Did Victoria Justice Have Sex With LeBron James & Chris Paul?

Victoria Justice LeBron James Chris Paul

Did Victoria Justice have sex with NBA superstars LeBron James and Chris Paul? This photo certainly makes it look that way.

Without a basketball for protection a woman alone with large Sub-Saharan men (like Victoria Justice is in this pic) is almost certainly going to get mounted and rode hard whether she likes it or not.

The pic below is further evidence of Victoria’s NBA gangbang as it clearly shows a crevice in her ass which could only have come from being pounded out by multiple large black men, or one average-sized Muslim man. However, we know no Muslim would ever be desperate enough to stoop to the likes of Victoria Justice.

Victoria Justice yoga pants

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Did she..???

    The answer is “no”…

    She is merely taking her livestock out for exercise or to market…..

    • Nazim Khan

      It is a proven fact that no woman can be completely satisfied with and uncircumcised dick.

      Only us circumcised Muslim men can pleasure women.

      Even if this pretentious infidel had sex with those 2 negros..she was not satisfied..just 1 look at that fake smile confirms it

      • Moshe Dayan

        Nazim Khocksucker,

        How do you know muslim men are circumsized. I’ll bet you’ve personally measured each and every one with your big fat coon lips.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • Nazim Khan

          Most Gayfer J(EW)

          I know about circumcision because of a thing called of ‘General Knowledge’ .Ever heard of it?

          Also I have seen myself and I know that I am circumcised.

          Measuring penises with one’s mouth is something only you and your jew dogs can do..which is quite prevalent since jews are circumcised as well

    • Edward

      If you’re fucking a chick, you put your hands between her legs like it ain’t no thing see? So I say no mann it ain’t about that. It’s just a photo op.

  • Tom

    Foolish and worthless website.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      The site has considerable social value. It is edgy, raw, confrontational and uncovers prejudices and stereotypes. It is deeply satirical. Please do not disparage our site. The frequent commenters to this site are all intellectuals.

  • Tecumseh

    Victoria Justice only wants to have the sexual intercorses with the red skin. She loves giant injun penis inside her, pumping away destroyin her all american love goop.

    Victoria Justice dreams of the day where the great arapaho native, and Lord Tecumseh tag team her with there special patented move called “” THE DUBBLE TOMAHAWK””

    She also hates muslims and googles and most white skinned men also .

    Those who have one foot in the canoe, and one foot in the boat, are going to fall into the river. – Tuscarora

    • Abdul Rasul

      Dear redskin buffalo fucker

      That move is already copy written only it’s called “Barack Hussein”. And it’s where 2 Muslims fuck an American whore in the ass.

      • The west is the Best

        Abdul ass rash

        Dumb ugly asshole first you would have to find two muslims that are not queers that could tale years.

      • Tecumseh

        faggot A-rab

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  • Selena Gomez

    And more importantly : did she have sex with Lebron’s mom ?

    • Canty Phillips

      I think that’s the key question, whether or not she had sex with LeBrons mom.

  • Charles.U.Farley

    she did Have sex with them I watched the hit THIRDSIES!!!!

  • Tim

    Those are unbelievably tight pants.

    • Charles.U.Farley

      wonder how one would get into thoses Tight pants..

      • Black Knight

        Tight pants? I thinking about that nice tight white ass! I wanna put my black snake in there and make her moan!

        • EmmasGangbanger

          I bet they picked her up and took both sides of her and shoved their cocks in her pussy and asshole. She probably begged to be penetrated by their 10 inch cocks… The bitch had to settle for 2 black cocks instead of that of a powerful muslim man, the whore. I hope they strangled the bitch as they double penetrated the little perky titted slut.

  • Your mom

    I like the way they pull her ass cheeks apart. Seems so inviting.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    She like google cosk. I get that. I do to.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Uhh, that last comment wasn’t mine, but it isw ok, cause I do like google cock. Oh, excuse me, African American penis.

  • Endy Johnson

    Please stop using the word ‘GOOGLE’. You may use the word ‘NIGGA’ but it is not acceptable to use the term ‘GOOGLE’, and we will not stand for it.

    • Hussain

      YOU GOOGLE !

  • Abdul Rasul

    This very typical of American whores. They try to fuck us Muslims and when we turn them down they realize that their sexual fantasies will never be fulfilled so they either kill themselves or sleep with blacks and then their parents kill themselves. Either way it’s a win win for Allah.

    • JiggerJones

      Muslims aren`t people so she would be committing bestiality if she slept with one of you.

  • mayhem

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  • The west is the Best

    Abdul ass rash

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    • Abdul Rasul

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      • Moshe Dayan

        Abdul Man-gina

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  • The west is the Best

    Victoria likes to DP with negroes

    • Blade

      @ The pest is a Mess

      So it is said you like to be butt fucked by blacks who cares Just go away you little flea on a camels ass.

  • Anubis

    At first glance it looked like the Nick slut Victoria was standing between two apes with clothes. Frankly I don’t know who those groids are, since groids are unimportant, probably on welfare, and most of them look all the same anyway. Bit odds are that they’ll be pumping her ass with AIDS diseased spunk before the day is over.

  • Grand Kleagle Otis

    Who cares what she does? She’s nothing but a useless mud in the Jew run entertainment industry. She’s probably had more AIDS infected Jew meat in her than a kosher deli all to further her sick career.

    Now Taylor Swift, that’s a woman!


    • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

      I agree with the KKKweer.

      Who cares what wetbacks do as long as they do it back where they belong in Mexico?

      • Zeppelin

        You racist bastard you all are really just a bunch of hateful fags with nothing better to do then slam a country that lets everyone do what makes them happy. So what if she’s from Mexico witch shes not shes from Puerto Rico. Witch if you make your way to a map is a provinces of
        The U.S.

        • Lonebear

          Ok I agree but the witch that’s proper for that sentence and makes since is spelled which

    • Lonebear

      Your an idiot Victoria justice is more of a woman then Taylor swift unlike Taylor she doesn’t write about every break up she’s been in and Lebron James unlike you he is actually committed to his family and wife there actual people out there who don’t cheat not everyone’s a dirtbag like you.

    • Lonebear

      Maybe you should call yourself grand idiot what she does with her life is her business none of yours it’s her business so butt out and keep your nose to yourself.

  • SkIone

    Jeeze whats the deal with Victoria Justice? She’s fucking hot!

  • leup garu

    of course !

  • TheMessenger

    stop this lust it hurts gods feelings

  • Zeppelin

    Your idiots there’s this think called world wide day of play that is trying to get kids more active and guess who’s involved every one in the picture. It’s to help fight childhood obesity but you tryed to make it weird and now you sound like dumb asses.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    a beaner and 2 googles.
    america has sure turned into a shit country.

    • Zeppelin

      It’s better then having no rights and dieing at the rip old age of 44.

    • JiggerJones

      Muslims aren’t people we all know this

  • billw

    What a bunch of immature idiots have been posting on this site. Are you guys still in grade school or did you flunk out?

  • Open the scroll

    She must have been pointing them out to the police before they were arrested for…… well they’re googles so it really does’nt matter.