Emma Watson Caught Kissing Her Lesbian Lover

Emma Watson lesbian

Known witch Emma Watson was photographed kissing her lesbian lover, one Gertrude Cuntstein outside of “Scissors” nightclub in New York.

As a practitioner of the dark arts Emma Watson stands against everything that is right and pure in the world. So it stands to reason that she would shun the Allah sanctioned heterosexual relations for some hot and heavy demonic dyking.

I would not be so disturbed by Emma Watson being a lesbian if I did not desire her for my own harem of women. I take it as a personal insult that Emma Watson would rather lap away at some nasty lady bits, then spends her days in service to real man like myself.

  • Enni

    Oh, our little Jihad monkeys tell tall stories. Hey you are as queer as a football bat… Ok, it won’t kill you! But I guess, in your afterlife you’ll get your 72 consecrated male virgins…

  • Halla

    Allah fucked dogs and I want to follow Allah’s teachings so I shall fuck this dog Emma. Gracious she is uglier than that goat Habib fucked 2 years ago. If she covered her head with a burka and bent over she’d be much better looking.

  • jack mehoff

    she needs to hook up with her even hotter TV version of her character, selena gomez. i would love to see that couple

  • WatsonBoy16

    Excuse me but this pic is from two years ago IN A FASHION SHOW IN FRANCE! and she is HER FRIEND ¬¬

  • NYC-er

    Scissors is not a location in nyc.

  • Obama

    Praise, Allah! Praise, Mohammed the Head Pervert! I shall follow the edicts of Islam and rape Emma Watson and all of the women who I think are ugly and are sinning against Allah!

    • yomama

      you homophobic, bigoted, deluded blind follower of a myth. fuck you you misinterpret the koran so you can spread hatred and misogyny

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        STFU you stupid google bitch!

        In the first place…… you are no more than a shaved ape…..which means you know nothing about religion or morals or decency; you are an animal subhuman…nothing more.
        Your opinion on anything…. other than which fried chicken (popeye’s or kfc) is the best….. is not wanted and will be tolerated.

        Second, show some respect you black ass, foul mouthed bitch. Obama is your President…and a pretty good Muslim.

        Third, your rude and obnoxious google behavior is exactly why we Muslims shall rid the world of your degenerate species when Islam takes over. Your huge lipped, wide nosed, and kinky haired days are numbered!

        I realize you are now filled with fear…. and also that after tonight’s drinking binge of Thunderbird…you probably wont remember much…so bookmark tis page for future reference.

        See you when the Jihad begins!

        You and yomama can both suck on that!


        • Idiot

          Ok you first of all cannot go calling him a google and being racist when you say something about fried chicken you douchebag of the dark ages Stop sitting at home on a computer trolling his right to free speech One race will not take over the world either so please get this through your thick skull you Are one of those fucking trolls i hate so much please either get a life or sink back down to hell where you came from.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Listen asshole, I’ll call anybody a google. Got it ….google!

            And you are wrong, us Muslims are taking over the world and it will be easy because the west is populated with pussified mofos just like you.

            So, go fuck yourself google.

    • lucy

      good job raper u r so right

  • dr.dre1218

    you are a fucked up man and fuck islam emma watson is better looking the you fat girl that you call a lover

  • mangesh

    hiiiiiii emma watson i miss u
    how r u?
    my co no 9594678467.
    plesa call me

    • wow you stupid

      wow your dumb. emma watson doesnt read this shit and i doubt she’d call you anyways. your just posting your number on the internet and some creepo is gonna stalk, rape, and murder you,

  • mangesh


  • kotiro

    Hey Halla,
    your one F**KED up monster, just remember where you came from you dick head! you come from a woman, called your mother! if it wasn’t for woman, men would’nt be born on to this earth, so you must be calling your mother a dog! if your calling emma a dog. Have some respect for woman asshole! You make your people and religion look like monsters, do you want all humanity to hate your people! what a shame…you obviously don’t respect your people or Allah then if your talking like this, outta your ass…wat an idiot!

  • woww

    this guys cant be serious..hahaha so fck stupiiiddssss…omg…allah?? habibiii??? ahhahaa come on…grow up u freaks…2010 you idiottsss!

  • RighteousMuslimBro

    We’ll see who is the freaks and idiots when you stand in front of the great Allah on judgement day!!!

  • Fuck muslims;).

    We should kill all muslims instead , the world will be better off;).
    There is no such thing as a god.
    So please fuck off halla , and Emma watson is hot.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I have my suspicions this Cuntstein ho is actually one of those sneaky ass Romulins that I have seen on the kuffar space war propaganda film called Star Trek.

    If this is the case….we Muslims have a new type of lesboqueer to declare Jihad on…..Romuqueers.

    I do not feel good about this because the Romuqueers have space ships which look like big dildos and they all have “Mo Howard” haircuts. They are also strong as two camels……….can you believe it…..two camels!

    In light of these recent developments, I am heading straight to Baghdad to organize a massive suicide bombing of all known New York lesboqueer hangouts!
    Allah willing…Emma and her alien lover wont be shaking their “groove thing” too much longer!

    ALLAHU Motherfucking AKBAR

  • tori

    Emma watson youtmy fav charector

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      tori the ho

      and a happy meal is your favorite lunch

  • Maria

    one witty m*therf*cking racist bastard right there. but alas! i laughed my ass off.

    anyways, sigh, it’d be so hot if she were. in real life. not just in my head.

  • pennrandall

    Emma kissing a woman in public is all the proof I need she is a lesbo. I agree that Serena Gomez and Emma Watson would be the power lesbos on the millenium if only they would hook up. Justin Beiber is gay anyway and no one is buying that relationship. I believe Serena and Emma would be very happy together and inspire young girls everywhere to explore lesbo sex. Then young men would have to release their inhibitions and explore men and I would finally have a chance to satisy Justin Beiber. I know I could make him happier than Selena Gomez since I have the proper tool. Emma would make Selena happier too and millions of girls would follow their glorious example. Allah be praised! God is great! God is great! Allah u Akhbar!

  • bastards

    you are so mother fucking idiots there is no allha or wahtever that is jesus crist is the one that exists, you are so stupids….

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Stop pretending to be a google, the words you fucked up aren’t anything a google would say.

    • theheadchimp

      ignorant bastard
      jesus crist? What a fucking moron you are. Fucking morons like you give idiots a bad name.

  • Allah

    yes, yes

    let the butthurt flow

  • Laura

    WoW, chill guys!! Jesus Christ!
    Also, you can’t call him a ‘nigga’ by law so stfu :)

    • The reaper

      who the fuck is this bitch nigga lover

  • Kyanna

    Woah….why on a pic of Emma Watson do people need to go throwing insults at each other callin each other “nigga” and saying crap about their religion etc etc. Take it somewhere else!! If you haven’t got anything to say about the picture basically STFU :L

    And about the image, even if Emma was a lesbian, what’s the fuss :) I’m an open gay woman and it hasn’t changed who I am, it’s actually made me more popular as my confidence has grown. Emma is a smart (A*s in GCSEs and A-levels) and very successful young actress (and yeah she is gorgeous haha) and I think that is all that matters, :)

  • Lol

    right all you muslim pussies better shut the fuck up! taking over the world?dont make me laugh! You had better go into hiding like osama before the west blow you all up! Hahahaha

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      lol loser

      if us Muslims wanted to make you laugh…we’d tell you to look at your crotch.

  • smith

    i really dont know

  • smith

    i would be so shoked if she is into women it is disguting

  • FuckIslam


  • jame

    stop being meen and start respecing her what has she done to u

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Jame, I think this was awhile ago. Emma has already been sentenced to death and executed for her violations of Islamic law.

  • habib