Emma Watson Attempts Tasteful Nude Photo

Emma Watson nude

Emma Watson’s foray into posing for pornographic photos is well documented on this site, specifically here, here, here, and here.

That is why it is a bit of a surprise to see Emma Watson pull back from some of the more hardcore images she has been taking part in recently, to do something more tasteful like the nude photo above.

Clearly Emma Watson is trying to keep her fans guessing. Just when it looked like her next porn pic would be of her getting her ass stretch by a couple of black guys, she comes back with this understated naked picture. As a result one can only wander what Emma Watson has in store for us next.

  • theheadchimp

    The only way this photo could be considered tasteful is if Emma wasn’t in it.

  • Mr. E

    The evil sorceress of the Harry Potter films is obviously trying to seduce pious Muslim males and make us reject the teachings of Mohammed (PBUH). Be strong, brothers, for all that awaits us if we fall for her evil charms is a one-way trip to Hell to spend eternity among the infidels. Nice perky little boobs, though.

  • don

    sorry people, not her.

  • Ross

    all fake her vag changes totaly from one pic to the next

  • Mr. E

    No Brownie points for pointing out the obvious, don. Even my dyslexic grandmother can tell it’s a fake. Try to stay within the spirit of this website please.

  • Vagina

    This image is from cfake…

    • theheadchimp

      Whats with all you assholes that think you have to be Inspector Clouseau? The damn picture is a real picture so shut up with all the its fake bullshit.

      • nolanbautista

        Thank you headchimp!..that picture is real enough in my head (and palm)..

    • sympatico

      How can this be fake, you can clearly see her naked.
      Or do your mean she faked an orgasm during photoshoot? Now THAT would be hard to tell without us having heard the moaning…

  • daya

    isko dhar ke chodo bada maza aayga gusa gusa ke nekalo khun

  • الله حكيم علي

    يمكنني رائحة الصيف م. من هنا

  • mars

    it’s her dream to have a body like this, of course it’s fakee

  • Yushi Samagura

    Picture real. Emma give Yushi magic wand.

  • LumpyJAck

    Haha dumbass Muslims that think this is actually real. It’s fucking fake! They put her head on another girls body dipshits!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      So what mofo…you take your head and shove it up another homoqueers ass. Do us Muslims criticize you for that?

      Ha…hell yes we do fagboy…and you should know we shoot homoqueers on sight.

      So stay out of Iraq!

      • ishitonmuslims23

        nice insults u faggot

  • ishitonmuslims23

    dumbass muslims would believe this is real. fucking idiots wasting their lives on photoshopping pics of celebs and posting them online to a site that gets no more that 100 views a month

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Well…if this site got the same amount of hits…..that equaled the number of times your mother (the prostitute) gets fucked….it would be in the thousands.

      But…everything can’t be as popular (or cheap) as your mothers stinky pussy.

      • ishitonmuslims23

        Go suicide bomb yourself :)

  • ishitonmuslims23

    as if we dont all realize that the site owner just comments on his own posts with his fake accounts such as: abdullah the butcher, theheadchip, mr. e, and plenty more

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are a dumbass mofo. I bet you’re part google or wet-back.

  • Anubis

    Well now that the long running series of Harry Potter movies that gave this evil spell casting sorceress her fame have come to a close, she must continue to flaunt her nubile body in order to stay in the limelight. Giving the paparazzis photo nip slips and vag flashing in her limousine or in her skimpy bikini on the beach wasn’t hacking it anymore, so more desperate measures were at hand.

    I’m glad she let her hair grow out again. That butch lesboqueer short hairdo she had at that homo Brown university made her look like a full fledged dyke. At least at Hogwarts they had a dress code and wouldn’t allow her to become butch looking.

    Her Satan worshipping days at Hogwarts are now over, and this witch must now use her body to make a living. It is obvious it is her in this photo. An audio of her orgasmic moaning while fingering her nasty pussy and smelly anus shouldn’t be needed to prove the authenticity of her nude photoshoot.

  • theheadchimpsmomsvaginatasteslikehomlesscatsandbutt

    theheadchimp- The only way your mom would be considered tasteful is if she wasn’t your mom, ugly, fat and retarded.

  • jenelle

    have you muslims never heard of photoshop? or are you really so closeted and stupid? i love the way you’re all making fake photos to bitch about but seriously go get a life instead of bitching about a fake photo that didn’t happen. you just have to look at this picture to see it’s fake. if you look at any of these pics on this site you can see they are all fake and photoshopped. if you want to masturbate over it fine but don’t start hating on emma watson over a fake photo. Also if the harry potter series offends you so much (there was absolutley nothing about devil worshipping in them) then don’t fucking watch it and stop looking for naked pics of the actors in it! peace.

    • Anubis

      jenHelly bitch –

      Take your infidel and ludicrous comments elsewhere, like on some lesboqueer porn site where your kind usually hang out. Females shouldn’t be thinking beyond being willing cum dumpsters for their Muslim master in a harem. We Muslims don’t care what you have to say anyway.

      Stop fingering your stinkin’ yeast infected pussy over the Satanic witch Emma Watson, clean yourself up and don the burka like a proper woman.

  • trac yhoward

    wow wish i had a body as nice as that

  • Emma watson

    hey guys it’s me Emma and it is real

  • Zaffar

    Ya Emma Watson is looking very very sexy