Demi Lovato Shows Her Butt Crack

Demi Lovato

Desperate to keep pace with Miley Cyrus after she flashed her who-ha to the world with a no pantie upskirt, Demi Lovato decided to pull down the the back of her bikini and show her butt crack

Demi Lovato has got to learn that showing your butt crack is not only very unladylike, but in some cases can be down right dangerous. There are countless species of insects and Mexicans that would like nothing better than to burrow into Demi Lovato’s ass and lay their eggs.

By showing her butt like this Demi Lovato is basically inviting these disgusting creatures (as well as the insects) into her rectum. Once in her butt they would be hell to get out (just ask the citizens of Arizona), and would most likely put tremendous strain on her whole digestive system by applying for welfare and driving low-riders around her small intestine.

Demi Lovato needs to be more careful when and where she pulls down her bikini to show off her butt. I can only hope these pictures of her recklessness serve as an example to Demi Lovato fans of what not to do.


Demi Lovato Demi Lovato Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato Demi Lovato


    Jeez she is beautiful! If she asked I would lick the sand out of her butt crack. Gorgeous legs, great ass, bangin body! God I Love Southern Girls!!!!!

    • Justin Ryan

      I would eat the corn out of her shit

      • Lucifer

        I shall fuck the shit out of her cornhole for you to feast on for all Eternity in Hell. You will repay me someday when I, the Lord of Lust, sodomize your wife and daughters for my pleasure.

  • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

    I am disgusted with this “woman”s action. If she wished to keep up with Miley she would atleast spread her cheeks for us. This is an insult to men everywhere. We demand more.

  • skepticmotherfucker

    Bullshit…no face no proof…you don’t even see any other pics with her wearin’ that red shit…

  • Qwonique

    ewwwwww i dont want to se your bum lol i love u demi

  • Sarah

    Not only did I find this extremely racist towards mexicans you bastard, but did you ever think that maybe she wasn’t trying to flash her ass but she was just trying to keep the swimsuit from riding up.

  • adolf hitler

    she’s a whore. not as bad as miley but then again no one’s as bad as miley

    • Alisha

      your name says it all HITLER!

  • cvxc

    even if thwat WAS her, she was just fixing a wedgie

    • Scott

      She can come over and fix my wedgie. I gotta a wedgie for her !

  • I love demi

    DEMI IS AWESOME AND SHE WAS JUST FIXING A WEDGIE. She will NEVER be like slutty Miley Cyrus and she was just having fun in mexico and is probably extremely embarrassed that her bathing suit did that. its not like she was trying to show anything it was an accident

  • Gary

    There’s definitely something ‘lo’ here, but it’s not her vato. Unless that’s what folks are calling a pair of round ass cheeks on young ladies?

  • teletobies

    even if it was demi lovato, she would flash all that on purose. Now i can understand if miley cyrus is doing somethings thats she doing now becasue shes not doing that on accident or as a mistake but shes doing that for real, but with demi i mean come on now…1 how are we supppose to know that that is demi: all we see is “her” back. for all we know that could be a man dresed up in a bikini for petes sake….soo leave her alone its not as bad as what you see A WHOLE lot of celebrites doing now…..

  • Lulu

    i love you demi soooo much!! your #1 fan forever <3

  • Isa

    Seriously guys? She was fixing her bikini bottoms. The one to fuss at is the creep takin pics of all this.


    (I guess the person before sure likes talking to themselves…) …. I just have to say this… We all have good days, we all have bad…. He all have jobs to do and we go home and we mind our own business. But sadly… there are “LOSERS” out there called “Paparazzi” (PupaNAZI – Pupa – a Larva “Baby insect” & a NAZI” mixed into 1) that are a group of ugly small penis with smegma schmuck felcher (Male) or a big DP smelly holed over long sucked on clitoritis and no taint cunt (Female) who has nothing better to do then to follow fellow tax payers who do a job of entertainment for a living where ever they go.

    The only crap I see… the only sluts I see… the only garbage I see… The only ones that we should all follow and take pictures of where ever they go (And their kids!!!!!!!!!!) – even when they are going to the bathroom, even in their homes when they are having sex with their dog, or sheep, or there brothers or sisters… we should “ALL” follow them! … How do they like it?

    If I do a job… I want to go home and enjoy my self afterwards… I’m sure celebrities are people too… they are not beastioligy necrophiliac roadkill felch fuckers like the PupaNAZI’s with the cameras following them taking their picture everywhere they go… Taking their picture wishing they where them… The Paparazzi Hate who they are… But chooses to “ACT” like they have a big ego & push their way around… Like a pig or a worm… they will sit in the mud in the back yards of their victim to take the perfect shot…

    Well PupaNAZI…
    The Devil is Like a Snake
    Sitting in a Pit….
    Waiting for you to die….
    Cuz you’re not going up in the sky…
    The Fire pit is where you will bake
    Why not… You’re a piece of shit!

    Let’s just what their movies, read their books, Watch them play their sport. But let them have their free time… Like they let you have yours…

    • big benn

      Shut the Fuck up. Get a life.

  • hexy

    if you look on her twitter account she was jet skiing and i know from personal experience even if you are wearing swimming suit shorts you get major pants riding up so get off her back she is a great person. She has awesome music and is a good person all together. I think we should be happy all we have to worry about is a wedgie problem she at least has her head on straight and isn’t partying every single day and causing other meham like some popular stars we see.

  • mike

    Yeah, seriously, she wasn’t trying to show us her butt. Demi was just trying to keep the bottom of her bikini from going up her butt crack, and someone happened to take that picture when she did. Either way, after seeing that if I was there, I totally would have pulled the bottom of Demi’s bikini down and humped her butt.

  • mike

    Actually, I would have humped her butt anways, just based on ALL of those pictures.


    I’m only kidding. I’m not that kind of person. I wouldn’t actually hump any part of Demi’s body. I just think she has a nice butt, covered or bare.

  • mike

    I would kiss her bare butt, though…(if only we could meet and she would allow me to kiss her bare buttocks)

    Cause as I said before, Demi has a nice butt. I just think it would be nicer bare, and then I would want to kiss it.

  • mike

    Sorry for the perverted-ness I showed in my past couple of comments (the 3 right above this one). I just find Demi Lovato so pretty and cute and attractive that I really wanted to say that. That said, I never actually would do any of that stuff to Ms. Lovato. She’s too nice to be talked about like that, so I am now grounding myself from saying that stuff about the beautiful Miss Demi Lovato ever again.


    Fuck u bitch who ever posted this up ! She was juss fixin her bikin ( bottom ) bitch ! Dont think ur cool cuz u caugh Demi Lovato fixin her bikini and ur tellin everyone a lie ” she’s showin us her butt crack ” that doesn’t even make sense motherfucker!!! SHE IS AT THE BEACH ( DUHH ) HAVIN FUN AND JUSS CAME OUT OF THE WATER SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW SOME1 IS TAKING A PIC OF HER AND UR SAYIN SHE IS SHOWIN US HER BUTTCRACK ON PURPOSE I HOPE SOM1 MURDERES U SON OF A BITCH!

  • AManda

    That’s so not fair. If that was Miley everyone would be like oh wat a slut and shit like that. But god for bid it’s Demi lovato so she gets away with it

    • ur stupid

      their both sluts

  • Alvin&theChipmunksRULE


  • a person. :D

    :\ awww. poor demi. she was probably just fixing it. its not her fault she’s on camera all the time.

  • luis

    even if that demi she got a nice ass compare what she did it not bad compare to miley show her ass and she her pussy i bet the next thing it her showing her titi

  • Asch

    Holy crap some people take this shit way too seriously. /facepalm

  • dickspitz

    Demi’s ass is fantastically fat and fuckable looking. I could develop a serious case of ass worship for this sweet Disney whore, i mean, look at that bounteous butt begging for a buggering.

  • Bossk

    I was there and the horny bitch asked me to stick my pecker in her butthole and it was tight and nice. She sqealled like a piglet and that drove me wild and I tore that bitch’s rack.

  • julia

    She is crazy

  • Anonymus

    Man , we don’t have ANY proof of her being in that photo it could be anyone there’s no other photo of her wearing that red jacket , and even if it`s her she was of course just fixing her bikini and even if she did it on purpose ( something i don`t think she did ) whats so god damn awful just look at everything all other celebrities are doing man especially miley ( biggest slut ever ).We should focus at the creep who was taking these photos.

  • miley stinks

    demi’s the biggest slut on disney after miley and vanessa

  • Fatty McBastard

    She is one great looking woman, with a womans body unlike her best friend selena gomez

    • no way

      demi’s short and fat and pear shaped. selena is way hotter

  • Alejandra

    What the FUCK is wrong with you? And I’m not talking about what you said about Demi, ’cause that’s not even worth fighting for, I’m talking about your stupid racist jokes about the mexicans. Do you think that’s funny? People like you are ruining the world, that’s why all the wars and the killing are still there. People like you should either shut the fuck up or jump of a bridge, seriously, if you can’t respect other humans beings, then you are screwed. And if you’re wondering, well why do you care about them? Because I’ mexican you a-hole.

  • Selly G

    Oh my. DAT ASS IS HOT!


    look at DAT ASS!

  • cpkadkdj

    There are countless species of insects and Mexicans that would like nothing better than to burrow into Demi Lovato’s ass and lay their eggs..

    Demi is of Mexican decent you dumbass and besides, Mexican don’t represent of all of Latin America………..

  • Tiga.

    U rok demi!

  • RealNyukka

    we all have times like this when we go swimming. i sure as hell dont like my swim trunks ridin’ up my ass like a rodeo. so she was prolly jus pulling them down but accidently pulled ’em a little too far.

  • NiNi

    how they go say something about selina’s bikini but not demi’s she has on a thung and selinas only had on a regular bikini? now answer that.

  • mmmmmmmmm

    look at dat juicy ass damn … fuck virgin disney channel viewers

  • jackkk1290

    Damn she has an great ass i would totaly lick the whole thing and do it

  • larryThecableGuy

    i don’t give a fuck about paparazi papaNazi how ever you wanna put it
    she fuckin sexy

  • darnell

    it doesnt even look like she knew the camera was there it seems like shes trying to fix it

  • dickspitz

    Insects laying eggs up her ass? Never happen. One eye trouser snakes stretching her butt-hole and depositing their sperm? Much more probable.

  • anjelica

    Dude shes just gettin a wedgie out…chill

  • WTF


  • adh

    thats not her. you can tell my her legs in the other pictures compared to that one :/ sorry to say it

  • craig

    dude, she was in the water.. her suit got wet and went inside her crack… like it never happened to you! are you gay? she’s got a great ass!

  • barney

    After seeing the picture of Demi’s fantastic ass and crack i’ve fallen in love with it and find myself wanting to bury my face deep inside and eating it.

  • Maynard

    Fat, ugly broad. It hurts to look at her face.

  • chris

    If thats demi she didnt intend for this to happen and she should sew the parazzi to court

  • art

    I’d like to stick my tongue deeo in Demi’s nice Ass and slowly lick it up and down.