Demi Lovato Gets Breast Implants For Her Birthday

Demi Lovato breast implants

Disney star and former mental patient, Demi Lovato celebrated her 19th birthday today like a typical infidel whore by mutilating her chest with breast implants. As you can see in the photo above Demi Lovato has clearly enhanced her shameful feminine bosom, as her titties appear to be large and perfectly shaped.

Western women are extremely foolish for desiring to have big luscious breasts. If big breasts had any value then Allah would have given them to men! A woman’s body is an abomination and made from the spare parts of the man’s. Even the silly Christian religion teaches that!

Yes Demi Lovato getting breast implants on her birthday is further evidence that she lacks even the basic sense to despise her repulsive womanly curves. I fully expect her to be recommitted to the looney bin soon. Until then Happy Birthday you crazy whore!

  • theheadchimp

    Only Demi would supply her own surgical instruments, she has used them on herself many times before.

    • dede9999

      bitch , you stfu she was bullied and went to rehab so get better so shut your fucking slutty cheap ass lowlife mouth

  • Demonwolf141

    All Sandniggers can rant and rave about what they feel is right in their own lives, but it takes a real human being to supress their inner desires and compliment a individual on their own choices in life. you who believe in life after death have yet to experience death, praise not what has not yet been known to you.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • theheadchimp

        He is probably depressed over that pig Kim Kardashian marrying a half breed nigger. He must have had hopes she would fuck a retarded 13 year old nerd.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You know, demi has that mudshark look. I wouldn’t doubt that she’ll soon be banging niggers.

  • open the scroll

    When is she going to remove her penis ??

    • dede9999

      i think you should remove yours cuz yours is so small that no girl wants you near the ( I dont think the gay people do either)

  • Farzaneh the Midwife

    After abusing her arms, Demi has decided to abuse her boobs. How lovely.

  • Anubis

    Which one of those hideous whores is Demi Lovato? They both look like the typical street walking tramps that one wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole. And besides being known as a wrist cutting lesboqueer, don’t forget about her perverted fetish for running into the woods in any moment’s notice in order to take a huge smelly dump in Smoky the bear’s territory.

    • dede9999

      Demi lovato is greater than you! Your the kind of low life street walking tramp that lives in a back alley on the streets of chicago. she was bullied in her younger years so thats what caused her to cut

  • mkjacy

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    • theheadchimp

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      • dede9999

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I’m not sure how you managed to survive after being dumped into a trash can after your mother’s back alley abortion.

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  • IHateCelebs


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  • nameless.

    You stupid kid. A woman’s body is NOT an abomination. Can you even imagine your life if your mother didn’t feed you breast milk? Go fuck yourself bitch. Better be grateful God created women,else you wouldn’t even exist on this Earth right now. Fuck you.

  • theheadchimp

    nameless and fatherless
    Stupid fucker have you never heard of infamel? What a stupid ass opinion about women. Do you actually think women have kids all by themselves? Unless your mothers name is “virgin mary” then you don’t know jack shit.


    demi is grown up now so shut the fuck up and she some fucking respect and NO SHE DID’NT GET BREAST IMPLANTS! YOU DUMB ASSES BELIEVE EVERYTHING PEOPLE SAY ON THE INTERNET THESE DAYS GET A LIFE BY NIGGAS!!!!!!

    • dede9999

      thank you so much for helping me defend a beautiful talented woman who has succeeded in life from these low life poor sad dickfaced jackasses