Emma Watson Caught Kissing A Penis

Emma Watson kiss

As you can see in the photo above, “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson was caught kissing a man’s penis.

A woman kissing a penis is an abomination in the eyes of Allah. According to the holy Qur’an the only time a woman’s mouth should touch a manhood is when she is sucking the poison out of a snake bite, or getting violently throat f*cked by her husband (or male relative).

Once again Emma Watson has shown her self to be a most vile harlot capable of all manner of sexual perversion. If Emma enjoys kissing penis one can only imagine that she must really love sucking balls, and is ecstatic about tonguing ass. Gross!

  • Dick Hertz

    Hey, that’s my dick- where did you get my pic?

    • Dex

      Who got holt of me gal friends pics? You bastards!

      • Flick Magoon

        The only dick you have is stuck in your butt.

  • Emma Watson Fan

    Emma would never allow a picture taken of her kissing some guy’s penis. She doesn’t do that immoral stuff. Emma is remaining a virgin until marriage (like all English women) and refrains from sexual activity of any form. This is a fake picture. Why do you post such offensive material? Emma is a sweet, innocent, and chaste young woman. She has more class than this.

    That penis is small. I bet it belongs to Durka Durka. Be honest, you photo-shopped Emma’s head over a picture of Abdullah the Butcher. He was the one kissing your penis.

    • dede9999

      Thats right!! You go girl… or boy !!! Emma is amazing and have values unlike yourself dulka-dulka or whatever your pathetic name is

      • Nabeel

        @ the dumb emma watson fan

        99.9% of non-muslim women especially christians lose their virginity before marriage. First look at yourself bitch, how many cocks have you got in your ass?

        • lol

          You’re a retard stop making statistics up

        • Anti

          99.9% of muslim girls lose their virginity before marriage. Only their husbands are stupid enough to believe them when they swear they didn’t :)
          The virginity surgery has never had so many demands lately !
          what about the 0.1 %? Well they stand a full life of disapointment with a loser that will never know how to treat a woman that is hundred times superior to him :D

          • Heart

            Do you ever seen a muslim women . If u see U can see only her face in public . Do you know ? . Why she covering her body . Because she fear about tommorow [ hell fire & allah ]

    • Word of wisdom

      Don’t be ridiculous. You know deep in your vagina that this picture is authentic. I am, among things, a photoshop expert for many shariah courts, and I can confirm, from the pixels, that this picture is 98,37% genuine.

      Emma Watson always loved penises, and that’s why he underwent transgender surgery : to get all the cock he wanted as a “female”, even the heterosexual cocks the faggots crave so much.
      But his dream of savouring muslim man meat will soon be shattered, as the only thing Emma will get from us are volley of stones and AK47 burst fire.

      • Kahlid

        Indeed, Brother Wisdom. The reason ‘she’ seems to handle that tiny infidel cock so well is from years of practice handling ‘her’ own.

        • f.u. from ga.

          Kahlid the camel jock rash

          Dude the only tranny is you and your super gay butt buddys .we all know your mad b/c you can’t find anymore donkey shit to comb into your rancid gross mom cilt maybe its time for you to stop milking off abdullah the fags asshole all the time and try to find some balls besides from the ones in your mouth

      • CELEBS FAN

        word of wisdom. u really are a fucking idiot asshole. your imam is a bitch who sucks on durka durka’s asshole

      • Alex mercer

        huh wht if some people planned this or forced her to do this huh???!!well i dnt kno perhaps threatened to kill her mother or father or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      it does belongs to durka durka the son of a bitch.

      • Kyle Morin

        Holy shit you Fucken Muslims are crazy motherfuckers what a women does on her own time is her business they don’t deserve ak47 burst fires or to be stoned just for sucking a dick. Open your eyes shut your Q’urans (very sorry if I spelled that wrong) and open your eyes to the modern Fucken world.

        • Word of wisdom

          I understand that, although you bear a (kuffar) male name, you enjoy kissing cock. Congrats, you have earned you a well deserved flaying : you are a self confessed and unrepentant faggot, and stoning would be too soft, Ak47 too fast.

        • all american

          That’s right would you kill your women and children with a fucking AK-47 or with god damn stones oh wait you do it anyway because your fucking Muslims you assholes do we photo shop your women who are celebs and post it on a site no fucking way so leave our female celebrities alone you god danm muslims

        • pffft

          what a comment, angry angry, apologize…lol

        • Alex mercer

          sucking a dick thts very disgusting!!man we pee using it tht should be forbidden in all religion well bt i dnt think emma watson actually did tht for no reason…maybe she was forced u kno like threatened to kill her mother or father i am sure she was forced i think the one who forced her deserves to be killed with a atom bomb.

    • Not an Idiot

      Everyone knows (or should know) that 99% of the pictures on this site are fakes.

      • Nabeel

        101% of the nude pics are fake. Only those obvious dressed pics are real.

        • Kahlid

          Nabeel The Jew,

          Just for that, I am sending a vested martyr out to glorious battle to level your gloryhole in Jerusalem.

          Suck on that, you skype mofo.

    • Moot

      Not sure if trolling, or actually serious.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    I would enjoy being sucked off by Emma Watson and spreading my seed on her face.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


      Don’t try to impersonate a real virile Muslim and tell lies about him.
      I don’t use that kind of vulgar speech and I’m not interested on kaffir sluts.

      • Arapaho Native

        Hashit the desroyer of Male Ass
        Ha. I understand that you want everybody to believe that your a muslim living in the middle east but im pretty sure everyone knows that your some nerd bitch boy that wanted to be accepted somewhere even in a muslim filled poor excuse for a site. I have an idea why dont you play hide and go fuck yourself.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          warped red google

          you’ve got some nerve to act like a little red bitch on a site where us Muslims run things. you wont be able to hide forever in your drunken pa’s shack on the reservation.
          when Islam takes over, that reservation will turn into a concentration camp and you Injuns will be the first infidels us Muslims send to hell.

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Abdullah,

            I’m pretty sure this idiot is no pepperoni skin. He is just another alter ego of the Jew fag Tiny Pecker Pete, that posts in this holy site under 6 different fake IDs

          • The Smartarse

            But we all know religion is a waste of time and has brought us nothing but war and setbacks even to this day

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Hashim

            Yes…this Injun asshole is just the latest manifestation of big gay pete.

            This site has been over run with faker mofos.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Big homo Butcher

            The Klan runs this place now. We have come for war and, as usual, we will be successful.

            You’ll be sucking IED (indian erect dick) when you’re thrown on to their reservations, which will double as a concentration camp. There will be plenty of coon cock to take in the ass as well.

            Weak ass homos


          • all american

            Fuck you Muslim

          • What is wrong with this world?

            Abdullah the butcher you really need to get a life you sit on this site and comment on every Fucken picture and then you call others perverts and wrong for doing the same exact thing! You are no better than the westerners you keep putting down. I personally have nothing against Muslims but you are just perpetuating our stereotypes of Muslims there’s nothing wrong with sex it’s a perfectly natural thing and if here is a god Muslim, Christian, buddhist whatever he wouldn’t care about having sex if heathen one who created it! So you need to get off your computer and go do something with your life.

          • bin ladin is my bitch and i pissed on his grave

            i hope a car bomb kills you

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Idiot Native,

          Useless brat without a place to drop dead:
          I couldn’t care less for what idiots like you believe or not. I am a proud Muslim, living of my honest work in a Islamic country, not a social security addicted piece of dung living in lost trailer park somewhere in the United Syndicate of Assholes.

          • Tecumseh

            @ Hadhim the Destory of young male asses.

            Red man knows, that 53% of you muslems are Silly lookin gorila monkey, wearing a bowtie. That means half of you are on welfare, and the other half are dopedealin gold chain wearin, crack smoking vomit.

            100% of you cant swim and smell like burnt tunafish/lots of curry spice.

            I dont even send monthly checks to anyone who isnt at least 1/8 of pure clean blood

            Man’s law changes with his understanding of man. Only the laws of the spirit remain always the same

            How many smell darkskins belong to are tribe?
            0% cause no one but pure skin are aloud in, we have morals.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Pepperoni Face,

            Everybody knows – except assholes like you – that american Welfare (as well as Federal Budget in general) survives borrowing money from China and Arabic countries like Qatar.

            Besides this, your “statistics” are all delusional. So, as I told you before, just shut the fuck up and spare the remaining “normal” people on this holy site from reading your silly posts.

        • Arcachnar

          @Tecumseh You should have known that alcoholism and gambling in the Indian reservations is running high. Silly gorrilla monkey? When will you understand, that there is NO negro blood in the Middle East. Go and get some history lessons.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            The loser big fag pete went from a homosexual kk-klanner to a homosexual Injun persona.
            and he gets stupider by the post.

          • Arcachnar

            @Abdullah I think you are right.

          • all american

            UP yours U fucking Muslim! You’d better shut your fucking mouth and all the fucked up Muslims ( except for the few Muslims that have actual morals)

    • Suck a cow

      I heard muslim men kiss cock as initiation to becoming a man. For all we know, Emma Watson may be a muslim man going into initiation.

  • Zapatas army

    That looks like my penis!!! Im pretty sure.

  • Supreme Infidel

    I guess we don’t get the money shot. Lamentable.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      To see money shots, visit me at Club Allyssa Hall. I let real love and feelings happen 24/7. K love?

      Alissa D.

  • Tecumseh

    Durka Durka says and the red man quotes
    “” A woman kissing a penis is an abomination in the eyes of Allah. According to the holy Qur’an the only time a woman’s mouth should touch a manhood is when she is sucking the poison out of a snake bite””

    Funny how all A-Rabs love to eat and munch on carpet. There heads would be between a womens legs all there life if they had the chance. If they munch Carpet they would also suck DICKS, the red man knows this, the italian maffia knows this, Even big gay pete, knows this.
    Carpet munching if for wannabe faggots, and should never be licked.

    It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      teepee homoqueer

      Ha redskin fag….you and emma have one thing in common: you both suck cock.

      • Arapaho Native

        Abdullah The Tranny Chaser
        Native American Tale: God made trees, God made Moutains, God made you but we all make mistakes.

        • Tecumseh

          Very wise words indeed brother Arapaho.

        • The Smartarse

          Native americans did not believe in god they believed in the great spirit

          • Arcachnar

            The Wakan Tanka to be precise. If you want to nitpick.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          I have never chased you or tecumsucker or any other tranny even once.

          when you lie, Allah gets pissed.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Shit licker Abdullah

            Shut up mofo.

            Your homo butt buddies are being whipped by a cock suckin redskin. I’ve never seen a native homo dominate a muslim quite like this….except at the gloryhole when they’re taking you queers to pound town.

            The Brotherhood will be seeing all of you fags very soon….right before you’re executions.


            Suck donkey dong mofo


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            grand fag pete

            How would know about redskins?
            You’ve spent your entire life elbows deep in the brown eye.

            eat shit and die mofo


          • Arapaho Native

            Abdullah The Hermaphrodite
            At least my birth certificate isnt a apology from Trojan Co.
            A life without douche bags is a life with you.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            asshole native

            No…on your birth certificate it reads: name of father….”big black buffalo or google X”

          • Alex mercer

            But how many times hav u lied look we cn never be perfect hav u always said the truth since u were born??never said a lie???well i think this whole site is a lie including u.to abdullah the butcher.hashim the destroyer of evil,and to any other people like them…..

  • Zapatas army

    Recieving oral sex is like warming up a car, u dont want to get right into it quickly, u should lick before u stick.Thats what my fortune cookie said.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Zaps muslims

      Muslims don’t understand that expression, they’re still riding camels to the market and their gloryholes.

      The only “warming” they do is to the anal lube before applying it to their sphincters.

      They are big time homos


      • Vengeance

        Gay Drag Queen Pete,

        Every time you comment, some google squirts their load into your mouth.
        You KKQueers call it… lynching. You are one big homo

        I hope maggots feast on your corpse.

        Go back to your KKGloryholes.

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          Shut the fuck up, Niko.

          You’re too stupid to open your mouth….unless its at the gloryhole.


          Suck cock mofo


  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I don’t see the big deal. Why wouldnt she be doing that? All women do that. Im a lesbian and I do that.

  • Supreme Infidel

    For once I agree with something said on this site. Raise a glass to Alissa C DiCarlo.

  • Vengeance

    What Durka did not tell us is that this is a photoshopped picture of grand faggot pete kissing the penis of his queer kkk boyfriend.

  • nicolas

    You lucky man
    i’d do anything to get her to do that to me

  • Infidel Mujahedeen

    Geez, It’s really all cultures under one roof here! HAIL SWITZERLAND VALLEY-DWELLERS!

  • awesome 23 year old

    fake what looks like the top of the dick is actualy someon elses lip.

  • Supreme Infidel

    No sir. That is the top of the dick. I know the top of the dick when I see the top of the dick, and that is the top of the dick.

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    Ive strapped on plastic dildos that look more real than that fake dick.

  • awesome 23 year old

    Hmm. I dont know?

  • dennis

    I think your a racist religouse freak who doesnt know a damn thing

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Im now on NewSensations everyone. Just look me up under my stage name, ‘Allyssa Hall’. Love all of you!

    • all american

      I totally agree with u mrs. DiCarlo:)

    • Calvin

      Alissa C DiCarlo aka Allyssa Hall what made you into such a cum whore? Did you just wake up one day and say, “I think ill become a dirty whore.” ?

  • dennis

    Well I will check you out Ms DiCarlo. Thanks for the invite.

  • Nokare Mrs Emma

    Hello, very Beautiful
    Elahi ghorboone kir khordan , kos ishan besham

  • Arcachnar

    Man that Emma has all the luck wish it was me sucking that dick.

    • Arcachnar

      Fucking impersonator/Pete/./Glory YOU are a impostor with a brain of a fruit pit. Nobody believes you. Do us a favor and get a life.

  • doesnt matter

    this site and its members are the most pathetic sons of bitches i’ve ever seen
    the owners of this site are seriously having mind troubles and should consult a doctor
    the members aint nothing more but a bunch of racist scum that has fucked up shit going in their minds so they like this site and go with it and keep hating on muslims
    u guys wish u were muslims … no responsibility
    u live like animals and keep hating on muslims cuz u have nothing else good to do
    for the love of god
    go help ur mom cook or atleast help ur dad make money
    or ur a rich fucking bastard who has nothing to do but searching more and more fake stuff that make muslims look bad ?
    Really pathetic i hope one day … < which might never ever happen
    i hope god give u a mind to think with
    and i hope u guys start working to live like a human not a pathetic sore loser that is by all means a fucking animal :)

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      you stupid mofo. your name says it all because you don’t matter.

      When Islam takes over, fags like you will be fleeing for mexico or some other hell-hole country but us Muslims will kill all of you before you can get the gerbils out of your ass and the dirty sancheses off your face.

  • vjfd

    wow that must be Alahs dick………………………………………………….you can tell because it is so tiny

  • dennis

    Most Muslims are filthy farm animals.

  • jor

    oh I would fuck her so hard in her pussy and her ass

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Cum see me anytime at Club Allyssa Hall. Allyssa Hall is my porn alias. I’m there 4 U ;-)

    • JJ

      Alissa C DiCarlo

      Who are you again??

      It would be a lot better if you post a picture of yourself..in your avatar..that way we can all cum/come.. :)

    • jake

      Alissa C DiCarlo, you’re a used up cunt rag. Wat up bitch?

  • Carla

    Alissa C DiCarlo, you are a disgusting piece of trash. I saw one of your videos. You’re fuckin’ gross. Nasty!!! Bleehh!! Groooosss!

  • James Lee Witt Birmingham, AL

    Y’all is nuts man, Allyssa Hall you are beatuful woman. I loves your films ands so does my friends. Y’all haters needs ta move on outta here pronto ya hear?

  • Alphonse

    Emma shows her lack of experience. Not a bad thing.

  • Anderson

    Muslims should be deported.

  • Tony

    Discrediting someone’s image like this should have the same repurcussions as armed robbery.
    I have never been more disturbed with humanity.

    • Demi

      You’re a douche.

  • Gay Bin Laden

    So who wants to suck my dick here tonight? I just made love to a pig and it’s awesome. Anymore cute piggy muslim wants to get fucked?

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Come visit me baby. I’ll suck you and fuck you and let you cum in my ass.

      • Little Billy

        Are you talking to me? Because I only have a two inch penie Hard.

  • The only smart one

    you guys are all religious freaks.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I’ve often thought if I were to let Jesus into my life, would I suck him and ride his cock like Madonna did? I may never know.

    • Wayne

      Alissa C DiCarlo, you are an infected, abscessed cunt filled with puss.

  • Jennifer Topanza

    Fuk u bitch.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    My bff used to suck me off when we were 10 years old in summer camp ,and she would push two fingers up my pussy and one up my ass. We used to say “2 in the pink, 1 in the stink and the tongue to make her cum. ” Those were some of the best days of my life.

    • Kahlid

      Alissa, is your sinful diseased ladyhole still possessing of some traction or would it be like trying to hump a bucket of milk?

      There’s no wrong answer. Either way, you will get the stones.

  • Durant Jackson

    Bitch u r shameless.

  • Karen Johansen

    Alissa DiCarlo, you are a disgusting whore, even by the standards of this foul site.

  • efram

    Aljazeera reports new violence in the Mideast

  • Abdi

    Fuck you

  • The Messenger

    No. Stop this sinful talk. Do not bow to false idols.

  • The Fuckin Moron

    Am i an idiot for getting more and more pissed off as i read all of these comments, only to realize that over 90% of them were trolls?

  • Calvin

    Dude calm down. Chill out.

  • Hasan

    Alissa C DiCarlo, the hangman’s comin.

  • Jennings

    She’s on that thing like it’s a piece of candy.

  • OMG!!!

    OMG i’ve only read the first few comments but my god everywhere i look nowdays there is some fucking dum ass muslim preaching his/her goddam lessons and pu tting down any other viewpoint. GROW UP FOR GODS SAKE. EMMA WATSON IS A KIND CONSIDERATE WOMAN AND IF I WERE TO PUT DOWN SOMEONE WHO MUSLIMS LOOK UP TO THEN THATS RASCISM BUT THE OTHER WAY ROUND IS FREE SPEECH. I dont have a problem with muslims or any other religion but when people start posting crap like this it just really winds me up!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      OMG is GAY

      Well asshole, now that you’ve criticized Islam us Muslims have trouble with you.

      Prepare for an immediate fatwa followed by an ass kicking and then a stoning for your crimes.

      You should have kept your filthy infidel comments to yourself. Now you have earned a death sentence.


      • Alex mercer

        Hey,islam is the best religion bt muslims r the worst!o kno like abdullah the butcher!hey u kno laden has 57 children!!!!!!!!!!huh…!!!!!!man some muslim he is i think if hazrat muhammad was here he would hav committed suicide!! i kno its forbidden in islam bt if he see the current condition of islam i mean muslims,Allah would hav suggested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • feehan a modern muslim

          the condition is on marriges i e 4 not childern and you cant belame all muslims bgz of som.bal thakry killer thousands bush killed millions in iraq and afghanistan.and drons are killing kids in pak tribl area.be relistic.this enarki is every where

      • feehan a modern muslim

        if you are ashamed of your religion its not islams fault sardar g.dont bulshit aroundplz

  • OMG!!!

    Lol adullah the butcher its called free speech and well i didnt offend islam i simply expressed my feeling towards this image and many sites contributing to the downbrining of people we admire. so if that offends you i say to you TOUGH GO GROW UP YOU LITTLE BRAT!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      omg gay

      It ain’t free speech because you’ll pay with your life.

      Get ready to suck an AK-47 and then burn in hell.

      • OMG!!!

        You’re just enforcing a negative stereotype that all muslims carry ak47s and go blow each other up becaues ALLAH told them to do it and they get 30 virgins to gay fuck with. so go blow yourself up m8 no one will miss you

  • Altair ibn laa ahad

    no something??this web site is a pis of shit!!!!!!u kno who i really am???i am an assassin!if this web site isnt closed in 7 days i will terminate every fucking mother fuckers behind this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!remember if i start the killing it wont end!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u guys make islam look bad u butcher abdullah smthing,destroyer of evil,hashim so kill yourselves!!!

    • Altair ibn laa ahad

      if this web site isnt closed in 7 days i will suck every muslim cock i see..and drink the cum as well.

      You decide now

      • feehan a modern muslim

        sir i dont know your name i am sory about that.sir if you are an assian let me ask you modernism is to let your sister be naked in public?or so called womwn rights has created harmony in socity?or modenism is to be selfish?muslims are given laws by GOD and we have profs that these are more efective e,g, in arab crime rate is 99% less than so called modern world.for prayers market are nit closed but let open even gold shops too.so first study then bark

        • mm


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      altair asshole

      Shut up you illiterate homoqueer.

      And you didn’t mean assasssin…you meant you’re an “ass-sniffer.” So get to the glory hole and start huffing.

      eat shit and die mofo

      • OMG!!!

        You feserve to go die but i guess being a god dam shitty muslim then youll probally go blow up some building for no GOD DAM REASON and then rape 30. 5 year virgins and fuck em and tjrn u get arse fucked by jimmy salive but you will then lick him till hes dry

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          What is this “feserve” you speak of?

          No doubt it has something to do with your mouth, a cock and a glory hole.

          Well asshole….you’ll never get a pious Muslim near a glory hole or to drop his pants for a man. So your plan of assassination by “cock biting” will never work on a Muslim.

          Us Muslims only go for the ladies….and I mean real ladies..not you dress wearing faggot tranny mofos.

          • OMG!!!


          • OMG!!!


  • f.u. from ga.

    Abdullah the queen of pole sucking

    I see ur still pissing the American ppl off b/c of ur small penis,cum sucking,nasty shit smelling turbin self.i was wordering how much does it suck to look in the mirror and see the little camel jizz chasing cocksmith that is u?

    P.s. i see your mom on the coner.you need to go get her before she gives someone else the clap

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      gay from ga

      I piss the ameri-queers off because I tell the truth and we are also taking all the women and sending them to our Harems in the middle east..

      And know this…..Islam is taking over and us Muslims will rule all the world

  • damien

    dont trust any religion that only has one book, fuck muslim,fuck alla,fuck religion

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      lets see if you speak that blasphemy when us Muslims are sawing you in half.

      think about that when your on your knees at the gay bar

      • OMG!!!

        Fuck you the muslims are the shittest religion then Belive the fucky Mohammed who doesnt exist and stupid dumb fuck allah you lot are a bunch of hipocritical biggots who deserve to blow themselfs so they can burn in hell and be away from their stupid God dam shitty religion.
        im not american btw im british and we give you lot loads of free stuff but instead you lot hog it all and you should not migrate u should starve in your native country then ill laugh

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          OMG (one mofo gay)

          I knew you were from the u of k because of your poor writing skills and because you’re stupider than even the stupid americans.

          Lets see if you laugh when I’m splitting her skull with an axe and hooking a plow to your “horse-toothed” women who will work the fields and tend our crops.

          Also…I bet that glory hole you hang out at is one ugly fag den.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            “splitting your skull”

          • siv HD

            Sir Stupider ? Its not an english word

          • siv HD

            Sir Stupider ? Its not an english word

        • Rob1911a1

          OMG: It’s not a religion: it’s a cult. It’s founder was a murdering child molester, and the so-called “koran” was dictated to a literate person by someone who was clearly a pshcyopronic child pervert (his ‘youngest wife’ was what, 9? Disgusting scum