Emily Osment’s Tight Butt In A Bikini

Emily Osment ass

You may recognize Emily Osment as the star of “Spy Kids” and co-star of Miley Cyrus on “Hannah Montana”, or from the picture above of the blonde slut with the tight ass.

With such a firm and round posterior, Emily Osment would be great at working the plow, and would thus make a fine Muslim wife. She would be wise to submit herself to a powerful Muslim man and procure his seed before she ages and her ass begins to sag and look like the surface of the moon.

Emily Osment has a small window to grasp what most Western girls can only dream about, being a Muslim man’s woman. Needless to say I expect her to seize the moment, give up her career in Hollywood, and birth many fine Jihadists to be used against the Zionist crusaders. Allahu Akbar!

  • IHateCelebs

    Emily Osment is 100 times hotter than Hannah Montana. I will forego my usual snark because: Emily Osment is not addicted to anything, is not a lesboqueer, does not poop in the woods like a bear, does not cut herself and is not a violent maniac.

    So far, Emily Osment and her tight ass have not shown any of the dispicable whorish tendencies of most Hollywood Harlots .

    I say three cheers for Emily Osment and her tight ass!

  • Achphlegmed

    Emily’s ass reminds me of the donkey my family kept when I was still in Jihad playschool. It was a good and faithful donkey which I still miss.

    I would gladly take Emily and make her one of my many wives. And I am sure she won’t complain as much as the donkey when I fuck her!

  • SalamTheSandalmaker

    While this photo of Emily Osment’s squeezable and penetrable ass may seem innocent enough, such a perfectly proportioned bottom is an afront to Allah. Notice how Emily’s perfect apple bottom butt defy the laws of nature and gravity as it stays defiantly round and shapely. A proper Allah fearing butt knows better than to mock elemental forces, and humbly sags as a sign of respect. I take no pleasure (at least while working) in bearing witness to such unnatural ass.

    • Tq


      Your way of commenting is waaaay better thank abdullah.
      This can actually be termed as satire cause you dd it in a funny manner and not in a hateful way.
      This comment is actually funny
      It clearly gives the reader that you are just having fun and joking which is completely acceptable and humous as well.
      Real funny satire..and not the extreme hate provoking manner
      Very well done and I hope it continues this way..

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Eat shit and die mofo.
        Us Muslims don’t like suck ups.

        • nolanbautista

          Yess! suck ups…suck!.. (by the way Abdullah i just want to say that you are a strong and virile example of Muslim masculinity)

      • theheadchimp

        I don’t need a fucking nitwit like you to explain satire. If you don’t like what is said here then go fuck yourself and stay away. Or go suck on your grape drink and puff on newports and keep your pussified opinions to yourself.

        • blackside

          Damn faggot cracker jack, shit scraping bitches. Im gonna shove my black package in your wifes mail slot if ya don’t shut up and go back to ya Damn husband.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Only a degenerate whore would parade around in such a state of nudeness.
    One would expect this behavior out of a google but it seems that emily has decided to be just as slutty as your average ghetto ape.

    When Islam takes over emily, will have to answer for herself in Sharia Court.

    Death To America



      Redundandt unimaginative crap, keep up the repetitve work hemroid ass-face, honkey donkey jocky, white chocolate smore sack of cracker crap. It actually sounds like you should be wearing a white robe and burning crosses with them hillbilly retards down south, and you know that they are a real enlightened bunch of bottom-dwellin sludge. White, Arabic, Mongoloid whatever the fuck you are you give people in general a bad name.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        backside willy

        You’re so damn ghetto that you don’t even know what you’re trying to say.

        Take this advice google: step away from the computer and return to sucking cock.
        Your dumb black ass is only polluting this Muslim Holy Site and you just need to get your chicken eating ass out of here.

        Eat shit and die mofo


          Hey shit stick I am white but I will beat you black and blue! Your a cracke bitch!

          • theheadchimp

            Willy suck dik
            You ain’t no white man you lying cocksucker. If a word has over 4 letters in it you can’t spell it. If I seen you on the street I would put a nickle in your cup you sorry asshole.

        • Fuck You

          Fuck you, you dirty bastard paki, you only wish that hot white women like her would even go near shit stinking curry fucking dirty 3rd world mongs like you. The only women interested in you are dumb old fat asses that hide away because of how fucking ugly they are.

          Yours sincerely,
          A white guy.

      • IHateCelebs

        Limp Willy,

        Wasn’t that you I just saw down at the ghetto gas station buying Grape-flavored Little Hugs with your food stamps (or as your people call them, “Obama money?”)

        Once you bust enough stamps on Little Hugs and Flamin-Hot Cheetos, you can use the “real money” change to buy a Foe-ty and some New-potes as your contribution to the economy.

      • Ntwidumela

        Before I find out where you live (Through my hacker buddy)and beat you stupid about your head and neck, I will give you an opportunity to retract your statement. One, Hillbilly retards are not a product of the South, they moved there from the North. Two, Arabs are not white. There may be some white Muslims but, very few. Three, Democrats are the party of the Klan and their supposed to be enlightened. Republicans are the party of Lincoln and the North. Republicans passed every civil rights bill before 1964 without a single Dem. vote. In 1964 only President Johnson was the only Democrat who voted for the civil rights bill. As for the camel tick Muslim your talking to, let him know that if calls my fiancée’ Emily, a whore one more time, I will pull out his colon and wrap it around his head like a turban. You may also tell the anal probing, sacklicking, scud missile that in America we prefer women to sheep and young boys!

    • American

      Oh yea because of Islam extremists could over take America why haven’t they done it oh wate there to busy fucking goats no a fence to regulate muslims

  • GoSuckYourself

    All of you fuckin muslims that seem to think that you’re cool or something by calling American women whores can go fuck themselves. Those who don’t call American women whores however are actually kinda cool.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      All american women are whores and you are a pussified mofo.

  • Jihad up in that ass!

    Allah did not intend for such an ass to be in the field. It is intended for one thing and one thing only, that is to bounce quarters off of. While many of you feel the need to bury your face betwixt those glorious buttcheeks, that is not Allah’s plan.

  • jihad mother

    If my penis were 5 lbs of C4 then that ass would be a target to apire too! Truth be told I’m only in it for the virgins Allah can kiss my black ass!

  • Rafi

    Whilst Emily Osment has an undeniably perfect posterior, until she wears a burkha and devotes her life to Islam I will have to punish myself for the sinful thoughts this gives me.

  • IHateCelebs

    I have to say, this has been an unusual week at Celebjihad. As the Kenyan goat-herder Obammy’s regime crumbles all around him, a few Hollywood harlots have taken time away from endlessly whoring themselves in order to actually make a positive difference in the world.

    First, Emily Osment selflessly donated a picture of her inhumanly tight ass to help ease the pain of economic hardship. Who can remain too depressed about the economy after viewing Emily’s spectacular hindquarters?

    Next, Ariana Grande made an instructional video for American teens showing them how to correctly use purging to help fight the scourge of childhood obesity.

    And even Selena Gomez is getting into the act by ridding herself of ticks, no doubt in anticipation of some benevolent act to be unveiled in the near future.

  • nolanbautista

    while i see the beauty in such a fine ass…i prefer the hairier ass of her brother Haley Joel Osment..

  • respectful

    i am really ashamed to see my brothers muslim talking like that, talking about sex and sins. And specially to a christian person. I don’t think that is the best way to convince people to convert to islam.
    It’s shame you know, at this moment you suppose to be reading the holy coran.


  • JB3971

    Wow now thats an ass I like to get into!

  • respectful

    shame on you, brother ALLAHU AKBAR

  • Bill Jackson

    Listen. I have no problem with Muslims. But no one really fantisises about being with one. And
    Not everyone is a Muslim so don’t expect them to be drooling over you. And if you guys were real Muslims why would you be on this site looking at naked celebrities

  • richard black

    …… what the phk is up w/these comments ?

  • Jaboo62

    You muslims sure are fine people from what i have read here But i already knew that from all the innocent people you have killed all over the globe .And calling women whores yet your on here talking about their ass’s so what does that make you a good for nothin muslim pig hypocrite

  • Satan isn’t sinful

    Emily’s arse is giving you muslims a right to kill, commit suicide and commit other un-islamic acts? You cunts need to die. And for everyone saying ass, learn to fucking spell. Ass is a donkey. The word your after is arse