Demi Moore Shows Her Big Hairy Bush

Demi Moore

Wow! Just look at this picture of actress Demi Moore showing off her thick hairy bush. She is one sexy Hollywood harlot!

Now it is clear why Ashton Kutcher decided to marry Demi despite the fact that she was well passed her breeding prime. Demi Moore’s bushel of sexy pubic hair is right in line with the Muslim aesthetic. If only her nipples and face were covered with a nice coat of thick black hair as well she would be the perfect woman.

Ashton Kutcher would be wise to mend his relationship with Demi, for once Islam gets a whiff of her musty pubic region she will have her pick of virile Muslim suitors. Allahu Akbar!

  • theheadchimp

    The Russians say they have discovered the Yeti, I say bullshit the Yeti is right there between her legs. I’ve got a bearskin rug and it doesn’t have that much fur…


    Rambo ki dari se bhi jyada ghani.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    That pussy reminds me of my first wife… 7……she was a young Muslima in the prime of her reproductive years.

    • I slam Islam

      LOL! Abdullah, only the Arabs can surpass the English pedophile! Bet you had some of those pretty boys in your harem too?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        i slam dong

        No way mofo…us Muslims don’t go for homogay activity.

        Also…what you degenerates call pedophile….us Muslims call…”eligible.”

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Anal Abdullah

          Yes… do slam dong…..and you do so at the gloryhole.

          I can’t believe I have overlooked this stunning admission.


          • amanaplanacanlpanama

            Loox like your K and caps lock key got stuck at the end of ur post, honkey. Or am I on the KKKnights of the Golden Circle chat room? Just fucking w/you my fellow racist. Down w/brown, White unite to make things right! WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!

  • Anubis

    Y:es it could be a Yeti between her legs. But since she is a past her prime Hollywood harlot and more desperate, I suspect that it could also be a horny google with an afro eating her out.

    If it is a big bush of pubic hair, a weed wacker would be needed to get down to her fish scented “ho” hole.

    • Anubismomisanigg

      NO it’s not your horny ass MOM down there eat her out .

  • Bob F

    Maybe she should just trim it, even 1/2 ” wouldn’t be so bad, but I think that would be like a corn maze.

    • amanaplanacanalpanama

      Okay, u get it. .5″ but, that thing lead all the way back to the “brown trout”. It was the 80’s, I think. Unless ur a dude, or an old maid type, no gals have hairs past the taint. Nor past the drip edge for that matter. I do not like hair on a chick except on the head. The lil peachy fuzz on the thigh and neck, etc. is sexy. BUT A BURGEONING HEDGE? No. I would probably do whatever Demi Furre asked me to do, but licking that thang clean from ass to eyelids is not the same w/a stopstik in the mix. Oh, eyebrows and eyelashes are okay hairs too. Nobody will ever read nor care about this post, or the other I’ve on this site that I stumbled upon due to an old rerun of Tosh.O. To all who get a chance to read this… enjoi! the perfekt grammar, and sentence sentencestructure and mainly the fakt that i’ve stumbled into a place I’ll not return. Nothing but love to all, unless ur a goat shagging muzzie.

  • nolanbautista

    is that a Rabbi between your legs or are you just happy to see me?

    • theheadchimp

      By Rabbi I hope you were referring to Bugs Bunny….

      • nolanbautista

        no Bugs Bunny in this pic but there sure is a lot of ‘hare’…

  • GoatMechanic.InCompton

    I wonder what conditioner she uses.. that hair looks healthy

  • Hottie

    Wld eat tht 4 days

  • dave

    the 80’s the 70’s and the 60’s called ..they want that thing back… i’ve gone blind……….

  • bob jenson

    This was quite obviously taken during the Bush years…

  • bill smith

    Wow I love Demmi’s hairy pussy

    • darnellgrace

      That’s not her

  • Steve Horvath

    That was a beautiful hairy pussy when Demetria (her real name) was younger. I used to know a girl who had similar hair on her and I loved eating her.

  • Steve Horvath

    That was a beautiful bush when Demetria was younger.

  • heartful

    Demi Moores’ totally beautiful body..yes that includes her wonderfully dark, rich hair between her legs, is an all but forgotten presentations of true femine beauty. There was a time when a young woman, just the same as a youing man grew into puberty…were aware of thier endowments and were able to be proud of them. Boys girls and boys alike..compared each other with one another..thats natural. We all have our individual preferences, granted…but..when I read selfish, and immature comments regarding Demi Moore or any other woman who chooses to be natural, it makes me very sad. Your lowest of level, “lets out do each other”, with negative opinions about the hair between a beautiful woman legs, is so disgusting. I would hope that even a woman with your “so called acceptabley bald pussy, would dismiss you all from even be able to speak with her…Much less allow anyone of you be privilaged enough to… know what I mean perhaps.I hope you selfish, opinionated and trend following people get this point. What do you look like?..all you judgementalist? Live and let what you like..and leave your hurtful opinions to yourselves. Bald isn’t beautiful and it isnt bad either…but please stop making women fell like they must shave to please you…and to be somehow considered more beautiful, cleanly or sexually pleasing. You are just plain..wrong!!

    • amanaplanacanalpanama

      Your entire rant is based solely on who pays the bills. I’m not arguing w/you. But all women know that if the man is allowing her a grand life, then he gets to choose which paint for what canvas. Obviously this rings true w/Demi. She has been and will always be wealthy enough to sustain herself and Ashton probably. But, heartful, I have no clue why I responded to you. Perhaps the paragraph among sentences. Party on and my all ur pussy be clean, wet, and most of all tailored to your preference. Which kinda leaves the door swinging.

  • nut11664

    that’s more hair then on my chin. I’d hate to go down on her my beard might get tangled up and I’d sufficate.

  • amanaplanacanalpanama

    Anybody notice that choice nipple laying there? Give her a break. 5 minutes of macking to her about skin is in, 5 min about shaving that fucking thing, and another five to shoot her down w/hot point blanks and I’m out

  • chianghiew

    Have any girl can answer my question?what you all girl felling on own pussy when get a hard fuck?

  • Steve

    Demi Moore had a beautiful hairy bush in her younger days. I love to look at her wonderful young hairy pussy; It reminds me of a girl whose pussy I loved to eat. All pussies taste the same, don’t you know?

  • Mesocyclones

    I think her bush looks beautiful and very arousing. Bring back the bushes!!! Love them!!!

  • GSD55

    I would eat that pussy in a heart beat.

  • T.C.Grant

    Love to suck her bush 1 hair at a time,drink a gallon of her piss just to lick where it came from or let her fart in my mouth just to puff my cheeks up.She is one of my all time hottest and also Kirstie Al;ley she has a or had a monster bush in her day also.she to is still hot and same deal appliee to her as Demi on what i would do to her

  • 1LTLos

    The Moslime esthetic! What a moron! Muslims have their women shaven baldy and when they are kids have the female clitoris removed calling it “female circumcision”. Mexican women are by far most raven black pubic haired women. They grow super dense thick thatch of deep dark super thick hair below the belt.
    Muslims esthetic. What an idiot