Elizabeth Gillies Orgasms On Nickelodeon

Elizabath Gillies orgasm

Elizabeth Gillies stars in the raunchy Nickelodeon kids TV show “Victorious”, along with fellow notorious teen sluts Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande.

This “Victorious” gang of whores is constantly peddling sex to children for the profit of their Zionist masters, and now their debauchery has hit a new level with the airing of this video of Elizabeth Gillies orgasming.

Elizabeth Gillies is obviously fantasying about us virile Muslim men, for just the thought of our enormous throbbing flesh scimitars sends women into fits of erotic pleasure.

However, it is strictly forbidden by the Qur’an for unclean whores like Elizabeth Gillies to lust after our holy Muslim man flesh, so a fatwa against her will be issued shortly.

  • Shazam

    Firsties woowoo!

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      We must ask brothers (kind of) from North Korea to throw a nuke over Hollywood.

      Only this will put an end to this unbearable zionist debauchery.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Note – Of course there will be some collateral damages and the fags from the homo state of California will be exterminated too. But that will not be a matter of concern. On the opposite, all the righteous islamic brotherhood will celebrate with bursts of AK47; It will look like Xmas!

        • Raider

          Hashim lets break your name down ..(Has)(Him) if that isnt a sign that your GAY then i dont know what is!!!!! so feel free to drop the nuke on hollywood and kill your own KIND !!!!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            What is this?

            Go finish your english homework and eat the cereals or your mom will beat your ass.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            ass raider

            shut up homoqueer.

            And you know all about “breaking down” the fags at the glory hole before you hop onto the hershey highway.

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        • Aamil the Vengful

          May this event happen soon, the queers and whores must be killed, we will celebrate in the ruins of Hollywood soon, praise allah

          • Imam Khalid


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Hashim

          The ass raider may be an even bigger fag than gay pete.

          It will be good when he is finally shot with the AK-47

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Abdullah,

            To be a bigger fag than Tiny Pecker Pete is for the average homo quite an achievement.
            But maybe you are right my friend.

            Anyway both of them will be shot to death by a Jihadist’s weapon, and this is enough for making us happy.

          • ILoveGodAndJesus

            You will rot in hell you fucking piece of shit. Remember what we did to Asama Ben Ladan? That is what will happen to you if you actually kill us like that.

          • Raider

            Abdullah The buttfucker…….and (Has)(Him) the name says it all……..you 2 seem to be the only ass bandits on here just look at he way you 2 dress….and your AK-47 will probally just jam form all the sand in it from the wasteland u 2 call home…

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Ass raider

            That pic of yours is real..you are in stage 4 of AIDS. Hurry up and die fudge packer and us Muslims wont have to waste a rock or bullet on killing you.

  • Not Gay

    She’s “orgasming” yet I don’t see any visible erection in her panties?

    • Imam Khalid

      Obviously Not Gay,

      Perhaps ‘she’ had one of the elusive ‘softie’ orgasms.

  • Black Knight

    Shes saying “Oh baby fuck me with that big black cock.”

    I be saying “Here it comes, open wide.”

    • Smarterthanyou2


      • Zeppelin

        Well you turned racism up. Maybe you should go suck a fags dick and reflect about that. And black night FUCK YA

  • TBEAR182

    Of all the celebs we have to choose from in this world, what is the obsession with this shitty show?

    • Zeppelin

      It’s becouse there hot.

  • Word of wisdom

    Another woman tormented by her sin bit…
    When will the western devastating madness end ? When will the heathens understand that you do your females a favor by cutting them ?

    I have to save this one. Where is my halal secateurs ?

    • TBEAR182

      Word of Wisdom,
      Could you do us the honor and seek out the imposter that trolls this site and remove their “sin bit”? It would be greatly appreciated.

      • Word of wisdom

        The only imposter I positively identified here is small worm pete.
        He presents himself as kkk member, but actually he’s only the old chinese tranny that formerly trolled here under the names of “Hong” and “Celebfan”. Unfortunately, this homochink full of aids has long been neutered, and I doubt I could find any sin bits for my secateurs.
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        All the other posters here, beginning with my glorious jihadi brothers, are fully legit.

        • TBEAR182

          Word of Wisdom,
          I have exposed the imposter, he goes by the name of Kale Cunt Sexton.


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    • Smarterthanyou2



    • Zeppelin

      So what your saying is Justin Berbers going to fuck them 72 time. Retribution!!!

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    You couldn’t remove her outfit…?

  • Bashiri al-Saud

    Western whores like these have no place in public. Keep your gasims behind closed doors while getting fucked from behind from a throbbing islamic scud. I would never let my daughter watch these filthy jewish produced trash tv! What we need is a religious police force like in Arabia where they would wip these degenerate sluts into fearing Allah! DEATH TO HOLLYWOOD!!

    • Imam Khalid

      Being spawns of Shaitan and too cheap to pay retail, Jews are filth so, it follows that they promote filth.

      They are the main powers behind all sorts of world media garbage – including pornography, news media, banking, popular television and Hollywood.

      This is not ‘hate’ or speculation – it is verifiable fact.

    • Zeppelin

      Maybe we flaunt them because there hotter then anything Muslims have ever made. If you wan’t hot bitches you have to go with Christians, or Jews . Well make them then you try to convert them Mormon style try doing that. Because you can have Hanna Montana. I’m cool with keeping Jay-z.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Elizabeth Gillies would have made a fine concubine….13 years ago.

    • Zeppelin

      13 years ago she would have been seven pervert. You wouldn’t even know what to do with her if you got her. A Woman is a little more complicated then gouts and men for that mader. You see a woman has two holes instead of one. Remarkable right.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


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        • Zeppelin

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          • Abdullah The Butcher


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          • Zeppelin

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          • Abdullah The Butcher


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          • Zeppelin

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          • Zeppelin

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  • Zeppelin

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    • Zeppelin

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      • Zeppelin

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      • Baus

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  • Ollie

    Are you sure that she doesn’t just have the hicups?

  • Alissa DiCarlo

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    • The Reaper

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  • miley fucks goats

    hotter than victoria

    • Zeppelin

      That is arguable.

  • Johnny Law

    You rag heads take the only hot girl on nick and post lies about her I guess you are a group of queer muslims.

    • Zeppelin

      I agree that she is one of if not the hottest girl on Nick. They just have to go around fucking everything up. Especially goats.

      • Zeppelin

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        • Zeppelin

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          • Zeppelin

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  • someone

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  • Aaron Henderson

    Wow, you Muslims are cruel creatures. My friends that are Muslims are nothing like you Arabians. They actually care about people. If this is how you want to kill us, then we will do to you what we did to Asama Ben Laden.

  • Jennelle


  • Jesus Jones

    Our North American government is the Mafia and Obama is the kingpin who tells the police and others what crimes to commit against the American people such as hassling men by forcing them to give a dishonest apology over some stupid trifle about something said about a woman’s bust, cleavage or rearend that should not be any business of the cowards behind badges and the governments anyway. When a man compliments women’s bosoms, cleavages and asses that’s not supposed to be any business of the U.S. government or any government that should be between a man and lady not a cop, judge, jury, governments and their leaders. That shows how nosy and intrusive police who are slaves of their leaders are. Cops are owned as slaves by their demonic governments. Armies are slaves of their governments to, who do the bidding of their evil slave masters like Obama who would command that they go over and slay Osama Bin Laden without remorse or pity. American army is going to hell for killing Osama Bin Laden.

  • Mohammed does not go to heaven

    Governments should not be allowed to force people to use paper and metal money with occult symbols on it and then be robbed of it through taxation on their houses. Governments should not be permitted to coerce people into working for money and forcing them to use it to buy things like food, clothes and shelters if they would need these things anyway even if they did not use evil money anyway. That’s why we have sinful, demonic harlotry, crime, homelessness, over-pollution of the Earth, laws with flaws that strip earthlings of their freedoms, the root of all these evils, is money and Satan’s government that is destroying America who’s mouthpiece is our most recent black president. Governments always force people against their wills to be employed to manipulate the humans so they can steal their money so that way if they don’t pay then they can kick them to their curb by serving them an eviction notice so that way they will be bums asking for money for foods and drinks. That’s cruel and inhumane forcing people against their wills to become homeless people. That’s a very satanic thing to do to someone, a complete atrocity. North America is not a Christian country if it okays slaying infants which is legalized, mindless murder as is war. War should have been a crime, as well as destroying woods in Brookfield Ct. and New Milford Ct. should have been illegal as well. Women’s making fun of men’s complimentary whistling and compliments is something those spineless pieces of jelly should have apologized for even on this non-primitive mechanism called the Internet. Houses don’t belong out in woods around Elbow Hill Road. Building houses there should have been illegal both for work and to live in. Your presence in our woods is an insult to me, you don’t belong there on Federal Road.

  • Jesus Christ the Martyr

    He was a martyr. Too bad he wanted to get himself killed for everyone but could not destroy and defeat the vilest powers of hell, and if that’s not bad enough he can’t even save the whole world he died violently for and would rather send the whole entire world to hell because He does not want them to know Him and follow other religions that God let’s exist so He the supposedly omniscient being knows everything but is powerless to destroy and defeat demons and Lucifer. Too bad God loves seeing people die prematurely, he even enjoys seeing being dying needlessly as martyrs. God has mad love for Satan that is why in 2015 He still can’t destroy him and demons yet he keeps sending innocent peoples souls to a burning inferno instead when He could have prevented a variety of religions, languages, nationalities and races from coming into being.

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