Demi Lovato Poses For A Nude Photo

Demi Lovato nude

Former Disney star and current “X-Factor” judge Demi Lovato appears to have finally posed nude in the photo above.

What prompted Demi Lovato to go nude is anyone’s guess, but knowing her history with mental illness and eating disorders one can safely assume that the voices in her head probably coaxed her out of her clothing with promises of a Twinkie.

After seeing Demi Lovato’s disgusting nude chubby body, it is clear that she holds no worth as a woman. Hopefully someday soon Demi will go back to cutting herself and nick an artery. The world would certainly be a better place if she did.



    • Justin Bieber

      Demi. Demi………….Call me.

      • Johnny Rotten

        Bieber Bitch

        Someone needs to curb stomp your ass, like Ed Norton did to Abdullah in the movie American History X.

      • sam pepper

        Justin Bieber have you balls dropped haha

  • Demi Lovoto

    This is not really me, this is photoshopped to make it look like thats me

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      You’re an idiot. This is Demi Lovato. She’s getting herself off.

    • Chrissy the Lesbian


      I took that photo myself after you begged me to shave your pussy!

      That really hurts…

    • sam pepper

      i think people can see this is fake haha ;)

    • sam pepper

      haha you lot need a life haha

      • Chris C. – Body Builder

        Nah, brah, YOU need a life.

        Demi Lo-fat-ho doesn’t know or care about who you are. So, your white knighting will go unrewarded. You can beat off to her lard-ass images all you want but you will never be anything but a sad fanboy homoqueer.

        Like Demi “I Poop In the Woods” Lo-fat-ho, you probably need to drop some serious lbs. Stop stuffing your face, jerking it to your pig idol and start some good cardio and you might actually get laid.

        In short, quit being a fag, brah.

        27 years-old
        205 lbs
        8% body fat
        6 years of training

        • Gaydar Technician

          Chris C. – Body Builder

          Every time you post my Gaydar goes off like crazy with a “Code Pink” which is tops with the homo alert early warning system. Just think of it as a doppler radar for fags. It is a widely known fact that most body builders are notorious pillow biters. Take your hunger for the cock elsewhere you fruity fucker.

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            Gaydar Technician / moshe dayan

            Why did you change your name? Gaydar Technician was soooo faggy, just like you are

        • misty

          what the fuck is your problem? do you seriously need to pick on women like her to make yourself feel better about your obviously pathetic life.. someone who dedicates their whole life to a web page where you have obviously photo shopped these women’s heads onto other women’s bodies mustn’t have much to do in a day.. why don’t you get a real job? i would say you are dreaming about these women you know you can’t have and that’s why you made this shitty website to make yourself feel better. at least make a good one if you are going to pick on people. it doesn’t matter if sticking up for her will go unnoticed.. i stick up for what is right and that certainly isn’t you. she is a good person who happened to go through some bad times and it changed her for a while, unlike you who was born naturally as an ass wipe and will probably never change, which is okay, you don’t have to, just know you will be going to hell. she is better now and pulling her down like this just makes you look pathetic.. and before you say i am a fat piece of shit who aren’t getting laid, i’ve probably had more boyfriends than you have had girlfriends and i’ve been getting laid every night for the past two years. all comments are invalid.

  • cheese


  • The Boston Bomber

    oh hey

    • Imam Khalid

      Assalam-u-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh!


      • Alissa C DiCarlo

        Wadda you say? Wadda you saaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy?

        • Asian Terrorist

          He said for you to go to Boston and kill yourself in public while sucking a homo’s dick.

  • Imam Abbas

    Clearly, the white stuff smeared all over this trollops body and the smile on her face demonstrate that she was a beneficiary of a successful encounter with a donkey at one of the shows in Tiajuana.

    We can be certain that her infidel parents are proud of her. No wonder the United Heretical States of America have descended lower than the bottom floor of a Spanish outhouse.

    This photo was submitted to the Sharia Council for review, but they are all vomiting in disgust. Perhaps they can address this problem when they recover.

    At least muslim women can get spewed upon by dignified animals such as the mighty camel!

  • City Killer (KKK)

    That cow got Google all written on her. Unless you want an MTD (Monkey transmitted disease or perhaps a KBEN (Klan bleach evacuation noose style) then i suggest you don’t touch this froggy bitch because she will be getting her KBEN soon enough!

  • Jason Medvedev


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When Islam takes over, us Muslims will take this harlot to Tikrit for an “Iraqi photoshoot.” The camera, an AK-47 and the film, 7.62X39MM.

    Now that will be some action pics.


    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Anal Abdullah

      And The Klan will “photo bomb” you right after.

      It will take your husband and man concubines weeks to find all three of your teeth.


      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        the trannyklan is too busy “nut-sack bombing” queers at the glory hole to try and fight us Muslims.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Imam Abbas

      Brother Abdullah,

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      Furthermore, the council has decided to provide for the journey’s expenses for you, your entourage, and harem in advance as a small gesture of our esteem.

      May you soon be enjoying watching that miserable sluts foul remains floating down the mighty Tigres!

      Allahu Akbar!

      • Abdullah The Butcher


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  • big dick

    this is the stupidest FAKE story you have ever posted. it clearly photoshop and it kinda sad that you guys got nothing better to do than to post FAKE stories about women who would never even think about going near you towel head sand googles

    • Jason Medvedev

      You’re a douche.

    • UNKNOWN SON.!!

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      this pic is real and so is the balls resting on your chin.

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  • demi lovato

    Are you boys injoying my body

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Only a google could enjoy such a morbidly obese wetback.


    • Lovatic12

      fake ^ demi lovato would’nt say that just saying shh |

  • Bam

    I luv Demi, and I can tell u that that is not her. It’s clearly photoshopped and not very well. I can’t believe how mean the person that wrote that crap about “Hopefully someday soon Demi will go back to cutting herself and nick an artery. That would certainly be a better place if she did” is… That’s messed up. She is beautiful even if she is a little chubby these days, it just means she is over her eating disorder which is a good thing.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      barn animal

      you need to shut the fuck up before you get an ax between the eyes.

  • moshe dayan

    Anal Abdullah,

    What’s an “ax”. Is that some secret gay codeword that lets the other depravities on this site know that you are up for some hard core anal pounding?

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I spelled it that way as an experiment. I read that whenever a homoqueer reads the word “ax” he goes ape-shit and makes a pussified post like a little diaper wearing, crybaby.

      So shut the fuck up crybaby.

      • moshe dayan

        Anal Abdullah,

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        • Abdullah The Butcher


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          • hi

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  • Jdog

    id fuck her so hard!

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Yes; I’m sure you would. Seems to be the popular sentiment.

  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    I am curiously aroused by this photo of Demi Lovato. It must be her masturbatory activities.

  • Beastly man

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  • bitchy witchy

    yo niggas dat aint demi dat bitch just look a lil bit like her

  • bitchy witchy

    I so wish it was ur freakin bitch that was photoshopped it would had been fun to watch

  • Sexual tiger

    This is soo legal and cool.seeing celebrities tits are what the world is made for

  • ugh

    weather its real or not..u can NOT seriously be calling that morbidly obese and yall people saying she needs to die are just fucked up

  • lovatic for life

    demi has a tattoo she doesn’t have. bye

  • Lovatic12

    PHOTOSHOP!!! but it get’s me turned on!!! jk ewww! :p

  • AA

    This is fake!! Shut down this site! Before i report you!

  • Jemma

    If this is Demi where are her tattoos then?!

  • Michaelacatt

    This is suck bullshit. The article underneath the faked photo is rude and cruel.

  • asd

    lol everyone is mad

  • Angry

    I hope who wrote this knicks an artery

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  • Bullshit

    Haha that’s so fake! It’s not even that great of a photoshop job

  • Furious

    Well FUCK YOU ALL!!! Demi is wonderful motherfuckers

  • tristen

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