullshit about the name of the great religion the prophet gave us : islam comes from arabic الإسلام which mean “submission” : the submission to allah. As a muslim, you have to submit yourself and everything else to allah, there’s no bullshit about “peace”. Peace will come perfect, later, when everything is submitted. The peace now is just lazyness and weakness, as stated in q’ran 48:15-16 , when weak people prefer “peace at home” to jihad, and are despised by the prophet : allah won’t share his kingdom with people who stay at home for “peace”.

        You say allah watches us and our actions : he will make you pay for inciting good muslims in error with fake doctrine and effeminate lies about “peace” and “christians”.

        • Mufti David


          A really WISE observation brother. I bet this imposter is one of the shia type muslim trying to spread his bullshit & distract us from our righteous path of jihad.

          • Word of wisdom

            No, he’s probably a zionist infiltrator who tries to undermine the willpower of our jihadists.
            Every real muslim knows that this kind of bulshits can only be written and spread in the kuffars sites or blogs to misguide them with our “religion of peace” operation, but it is haram, a great sin, to spread these lies on a muslim site, which is holy soil of islam.
            All real muslims, even the shia dogs, know this.

      • Mufti David



        You will never deceive us. We muslims get the stench of kufr from 10 miles.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        true fake Muslim

        You don’t know squat about Islam and your stupid ideas about how us Muslims follow the commandments of Allah is proof that you are a zionist asshole sent here to cause trouble.

        All you have done is pissed off about 1 billion Jihadists and when we find the basement where you are spreading your lies, you will find out about Sharia Law and how we deal with assholes who pretend to be Muslim.

        You had best hope you catch AIDS from the homoqueers who ass fuck you at the glory hole because that will be a much kinder death than what us Muslims have in store for you.

        • Big Pete

          Asshole Abby

          The only mofo that was sent here to cause trouble is me. I am one crazy son of a bitch.

          A billion jihadists would be easily defeated by The Brotherhood.

          When you homos stop to get on your knees and “pray” (aka suck cock) us Brothers are going to pump you full of hot load, I mean lead.

          Yes, you billion limp dick fags will be on your way to meet your 72 year old virgin. And by virgin, I mean anal virgin.

          Loosen up that asshole homoqueer.

          • kale211


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            pecker plunker pete

            No doubt, you are the “grand drag-queen” of the tranny clan (formerlly kkk)

            I bet your asshole is so loose that if you ever got a prostate exam, the doctor could just wear a miners cap and stick his head up your ass.
            However, I doubt any doctor would do such a thing (unless he was a fag jew quack) because if he did, he’d immediately contract ass clapp from breathing in all your homogerms.

            Eat shit and die you faggy mofo

      • the mad mexican

        hey true Nazi i see from your rant you are well versed in the English language so you are smarter than most of the Taliban that comment here…i will not hold your ignorance of your religious affiliation against you be a smart rag head and repent from your decadent religion…. it is not too late to become a christian ….don’t be a stupid Taliban like the rest of these goat fornicators or you will surely meet a slow and painful demise from the mighty U S of A..

  • Khilib Husian Kalid

    My good muslim brothers and sisters as your new Imam Iam sorry you must see these posts by the fave muslims that come here and post there garbage.

    A real muslim would not talk like these trash mouths like the Butcher using words like “eat shit and die” muslims do not use such words tthese fakes will be delt with my goo brothers and sisters.


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Kebab Husian, the Mossad tranny:

      “Eat shit and die” is an expression allowed by well known pious Muslim scholars in their wise writings.

      Don’t try to fool us, righteous Muslims. Your intentions are quite clear as a Jew agent provocateur.

      So: eat shit and die mofo.

      • Khilib Husian Kalid

        Fake Hashim.

        Once again the good muslims of this site are hearing the lies of another fake the real Hashim was taken care of when I over threw the so called leaders of celeb jihad.

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  • Khilib Husian Kalid

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  • Khikib husian Kalid

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