Demi Lovato Poops In The Woods

Demi Lovato

Celeb Jihad has just learned that teen singing and acting sensation Demi Lovato poops in the woods! According to a good friend of Demi’s whenever she has to “take a wicked dump” she likes to run out into the woods behind her house and “pop a squat”.

First off this is disgusting and totally irresponsible. Did Demi ever think about what would happen if a bear happens by and steps in her poop? It is liable to go into a rage, find a small child, and rip its head off!

Also what if Demi farts by some dry leaves while she is out there. It could start a forest fire! I hope for Demi’s sake she has nothing to do with the wildfires outside of LA right now.

Demi has got to realize she is a role model and can not go running out and pooping in the woods whenever she feels like it. I really hope her fans know better then to try and imitate Demi, if not our nations forests could end up being engulfed by teen poop.

  • shut up

    Wow, what a scoop!

  • Jaqueline

    o wow! this is something dumb that someone made up! what losers

    • shut up

      I don’t know, it seems pretty real to me.

    • a whitey

      LOL. im w/ shut up. im pretty sure thats a real scoop lady. your dumb and naive if you dont believe it

  • Ili

    ou are so stuoid why you say that fuck you

  • Kailey

    This is insane. Somebody is making up a story. That whole bear thing is insane. Whoever wrote that probably lives in the city and has never seen a real bear outside of a zoo. And farting does not start forest fires. Come on! Find something at least a little bit legit to comment on.

  • red

    This is a lie! Demi Lovato can’t poop due to a rare genetic disorder. She expels her waste vocally.

  • someone

    like really this whole stupid story is all made up god when will people get a life

  • Danielle

    nonsense! Stop right now! I KNOW Demi, and she is NOT like that! And what do you mean ‘a close friend’????! A fan that got her autograph?! They’re as much her ‘close friend’ as I’m Demi herself!!! I do know Demi, and not only is she an extremely polite person, she is very thoughtful, and reserved. I was investigating this gossip on Demi’s behalf. You people really need to get off her back! And all other celebrities, for that matter! Rumors HURT people! If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!!!! As a final statement to all of you people- don’t believe everything you read! For example, Miley Cyrus DIED!!! 5 times!!!! Now that’s what I call roadkill!!! This is not true. Follow me on twitter- DYoshinaga

    • Danielle

      Also, I’ll have you know that not only has Demi never pooped in the woods, she’s never even pooped outside her house. When Disney hired her she took her first paycheck and invested in a poop closet, which is where she has pooped since then. She’s saving them up until eBay has another celebrity poop auction for charity. We’re hoping that they do it soon, as the poop is starting to spill into the front hallway every time she opens the poop closet door. I know this because I am her close, personal friend and I have pooped with her in her poop closet on many occasions.

      • cowboy

        damynm that dirty skank so vile I wanna throw up

  • hola

    this is HILARIOUS. come on people take a joke(: i love demi and her music but ya gotta know when to lighten up. sure it’s stupid, but i bet Demi herself would crack up if she read this.

  • Mia

    Dumbest story ever. Find something real to write about next time. Thanks!

  • Martha

    haha, thats gold. i pooped in my backyard with my friends :]
    wth you making fun of Demi for with the wildfires. your messed up, stop picking on her!
    she can do whatever she wants, i like her even more that she can poop outside cause i did that too and its fun! hehe

  • Martha

    it is funny but stop targeting on her

  • meow


    • DemiRulz96

      WTF demi never took nudes you idiot, that would be vanessa hudgens. Ha wat a dimwit

      • meow

        dimwit? are you 5 ? fuck off dumbass bitch

      • demi is a goat fucking whore

        no but she has a sextape

  • lola

    wth, this is just some bull…..and if she does so wut, soil is made out of poop!

    • Ummm

      I’m pretty sure soil is made out of soil.

    • Jim

      I’m pretty sure that soil is made from nutrient enriched dirt and that fertilizer is made from poop….how you gonna talk about any topic when you litterally don’t know SHIT?

  • cowboy

    nasty skankk

  • Mel

    this is so fake
    but it made me lol

  • Jillian

    what’s next HERPES???

  • Georgia

    That is the most ridiculous rumor I have ever heard! Who is her close friend?? A slimy paparazzi perhaps?? I think that Demi Lovato would be so upset that some person who has no other life than to make up rumors about her that are totally 100% NOT TRUE!!!!
    Demi Lovato is a beautiful person both inside and out!
    Demi Lovato Rocks! So all you haters don’t just follow something that you hear over the internet cause chances are they are not true!!
    Love Ya Demi :)

  • Kevin

    Whatever bitch runs this website needs to die.

  • janc

    Jezzz man!!! Get a life!!! Talking that kind off stuff about her is just not fair. First off, how come u b so sure that its not made up, most of the stuff i read about is fake. Besides, y would she tell that kind of crap to a friend thats something that at least i wouldnt do, and even if she did say it it probably was a joke.

  • janc


  • meow

    ^^^^^^^^^^^shutup you fags go hump a tree! no1 cares what you people have to say

  • janc

    If no 1 cares then y r u reading them? u contradict yourself

    • meow

      cuz I run this shit fagget suck a dick

  • Dead Ed

    Ok, people. Listen up:

    The reason for the fires in CA is because the fucking freakenvironmentalist Liberals who care more for animals than they do humans.
    It’s called “IRRIGATION”.

    They won’t let farmers water their crops because they want to save the minows and other small fish, snails, ants and other stupid animal.

    Same reason why they made it illegal to build any more refineraies, oil pumps and oil pipes.
    It’s time we hold Liberals accountable for the deaths in CA caused by fires. Just like it’s time we hold them accountable for attacks on the Constitution for the gun grabbing Liberals that they are. Humans must be a 1st priority. God said so himself. But we must also care for the dumb animals… By eating them, fishing them, hunting them and controlling their population from crowding roads with their dead carcass.

    • Bob

      Where in the constitution does it say that we have the right to have guns?

      • Dead Ed™

        The 2nd Amendment.

        Gosh, how old are you?

        Where do you see the violence? Where do you see the thuggery? You see it on the left. I will say this to you liberals, you people are lucky that conservatives aren’t the violent gun-toting… whatever it is you’re calling us… you don’t really believe we are that way, because if we were, you’d have something to really be afraid of.

        Criminals don’t buy their assault weapons. Criminals don’t buy guns legally to begin with. The idea of having you not being able to acquire them at all is pretty desirable to a criminal. As a matter of fact, they’d like you not to have a handgun, or a shotgun, or any gun of any kind. The idea of what is right in this country has been fundamentally manipulated by the left, which seems to be the ENTIRE Democratic Party at this point.

        If a conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t have to buy one. If a liberal doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

        Out goes Ted “Hiccup” Kennedy, Evan “Lie”, John “Lardass” Murtha, Chrissy “Hissy-fit” Dodd, and many others.

        In goes Scott Brown. Christie. McDonald. WE’RE NOT DONE. We’ve only just BEGUN. We’re going in the blue states, we’re going in the pink states. We’re going in the (R)ED states, we’re going in the purple states. We’re going in albino states and black states. We don’t much give a DAMN. And the message will be the same: Liberty Versus Tyranny. You stand WITH US, or you stand with them.

        Obama is one of the most anti-Second Amendment legislators [] in the country. He supports a ban on the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons.

        We could lose the 2nd Amendment. Bamas “information czar” has predicted and wants a repeal of the second amendment. His AG his new SC judge his Sec State all want a gun ban. This could mean the loss of the second amendment. The 2nd amendment makes the others possible. With out it the others have no teeth and our government could do as they please.

        This ideology goes directly against what this country was originally founded upon and why we thrived faster than any country in the world in only 200 years. We are free, we take care of our own and we do it the way WE want to do it. We own guns, we keep our own money, we invest, hire, and spend, and ultimately grow exponentially. Capitalism is the greatest thing that could have happened to a young United States 200 years ago. It brought us to the status we have today in this world.

        Until now. Thank you, Democrat voters. For fucking it all up.

        • Bob

          Be that as it may, my understanding of the 2nd amendment was that the government cannot infringe on the people’s right to possess the arms of bears. However, this right seems to me to be outdated. When the constitution was written 200 years ago, much of America was wilderness and there was a very real threat of bear attacks, which inevitably led to the hunting of bears. People then naturally wished to keep the arms of the bears they killed, as trophies, and were worried that the government would take away this right. However, we live in a modern society, and the same rules that were necessary 200 years ago are not today. Personally, I have never even seen a bear, so why I would need to be able to keep bear arms is beyond me.

    • Phil

      Oh my gosh, THANK YOU! At least someone agrees with me about the stupid liberal quacks out there.

  • craig

    that’s just nasty of her ew

  • DemiRulz96

    ok this has got to be the dumbest article I’ve ever read. First off as incredibly stupid as it is, I loled pretty hard reading it second like everyone knows that pic is upside down, and lastly like who gives a fuck where she goes? Like I’ve never done it there and NEITHER HAS SHE, people do go in the woods

  • LaLaLandMachine97

    haha people are so stupid, but this did make me laugh pretty hard. I love ya demi! Ha poops in the woods :P

  • Jesus Burgos

    For all you Demi Lovato Haters Let him amongst you who is without sin cast the first stone.

  • Ratisha

    demi is awsome and i know she dont poop in the woods its just really dumb but ill have to say it was funny but really hurtful because u is talking about somebody u dont know how they might feel.AND STOP TARGETING DEMI ASSHOLES FUCK everybody who dont like Demi because Demi so awsome.Shes one of the best celebrity rock on Demi.Dont forget me Ratisha.excuse my language not how i was raised just really mad.

  • Ratisha

    Demi i didnt write the stupid article but dont look at it as a rude or hurtful commet.look at it as a dumb article and whoever wrote it need to get a life. they r only picking on u because they jealous or have a personal graudge against u.Thats all

  • Ratisha

    Dumb idiot

  • a whitey

    this article is so real. im not the source i saw her w/ my own eyes pooping in the woods. and theres a picture in the article. my god people, stop buying into the jewish media’s hype machine. open your eyes to the truth, this girl poops in the woods!

  • Too Funny

    Finally, a site that’s not afraid to write the truth.

    Classic….keep up the good work boys and girls!

    Be careful out there kiddo and pray smokey the bear doesn’t drop by why your making the proverbial drop.

  • si la ming

    Wow. Some people are running out of gossip ideas. The poor idiots. I hope they find a cure for their dumbness soon.

    • du pang lo

      I totally think you’re right. I mean this is absolute crap.

  • Alex


  • Cher

    This continues to be an amazing site. I love how people take it so seriously it makes it SOOOO much funnier!!! :P



    • master wolf

      hey when u gotta go, u gotta go

  • Dark Seer

    This has got to be the most fucked up site on the web. Looks like somebody hates celebrities. XD

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    This is so funny. I think she would poop in the woods. I can’t stand that h*e. I wish it was real. It’s fake.

  • charm



    Hey Meow bitch!!
    Get a fucking life or kill yourself!!!
    U can suck my dick and prey for allah

  • Abdullah the Butcher

    Irresponsible and shameful behavior by yet another employee of that Zionist infested Disney Channel.

  • cosmicslop

    She is so annoying and has a bum-chin.

  • James

    im thinking of everything of women!!

  • james

    what is this a picture of i have to see it!!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Shitting in the woods is the least offensive behavior this drug addicted whore does…..she needs banned from the airwaves.
    And by banned…I mean sent to Tikrit.

  • theheadchimp

    The rest of the story
    Now you know why she pooped in the woods……she kept cutting herself with the toilet paper!

  • cabdulci maxamed

    she also does coke in the woods and fucks many many men in the woods

  • Anubis

    I really like going to this site because it is very informative of what these Hollywood harlots are doing and behaving in public.

    Take this wicked habit of Demi Lovato of taking dumps in the woods. Can you just imagine some poor and unsuspecting jogger minding his own business, whistling to some music from a MP3 player as he jogs, and all of sudden he slips and slides on a stinking pile of Lovato dropping along the dirt path. In the process of trying to keep his balance, he may finally fall face deep into that Lovato poop, filling his nostrils and mouth with it.

    In an outrage, he may start slashing at his wrists like Demi has been known to do, or worse, run out of the woods and become some sort of serial killer by attacking any person that happens to wander in the vicinity.

    No I say to you good readers of this, this outrageous habit of Lovato squatting, farting and pooping in the woods has got to stop!

  • Armaniblast