Emma Stone Offensive Bikini Pics

Emma Stone bikini

Actress and soulless ginger, Emma Stone offends Islam in the bikini pictures below.

As all Muslims know, Allah creates gingers like Emma Stone as a form of punishment for sins in a previous life (like being a Jew or lecherous woman). To pay for these past transgressions, gingers go through life being ridiculed and never feeling the sun on their sinful pasty skin.

However, due to the Jew science of sunblock, gingers like Emma Stone now have the capability to defy Allah’s will and expose their disgusting bodies to the light of day, and that is just what Emma Stone is doing in the bikini pictures below.

What an offense to Islam! If Emma Stone does not want to add a “d” to the end of her last name then she must repent immediately and never wear a bikini again.

  • Achphlegmed

    Disgusting infidel!

    • muslims rots

      Offensive? I guess someone likes it in the ass is they consider this offensive.

    • themanofreality

      i hope you all die for being close minded and conviced your way is right. lol my country blows up sand monkey countries for training purposes … ahahahahaha. opps we lost 2 buildigs and then destroyed a few countries lol u suck just die nobody likes u

      • MurdaMode

        Haha you are living proof Americans are scum, ignorant, arrogant dickheads. People like you give us a bad name, and no wonder the rest of the world hates us. So much hatred, you will be nothing your entire life but a bitter, hateful, disrespected faggot who gets shit on by everyone around you for being a vile, worthless human being. If I can call you that. Jump off a cliff you idiotic, uneducated hillbilly

  • anti-paki

    gingers are blessings you bunch of sand googles

    • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

      A blessing? I think you mean a curse.

      You see little starving Ethiopian boys with bigger tits than she has.

      • Anonymous

        That was a mental image I did not need

      • jakemorgan

        your an idoit, gingers can be hot man, some arent but alot are very sexy, pale skin is a turn on haha, go join the real osa in the bottom of the ocean bitch, haha our seals shout his ass up, and he ued hairde

      • FUCK ARABS

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        • fuck arabs son

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        • fuck arabs son

          Ok, let me explain the grammar behind your statement. And I quote, “Fuck you faggot.(this fag should go fuck himself…good start) Why don’t you suck a fucking dick (as opposed to a non-fucking dick?) Mother fucking go fuck yourself sticky mother fucker. ( ok, this is where the wheels came off. mother fucking appears to be an action verb fallowed by ‘go fuck yourself sticky, motherfucker.’ So the action verb mother fucking has no purpose other than showing us your grasp of English.
          Fuck is so versatile a word to fuck up the way you did. You could have made a whole sentence using nothing but the word. ie…..Fuck the fucking fucker. Or mother fuck the fucking faggot mother fucker. These would have gotten your point across with authority. Oh well, fuck it. lol

      • Bystander

        “Someone” is into little boys. That explains everything…

      • smarterthenyou001

        your all just a bunch of fucking virgin loser’s, jealous because you cant get any white pussy!!!

        face facts all you brown people get is ugly brown women dressed like ninja’s…hahahahahahahaahahahahaha



        oh and by the way id rather have a hot ginger with small tits then some dirty paki bitch who dosnt wash… OH SUCKS TO BE YOU ! hahaha

      • Morrissey Jabid

        Agree or disagree, that was fuckin’ hilarious. I’ll have to remember that line.

  • Lion of Islam

    As you can clearly see from the 6th picture this western harlot Emma can’t even keep to herself her body fluids,which shamelessly drip down from her over-used pussy.

    She’s probably relaxing in the villa of some hideous jew producer,waiting for her next “casting couch”.

    • USMC

      She just out of the pool, it is just water. Get clue you camel fucking tard.

    • Wtf over

      big tits little tits they’re all just sexy tits whys everyone got a fuckin problem with these damn pictures emma stones hot deal with it

  • moosef my balls

    Lion loves boys

    You know all about wet pussy from sucking the pussy lips of your camel !!

  • Lion of Islam

    If in the ghetto where you live “camel” is slang for your gloryhole-working mother then yes,she does get wet when i fuck her for free,otherwise i know the camel just as a noble jihad-waging animal.

    • Akbar

      You fuck an infidel…?..

  • Phillip McCracken

    “Actress and soulless ginger, Emma Stone offends Islam in the bikini pictures below.”

    cmon now… its clear shes offending everyone and everything by allowing herself to be photographed like this.


    • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

      its a joke of a websites these guys who write adbullah agmed are Jews making fun of others

  • moosef my balls

    hey lion I dont want any more of your goats you keep ruining there assholes with gangbangs

    • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

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    • Lion of Islam

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      Stop polluting this holy site with your 1st grade spelling skills,and go back sucking cocks for drugs money you fool.

      • jakemorgan

        you mean go back to? u left out to, what r u a second grader?

  • anti-paki

    well i’d rather ginger than a muslim

  • Kahlid

    She is so disgustingly fish pale. I will be glad when my Arabic people out-breed the white kuffars and replace them.

    We can fix that with a Islamic exercise regimen of well digging, field plowing under the crisp, Iraqi sun.

    Then she can hunt jackals at night for her sustenance to increase her muscle tone further so she can dig more well and plow more fields.

    • Isaiah of the Atheists

      im pretty sure in the end the asians will beat us…

  • moosef my balls

    Lion who loves Jews

    Come on lion you know the only one sucking cock is you. aghmed and abdullah better known as the Kabul three stooges.Better hope the talibain don’t find out or else a lovely stoning will be in
    your future.

  • Quief

    She sucks dog penis

  • jessica

    you people make me sick. How dare you talk about anyone like that. This is the most disgusting thing i have ever read, your mothers must be really proud. What is like to be so uneducated? People like you are the people who will end up in Hell. You would never say anything like this if you met her in person, you seem to think you’re a big man because you feel you have control over women, you’re all weak, pathetic and the most biggest disgrace to the human race. Go home and beat your wife up and make yourself feel like a ‘man’ you would never ever be able to get a beautiful white woman.

    • jakemorgan

      ma’am, im 17 and i agree, if you look at my messgaes i am for emma stone, shes atalented actor, im sorry u ahd to see this :(

  • essi

    i think shes cute. realy nice feet.

    • mosdef

      I could suck them so hard (feet) praise allah !

  • the best

    Fuck you lion of Islam and your dirty Arab ways. You smell and nobody likes you, not even your mom… No I did not bang your mom because she is to ugly. Go back to sand monkey land and die

  • bob


  • bob

    You guys are such dumb ass muslim sucks this an offense?! being ginger a punishement? how can you assholes think its credible you all must be very stupid…. look around you and open your eyes you will find out that religion is a big lie invented by idiots 2000 years ago to get answers to question that dont have any…

  • bob

    jessica i love your comment

  • piff

    i don’t understand the necessity for any of you to bring race into this. no one solves an argument by being prejudice to the other about their race or religion. and to the person who made this site… you are obviously incompetent and illogical. seeing as Islam is a faith or belief, you have no proof Allah exists. therefore him making gingers sinful is all in your head, why dont you use some logic, gain an education or an open mind and realise that not everything has to be your way or the Muslim way. because in reality, your going to end up buried in the ground just like the rest of us. ( unless your cremated etc.)

  • The All Seeing Eye

    Emma Stone is a natural blonde…. Not a ginger. Her hair is just dyed.

  • meh

    offensive bikini o_o is the person who made this gay? or maybe blind?? i genuinely wanna know

  • You suck

    Naturally a blonde

  • Wtf

    I seriously doubt this is a legitamit website. It is most likely written by people who hate muslims and arabs(not all are Muslim). Stop believing what you are reading here,it’s not the actuall view of real people. Jessica and others please don’t hate or assume a group of people are bad because of idiots like this. Again the creator of this site and the other commenters are most likely not the people they say they are.

    • Ogden Langmuir

      This Site Clearly is Meant Sarcastically!

    • My_skill_is_clearly_il

      I agree with both of you (Wtf and Ogden Langmuir). This website just can’t be ment seriously. Either it is sarcastical or a part of some kind of a conspiracy made by people, that dslike muslims, in hope that nonsense like this would make others dislike them as well. I actually read a couple of other articles for research reasons and they were all basically along the same line – ” bla bla bla INFIDELS bla bla disguisting bla blah bla insulting etc.”.
      To any sane person that has read this comment – don’t go any further. Most of the opinions expressed here and also on this website in general are hateful and not worth your while. Th articles are bad, the comments are bad, the racism and stereotipes are bad, but most of all – the grammar is the worst. Sure some of this horse turd nonsense will make you laugh, but it is not worth that bad feeling that you just can’t shake you will get.

      It must be serious or just really, really bad to bother me.

  • john smith

    wouldnt it be great if all the arabs could be sent to the moon…then we wouldnt have to listen to them here on earth…sometimes i worry i will get to close to one and his stupidity will rub off on me

  • an actual muslim

    wtf is that description talking bwt…first of all people r created in gods image. it doesnt matter if dey r ginger or not. and second all real muslims kno ders no such thing as a previous life..wat a fuckin retard

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Us Muslims need to invent a “killer robot” to stone women …like this red-haired beast…who are too ugly to look at.

    We could call it…the Mu-Bot….for Muhammads Robot.

    • Robert

      Get A life you fucking morons

  • Rusty Shackelford

    she’s not a real ginger. she’s a natural blonde. you guys are all morons. do a little research first.

  • joe bloggs

    I hope this is a joke ‘troll’ sort of wind up the whities website or something, in which case haha

    if it’s serious you guys really need to reassess your logic.. a) there is no god b) this girl is awesome and beautiful. she’s also a great actress. but then you wouldn’t be able to understand a woken being good at scything because you’re some backward blinkered idiot who only knows bestiality and brainwashing children with age old lies

    @an actual muslim: fair play mate, you’re welcome to your beliefs and it sounds like you follow then in a way that doesn’t affect others. good luck to you

  • joe bloggs

    **woman being good at **anything

  • all white people say

    kill all dirty bastard muslim scum

  • Pakiboy

    I’m a muslim and even I hate all muslims… we really are the scum of the earth

    • Arcachnar

      No. Why would that be?

  • themanofreality

    jihad ahahaha losers.. there are bugger things in life to worry about than what other people do.
    declare a jihad on me for being a white male in the western world… thats right impose your beleifs on me and i will kick ur asses so bad. Its not like i was born this way or anything you third world country loving jackholes.

  • justsomeguy

    Every muslim I have ever talked to likes to brag about how their religion is a religion based on love and peace. Judging by what I am seeing you people say, either the muslims I have talked to are liars or you are all hypocrites.

    • Arcachnar

      Just because some of the people here on this site interpret the Qu’ran as the right to attack the West, you judge ALL the Muslims? It IS a peaceful religion.

  • Fuck you

    I think shes hot as hell. And i feel sorry for dumbasses who actually believe ses being punished for a past life? Wtf? Yall believe that because your parents told you that, so it must be true? Closed minded ass holes.. But its ok :) its not like god it gunna let you into heaven anyway xD he has his golden team of linebackers waiting to tackle your bitch ass xD hahahaha

  • Jonah

    She’s not even a natural ginger. Everyone can calm the fuck down now.

  • nahtan


    • Word of wisdom

      Wait till our STONES ruin your day, kuffar.
      And when you say “go home”, remember you have no home, while we are at home everywhere under the sun. Allah created the world and its riches for the faithful, not for the infidels. You have no rights, no possessions, no land – you are only usurping what allah has granted since eternity to his followers.

  • islam hater

    wow, this is why people dis like you muslim pieve of shits, get a fucking life instead of judging people all day….and FUCK ALLAH!!!

  • Coexist

    I’m a little perturbed by the sheer amount of hate and racism coming from both sides of this argument.

    To those who follow Islam:

    It is understandable for you to dislike women who are not fully dressed, as it is a part of your culture. However over in the US it is our culture that women are allowed to wear what the wish to wear regardless of what people think/say. I understand that this custom does not extend into your religious/cultural beliefs but is it really necessary for you to call this woman such horrid names. I highly doubt a woman in this position is going to even find this site, and if she does, it still doesn’t mean that you have accomplished anything by insulting the country that she lives in. I can agree with your views about women wearing more clothes because I believe that women are much more objectified in society than they should be, and I believe that people treat women like sexual objects rather than people.

    To the followers of Christianity/Western Beliefs:

    By saying things such as ‘Islam Hater’ (he said “FUCK ALLAH”) completely uncalled for and you are part of the reason that world peace does not exist. It is unnecessary to say something to that degree to someone whom you do not know and who is berating a women for her choice in dress, not her religion. Using these statements and racial slurs is doing nothing but causing an even greater rift between America and the Middle East. We believe that women are allowed to wear what they wish which is a right that America promises. However, how many of you “free men” have seen a woman walking around with massive fake boobs in a string bikini with a thong and instead of wondering whether she is gifted or intelligent, you automatically think about her naked.

    Both sides of this argument are silly and repetitive, however I thought I would comment simply because I believe that the world as a whole needs to stop worrying about the trivial things one woman is doing in her life as opposed to the millions of people who are living in war torn cities, are starving, and dying from diseases that we have cures for. Lay down your arms and realize that once world peace happens we will no longer live in poverty or in fear of some psychopath dropping a nuclear bomb on a whole city.

    Love is possible, we are all fighting for the same goal which is to survive as a species regardless of what you believe…

  • Me

    Emma Stone is actually Blonde and she dyes her hair red. Get your facts straight before you post something

  • Some Guy

    Wow, people really get worked up over a little joke eh? Tch, tools.

  • I hate Islam

    You Islamic pieces of excrement deserve to burn in Hell!

  • I hate Islam

    Come over to my house and meet the lead from my buckshot! This site should be shut down for supporting Islamic hate and what you call law…what a sick joke god created when making you worthless morons!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      hates decent people

      us Muslims will wipe you pieces of shit infidels from the Earth quicker than a google can steal the hub caps off a 77 Cadillac coupe deville.

  • I hate Islam

    Haha!I figured you out. You are mentally handicap. I’m sorry my son. I feel ashamed you are so unfortunate.

  • I hate Islam

    I’d take an African America over you any day for a job.

  • I hate Islam


  • I hate Islam

    Abdullah finally had th balls to show up. He sucks his grandpa you know.

  • I hate Islam

    Islamic pussies blow themselves up…how noble…stupid fucks!!

  • I hate Islam

    You probably blow Obama.

  • I hate Islam


  • TurbanBurner

    Emma Stone is bee ee a yutiful! just cause she doesn’t have the body of a twelve year old boy doesn’t mean you fucking raghead motherfuckers have to hate on her. Yes we get it allah only wants you to oppress your women and spread your so called religion like a fucking cockroach infestation. You want peace? stay in your fucking mudhuts in the desert and tend your goats and then you wont have to worry about infidels blowing your shit up in response to your psychotic attacks on OUR culture. Infact GET OFF THE FUCKING INTERNET IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT! We’re not gonna coddle your pathetic camel jockeying asses because you think your dick belongs in some poor boy’s asshole. You jihadists are just as bad as the fucking catholics and their child molesting ways. inshort get fucked and go die in the desert you inhabitants of fucktardia followers of islam are going to hell to burn in the lake of fire whilst getting corn holed by the devil. 72 virgins? hah your asshole wont be a virgin when you’re getting pumped by your other damned fellow muslims. what kind of religion promises virgins when you CANT EVEN TREAT YOUR WOMEN RIGHT? or are they virgin little boys since thats what you seem to like.

  • XcusiteG

    Y’all are horde of disgusting full grown morons saying u hate muslims. Even the Media is against us cus islam is the only true religion on earth, christians r just half truth. Y’all haters r Smelly as dirty skunks, pls go take a swim in the volcanoes. I beg of U. HAHAHA. Y-all cnt stop us from living. Deal with it, worthless bitches!.