Demi Lovato Naked Pictures Countdown

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is an underage star on the Disney channel, so she is contractually obligated to take seductive pictures of herself with her cell phone. It is all part of Disney’s elaborate scheme to turn young girls into exhibitionists with severe princess complexes.

I am almost certain that naked pictures of Demi Lovato exist and will eventually be leaked to the Internet. I believe the only reason they have not already is because she is 17 years old.

So lets start the countdown now. She will be 18 on August 20th, 2010. I predict we will see nude pics of her no later then December of that year. Until then enjoy Demi’s clothed cell phone pics.


Demi Lovato Demi Lovato Demi Lovato Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato Demi Lovato Demi Lovato Demi Lovato

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    • catelyn

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      • Word of wisdom


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    • brandon

      you are right that there is not even one naked photo of her

      • mariah

        did you hear that they kicked her off disney channel because she shuved joe jonas dick up her ass and had sex with nick jonas she to:d him to lick her vagina and dont stop but i dont believe it i know its fake shes to pretty for that

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    • jjfoo

      well you keep talking about how she’s a nice girl but she does drugs and went to rehab for it…. google it if you want

      • Daniela

        Demise is so talented she went to rehab because she has a eating disorder and she cut her self I have problems like that to she helped me though most of to so get your facts strait people

        • lalalaa

          dey cill la maccha y so excited bout her

      • hello

        no, she went to rehab because she was cutting herself, she was because she thought she was too fat…. google it if you want

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      • JJ

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  • Danielle

    I personally KNOW that Demi would NEVER take, post, exhibit, or send nude pictures of herself. I know Demi, and she’s not Rihanna, or Vanessa Hudgens! This is a stupid thing to say about her! Demi would never, in a thousand years, post inappropriate pictures of herself. Anywhere. She has young fans, and parents across the world that trust her. She is also an extremely confident and well-bred girl, so taking such pictures is out of the question!

    • Rob

      And you know this because you know her personally? Or is it because you check her cell phone and computer daily???

      Do you remember miley cyrus? Trust me, it is not outside the relm of possibility.

    • George

      Dude theres no way you can personally know that she wouldn’t since it seems to me like your just a little creep who stalks her constantly

  • Anon

    Or ^GASP* We could have a level headed girl who actually is to smart for that.

  • bjorn

    She’s legal in Sweden!

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    • calle

      legal age of possing nude in sweden is 18.

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    • Art

      You are the one that really and i mean REALLY NEEDS TO GET A LIFE!!! It seems you are just one messed up dude. Demi would never to those things.

      • meow

        shut the fuck up you little prick you are probably using different names to comment how much you love her what a fucking loser. how do you know demi you dumb fuck? she probably doesn’t even kno that you exist. go suck another dick like her cunt.

        • Art

          What a joke! Ok, look. I am not going to insult you the way you have insulted me. YOU don’t even know this amazing girl either so what gives you the RIGHT to say those things about her?

          Demi has always cared for her fans and the message she wishes to send to them everyday. And with all that, it is enough to know a person like that would never do those things.

          • Sal

            This sounds like demi standing up for her rights… U go girl..

        • Marlee

          Wow. Just one of those ppl who think everyone is bad and curses them off till they get what they want. Demi is not like Vannesa.

          • andrew

            Demi is honest sweet beautiful girl who is special and would never do those type of things GO DEMI i love you

    • Jew biscuit

      Just because she went to rehab doesnt mean she’s not nice!

      • Kahlid

        Land Stealer Biscuit,

        Demi “Poops In The Woods” Lovato is a self-mutilating beaner whore because of your kind.

        Well, not the wetback part, at least. That is a curse from Allah for the wicked sinful ways of the wetbacks,

        • god isn’t real

          Why the fuck are you bringing your religion into this /:

  • Steph

    Demi would never, she thrieves to b a good role model, not only to her younger sister who she loves so much, but also to her fans. She stopped a song being released coz of topics that could b raised in a household. She cares more bout the world then herself. She would never do anything to compremise that!!!! JEEZ dnt make shit up that rnt even true, u will make life pretty hard for ppl!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

  • astro

    well, let’s see, she’s still touring, still has a hit show and all of her pics are pretty tame… the worst about these is that she just shows a little cleavage, and she has never shown any pattern of being a bad girl in public at all. looks to me like she raised up right.

  • Burt

    Can’t wait!!!

    • Marlee


    • go bother someone else

      you gross demi is a beautiful girl…..and she WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!! mark my words she is not a low life creep just a nice YOUNG MATURING GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

      • THE G

        dude how do u no

    • taleisha

      Yall pervs she’s only 17 an ur tryin to jerk off to her u kno she’s some ones little girl if ur a perv an u have a daghter would u like demi dad to jerk off to her no so stop being a perv I can’t believe we focus such energy into a child its no ones bussnise wat she does with her cunt serious people just leave it alone SHE’S JUST 17

      • RealDemiLovato

        why do you say i went to rehab for these silly things. I went to rehab cuz i had an eating disorder. Every time after i ate i would always throw up. Now don’t make lies about me anymore!!! and that’s not right i’m 21

  • Bob

    I’m looking forward to seeing those pictures. I think she’s cute and I bet she’s dynamite in the sack :-)

  • Ruby

    Demi Is Not A Slut Like Miley, Miley Is FAKE! Demi Isn’t Demi Is A True Rols Modle! Those Pics Are Fine All Grils take Pics Of Themselves!

    • RealDemiLovato

      correct i’m not like miley or vanessa

      • HU4Eva

        all u bitches fuck u demi is not a whore she doesnt and never will take nude pictures and will never expose them to anyone ever so fuck off

      • John

        I was looking up some songs of yours cause even though I’m a guy I know good music when I hear it.and I seen this stupid stuff posted on here.dont listen to these stupid ass holes Dem.theyre just stupid perves who get off on looking at little proud of you and it’s none of their business why you went to rehab.its gotta suck being popular cause practically everything you do is shown to the world.I know your probably busy and stuff but would you like to chat sometime?never really talked to any would be really cool and I’d like to say I got to know the real you. Thanks for taking your time to read this. :)

  • meow

    I don’t even kno who she is these bitches that are defending her must really have no lifes

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      • brandon

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    • marcus

      u dont know anything so shut up your just mad becuse demi gots a life while your living in the basement of your parents house demi is a good person and with your aditute she will always be better than you and if i figure out who you are ill will beat your ass i dont care how far you are and if anyone needs to go to rehab its you now get a move on and try to turn your life around becuse demi is beutiful and always is gonna be better than you

    • Daniela

      Shut up udick u put us down she is my role model. SO SHUT UP U DICK

      • Daniela

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      • Daniela

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      • Word of wisdom

        So she you’re role model ?
        Does it mean you’re a retarded cutter, do drugs and alcohol, have sex with truckloads of dykes, and may soon attempt suicide at 12 ?
        What a nice career plan you found for yourself, dear child.

  • bmki

    wow meow. YOU obviously dont have a life cuz you’ve commented on this thing like 4 times. and you’ve also said a cuss word almost every other word. who are you trying to prove yourself to? and what did she ever do to you? i bet you’re probably gonna say something like because she was born or something rude and perverted about her “cunt”. well i think you need to get a life and stop trying to say people are going to do things without even giving her a chance to be different than other disney channel stars. None of us know what she’s gonna do and we just have to wait and see. We all make mistakes and learn from them. I know I have and you probably have too. I bet if there was a website about you and some ignorant, judgmental perv named woof was picking out all of your flaws and judging you without knowing you or giving you a chance you would probably wanna go out there and prove them wrong. Which I hope Demi does. So stop being an ass, meow and leave people alone and get a life. You can say anything you want about me after I post this cuz first of all I don’t care and second of all it’ll just prove to everyone else who reads this that you don’t have a life. So go get one.

    • Sal

      U sound like demi talking…

      • bmki

        that is because i am Demi, and i don’t care who knows it.

        • Dead Ed

          I just wanna respectfully say that I think you… YOU don’t have a life because you actually care about what somebody says about somebody you don’t even know or somebody who doesn’t know you.
          Nobody should even take what is posted on this website seriously to begin with. This is for pure entertainment only. This is not a “need to know” website. In my opinion, it’s no different than ETV, VH1 or MTV.

    • meow

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    • marcus

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  • bill

    This site talking RELL SHIT!Demi would NEVER do dat and all you’ll horny bastards who looking 2 see nude pictures GO TO HELL!

    • llllll

      Sometimes I wonder if the writers just post these moronic comments to piss people off and get them to reply. Then I remember I write for the site, and we don’t. Who are (some of) you people?

  • Bobby Ray

    I personally think all girls do this and YA KNAW WHAT JUST DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HER THEN SHE WONT BE FAMOUS. think about it, WE make the people face, just stop talking about demi, then she will become less and less famous.

  • anon

    damn, shes legal in most southern states already… look it up…

  • Demi Fan

    we all know for a fact that demi is a down to earth girl and tht she wud neva do a thing like tht!!
    As one of her millions of young teenage girl fans i was shocked to even see something like tht wrote about her

  • Jason

    well i’m sure some will pop up sometime or another. Just look at the way the pics are that are taking from her cell phone. That has nude pics in the future written all over it.

  • Wen T.M

    …I don’t think.. that ain’t true….serioysly STOP! making lie stories

  • crislaine

    demi is beautiful and I am your fa ♥!♥

  • Amber

    I don’t think she’s like that, she wouldn’t do something to put herself into that kind of position.

  • Marlee

    I doubt Demi will do that. You just want to start rumors and get money. She would never do that. Ugh. You are such a pig.

  • Danielle

    Demi Lovato would NEVER EVER take nude pictures of herself! She is NOT like that at all! I can’t believe your saying this!

  • what

    yeah right this isnt even close to miley cyrus pictures she will NEVER!
    do that

  • what

    demi doesnt do this this is not bad at all

  • Kelly

    It is all true but these photos r just the beggining…………..

  • Gigi

    Every one who has EVER said a bad thing about Demi I HATE YOUR GUTS with a Firey Passion. I Know almost for a fact Demi Would NEVER Do something that would embarass her Family and Fans. No Matter what happens I will Stand by Demi.DEMI FOREVER!!

  • Buky

    I hope she does i have a crush on her and she has a nice set let her show her body of shes 17!! leave her alone.

  • DKJU

    Big fucking deal i would not care if she got but naked and walk into KFC its all these fucking teenage girls that feeds disney all this money that just treat there stars like barbies shes not fucking 11.

  • Claire

    this is a load of bullshit
    jst because vanessa and miley did that doesnt mean every disney star will do that
    mean ashley tisdale and other costars havent done anything lak that
    miley and vanessa jst wanted attention and they are terrible role models for teens and younger
    demi lovato and her BFF selena gomez will never do that because they care about their fans and the impact this would have on them
    stop spreading LIES!!!!

  • Son

    I admit, the first two pictures are suggestive because of the cleavage but overall those pictures are clean…compared to Miley’s, and definitely compared to Vanessa’s lol.

  • meow

    wow wat a loser defending this ugly bitch prob the same loser/lonely person sitting there making differnt names.

    • Daniela

      What is ur problem go to hell I am 12 I went on this site to defend her not put her down so go to hell meow

      • Kahlid

        You are both fucking whores.

        So, shut up you daft cunts!

  • hahaha

    I gotta agree with meow on this one, i bet she has already taken naked pics, people thought vanessa and miley were so good before then pics came along and they changed their minds, just about every disney girl has had naked pics, look it up, its their way of getting out of the kid channels and making them selves noticed to the channels and movies for older people. Think about all the disney girls that have naked pics or show some private part of their body, vanessa hudgens, ashley tisdale, miley cyrus and more i just cant remember them, just look up disney stars names and then search their name on google and im sure at least one provocative pic will come up.

    • sean

      and granted she is now older, and an x-crack whore, lets not forget little ol Britney and all her nude pics, ok there aren’t that many, but there several with some part of her being exposed

  • sean

    i fail to see the logic in, “a girl who is currently 17, has undoubtedly taken nude pictures of herself now, at the age 17, but when she is 18, those pictures, of her at 17 naked, will be released and i want to see them, hell i may even shell out $10 for them”… you sir, sicken me, and i say good day

  • leslieee

    u guyss r suchh ass*oles demi is the sweetest girl ever and thats not even her u guys just cut her head and pasted it on some other sluty girls bodyy im not stupid!!!

  • some other guy

    WTF!!! she would NEVER do that those arent bad!!!

  • meow

    don’t try to trick us loser with all these other names ^^^ so lame get a life you bitch and stop commenting this pic.

    • Daniela

      Then y do u

  • Emma

    What the? There’s nothing wrong with the pics! She’ wearing a normal tank top, normal cloths! I swear I have so much more maturity than some people.

  • striker

    i think Demi Lovato looks smoking hot, and that you are a fucking ugly, hater bitch that needs to go to hell, meow

    • meow

      ur fucking ugly and so is demi

      • Daniela

        This is makeing me cry to see all of these comments so meow just go to hell

  • Cheyenne

    Omfg. That’s not Demi! People just paid an eager Demi Lovato look alike to take pictures of herself with a cell. It doesn’t even look like Demi.

  • sarah

    ok what the hell is up with this i know demi and she would never do any of that and how did u even get the pic.s because u had to have had hack her phone just like u di miley these r demis pic and demis pic only ao please stop all of this NOW!

  • slash

    who fucking cares

  • Miranda Jiroux

    I dont really see anything wrong with the pics. The only pic i see not really appropriate is probably the second pic. herr boobs are sticking out

  • Meg

    Leave Demi alone shes not even naked you people are crap go get a life….

  • Fearlz

    Judgemental much!!
    You can’t see the future so don’t predict.
    and GIRLS just like taking pics of dem self
    I too take “seductive” pics.
    But not naked ones..
    You Moron! Get a life!

  • Genesis

    The person you should be waiting to get naked is miley cyrus, seeing as shes half way there.
    Leave demi outta this, shes a sweetheart. This girl actually has a clean bright future.

  • Angelica

    Those pictures arent even BAD. Those average girl photos. The person you should be waiting for is miley, now THERES a teenage slut for you.

  • Jennyfer

    This innocent girl? Taking naked pictures? I’m sorry but I just can’t see that, she doesn’t have the attitude. She doesnt even dress up like a whore. Now miley, and vanessa, you can expect them to get naked, OH WAIT, one already did, and the other was HALF naked. As for demi? Shes always fully clothed. So go criticize someone else, because nobody will believe this one :)

  • Jennyfer

    The first two pictures were before she was fully famous, and she stopped taking them like that because she wants to be a good role model. Unlike slutty cyrus, who continuously takes them, even though she knows that little girls idolize her. Demi’s a good example of what a great role model is, and so is Selena Gomez.