Emma Watson Blonde Hair Nude Pic

Emma Watson blonde nude

It looks as though Emma Watson has stripped naked and dyed her hair blonde to be more in line with the American aesthetic.

Of course the British aesthetic is for women to be cold, shapeless, androgynous, and secretly hiding a penis. Obviously Emma Watson’s old look was perfect by British standards.

However, Emma has clearly set her sights on becoming a famous harlot in the US, and with her new blonde and nude look she is sure to get the attention of the morbidly obese mongrels that inhabit “the colonies”.

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    She must have let her hair grow back out and bleached it blonde in the attempt to seem more amorous and appealing to others besides lesbos, in order to pick up some more main stream acting roles. Her fame has dwindled considerably though since the Harry Potter movies have ended and fading in people’s memories. Making porn movies may be her only viable option.

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