Demi Lovato Masturbates On Stage

Demi Lovato masturbates

Portly former Disney star Demi Lovato masturbates on stage in front of her fans in the photo above.

Demi is probably fantasizing about the enormous meal she is going to stuff in her fat face once she gets off stage. Her gut appears to have already split through the center of her outfit in anticipation of being bloated with junk food.

Demi Lovato masturbating in public to the thought of food is a new low for her. Her gluttonous appearance is an offense to Allah, and Demi should seriously consider restarting her eating disorder… and her cutting.

  • lazyspeller

    I say : she got guts , dare devil sexy , hmmm yeah she is fat, fat in fine way.

    “Her gluttonous appearance is an offense to Allah ”
    after new world order overthrown by our Mesaiah Isa (pbuh) she willing-fully convert her self to Islam.

    the sign is clear im sure dajjal is about to come right , hot bebate…. come come,icha-icha paradaitsu.

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  • jake steel

    I’d fuck her skinny

  • Anubis

    The obese cow Demi Lovato appears to have bombastic flatulence. With legs spread in a half squatting position, massaging her nasty genitals while pushing in on her fat flabby abdomen helps relieve the gas. That is one fat bitch that can get off while having an uncontrollable spastic farting attack. That’s real showmanship for you that her perverted fans love about her.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I can’t tell if the fat bitch is masturbating or fantasizing about her next “5 dollar footlong.”

    If I had to guess…I’d say the footlong.

  • theheadchimp

    I don’t know but there is something sexy about a fat woman with her eyes closed and her mouth opened…..just saying.

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