Emma Watson Bottomless Pic

Emma Watson bottomless

Emma Watson appears to show her beaten up sausage wallet in the revolting photo above.

Those are some sad looking meat curtains Emma has hanging between her legs, and it looks as though all her pubic hair has been rubbed off by too much rough sex.

It is no wonder that those in the know in Hollywood say that Emma Watson has had more men in her than a Mexican’s pickup truck during lettuce picking season.

  • Umar the Brown

    That is not not Emma Watson. That is Abdullah the Camel Jockey. He is a well-known hermaphrodite and is generally shunned by all the inhabitants of Basra. Don’t get too close or he will whip out his other set of genitals, which are a blight to Allah. Why don’t they just stone him/her to death and be done with it?

    • Umar the Brown

      BTW, Abdullah the CJ is no relation to our own highly respected Brother Abdullah the Butcher. Just wanted to clear that up for all the idiotic Americans who disrespect this holy site and think that all Muslims are alike. Stupid Crusaders.

      • The Guy with the EyE

        umar is Right I got to Close he used his other genitals and squirted my eye..now I have a LAZY pink left eye..Oh the aggony.

        • A

          isnt the site updating or what?

          • The Guy with the EyE

            they dont update on weekends

          • Kahlid

            We celebrate the Sabbath on Friday through Saturday.

            Sunday is for bomb making, prayer and banging the tight pussies of whorish (redundant) Western women as part of our jihad against corrupt heathen culture!

            ALLAHU AKBAR!

      • Make it right

        Wow American crusaders…i think you need to check your history and not make stupid comments like that.

  • The west is the best

    Emma has a bigger pussy

    • Kasman

      Anyone has a bigger pussy. That’s a 12 year olds body they photoshopped her head to.

  • Moses

    You heathen Allah worshipers only like young boys, this picture should be perfect for you.

  • Kahlid

    She/he’s covering her foul breasts because the milk’s gone bad.

    • The Guy with the EyE

      tastes fine to me…giggity giggity.

  • yasser hussien islam

    There is no shame in this british heathen harlot. Islam will take over England first. There culture is dying there dynasty is corrupt, soon our Jihadists wil plant the flag at LONDONISTAN, and we can finally get rid of the Infidals!! PRAISE BE TO ALLAH!!!

  • hi

    she’s fucken hot

  • selena gomez rules the world

    fuck muslims

    • Kahlid

      No, FUCK YOU, infidel pig.


      • big angry american

        Fuck u sand google

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          big faggy american

          Us Muslims will rape your women and burn down your gubament housing and then shoot all you infidels with the AK-47.

          And we will scream “ALLAHU AKBAR” while we do it.

          • Moses

            Abdumbass The Camel-Fucker: I know from having spent so much time occupying your lands that Allahu Akbar is the sound Muslims make when they try to say “I love Jewish Cock” with one in their filthy face hole.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            moose shit

            us Muslims dont care that you love jewish cock.

            you and your glory hole will meet the same fate….the glory hole blown to hell by a RPG while you blow a jew.

            eat shit and die mofo

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    emma is the most annoying infidel on the planet and needs to be targeted for an immediate fatwa.

    One week he has a pussy and the next she has a dick.

    This pervert gets more sex change operations than obama takes vacations.
    it has got to stop and us Muslims will stop it…with the AK-47/


    • fuckmusslims

      you are a fake dumbass faggot

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        fucks fags

        and you are a real homoqueer

        • skcushalludba

          Lol, Abdullahs momma got one big titty and one small titty, and they call that bitch Biggie Smalls!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            scum-sucking mofo

            your momma’s got one big donkey dick in her twat and a Gorilla’s cock down her throat….and they call that bitch….”donkey kong.”

          • skcushalludba

            Uneducated American-Wannabe

            For a ‘homophobic’ man it seems like you talk a lot about penises… Just come outta the closet already. Or, should I say tent?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            scum sucker

            I come out of the tent daily….to shoot you faggot infidels with the AK-47.

            eat shit and die mofo

        • fuckmusslims

          you know how I know all of you are fake and not terrorist. Its cause you use words like homoqueer, glory hole, and mofo and don’t even say you created that word cause that word has been around since I was like 15. Plus your stupid as shit what do you not pay attention in class your to busy obsessing over porn and Monster Energy. you say your a terrorist but you just want to be like Hitler. But Hitler has something you don’t. he has something called a intelligence. Your so fuckin stupid no fuckin terrorist would have time for porn now why the fuck do you even like fake porn what do you ejaculate to it yeah thats nice. illiterate dumbass.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            fucks fags

            If it weren’t for fags like you…us Muslims would never have to use the words, homoqueer, glory hole and mofo.

          • fuckmusslims

            when did I ever say I was for Gay Marriage hmm that’s right I never did.


      ur ak47 bb gun sounds spooky but ill just cram my 44mag in ur mouth blow ur sand google head off n cook curry in ur neck

      • The Ghost of Rodney The King

        caint we all jus get along?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        licks nut sacks

        the 44 mag is a gun for pussy homoqueers, which explains why you own one.

        when us Muslims find you, that piece of shit gun is going straight up your ass and it probably wont be the first time it was in there.

        allahu akbar

        • nathaniel

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            google nate

            a 44 is good for a child’s toy.
            you’re just a dumbass.

    • david

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      bitch.lip to ya well this is his bro and i want to say stupidass naive people who live in ther world. who the fuck says your right. man go fuck you ass and grow. you judge a man how shows his self. grow the fuck up.

      • Kahlid


      • Grand Imperial Wizard Marcus

        Darkie David

        You’re either a coon or a wigger. Either way, you will be executed.

        Suck on that, you mush mouthed motherfucker.



  • Megan

    uncover your boobs, you’ll look much sexier


      dirty ass sand maggots need killed gtfo of america or stfu

  • Megan

    Holy fuck

  • Kasman

    Why photoshop her head to a 12 year old’s body? I dont get it?

  • The dead terrorist

    Can someone send me the pic of the 12 year old?

  • yasser hussien islam

    Fuck all u haters! And your fat fuck mom!!


    guys sound gay

  • jared

    emma must have some meaty hands

  • acdcfan

    I don’t like that butcher guy. All you talk about is rpgs and ak47s and homos. You must party with the wrong people. You are racist and stupid and you say the most biast stuff to lable yourself. Go to hell or whatever you belive in.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      acdc fag

      I dont give a damn about what you like or dont like.
      Us Muslims are here for Jihad and getting rid of infidel trash…like you!

      And before it is over, you will know all about the AK-47 and the RPG.

      • acdcfan

        If you could would have by now but you can’t and it already been proven.you say fag and homo like you heard it all your life. Haha. As a anerican I don’t like what you say but ill fight for your right to say it. If your gay I don’t like it but ill fight for it. Your islam its not my religon but ill fight for your right to worship your god. we all share this this earth as one. I was born free and I will die free and no one will take that away from me.

  • Kahlid



    • acdcfan

      We won’t die that easy. We the people have the right to bare arms and we do. I own a 22 rifle. 357 mag revolver and a 44 magnum revolver. Your just like that butt hunter guy oh I mean butcher. We get it. Your a sinner. If you don’t like america don’t come here. If you don’t like our women don’t look at them. I have had sex with muslim girl before here in america an she rocked my world three times. We are not afriad. One thing through out history has proven. You can’t beat free men.

      • Arcachnar

        @ACDC fan Do you have a license for those weapons?

        • acdcfan

          Yes its my right and they are registerd. I use them at eagles gun range. My next gun is a 357 desert eagle. I’m a proud gun carrying american.

  • Zamil the Extreme

    This picture is a total outrage to the muslim people, as she is openly getting naked for some probably white man. Ew. No. Kill with firepower. For Allah i shall die to kill this foul beast.

  • Hala Al Amri

    I am a first generation muslim american and the things written on this website as well as the news articles make me sick. Before my mother and father moved here from Pakistan my mother and all women were treated horribly and with no respect. Now that we’re in the US my mother is permitted to go about a normal life without having to have a man with her at all times. She can go get her hair done up, go to the gym with her friends, and go out to lunch whenever she pleases. Thanks to my mother and father, I am allowed to attend school and have the same opportunity that men have. I won’t be forced to marry a muslim man who will treat me poorly but rather a strong and smart white man who treats his lady with respect and dignity and worships the ground she walks on. I don’t know what life would be like had I grown up in Pakistan but I know for sure that it would be miserable compared to that of growing up in America. Its quite a shame that most muslim women will grow up and never be able to physically see a man other than a middle eastern.


    • Kahlid

      You are an apostate. A fatwa will be issued and you had best kiss your traitor ass goodbye homoqueer.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Liar whore!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      homo al asshole

      you are a first generation cock-pirate and a dumbass.

    • Mufti David

      You sick bitch. You fuckin call yourself a muslim piece dog shit. So your sayin your whore mother is now free to roam the cursed streets of the heathen west without the guidance, security and comfort of a pious muslim man and get raped by a bunch of coons? Dont dare say we treat our women badly you filthy western slut. We muslims respect our women more than any other religion. We protect our women from immodesty and evil unlike you kuffar. So you are ready to marry a kafir and be among the kuffar? Dont dare step into muslim lands unless you want an RPG up your stinky ass. You are not worth a dick, not even my camel.

      Suck that bitch!

    • TheAmerican

      Thank you, Hala. You are absolutely correct. Every woman deserves respect. I am very glad you and your family get the opportunity to live in America. I am proud to fight for your freedom.

  • the simple man

    This site is not for u guys

  • Zippy

    HAHA haven’t laughed so hard in awhile…can’t believe the number of people who are actually taking this seriously…this is Borat-esque!

  • Peter Gunn

    You jerk-offs are a bunch of jack asses…or homos…Emma Watson looks hotter than ever with that dripping wet, deliciously meaty and swollen pussy.

    Emma Watson sports prime grade A, top shelf thigh tenderloin, a great “bee sting” little rack that is perfect for her smaller frame, and nipples that get so farkin’ hard and pointy they can cut glass, sexy curves and rockin’ hips.

    Emma Watson can lick the snotty end of my fukk stik anytime…ANYTIME, DAMN IT.

  • Allah is a Faggot

    I wipe my ass with the koran book of lies.

    • Arcachnar

      Wow. How mature. Your parents must be proud of you. Show some respect to other religions.

  • CelebWanker

    I want to lick Emma Watson’s perfect body.

  • CAC BU

    if Muslim look at Emma Watson to be nude they surely abandon Islam .

  • Lol

    I want to lick Emma Watsons whole body