Emma Stone Naked Picture

Emma Stone naked

Actress and soulless ginger Emma Stone appears to be spreading her legs while naked in the photo above.

Allah in his infinite wisdom curses extremely lecherous women (like Emma Stone) with red hair, so that they will be easy to spot and hurl rocks at.

Of course now that Emma Stone has posed naked she will become an even greater target for our righteous Islamic stones of justice, so she will have nowhere to hide when Islam conquers the West.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Emma stoned? OK!

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Hello all….I have to post this without my picture because this is just too humiliating.

      I seem to be suffering from some sort of a disease…..It seems that there are only 2 things that I can think about.

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    • muslimsareass

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      • Grand Dragon Pete


        You’re right…..that wannabe is a big time man lover.

        If I didn’t know better……I’d say its Anal Abdullah trying to get butt love from Homo Hashim.


        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Small Warm Pete, the queen of the KKQueer dancing club:

          I told you before: I’m going to burn your collection of dildos.And It’s useless now to beg me to reverse my decision through private mail as you did before.

          I’ll make you enter in despair, you filthy shemale. The wrath of Allah will fall upon you through my hand.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

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          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Homo Hashim

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    • Max

      I’d like to see your old ass try to hurt someone witha pebble lol. Go blow yourself up you goat fucker

  • IknwWhyMuslimSucks

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    • Coon

      Why do blacks wear chains?

      Old habits die hard

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


      You shouldn’t be on drugs.

      • IknwWhyMuslimSucks

        Ima be rapin yo mamma im no boy hass ass.Allah is a fagget & Muhammed is a child rapist who inserted his rotten 56 year old cock inside a 9 year old girl. Go read your Koran.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Ask your mom to buy you a brain for Christmas too.

          • Wikipedia Editor

            You ignorant idiot, Aisha was considered a great woman, apparently one of the greatest of her time, since she had an important role in early Islamic history during Muhammad’s life and after. She WAS a child, but turned into an adult and was never “raped” by Muhammad, but consummated. I don’t know what you obsession with “rotten cocks”, and “rape”, but I assume it has something to do with early pedophillia, so I advise you to keep it to yourself.

          • Arapaho Native

            I agree, these idiots know nothing of the Quran, or even the semblance of the religion. I mean, look at these stupid names. “IknwWhyMuslimsSuck”, “MuslimsAreTerrorists”, and “The west is the best”. They don’t know anything about the religion, and it’s pathetic how they attempt to insult the entire religion. Only a loser does that, since Islams existence makes theirs meaningless. And most of these people aren’t even real Muslims. Grow up, dumb asses.

          • Bg Pete

            Imma a big time homo. ?!

          • Boy

            are you asking or telling?

          • Moshe Dayan

            @Wikipedia Sucker of Cocks

            Another Muslim apologist talking utter shit. Mohammed married Aisha when she was 6 and “consumated” i.e. fucked her when she was 9. That makes him a disgusting sadistic pedophile and puts you in the same category for defending his child raping ass. If you want to understand Islam, look no further than this twisted pervert. Raping a child then calling her “great” is symbolic of Islam itself, a pseudo religion followed by ignorant fucktards who are all going to hell.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Moshe Dayan

            As for Arapaho Retard,

            Just one more injun trying to stretch something he read on the back of his Corn Flakes box into an intelligent opinion. Just continue to “Endeavour to Persevere” and stretch your pinhead world view into something that the rest of us can understand without having to first drink a bottle of Jack.

            Eat shit and die loser

          • Arcachnar

            @Moshe/Goldberg What do you even know about other religions? You don’t even know your OWN religion. Don’t try to hide your ignorance by just go and insulting them. It has NEVER been stated that HE actually have had sex with Aisha. Yes. She is important. Just like Maria or Fatima.

          • Arapaho Native

            Moshe Dumb Ass
            You stupid, sick Jew. What kind of sick loser thinks of “raping ass” and “fucktards”, that’s not even a word, shit for brains. You dumb shit, “jack”? This is just dumb, I don’t drink Jack, you loser, you got this closed mind views of me as some stereotypical “injun”, but that just makes you look like an ignorant, obnoxious loser.

            And now you’re making an even bigger asshole of yourself by insulting a religion that’s far bigger then you. Give up, you sad, pathetic Jew and stop ranting, you idiot, the adults are arguing.

          • Janus

            Apparently the adults (Arapaho) don’t know the difference between then and than. … a religion that is bigger then you… If you are going to call people shit for brains at least scrape the shit out of yours. This website is asking for people from the West to call out your extremist bullshit. Fuck the West because they don’t follow the same religion as us. More like an excuse for your jealousy of the West because they have a government, freedom, and happiness. Why don’t you work towards going to the West. You could also ignore them completely. After your people blew up two of America’s biggest buildings, they are going to have some trust issues with you Muslims.

  • Dr. Frankenfurter

    She would Look sooooo Pretty with My Cock in her Mouth.

  • FictionRyu

    Lol. You can tell it’s a fake.

  • Emma Stone

    Why does this shit website have to post stupid fakes!

    • Muammar Gaddafi

      So that we can stone her!


      • Max

        You sick ass Muslim rapists beat your meat to this shit every hour. Your religion is so sick that you believe killing and murduring people make them your slaves in the after life. How sick is that? You Muslims can murder people but at the same time be offended by a naked female body that is harmless? You are all sick and should be put to death for your beliefs. God is great and Allah is a little bitch and Mohammed is a rapist who fucks 9 year old girls. I would never follow a child rapists beliefs and that’s what is wrong with all of u fucking towl heads. Buy a razor fagets! Look like you have respect for yourself at least even though you don’t.

        • Anonymous

          Why do you fucking insult Islam you fucktard. I don’t see that they insult your pathetic beleives or your bitchass god. So stop fucking around with people in the internet, grow some balls and say this to a real life muslim. By the way Islam doesn’t support violence and murder. If you wanna see murders just look at the christian history. You’ ll see that all your fucking ancestors are killers. So go suck a dick you worthless fag.

          • Janus

            They don’t insult our religion? You have a fucking word for people who don’t follow your religion! All Christians were killers? Jesus didn’t kill anybody, he was killed. You have it all backwards in your head.

  • mayhem

    another shitty photo shop job by a fuckin muzlim

    • IknwWhyMuslimSucks

      You tellum nigga us niggas r on fire homie!
      Muhammad rapist bastard fuck muslim

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Sucks off muslims

        No,,,,,you “niggas” ain’t on fire yet……but when The Klan finds your ass you will be.

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        • jackthefuckingripper

          listen bitch talking bout kkk aint funny so take ur punk ass and say dat to my people and see wat we do cause its mad offensive

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Emma will come to understand the true meaning of the word stone….when Islam takes over.


    • Nazi

      When Islam takes over I would like to join you and your fight against Jude’s. DEATH TO ALL JUDES.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Nazi

        If you hate Jews googles and homoqueers…then welcome to the fight against all them filthy assholes.

        • Nazi

          Brother Abdullah.
          I want um all dead I wish the Muslims put um all in a Death Camp just like Broth Hitler did. DEATH TO ISRAEL, DEATH TO THE U.K, DEATH TO AMERICA, AND DEATH TO RUSSIA

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Nazi nut licker

            You’re walking a fine line between a serious ass kicking and an execution with your “death to america” comment.

            If I had to vote right now……I’d vote execution.


          • Nazi

            I live In Germany, and im a Nazi yes I do know its illegal to be a Nazi in Germany. Im sort of against America because they were on the Allied power in WW2. I will kill you ever tried to kill me you STUPID AMERICAN.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Nut sack Nazi

            Everyone knows th germans are big time pussies and that Hitler should have recruited The Klan if he wanted to kill all the jews.

            What you fags couldn’t do is what us klansmen will do……and we’ve added muslims, wetbacks, chinks, japs, koreans, and all other non-aryan mofos……and the gays have to go too.

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          • Nazi

            Germany has killed more Jude’s than any country in the last few centuries. The Klan, are you kidding the only thing their good for is hanging googles by a cross and burning it. Hitler never needed them, because he took over almost all of Europe and that is something the KKK would never be able to do. Ummm no the Klan hasn’t killed almost 6,000,000 people.

          • Moshe Dayan

            Nutsucker Nazi Boy

            If you had anything other than a molecule of brain tissue you’d know that ‘Nazi’ was a derogatory (ooh big word) reference that other people i.e. Jews called them. They called themselves National Socialists. That makes you an ignorant turd, just like all the other faggot Nazis we hung at Nuremburg. Furthermore, remember that we Jews used the US to make not one but two bombs and the original target was…Berlin. We Jews would have given you krauts the butt fucking you deserved. Unfortunately you chickened out and surrendered before we could nuke your ass (damn). Maybe next time fucktard.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • German

            Arrogant jew Dayan

            Nein Nein Nein Nein!! Lächerlich!!!

            It is irrelevant that ‘Nazi’ is derogatory or not. He is posting in an ENGLISH forum so he has to use the word by which the english world knows them…i.e Nazi

          • Arcachnar

            @Moshe The most Americans, British and such does NOT know or never heard that its the ‘National Socialists’. Nazi is just making it easy for them to understand by calling them Nazis.

            The Jews have had never a big role in WWII. They only helped a small part in the creation of the Bombs and surviving the concentration camps. Only ONE Nazi has been hanged by the Jews in Israel. All the others by the Americans and the British.

            Used the US? You should be thankful for the US, England and Canada. Without them the Jews woulda been exterminated and there wouldn’t been a state for your kind.

            We the Jews kicked….? Hahaha. The Jews were powerless against the Axis. Just stop making your race more important than they are in the real world. And YOU asked yourself why there is a growing anti-Semitism in Europe, US and in the Middle East? It’s your own doing.

        • Anonymous

          Dont be racist bro

    • Janus

      This is obviously a fake photo. Emma Stone’s head photoshopped on a whore’s body. Stupid Muslims going crazy over one fake picture.

    • fuckmuzztrash

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  • Zendaya Coleman

    that pic is real coz i took it last night before we had a lesbien experience

    • Nazi


  • Einsam

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  • muslimsareass

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  • Proud american

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    • Nazi

      I would rather take over Britain, Russia, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and the rest of Europe before I’d take over the United States. Yes im a Nazi I hate anyone not white and homosexuals. Hitler was a great man who did almost everything he said he was gonna do. SEIG HEIL SEIG HEIL SEIG HEILP. DEATH TO ISRAEL.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • Nazi

        You speak wise words Brother Abdullah. I agree this Infidel would only join the Marine Corps for his daily dose of gay anal sex.

      • Ectomorph the holy pig-loving Imam

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      • Ectomorph the holy pig-loving Imam

        I forgot to say:

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        Hey, Nazi,
        Did you know the “Marine Corps” is actually mis-spelled? It’s really the “Meringue Corps” because they’re a bunch of sugar puffs. It’s AmeriKKKa’s big secret and they’re trying to keep it quiet but too late! Someone found out!

  • neutralperson

    even though im american i do not hate musslums at all i only dislike the pnes threating to blow up everything i rather admire musslums dedication to realign

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      I dislike your lack of dedication to spelling and the english language in general.

      I also dislike you for being a cock sucking muslim lover.


  • neutralperson

    i could go on about how you unjustly beat women for showing ankle yet you’re ok whith seeing whats on this site

  • bob

    All you fucking little racist bastards need to go die in a hole with a rusty pole stuck up your ass. You retarded fucks think Hitler was a good man? That’s so fucked up and you crazy ass hoes that go running around blowing shit up with a total on your head need to die to. I’m know that Islam is not a violent religion so I’m not trying to stereotype here.

  • neutralperson

    bob has a point

  • whatsthis

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  • Uncle Ben

    I jus done truss a woman dat got de freckles on de face but nun on de twat.

    Sumpin jus aint rite bout dat.

    • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

      Just make your converted rice and shut the fuck up, kaffir.

  • Jb97

    You should all find an actual decent religion

  • Umar the Brown

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  • Mohumad in da cupboard

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    Allah is great Allah is fine.

  • Max

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  • Andrew123

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  • Andrew123

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  • tommyt

    haha brilliant line at the end “when islam conquers the west” lol they can’t even keep the land they already have! let alone moving on to ours! loool

  • fuck you

    bad photoshop
    .just do not break any one image

  • unibomber

    only a completely worthless sand google would publish a photo cropped picture of the sexy Emma Stone

  • John

    She is a natural blonde, not a red head!
    May Allah have mercy on your soul for this disgusting desecration of a lovely young woman.
    If you are a Moslem you have made every good Moslem your enemy.

  • photoshop

    terrible shoop bro

  • templer

    She is fucking sexy i would reck her

  • yo momma

    This is an kbvious photoshop.. But for all anti muslim ppl on this site… Why come here if ur so anti muslim.. And i will add.. Not one muslim was involved in the so called terrorist act usa got more than a decade ago.. That was our own govrrnment.. We should be worried bout our government wanting to kill us more than some one else.. I like this site and it is a good site… Either enjoy it as well or get the fuck off and shut the fuck up… Quit being ignorent and believeing what ur government tells u.. Have a good day

  • fuck8261

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  • Rakit

    I think she is just simply beautiful.

  • Wownowbrowncow

    Ha, this was pretty funny to read.


    I am an American and I love Moslems because they religion doesn’t support violence and murders. They not a racist like we Americans. Not one Moslems was involved in the so called terrorist act USA got more than a decade ago. That was our own government. We should be worried about our government wanting to kill us more than some one else. So stop being racist and think about ourself that will be killed by our own goverment.


  • Truth seeker

    This is not Emma Stone nude. Someone apparently has too much cut and paste time with a photo editor.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      turd sucker

      I’d like for the nearest Jihadist to cut your muthafucking head off and paste it to your ass.

      • Justme

        Oh dear, somebody woke up on the wrong side of their camel, didn’t they?

  • A decent human being

    Why make fake nude pictures of women. ??!! Why do you hate women so much ? Why do you hate so much in general ? Maybe you should all blow yourselves up and hate in hell .

    • Muslim Patriot

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  • Charles

    If all you guys want to do is stone her for being red-headed, and sexy, or make fun of others for believing in something older than Christianity, then you need to GTFO and stop being a pessimistic douche. If none of you want her, I’d be more than willing. She’s got character and I think she’s damn sexy, whether she stays Red-Headed or stays Blonde.

  • gee

    whats up w/ all these rug heads hacking american women for being artists? are they all gay? afterall their faces look like 70s pussies! get off our women and understand ALLAH made yours wear veils because they are hideous looking and have hairy cunts… surely they will go to hades on judgement day

  • Muslimssuck

    Why do Muslim girls not talk during sex? Because they aren’t supposed to talk I strangers.

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    Why do you guys waste your life on this site?

  • Yo

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    • whacker

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  • merica

    That is the worst photoshop ever.

  • Poppawowow

    Emma stone isn’t actually a real ginger sooooo soul is inside her

  • jocko

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  • austin23

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