Emma Stone Leaked Nude Selfie Is REAL

Emma Stone nude

The Internet is abuzz over the leaking of the above Emma Stone nude selfie.

Many Emma Stone apologists are trying to claim that this photo is not real, and that Emma would not take a nude photo even though she is a professional whore for Zionist controlled Hollywood.

Unlike these people us pious Muslims only deal in facts and hard proof, that is why after some investigative journalism and careful examination of this Emma Stone nude selfie we have determined that it is definitely 100% real… beyond any shadow of a doubt.

First it looks like Emma, and the tits are sufficiently wonky to be Emma’s. Next we uncovered the photo below of Emma Stone by the pool with her cell phone, and as you can clearly see she has the exact same cell phone case as the girl in the photo.

Emma Stone nude

If that wasn’t proof enough that this selfie is really Emma Stone, we took the photo to Imam Apul Madeek-Auod who after examining the photo in his private chambers for several hours finally emerged, requested some Gatorade, and confirmed that this is Emma Stone.

So there you have it an Emma Stone leaked nude selfie. Allah willing she will soon be known as Emma “Stoned” for inflicting us with the sight of her sinful naked body.

  • salam


  • InfidelNoMore

    Another American whore exposing herself as her career sees the finish line. There is no doubting that these pictures are genuine, those weird tits and face could belong to no one but herself. Luckily her name already fits the punishment for this heinous crime.

    • TxRyder

      Cut off your hands so you can’t type anymore and just put that big mouth of yours back to use on your boyfriend Princess Camel Turd.

    • epyon

      Really? Are you that stupid as to believe these photos are real? And shouldn’t you be committing suicide for looking at them as the Koran says you should. Well if your not going to kill yourself, denounce your faith, easy some bacon and join the human race because it seams that words fall from your mouth as does shit from your ass

  • The Guy with The EyE

    .Second Firsties!!!

  • Imam Abbas

    This common has-been/trollop gets an awful lot of publicity on this holy site, despite being a tool of the Hollywood Jew Flick Factory.
    Now she’s displaying her ladybits for all to see, which are admittedly less offensive than Team Homo-queer headlining the donkey shows in Tiajuana.
    However, her lack of decency (and especially the poor quality of the selfie) have earned her a sentence to be righteously lapidated, after which her carcass will be committed to the skillet Jahannam to fry for all eternity.
    That’ll teach these whores to selfie with low-quality cameras!
    Allahu Akbar!

    • TxRyder

      So you promote the whores… Thank God cause your mom and sisters really gave me a great time last night. It was even better when I got your Dad to lick up my sperm off my prophet Mohammed bed sheets. But the grease stains he left crawling on my bed forced me to have to burn them this morning. But, I will always have the memories! Lmao

  • Diego

    Soooooo Faaaaake!!!!!!!!

  • FunnyHeadlines

    Says you work with facts and hard proof yet you’re religious. LOL

    • You idiot we are not just “religious” we are Muslims. Followers of the one TRUE religion!

      • FunnyHeadlines

        You say you aren’t religious then you say you follow a religion. Kind of contradictory

        • Your reading comprehension might improve if you remove that guy’s dick from your mouth.

          • Aryan Brotherhood

            Allah is a desert demon. Neither Christians or Muslims are the true religion because there’s nothing but GOOGLES IN IT!!!!! Google, rice google, sand google, island google etc.

            The only true God is Thor. Also Heaven and Jahhanam don’t exist. Valhalla is the true afterlife.

          • FunnyHeadlines


          • TxRyder

            No Allah isn’t a demon at all he is the made up delusional fantasy of a bunch of imbred camel fuckers that have spent so much time in the sun they burned their brains. TThat’s why no one is allowed to draw or render an image of him. Its easier to worship a fictional god to explain your hatred than to actually perdue a TRUE religion.

          • FunnyHeadlines

            Not sure you can say that under Sharia. Get a real law system.

      • TxRyder

        No your idiots. We know perfectly well who you goat fucking camel cock sucking pantie wearing little homos are. And your “religion” is nothing more than hateful propaganda set forth my your leaders to keep the population in check by teaching you to kill yourself for a “cause”. Your so stupid you buy into it every generation. You ate pawns in the worlds worst fucking joke. You think you are important. Twatwaffel please. We are superior to you in every way. Our lives are better, women hotter, food is actually fit for human consumption. Even our homeless bums are cleaner and less disease ridden then your wealthiest unless of course they got smart and moved here. You are a parasite to be eradicated and wiped from this planet.

  • Celeb_Fanatic

    I’ve been waiting on this one for a while. Thank you internet.

  • stupid muslims

    all of you muslim al-kedia idiots are stupid jerks that don’t know that Jesus is lord and that muhummad is fucking fake and doesn’t exist jerks

    • Jesus is lord, lord of homogays.

      Nobody cares Jesus, his followers “christians” don’t follow him; and jews says he’s a fake drugaddict son of a prostitute and a roman soldier. Sorry you lost.

      • TxRyder

        That’s a very interesting viewpoint the Twatwaffel. Unfortunately once again you’ve been lead astray. Your religions founder who is the son of Abraham was the son of a slave. Christ has never been depicted or described as a “drug addicted son of a prostitutr and roman soldier” he is the son of the True God (not your little panties up his ass pretend “god”) as a mortal he was born of emaculate conception meaning Mary was a virgin. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute that Christ met later in life and converted. I have read your Koran so I can tear your religion (and you for that matter) apart. Try reading the REAL Holy Book before you misconstrue your information and make yourself look dumber than you did the day you whore mother popped you out her ass! I may not follow all scripture as I am human. At least I strive to better myself. Maybe you would prefer the whole world be a waste land desert with little to offer the people so we can all be as miserable as you. Well good luck with that Twatwaffel. Maybe we should get the knights Templar back together and start a new crusade against the Muslims, take back Jerusalem give it to the Jews just to piss you off and force you to become the eternal bitch slaves of the world. There’san idea

        • TxRyder

          One word SHARIA

    • Saliem Damaqued


  • Aryan Brotherhood

    Emma Stone is one prime piece of Aryan tuna. She’s like I like always liked my birthday cakes. Pure white with a touch of red up top. Of course she’s naturally a blonde but whatever. Red and blonde are both Aryan hair colors it’s only brown hair that is the color of mud people.

    Besides like my old man told me, a blonde is simply a redhead without passion. Maybe he’s right. Maybe not. The best threesome I ever had was with a red headed girl and a blonde.

    I gotta say though as much as I love how much you camel jockeys post up naked pictures of white women, I almost wish we were in the 70’s Nothing like vintage bush.

  • Bob

    Funny because she has rist tattoos and there not in the nude selfie

    • The tattoo is on her left wrist and you can’t see her left wrist in the mirror. Do not try to match wits with us Muslims again, you will only embarrass yourself further.

      • Chris

        All you inbreed Muslims can do is stone people to death and fuck your sisters but you can’t match wits with America you backwards fucks

        • You compliment us in the 1st part of your comment, and then insult us in the 2nd. Make up your mind you schitzo!

          • jesus

            you got it all wrong chris they dont fuck there sister. they fuck they’re brothers and other small boys of they’re liking

          • TxRyder


          • TxRyder

            Read your own hypacritacle statements. Holy men don’t seem out pleasures of the flesh. Oh Holy Goat sucking Allah the Pathetic one. I must go find naked pics of girls to rub off to so I can condemn the whores after I cum.
            Your a joke. A very poorly thought out one but joke none the less.

        • Imam Abbas

          Can’t match wits with America?

          Who got kicked out of Iraq, after earning the worst foreign policy and national security disaster in history?

          America, thats who!

          Who lost over $2 Trillion dollars (and counting), over 40,000 casualties, gained a billion new enemies, and had the rest of the planet they were a larger threat to world peace than Iran?

          America, thats who!

          Who had to sit on the sidelines, while all the major oil deals when to the Communist Chinese, after they incurred all the debt, all the losses, and massively damaged their international reputation?

          America, whats who!

          Who won every battle – yet managed to lose the war?

          America, thats who!

          In short – it isn’t fair to match wits with America. They’re led and populated with mere half-wits such as yourself, who’re too stupid to realize how badly they got fucked over.

          Allahu Akbar!

          • TxRyder

            Oh you silly little boy. Don’t pretend you know politics. You actually have to have an education to have an opinion. And seeing as how WE ARE STILL IN IRAQ your whole argument falls apart from the start. I have a 163 IQ Twatwaffel. Come at me !

          • TxRyder

            Oh and by the way educate yourself. America has the larges oil reserve in the world. We are smart enough not to tap it yet and preserve our country. When your out in 100 years we will be fine!

      • TxRyder

        I never engage an unarmed man in combat Durka Durka

        • TxRyder

          I love how proud you goat fucking towelheads are. Tell me again why you don’t have irrigation in your desert wasteland? That superior mentality really has brought y’all a long way ssince the stone age hasn’t it. Oh wait… My bad.
          You know how you can tell when you’ve made it to the mountain top? All the haters come out. You use fear and hatred to explain away your limited IQ. It really is sad. Go suck Mahammeds dick Durka Durka. BTW anyone told you you name sounds like a bad star wars character?

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    • TxRyder

      Bob your expecting these camel dung eating Twatwaffel faced crazies to actually use logic and reasoning.

  • Corey

    Durka durka looks like an Islamic Ron Jeremy wannabe wanka

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    emma’s giant hebrew head is the “Smoking RPG” which provides proof that the obscene selfie is real. When us Muslims got hold of emma…we’ll introduce her to the “rocky” as we stone her into righteousness.

    • Aryan Brotherhood

      Fagdullah The Sheik Of Shit’s Creek

      She’s not a Jew you dumb ass does she have mud colored skin like you? Then she’s not a real kyke. If anything you sand googles are kykes. Muhammad married several kykes and since Jewish ancestry goes through your mom that means Muhammad’s bastard kids were Jewish runts not Muslims.

      Ra Ho Wa!

    • epyon

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Muslims, Christians, Jews, all sinners. Maybe we should look for you with the same thought, throw weighted stones at you for being a sinner. That makes everything better.

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


        Shooting you with the AK-47 would immediately make the world a better place.

  • karlito

    her left wrist in the “selfie” photo does not have the tattoo of the “blackbird” feet. in the photo by the pool you see one of the feet. in the “selfie” her full wrist is exposed and you see no tattoo. I always check for moles, tattoos, birth marks. you can always spot a fake. all the Selena “nude” photos here are fake because they do not show her mole at the top of her right breast.

  • Chelo

    look alike

  • God bless all people

    All you towel heads are nothing but shit on the bottom of anyone shoe. American people don’t even support our own government’s idealogies but isn’t that for where you go anywhere. You are no better than any other asshole in the world. If America is so fucked up then why do MOST PEOPLE COME TO THE UNITED STATES? I would rather be here living in the United States than seeing for an example a woman get get head chopped off just because she spoke up for her god given right to say what’s on her mind. Doesn’t the Quran promote peace, equality and cohesion with one another. Everyone talking on this blog is a two face lying piece of dog shit. You should be ashamed to even be praising your religion and representing your people

  • God bless all people

    All you towel heads are nothing but shit on the bottom of anyone shoe. American people don’t even support our own government’s idealogies but isn’t that for where you go anywhere. You are no better than any other asshole in the world. If America is so fucked up then why do MOST PEOPLE COME TO THE UNITED STATES? I would rather be here living in the United States than seeing for an example a woman get get head chopped off just because she spoke up for her god given right to say what’s on her mind. Doesn’t the Quran promote peace, equality and cohesion with one another. Everyone talking on this blog is a two face lying piece of dog shit. You should be ashamed to even be praising your religion and representing your people

    • TxRyder

      No the KORAN does not teach Love, Peace, Understanding, or anything positive. It teaches convert or kill

  • islamicteen

    its fake there is no tatoo on the nude photo

  • NoTattoo.

    Missing the wrist tattoo, just saying…. and she has no stomach mole, you guys are seriously down syndrome huh?

  • Sheldor

    No tattoo on the left wrist = not her. Very close look alike though!

  • Cancer Stick

    Sadly this pic is real,what a whore.

    • Of course, this Sacred site never lies.

      • TxRyder

        SACRED?!?!?!?! UMM YOUR WOMEN CANT BE UNCOVERED BY YOUR RELIGOUS VIEWS BUT YET THIS IS SACRED? Twatwaffel before you speak understand the words you plan on using. I have seen nothing but fake pics that could NOT fool a 15 year old American boy who obviously knows what a real naked body is from a photo shopped one. However all your Muslim 3inch pricks all get hard. Look I understand you have to wear the diaper on your head to keep the shit your so full of in but really you should watch how much you think with that brain in your dress cause you just prove more and more to the world how sad, pathetic and scared you are. Hitler went after the wrong people. If he had stuck y’all in concentration camps we would have a global holiday in his name. And no need for world war.

  • Matt

    A leaked nude doesn’t always speak for the celebrity as a person. In many cases it is the husband’s perversion that leads to this. Yes, I said the man. Men are just as responsible for their lust as women are. It takes two to engage in activity like this.

    • I must admit that you’re right.

      In West this case is common because is common for men to be cuckolds, they instigate their women to be a cheap ware sexual object, for his own vicarious pleasure and misogynist secret homosexual fantasy.

      • TxRyder

        Who gets flustered when a woman shows her face or her ankels? You are all silly little scared boys who don’t know how to handle the big scary world outside. Honestly you remind me of my friends 5 year old boy. Ewwww girls their yucky!
        The greatest swordsman in the world is the man who never has to unsheath his sword.
        My bad you probably didn’t catch that.good luck figuring that pearl of wisdom out.

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  • evilremover

    you speak of islam and say vewing naked bodies is sin but i can see this site has only porn and associated with jihad,and you search for nude pics then only you get it ,and yeah above all the imam he sees the pic himself emaa doesnt force him and still emma is sinful,you are so dumbo!

    • TxRyder

      OK I hate siding with these twatwaffels but let me say this before they do… Don’t use the phrase your so dumbo. Dumbo is a flying elephant from Disney. Not an insult.

  • Tittaylover

    Muslim, Christian, Jewish, whatever… She’s fucking hot! Shut up and enjoy the tittays!

  • How do people believe this

    Why can’t you guys see it’s fake….. The person examining the photos was just said… No proof and you can’t fully see the cell phone case on the second
    Picture which means it might not be the same one and also her hair is different..

  • skarlustman pulyankskeee

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  • Grimskunk

    Obviously not her, are you all fucking retard ?

  • TxRyder

    What I find so impressive about the Muslim mind is how incredibly gullable and pathetic you are. You speak of virility whilst you swat the flies away from your nasty, unshaven, filthy, unwashed asses. You obsess over OBVIOUSE fake images of “celebrities” and express your discontent at their “whorish” nature yet you speak of all the things you would do to these “Zionist whores”. According to YOUR ” religon of choice YOU SHOULD NOT BE VIEWING IMAGES OF THIS NATURE TO START WITH. Umm, question…… That makes who the sicker ones? Your a pathetic disease. No one is perfect and no race has claim to this planet.Your pathetic hypocritical one sided road will be the downfall of of all you. At least my faith teaches love understanding and tolerance. What does yours teach? Hatred, violence, shallow minded mentality bigamy, domestic violence…… Tell me one scripture or passage from the Koran where Allah is used with the word love. Good luck Twatwaffels
    A heavily armed, highly trained, American Infidel!

  • Calvin

    she’s hot though. you muslims crack me up. perhaps a pic of a goat’s tight butthole would be more to your liking.

  • johncv66

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  • Dave the rave

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  • epyon

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but, aren’t Muslims supposed to commit suicide apon seeing a woman naked other then his own wife? Rhetorical question. Why are all you “Muslims” who look at this web site still alive? Most of these photos of nude actresses are fake, photoshopped trash. You will never know peace so long as you give in to hatred.

  • Jim jones

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