Ellen Page Flaunts Her Awkward Cleavage

Ellen Page cleavage

Ellen Page, star of such films as “Inception” and “Juno”, bends over to flaunt her awkward cleavage in the photo above.

Men in the infidel West like Ellen Page because she is frumpy looking enough for them to believe they have a shot at getting with her (that is if they weren’t always busy taking it up their backsides).

Unfortunately for Ellen Page her gigantic egg shaped head and cockeyed titties are repulsive to us virile Muslims. Thus Ellen will never know the unimaginable pleasure of being rode roughly by a truly masculine man, as she is forever stuck with her pathetically effeminate kuffar male admirers.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Brother Durka Durka,

    “Bending over”: the favorite 2 words of the ‘girls’ from the Three Stooges Gang. When they see a google that’s the immediate reflexive reaction of those perverted worshipers of cock.

    I hate these homos.

    • Hashy’s MANdingo BF

      Sexy Hashy looking sexy as always, when we meetin again

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        When the hell freezes over. No problem for you I guess, because in the meantime you’ll keep yourself busy with Team Anus.

    • Team America

      Hashim the goat molester

      Fortunately for you, goats are always walking around on all fours giving you easy access.

      America! We the people!

      • Hashy’s MANdingo BF

        Why don’t you leave Prince Hashim alone? If you know who he really is you would be bowing to him. He is from the richest family in the Middle East, He is of royal blood and demand respect!!! He will rule with an iron fist when he takes over the West!!!!

        • Team America

          Hashy’s MANdingo BF

          I’m sorry for insulting princess Hashim and I have no doubt he is from a long line of royal cock suckers. The fact that Hashim owns many goats and camels which he pimps to other muslim no doubt makes him very rich in the Muddled East.

          America! We the people!

    • Team America

      Hashim the goat molester

      As a member of the three stooges gang I have no doubt you love seeing a black man bending over and being a Muslim you’re obviously a worshiper of cock. I find it strange that you refer to yourselves as “girls”, I would have thought the correct term was shemale.

      America! We the people!

    • Behzad

      @ Team America

      America ! We the Faggots !


  • Nobody

    Ellen Page has very attractive breasts unlike those found on hairy ugly muslim sluts who have to wear the burka so as not to scare the farm animals.

    • Imam Khalid of Basra

      We’re not interested in selections of you mother from your family photo albums.

      • Guest

        Brother Khalid
        This photo posted by the No-brain bears a strong resemblance to Team Rim-Job.
        As if we needed to see THAT.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        You are right brother Khalid. And the photo of his disgusting mommy above was taken after depilation.
        This explains why Nobrain is so ugly and as dumb as a monkey.

    • Brandon

      Why must you keep showing pictures of your Girlfriend / Hashim’s daughter?

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    When this child reaches the age of seven……bring her back to this page….

  • Chrissy the Lesbian

    It looks like one of her breasts is larger than the other.

    Oh well, she has a nice smile and cute eyes. Maybe I’d let her eat me :-)

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    I’ve seen better titties than ellen’s on a goat.