Emma Roberts In Her Underwear Pictures

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts the daughter of the acting legend Eric Roberts (who has appeared in over 600,000 films) is following in her father’s illustrious footsteps by taking any role that comes her way.

Just look at Emma Roberts performing in her underwear for a movie that no one has seen or probably will ever see. It appears to me that Emma Robert’s character in this film is a tremendous whore. Notice how she is undressing with the lights on, and that her undergarments are ridiculously skimpy.

Emma Roberts has inherited her father’s amazing acting ability because I definitely believe she is a filthy slut after seeing these pictures. She has really drawn me into this scene, and I can not wait to see a male relative or righteous Muslim enter her room and stone her to death for crimes against decency.

Enjoy these pictures of Emma Roberts displaying her considerable acting talents while in her underwear.


Emma Roberts Emma Roberts Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts Emma Roberts

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    You are a pathetic tramp.

    It was clear long ago that you sucked in the acting department, and that it would take extreme measures for you to keep getting even the shittiest of roles.

    I now see that you are not above prostituting yourself to remain in the Hollywood scene and have joined the ranks of other famous Hollywood whores….including your wide-mouthed Aunt….Julia Roberts….who use their bodies to maintain their popularity among the vile, sex loving, infidels of the west

    I tell you this Emma: You have lowered yourself to the level of a common street whore and while your pert titties may get you work for the next year or so….you will soon be “old hash” and after the producers are finished using you as a sperm dumpster….you will be thrown out on your well lubed ass. then what will you do?
    I’ll tell you….you will be turning tricks in Vegas and making home sex films!

    Even more worrisome, is the damage your whoredom has done to the millions of dumbass teen girls, who for unknown reasons, think you are worth admiring. You are alike a “whore” powered magnet…… attracting young kuffar girls……to the immoral side of life. For that, you deserve to be stoned.

    It wont be long before the World Caliphate is instituted. America is about to fall to the forces of Jihad and when that happens….you and every other Hollywood whore (and homoqueer too) will get your comeuppance…..and by comeuppance…… I mean the knife and stone!

    Slut it up Disgusting and talentless bitch….because soon you will have to answer to the Grand Imam!

    I look forward to your stoning!


  • M.E.

    Who’s Emma Roberts? Really. What’s she been in?

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      She’s been in sickenly pornographic movies such as Wild Child where she gets sent to a boarding school in England. There she becomes all lesbobiqueer, dances like a whore and burns down the school. Another porno she was in is Hotel for Dogs and i don’t even want to get into what that dirty filthy movie is about…the title explains it all.

      • FuckYou

        dumb ass hotel for dogs is not a porno it’s a disney movie

  • FuckYou

    dumb ass hotel for dogs is not a porno it’s a disney movie

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      To the asshole Infidel calling himself FuckYou

      I agree it was a dumbass movie….but it was also a porno.

      Even the title says it all, “hotel for dogs”

      Think about it…the favorite infidel slang for a woman is bitch….and what is a bitch? it is a dog. And what do you infidels call an ugly woman? A dog.

      The movie is about a hotel for ugly ass bitch prostitutes that can’t can’t work in the “high class” whore houses.
      And…….that movie was indeed pornographic.

      Get your facts straight you dumbass kuffar….before you attempt to ever correct a Jihadist again!

      Also….I look forward to killing you!


    • Howard

      I don’t know I came pretty hard watching that movie

  • Jesse

    Durka Durka Durka…..To the host of the this site….Please blow yourself up already. It is the only way you will ever get blown. You [email protected] suck, but thanks for the pics.

  • Howard The Duck

    Are you people for real? All of you . . . .
    The guy responsible for this web-site and his lovely comments about Miss Roberts . . . . Did she reject you for a date or something? You seem a bit like a jilted boyfriend.

    And the guys making comments . . . . . What in the world is wrong with you?
    All that mean stuff about ‘Hotel For Dogs’ and how you feel about women . . . . You need some therapy.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You are the one in need of therapy you filthy infidel….and by therapy I mean shot.

  • Chuck Norris

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Peter…the pecker eater.

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      Allah will see to your punishment you pathetic homoqueer, and a Jihadist will be the one to carry out the sentence….a death sentence that is.

      Allahu Akbar

      • Hyesuk

        Emma has pulled tugohrh a difficult phase in her life thanks to a great deal of help from her husband Lee. We now have our daughter back, a great son in law (even though he supports Man Utd) an adorable grandson Adam and soon to be joined by another bundle of joy. We love them to bits and are very proud of them all. Mum & Dad X

  • theheadchimp

    Peter you are named appropriately because you are a dick. When it comes time to meet your maker you will regret making this post.

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