Demi Lovato’s Fat Ass In Tight Black Dress

Demi Lovato

Disney star Demi Lovato showed off her plump doughy ass in a tight black dress while in concert yesterday.

Demi Lovato is only 18 years old and already her ass is starting to blend in with the fat on her thighs. At the rate Demi is going by the time she is 21 she’ll be wearing mom jeans and driving a minivan to contain her dumpy behind.

Frankly I feel sorry for the thong you can see the outline of through Demi’s dress. Do you have any idea how hard that thong must be working to keep that flabby mass of a butt in place. I suggest that Demi Lovato look into investing in some Spanxs.

Anyway here are the pictures of Demi Lovato’s ass in a tight black dress. Enjoy it now while it still has some semblance of a shape, because soon it is going to turn into a cellulite ridden amorphous blob back there.


Demi Lovato Demi Lovato Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato Demi Lovato Demi Lovato

  • Joshua

    DAMN! Demi that azz is gorgeous!!!! Nothing wrong with that girl at all!! Southern Girls rule all!!!!!

    • Carter

      Demi Lovato’s butt is not big

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        and Rosie O’Donnell is not a lesboqueer.

  • Mars Pathfinder 2

    and she wrote on her Twitter
    “I like my booty and my thighs. I have curves. Get over it. :)”

    and I love her tights toooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smarter than you’ll ever be

    YOURE THE ASS!! every part of demi lovato is beautiful. get off ur idiotic site. its not funny just plain stupid… get off the internet. no one will miss this site of sick lies.

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    She isn’t sexy. She’s an ugly wh*re, just like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift. Her a*s is ugly. And her a*s is ugly. Nothing is beautiful about her. She’s a b*tch, wh*re, sl*t,h*e for dating Joe. I hate her for dating Joe, just like Selena, Taylor, Miley. Ahe even looks more ugly in a bikini. She shows her a*s in a bikini too. She’s a bad roll model for getting tattoos and piercings. She’s a bad roll model like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus,Justin Bieber. I hate her hair. I hate how she died her hair. She looks more ugly with her hair died. And I don’t care if she was bullied. I’m glad that she was bullied. She needs to be bullied again for being a bad roll model, and fordating Joe. I’m glad that she broke up with Joe. She never belonged to Joe. Her last name goes great with h*e. She is a h*e. Once a h*e always a h*e. All of her fans must die. She sucks. She needs ro quit singing and acting. Looks like that won’t happen anytime soon.

    • Scipio

      for someone you dont like you sure waist alot of time on her, then again the grammar and spelling makes it look like you typed it in 30 secs.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Joe Jonas’s Girl was fantasizing about Demi and “sawing the clam” while she typed.

      • soda

        If you are going to make fun of someones grammar, you should look at yourself. You used the wrong , “dumb ass”. It’s “waste” haha

        • Scipio

          haha that was a stupid mistake to make, but my point is no one wants to read such silly rants that have no point.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            you are correct slopio

            No one wants to read the mindless drivel from that dumb kuffar known as Joe Jonas Girl

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        I think I was in a hurry. Sorry about that.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      I’ve just realized that Joe Jonas is an illegitimate dickwipe and I hatehimIhatehimIhatehim like all good people should. I suddenly realized that all of these “entertainer” celebrities associated with Disney are actually selling sex to young, unperceptive children in ways that they can’t understand. Their JB initials are even “BJ” backwards; it’s not hard to see that they’re suggesting blow jobs just with their names. They mask this with purity rings and the Disney label, but really the Jonas Brothers are trashy no-talent “musicians” who rely on the world’s lowest common denominator to buy bad “music” and ridiculously overpriced merchandise because they associate the Jonas Brothers’ faces with the strange new feelings that their girl parts give them when they watch them on television. I wish that everyone realized this so that the Jonas Brothers would no longer enjoy the tween money that has made them rich for the last several years. These scumbags have cost me valuable hours of my life that would’ve been much better served practicing an instrument, studying math, or learning a trade, because unlike the arousal that I used to feel from Joe Jonas, that time would’ve made a difference in my life were I to use it for something productive rather than nearly becoming a phony’s sex slave. I credit Abdullah the Butcher for half of this epiphany and I credit paying attention in a critical thinking class for the other half.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Joe Jonas’s Girl

        Finally you see the light.
        Welcome to reality.

        Now get over to “Freddie Mercury had a boner for Michael Jackson” and lay into those infidel homoqueers like there is no tomorrow!


        • theheadchimp

          Me too, I hate the Jonas Brothers. They make zombies out of everyone and their music is horrible but when I’m a zombie I just can’t help myself, it’s horrible and I can’t stand myself but their so-called music is so intellectually sapping that I can’t believe it I just lose control and buy their nonsensical excuses for music. I can’t believe myself but it’s true, I hate the JB’s but I’m under a spell!

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        And don’t steal my name name stealer. Don’t say those things about the Jonas Brothers. You sound like a hater of the Jonas Brothers. I hate haters of the Jonas Brothers.

        • Name Stealer

          I hope this makes you happy, I’m stealing other names now. Keep in mind that the Jonas Brothers suck cock and if you listen to them for too long that’s the next step for all tween girls who fall under their spell. Beware and repent from the path of stupid ugly Disney trash

          • Dead Ed

            The Jonas Sisters suck, what else is there to say? They act all wholesome but they suck and they’re frauds like all the other Hollywood jackoffs. No ifs ands or buts, and in their case no cocks either. No reason for anyone to like them, period

          • Joe Jonas’s Girl

            The Jonas Brothers don’t suck cock. You sound like a hater of the Jonas Brothers. I don’t like haters of the Jonas Brothers.

        • i know best

          joe jona’s girl, shut the hell up. stop talking shit. post a picture of your ass, and lets see if your any better. people like you should kill themselves. i hope you do. : )

          • Kerolaine

            I am a white, scrawny, male frehsman that would like to go from geek to cool over the summer. Any tips? Tips might include how to get a tan, how to get muscles, what to wear(my school requires uniforms so polos that are orange, green, or white and no flip flops) sunglasses, or anything else.

      • Fat Housewife

        I also hate the Jonas Brothers. When I’m sane I hate the Jonas Brothers, that is. Other times I’m trapped by their hypnotic spell, truly I’m a zombie when I Iisten to Disney music, and it’s because Disney is a corporate monster bent on destruction of all individuality. They claim that they promote it, but really they’re not telling you to be yourself; they’re telling you to be a zombie just like everyone else who “expresses his/her self”. They only show a limited view of what that even means, and thus they discourage thought for as long as possible so that they can sell overpriced sub-par music and merchandise until people grow up. Notice that adults don’t like the Jonas Brothers or any similar crap and they don’t care enough about their children to stop them from listening to it because they think it’s wholesome when really it’s just bad, mind-numbing ugliness that I shouldn’t be hypnotized by. As I begin to grow up I’m having lapses in which I hate the Jonas Brothers, especially Nick Jonas, but that lucidity is fading! Someone, help me! I’m becoming a Jonas Brothers fan again even though I know they have no talent! And I’m developing schizophrenia!

    • Katie

      I’m a Jonas fan too. I’m also a Demi fan. I don’t hate Demi because she was with Joe. I don’t have the senseless dream of wanting to marry a Jonas Brother. She’s not a whore. Go look at some pictures of Miley Cyrus. That’s a whore. I can’t believe you would even say that you are glad she was bullied? That’s a terrible hateful thing to say! Demi is a beautiful girl and it’s your loss that you refuse to be a fan of her’s because of her relationship to the Jonas Brothers.

      • Kayla

        Miley Cyrus isn’t a whore either you fucking stupid ass.

    • Laurs

      So she’s an ugly wh*re – just like Miley, Selena & Taylor – because she dated Joe Jonas? I’m not following the logic. Does a girl have to be a wh*re to date a guy like Joe Jonas? Is that what you’re saying? Or by dating Joe Jonas, they turn into wh*res? Or, if a girl is willing to date Joe Jonas, she’s a bad role model? Help me out here

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        all western women are whores

    • Delaney

      First of all, you’re most definatly NOT “Joe Jonas’ Girl” and you never, ever will be. Secondly, every girl listed in your hate paragraph above has either had a thing with Joe Jonas or dated him, which proves all of your anger towards these beautiful girls is out of jealousy. So, why don’t you hop of that faggot’s dick, and take a good, hard look in the mirror, because you need a serious reality check if you honestly think that you have the slightest chance in the world with that Jonas cock sucker.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl’s a HATER

      Someone in a bad mood? I dont understand why you need to be mean or hurtful…do you get plessure from it? if you do you deserve a medal or something CUZ THATS JUST WONDERFUL !! JK its horrible its sick that everyone needs to hate. what do you get out of hate ? people killing themselves and hating themselves. No one deserves to be bullied or made fun of. Im sure as hell “Joe Jonas’s Girl” you wouldnt want to be made fun of or bullied.. I bet your jealous because demi went out with joe. What if your mom saw this ? would you be proud? No. Your mom would be dissappointed. before posting a comment think about what the other person would feel like .. BTW Demi Lavato is beautiful and not fat whatsoever ..thanks for reading :)

    • Lesbian For Demi

      “Joe Jonas’s Girl” LMAO fuck. Just stop being jealous please, it’s the worst trait.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Just look at Demi’s ass…..I know she is packing a suicide bomb back there!

    I so proud of her that she has finally come to support Islam and participate in Jihad!
    She is finally a proper role model.

    Now Demi…..go to DC and give a performance before congress…….one that will “raise the roof!”


  • Selena Gomez

    Y is Demi doing this to herself! Just because we broke up doesn’t mean she gotz 2 smoke weed. And now she haz da munchies and has hogged out on munchie munchies because shes not gettin ne more munchie munchies. WTFH? Demi you pull urself 2gether grl, I dont want 2 be babysitting u when ur 30 and just because we had dykeout sessions dont mean we gonna get back together again Im over u so get over me b*tch butch whore skank how dare you even think about stealing Taylor Swift u no she’ll never defect to u so dont try it again or I’ll have 2 start online ranting about ur unique anatomic features. Yeah, thats right, bow down

    • person

      wow thats stupid

  • Kim Kardashian

    What a whore. I can’t believe the complete lack of modesty that this girl is displaying. I’ve never been quite this offended in my life; why can’t girls just cover it? Way to make a mockery out of everything I, a moral, upright, self-made celebrity, stand for.

    • Reton Axwell

      Thats coming from Kim Kardashian HAHAHAHAH LMFAO

    • HI

      this isnt kim kardashian………kim kardashian isnt a bitch.. And KIM KARDASHIAN poses naked.. so she obviously has no modesty either.

  • Bre

    Dude seriousally get a life! Demi’s beautiful who cares I she has a big ass!

  • Allison

    Demi is beautiful! Fuck you.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Are you drunk, stupid or both….my guess is both.

      Demi has a huge square head with a giant mouth and google lips.
      Combine that with a camel sized ass and the end result is the exact opposite of beautiful.

      So fuck you stupid whore.

      • celeb jihad


  • Amy

    fuck you!! shes gorgeous and your just jealous because you are either unbelievably fat yourself or know you could never get girl like demi. get real prick

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Are you blind or drunk?
      Can you not see her deformed body?
      You must be one repulsive and huge bitch yourself…but the truth is what it is….and Demi is all that I have described.

      Now….take your fat ass back to the bowling alley and resume giving $1.00 blow jobs…just so you can say that you’ve been out on a date.

      • person

        didn’t you just write that your as stupid as dora the explorer

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          you dumb MoFo

          I don’t know what dialect of googleese you are speaking but the contraction for “you are” is spelled….. you’re.

          Now, listen carefully; take the sharpest knife in your hovel and stick the motherfucker as far into your neck as it will go.

          ALLAHU AKBAR MoFo!

  • Holy Crap

    I am a Demi Lovato CD that has been dipped in holy water. Just check my username!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Yes…talking CD…you must be of the devil.
      How else could a fat ass, no talent air head, with big teeth and lips become a singer?

      I’ll tell you…only with the help of satan!

  • heather

    i love how people are so jealous of her. so they call her fat. nowadays you have to be flat chested and have a flat butt and be stick thin. anyone that has curves is fat. haters crack me up.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Curves….that’s one thing……but an ass the size of a steamer trunk is something else.

      • Lucifer

        Demetria, has indeed, sold me her immortal soul for a life of fleeting fame and riches. And in return, I., the Dark Lord Lucifer, shall sodomize her corpulent fat ass for all Eternity in Hell.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          That is a mighty big ass….are you sure you’re up to pounding it for all eternity?

          • dickspitz

            The vast multitude of fame seeking, fat assed sows from the West of Earth provide a great challemge to my Eternal Lust. I shall spend time inmeasureble, sodomizing Demetria’s filthy asshole in Hell.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Then more power to you infidel!

  • Thinks this is stupid

    whoever posted this is an idiot….why pick on Demi Lovato….you have too much time on your hands….would love to see what you look like……what a loser

  • hii

    just because she has an ass&some thighs doesnt mean to post stuff like this
    i have thighs and an ass and very proud of my curves
    so keep your mouth shut.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You big ass bitches look disgusting.

      Go ahead and eat like a motherfucker and die from diabetes… less kuffar sounds great to me.

  • Cj

    Danm that ass most be ileagal

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Her ass is legal…..huge yes…..but still legal.

      You however, are either drunk as hell or illiterate……or both.

      Go back to special education and learn how to sweep and empty trash cans.

      If you are lucky, when Islam takes over, a compassionate Muslim might just make you his slave….instead of chopping your head off.

  • mos

    damn demi that ass

  • mos

    keep poking that butt out girl you looked great out their

  • Amy

    Her bums not fat it just shows she has curves and is not scary so show them. Also it shows girls with curvys that thye could be scary to show of they bodies still x

  • Katie

    Demi is a beautiful talented girl. Yes, I will agree that that wasn’t the most flattering thing for her to wear but for that she deserves an entire page of hate comments? I don’t think so. I think Demi saw this article because she twittered shortly after it was posted, “I like my booty and my thighs. I have curves, get over it.” Demi saw this and was offended by it. It’s gotta be like her being bullied back in 7th grade. I hate this website.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Your grammatical style is very similar to an infidel bitch known as Joe Jonas Girl (JJG)……I certainly hope your are sisters!

      because when I show up to stone JJG…If you are also there…I can kill two infidels with one stone!

      Just like in your stupid kuffar aphorism….except instead of birds….it will be infidel whores!

      Allahu Akbar

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        Like, OMG dawg u ned 2 be more alert I has much worse gramatical styel then this butch. Also stfu because Joe Jonas is more talented than Demi Lovato. You sound like a hater of the Jonas Brothers. I don’t like haters of the Jonas Brothers.
        I also do not like going more than 3 hours without a shot of heroin.
        In addition to listening to the Jonas Brothers, I enjoy walking on hot coals.
        I also like swirling my hair in a toilet bowl.
        Sometimes I beat my dog with a baseball bat because I would really like for someone to come to my door and beat me senseless with a potentially lethal object.
        One time I got a whole lot of toothpaste and took a bath in it.
        I regularly bite tree bark because I want to feel like a beaver.
        Please, someone, shoot me!!!

  • Cait

    if shes fat, then almost every girl who isnt a size 1 is fat :| im not sticking up for demi i dont even really like her, but srsly shes not fat lol

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I can tell you this…60% of the females in the U.S. are not just fat….they are farm hog fat.
      And there is a difference between normal human weight and bigfoot weight. and the infidel bitches of today are at bigfoot weight!

      The time has come to tell all you fat bitches that your asses are too big.

      So here is are your choices: 1. slim down and get rid of the rolls and belly overhang.
      or 2. hook up with equally fat guys–or loser guys.
      or 3. continue being the 1st choice of googles…..because we all know googles go for the fatties..especially the fatties who are not googles.

      So there you go fatty….the choice is yours.

      I forgot to mention option 4: which is to kill yourself

      • Delaney

        That is fucking RIDICULOUS.
        I seriously hope and pray that you burn in hell, and die a slow fucking painful death, which you deserve. Or, in your case which is a lot worse, get fat.
        It’s people like you that deserve to fucking get the shit beat out of them, not only are you discriminating against people that aren’t superficially skinny, you’re being a racist pig. So, if it were my opinion, I’d rather be a fat hog than have a personality like your’s. Because, not only are you a little bitch, but you’ve got a lot of nerve to discriminate against other people, when I definatly would not be the first to say that you need a big reality check, because I highly doubt with the additude and ugliness in your personality that you’re not the prettiest in the bunch ;)

  • theheadchimp

    You are right abdullah, Joe Jonas Girl has as many personalities as Sybil. They can change their names but they still spout the same old shit.

  • Coroner

    Think god her FAT ASS did not trip and fall into the crowd..It would of been a huge catastrophe

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      If that had happened….you would have had much work.

  • theheadchimp

    There is one thing about fat asses………they only get fatter with time.

  • demi and miley are WHORES!

    disgrace to disney. fucking slut

    • Delaney

      Yep, she has a butt, and wears a black dress, such a fucking disgrace.
      Get the fuck over yourself, maybe your self esteem needs a bit of a boosting before you go and hate on other people’s figures.

  • Delaney

    It’s people like you that put Demi Lovato into rehab for emotional and physical problems. She had an eating disorder and she was cutting herself because she felt that she wasn’t beautiful. Well, let me the first to say that Demi is one of the most beautiful girls, and that’s the honest to God truth. Who gives a fuck if she has an ass, most girls do, if not bigger. So what if she has curves and isn’t afraid to say she’s proud of them, because face it, no one is going to be a materialistic barbie doll. This is why so many teenage girls are depressed and have such low self esteem, because of people like this, writing bullshit articles like this. Demi is beautiful, and if you don’t think so, then so fucking what, move on with your life, she’s not affecting you in any way, so just move the fuck on and get over that Demi has an ass, she has curves, and has legs, and she is beautiful either way. That’s why so many people look up to Demi, because she not some stick thin, trashy, whore. Demi is classy. She carries herself in a very elegant, lady like way.. Unlike most teenage girls her age. So the fuck what if she dated that fucking douchebag Joe Jonas, you little over obsessed Jonas groupies can get over the fact that she actually had a chance at getting with him, even though that was one fucked up choice she made, I mean, being with a skinny jeans wearing, faggot dick head is definatly a once in a lifetime chance. Get it through your head that you’re never going to be with one of the Jonas boys, no matter how bad you stalk their poor excuses for lives. So, while you continue to hate on Demi for dating a Jonas fag, and having a well figured body instead of skin and bones, then go ahead.. Because in the end, Demi is going to come out of her therapy strong and healthy. Bullshit hate comments aren’t going to get to her anymore, because she’s stronger than that. She was brought up well, and now she is a drop dead fucking GORGEOUS girl, so fuck the haters. Every girl is beautiful in their own way, no matter what shape or size, it’s the personality that really matters deep down, and I can promise you all that Demi has the personality to die for. She helps with every charity cause she can, she promotes stopping bullying, and she’s not afraid to stick up for herself and what she believes in, so if having a figure is a bad thing, then I would rather be fat then have a shitty ass personality.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I didn’t waste time reading your long ass diatribe; but I can tell from your blow-hard style of writing, that you’re a homoqueer who “blows hard.”

      Demi is not only a fat assed slut, with a big head and huge teeth, she is also a dope head.
      There is nothing about this fat whore to admire; unless she reminds you of your mother. Which she does!

      Just wait infidel, in a short time Islam will be in charge and whores like Demi will be a thing of the past.


      • Delaney

        So, if you don’t take the time to read what I have to say, why reply to it? Exactly. And, do you honestly think that “your mother” is a good way of trying to comeback at what I had to say? Because honestly, you don’t know who I am, where I come from, or what life I live, so you can’t exactly judge me or my mother, because quite frankly, I’m pretty sure you’re some racist, fat pig that has nothing better to do than go on the internet and bash on celebrities that obviously don’t give one shit. So, say all the shit you want, Demi is never going to see this shit, so you’re pretty much wasting what time you do have.. But, by the looks of it, you obviously have A LOT of time on your hands.. So, why don’t you go hijack some more planes, and watch your country get blown to pieces and all you little islam cock suckers can die.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          I know all I need to know about you:
          1. Your an infidel
          2. All infidels are subhumans
          3. All infidel women are whores
          4. All infidels must die.

          Case closed….prepare for Jihad.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          Just go back to the bowling alley and troll for googles.
          But do it fast….and drink as much as possible….because the revolution is coming and fat ass bitches with shitty personalities will be the first to be stoned! (I mean with rocks….not alcohol)

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • A.

            Why are terrorists commenting on American celebrity’s butts? Don’t you have another 9/11 to plan or something?

    • IHateCelebs


      You must be insane if you think anyone else had anything to do with Semi Lovato going to rehab other than Semi Lovato herself.

      Did WE force her to take dangerous narcotics? Did WE force her into a shameful lesboqueer relationship? Did WE make her go batshit crazy and try to kill her lesboqueer lover?

      Nice try. Actually, not even a nice try.

  • theheadchimp

    And I quote your post “then I would rather be fat then have a shitty ass personality.” It sounds like you must have hit the lottery dipshit because both of your wishes came true. You sound fat and your personality sounds pretty shitty.
    A hint for future posts……you don’t need to type a fucking novelette to make a point. After a few sentences they are blah blah blah blah blah….boring……….

    • Delaney

      I sound fat? Hahaha, you really should try to make a better point when it comes to an argument, because “you sound fat” isn’t all that great. You can’t exactly sound fat over the internet, and I can assure you that I’m not. And, my personality isn’t shitty. I said that all girls are beautiful in their own way and people judging them is the reason why so many people have emotional problems and eatinf disorders and posting bullshit hate is just adding fuel to the fire. While I’m sticking up for someone you’re just putting them down, so I’m pretty sure I’m not the one that has the shitty personality. It’s MY post, so I can clearly post what I please. As can you, but it’s kind of bullshit that you’re posting something about Demi Lovato and when people stick up for her you just come back at it with either racist comments, weight comments, or someone being ugly in some way. It’s different with Demi Lovato because you actually know what she looks like, the people over the internet, you don’t. If it’s so boring, why exactly are you replying to me continuously?

  • theheadchimp

    Don’t get so full of yourself you pompous nitwit. You DO sound like a fat ass with a shitty personality. It comes thru loud and clear. As for Demi so is still a teenager with an ass like a truck, give her 20 years and nobody will be able to fit in a room with her. She is in the public eye, tweeners look up to her so the very least she could do is stay away from Mickey D’s once in awhile.

    Yes you can sound fat over the internet, how do you think we pick up on the googles on here? They sound black and I am very seldom wrong.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I agree with the chimp

      This de-loony bitch is both a fat ass and boring.
      I bet she is also a bleached blonde and goes for googles!

  • Delaney

    Coming from people with the names “theheadchimp” and “abdullah the butcher” doesn’t make anything you say much of an offense. I’m pretty sure that I’m not a bleached blonde, nor do I go for “googles” you racist fat hog. x)

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You think it’s ok to criticize me and the headchimp and also to make fun of our names…but you get upset when your obviously “googleese” style of communicating pegs you as a google loving bleached blonde….and you lash out with racist attacks and verbal abuse.

      You need to read the Qur’an and become a better person.

  • theheadchimp

    You can be what you want to be, but on here you are a fat google loving bleached blonde. No offense intended(grin) , its just thats the way you post.

  • Nate

    Demi sei bellissima!Il tuo culo è favoloso!Vorrei essere io quel vestitino che indossi!I love you baby!You’re beautifully! TI AMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • IHateCelebs

      tu puzzi. va fan culo.

    • Lizbeth

      I am not sure where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time lenrniag more or understanding more. Thanks for magnificent info I was looking for this info for my mission.

  • Nate

    Demi sei bellissima!Mai vista ragazza più sexy di te!Ti lovvo!!!

  • Anna

    sh*t you’re meant. you know… it really hurts people’s feelings when you talk like that………. people get fatter sometimes..they lose weight…fine…so what? is she supposed to cancel her tour just cause she put on a few pounds?….. ok she could have worn more flattering clothes…but geez….you were really mean….and i feel bad for her…or any teenage star really…. you’re already confused and insecure..u don’t really need c***s*ckers like you telling them they look like c*ap. a**whole.

    • IHateCelebs

      If you feel so bad for her perhaps you should kill yourself now because fat-ass butt-chin whore Demi Lovato ain’t gettin’ any skinnier.

  • theheadchimp

    So you are a fat assed bitch eh? Get off the computer and run around the block and you might get rid of those self esteem issues you have.

  • Idiots

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    First of all, all of you people dropping the F bomb about Demi and calling her an ugly b*tch, you have no eyes. You can say I have no eyes if you want to, but it’s untrue. If she was ugly, she wouldn’t have so many fans. If she was talentless, she wouldn’t be where she is and I wouldn’t be a fan of her. Lookin’ for a slut? Look at Miley’s videos. She is wearin underwear. But Demi is an eighteen year old girl, and she will be 20 years old in not too long, so she is gonna wear some more mature clothing! And she should, because I don’t wanna see her in some little bubble-gummy outfit.
    Second of all, there are WAY more Demi fans out there than haters. So just remember that. And no, I’m not out of my mind. I have proof. Just google it.
    You people are horrible for saying you WISH she was bullied. How would you like it if YOU were bullied? It hurts! People commit suicide because of that! And when you shoot back at me with insults talking about how ugly I am or how stupid I am for liking her, that is just showing how immature you are since all you can seem to do is insult people.
    DEMI JUST GOT BACK FROM A CORRECTIONAL CENTER BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Let me tell you something, buddy. If she sucks so much, than why are you spendin SOO much time on her, huh? Got nothin’ better to do? And fire the insults as much as you want. Because you are so predictable that I know thats what you are about to do. Stop being an A-hole and grow up. When you have to insult other people, especially a TEENAGE GIRL who has self-esteem issues, you are messed up. And that’s a fact.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You long winded, psycho bitch mofo.
      Nobody elected you head cheerleader for that ass-chined, wetback.

      Eat shit and die asshole

  • Happy Infidel

    Yep there goes the little bastard with the name calling just as you predicted Idiots. He doesn’t like to hear the truth because he is an immature little piece of shit.

    That pic isn’t a pic of him….He probably found that in a magazine and wants everyone to think he is one tough jihadist. Hahahahahhaa I got him figured out. He is a teenage wanna-be jihadist. You know a really mature person wouldn’t even have a site like this, nor talk the way he does. Even if he was really a jihadist, I don’t think he would be bothered with this bullshit about the celebs.

    Maybe he thinks he can change the world because of this stupid site, but all he does is make an ass out of himself. Actually I mean Abdullah and Chimpface…the both of them.

    There are more of us against them then they realize. Whether it be America, Canada, Japan, Australia and others, we all just laugh at their stupidity.

    • theheadchimp

      You know you really are a retard………….

  • Idiots

    Yep. Just like I knew. YOU PROVED MY POINT BY CALLING ME NAMES. Is that all you know how to do? Say bad stuff about people? Sad. Really sad.
    Why would a ‘jihadist’ be spending so much freakin’ time on an eighteen year old girl, huh? You’re just making yourself look worse here, no matter what you say. Well, unless you finally decide to be the bigger person and NOT say something hurting other people?
    Oh, who am I kidding?
    You aren’t smart enough to do that. Gotta defend your little tough-guy charade *rolls eyes*

  • AbduIIah the Butcher

    Hey Idiots

    I’m sorry I am so immature but you must realize I am only an unhappy pimply-faced teenager. No girls would even give me a second look so I have turned into a faggot. It’s my only choice since I will never have a girlfriend or a wife.

    So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


  • Idiots

    You aren’t Abdullah the Butcher. Your picture isn’t the same.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You are correct.
      This site has been infested with a bunch of name stealing motherfuckers….the worst being an old bitch called “happy.”

    • theheadchimp

      You picked your own screen name Idiot, so I guess that says it all…..

  • Idiots

    Okay, first of all, it’s idiotS, with an ‘s’. So, genius, since I’m only ONE person, it is talking about you guys.

    • theheadchimp

      My bad I thought the S was your middle name. Idiot Stupid kinda makes sense doesnt it?

  • Idiots

    Well what kind of name is ‘TheHeadChimp’? Chimp rhymes with chump. Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

  • fsgdfhgkjf

    what a fucking dumb society we live in. but i love demi, i hope she gets better.
    also it’s so stupid that fans of a certain person doesn’t like who he/she is dating.
    like not liking demi cause she dated joe. jealous bitches, it’s not like you’re ever
    gonna have a chance wth him, and it’s their life not ours, except we love to digg
    into their business so much. wow~some fans huh

  • Dotsy

    What an ass I wish I could just fuck it soooooooo hard

  • Megan

    your a fucking mong, you want her to be skinny and anerexic. you haters are the reason she had a eating disorder. shes actually beautiful, i’m so glad shes different.

    • IHateCelebs

      “mong? what kind of Ebonics flava are you speaking? Civilised people want to know.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      megan the douche

      You too must be a fat-ass bitch…to jump into a defence of demi la-fatso.

      If you want to blame something for her eating disorder….blame pizza hut.

  • Henny black

    Damn I would fuck the shit out of here!!!!!

  • alejandra

    Poor girl just have beaten anorexia and now that she has gane some weight because of the treatment everyone is critizicing her. Because of stupid superficial asses like you is that so many celebrities end up messing up their lifes to please everyone.

    • theheadchimp

      Did you not read the “attention” at the top of the page…..

      IF YOUR IQ IS LESS THAN 33 YOU CAN NOT POST HERE ! Now go “gane” some smarts dumbass.

  • zillaman

    ha haa, wooooooooooo ..slaughter fest in here love it..

  • demi hoe fatso

    she’s gotten even fatter now

  • eve

    Wow what a gorgeoouss body. If she was like the rest of the US she would be obese, so i’m glas she hasn’t got the ”normal” figure like people say haha. She’s way to skinny for the average US citizen. You go Demi. You make your way to the top on your talent and don’t let anybody hold you back. Its right what they say: Haters gonna hate

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      That fat ass addict snorted and screwed her way to the top of the teen lesboqueer pile, and if you think she’s normal, you must be one whale sized bitch.

  • osama bin laden jr

    i just love how Abdullah The Butcher and theheadchimp always pick people out and pick on them cuz theyre retarded. us muslims are the biggest of all infidels

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      It amazes me, that happy the asshole, can come up with a different screen name, yet still make the same dumbass comments.

      Eat shit and die asshole

  • osama bin laden jr

    let all us muslims eat of the shit