Emma Stone Shows Her Nips In A See Thru Bra

Emma Stone see through nips

Emma Stone shows off her nipples in a see through bra while in granny panties in the photo above.

Even though Emma Stone is the chairman of the itty bitty titty committee it is still a great offense to Islam for her to be shamelessly flaunting her nipples like this.

The Qur’an is very clear that even mosquito bite boobies like Emma Stone’s are wicked and sinful (see passage al-Abdul 3:21). So despite Emma Stone’s androgynous appearance, as a woman her body is still an abomination that must remain covered at all times.

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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    Ha…it will be too late for questions when she is in hell!!!!


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  • Emma Stone

    I am a Muslim now. I too, pleasure the goats with my mouths as is the duty of all good Muslim women, that along with helping our 55 year old husbands scrub their dirty back as well as wash their rancid ball sacks as the average Muslim male is very obese and cannot reach that far.

    Also a fat belly plus a small penis makes me a very sad woman but Praise Allah i have found the one true religion where I can be free.

    All Praise Is Due To Allah.

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