Demi Lovato Escapes From Rehab Releases Racy Pics

Demi Lovato half naked

Troubled teen Disney star Demi Lovato, who recently escaped from rehab after just 3 short months, had the above racy half naked pictures leaked to the Internet today.

Who is behind the leak is still unknown, but I would be willing to speculate that it is either a drug dealer Demi owes money too, the Obama administration to the distract public from the economic crisis, or Demi Lovato herself because she is just that deranged.

Furthermore these pictures appear to be from a video. Could that video be the inevitable Demi Lovato sex tape I have been predicting for years? Probably!

Demi Lovato is a severely twisted and disturbed young lady. She is a menace to society and constantly in violation of Sharia law. Demi obviously needs to be institutionalized post-haste before she does any more damage to herself and offends Allah further with her sluttery. Allahu Akbar!

  • IHateCelebs

    So the fat buttchin lesboqueer has escaped from rehab which is where she ought to be, if not locked up in jail. Let’s not forget what landed the Fat Disney Princess in the clink in the first place…she hauled off and assaulted an innocent peon in her employ. All over a guy, supposedly, although I suspect it was a lesboqueer lover’s spat.

    Fatass Princess Buttchin better get herself back into rehab pronto. Unless she just left to pop a ssquat in the woods, as we all jknow she likes to do.

    Jeesh, at least Lindsay Hohan bothered to have a career first before starting the hard drugs and lesboqueer stuff.

    • Lars

      Lesboqueer is overused, oldfag.

  • layaale

    i herd this was an old photo. im not suree :S

  • layaale

    my bad its not

  • theheadchimp

    Look at the good side of this………….This got an endorsement deal from Gillette razor blades.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    demi is a cut above her nearest competition

    • IHateCelebs

      a pointed observation, AtB. you’re razor sharp with the cutting retorts.

  • IHateCelebs

    I always feel like I should be swiping my debit card through Demi Lovato’s chin.

  • Mr. Kidd

    You immature idiots!

    These aren’t really racy shots. They appear to be shots from the dressing room of a clothing store. Now, wo leaked these shots Idk.

    All I know is the ppl on this site are extremely insensitive to her. She is NOT a cutter, she is not a lesbo, she is not ugly. She is a gorgeous, talented singer/actress/dancer that has been bullied most of her life and has had to deal with many ugly breakups, including the divorce of her parents and the breakup of her BF Joe Jonas, who acted like a complete jerk when he started dating Ashley Greene and brought her on tour with Demi and the Jonas Bros.

    In a nutshell, back off. She seems to be in a dressing room of a clothing store, not a sex tape. She is not ugly or a lesbo.

    • IHateCelebs

      Mrs. Yidd,

      Demi LoFATHO has publicly admitted her cutting disorder. Why do you not believe your own little idol Demi? Are you saying Demi is a liar? And these “breakups” you speak of, what do you think led to her decking her FEMALE employee, huh? Think about it, retard.

      Not ugly? I call her ATM cause you can swipe a credit card through her chin. How may pre-20 year olds do you know who have cellulite already? Look at those fat Mexitrash thighs and tell me how “gorgeous” she is.

      You middle-aged men who feel the need to defend your little masterbatory fantasy girls are truly disgusting. Move out of your mother’s basement and get a fucking job. Better yet, kill yourself.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        I agree with ihatecelebs

        Demi is a worthless jizz trap and anybody who thinks she’s something special is a dumbass mofo.

  • Happy Infidel

    Did you know I enjoy Clevland Steamers. Particullary with Arnold Ziffle.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I have suspected it for quite a while.

  • Idiots

    This is sad.
    Not the post.
    90% of the people commenting on it.
    You claim to “love Allah” and everything, but Islam teaches PEACE. And what you are saying is certainly the opposite. You disgrace the religion talking like that. And if you lash out at me for saying that, you are just proving my point further.
    And before you start calling her ugly, I wanna see some pictures of you and hear you sing and do everything she does and go through everything she’s gone through. *taps foot* I’m waiting.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Eat shit and die you suck ass mofo.
      You know nothing about Islam or Allah or morality.
      Demi is a crack addicted asshole. She had an easy life but risked everything because she is immoral and lacks any strength of character.
      And as for your foot tapping; If given the opportunity…that foot of yours would be ripped off by a Jihadist and shoved up your ass. So…you had best watch what you ask for….because when Islam takes over…assholes like you will have much to answer for.

      Suck it homoqueer!

  • Idiots

    Proved my point. AGAIN.
    All you can answer anything with is VIOLENCE. All that’s gonna do is get people pissed at you and get you killed. And over half of the people on this site already want to. Good job.
    And it’s really easy to insult people and make threats when you are on the internet, you coward. Here, you’re nameless, faceless, and don’t have to look anyone in the eye.
    And I DO know about Allah. And Allah wouldn’t want you wishing everyone to die in a painful way and shouting every cuss word on the face of the planet in people’s faces.
    Bottom line: I wanna see your proof of her doing crack. I wanna see your proof of immorality. I wanna see YOUR ‘so attractive face’, “tough-ass” *notice the sarcasm*.
    I am discouraging this site to anyone I know. All it is is a pointless hate-fest to people who have fallen-apart lives.
    AND YOU THINK HER LIFE WAS EASY? Ha! Don’t make me laugh! Endless 24-hour touring, paparazzi following you around and watching your every move, people out there like you hating on her when you’ve never even met her, endlessy filming, memorizing lines, waking up at all hours to do press conferences, endless dress-rehearsals, photoshoots, required song-writing, and then having to balance going to the gym to satisfy shallow people like you! Plus when the person you are in love with breaks up with you and you see them every single day and they are flaunting their new girlfriend around you 24/7, ON TOP of the emotional problems you have already?
    Yeah, REAL easy.
    You don’t know her. You can’t judge.

  • AbduIIah the Butcher


    You are so right…I am such an asshole making fun of people and a coward to boot. I don’t know what’s wrong with me other than I haven’t taken my meds in a couple of months. My shrink won’t be too happy about that. He is trying to help me stop being a queer and trying to talk me out of staying down the basement for hours on end playing on the computer and playing with myself.

    Please accept my apology.


  • Idiots

    I and Demi appreciate that, but you aren’t Abdullah the Butcher. Your picture isn’t the same.

  • bridgit

    this looks like a dressing room. don’t judge her. i support demi.

    • IHateCelebs


      We know how you lesboqueers don’t like to be judged, and we know you want to “support” her (considerable) weight on you as you make immoral lesboqueer sex.

      Just don’t let her near you with any of those razor blades she uses to cut herself.

      On second thought, do let her come after you with a razor. With Demi LoFATHO’s raging Mexican anger she will probably do away with you and do us all a favor.

      lesboqueer bitch.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        That bridgidiot must be a “bull dyke” lesboqueer…if she can support demi.

  • Idiots

    But, seriously, guys. No cussing and insulting eachother here. I honestly just want to know HOW you think what you think. Tell me, how can you call a young teenage girl that has a hard life (endless touring, parents’ divorce, SO much more that I don’t feel like typing) who you have never even met SO many things? Especially things that are so personal-like that you would have to know the person to call them that. Please, without getting in some big, unneeded fight, can you “jihad” guys tell me why you do what you do. Insult people that don’t fall at your feet and agree with EXACTLY what you think. I mean, you get pissed when we call you immature and stupid, and that’s how we feel when you say stuff like ‘lesboqueer’ that has lost it’s meaning it’s been used so much. Tell me, why is all this necessary? Slashing people we don’t know and probably will never meet?

  • Idiots

    In all seriousness, you have been saying ‘lesboqueer’ and telling us to F ourselves so many times, when I read it it’s totally lost it’s meaning

  • AbduIIah the Butcher


    Yes I know we use that term lesboqueer a lot because we love typing it. We actually made it up because there is no such word. We are ignorant assholes is what we are. We just don’t have a life so that’s why we have this site. We also say “eat shit and die” quite a bit. Sorry if all this has lost it’s meaning but we just run out of things to say so we just repeat, repeat, repeat.

  • Idiots

    Bahahahaha, that is so true, fake Abdullah the Butcher! Too bad they don’t realize that the more they insult, the worse they look. They just have to keep adding on to the idiocy.

  • demi is a slut

    a big slut

  • Jesus


    You guys are getting charged (guess who)

    + now youre going to get mob at your homes or offices at a xertain point

    We promise you

    Now go fuxk your ugly wives and moth-ers

  • Jesus


    Abdullah and ihatecelebs

    We’re going to put you and your officemates in the hospital for a long fuckin time

    Fuck your dead wives

    YOU assholes have pretty much killed yourselves

    This is not a jowk faggots, we know what youre reallly writing

    You’re going to get shot

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You’re either a google drunk on thunderbird or Corky the retard, after watching the infidel show, “law and order.”
      Which is it: black, drunk retard or corky?

      Either way…Eat shit and die mofo

    • theheadchimp

      What the fuck is a jowk? Threats are kinda funny when they are posted by a 5 year old like you.

    • IHateCelebs

      Now is that any way for Jesus to talk? Go wash your mouth out with holy water.

  • Idiots

    All this crap is dumb. Fighting. Tellin ppl to F themselves. Anyone shootin insults. Just stupid.

    • theheadchimp

      Idiotic asshole
      Fuck you……you dumb stupid insulting shit for brains idiot.

  • syed sajjad

    Idiots I appreciate you.These sons of bitches are spreading about Islam everywhere. Thanks to these crap heads we muslims who ruled the world for 1000s of years have been labeled as terrorists. I say remove those dirty pics .We muslims hve no right to insult others . Even islam tells us that convince others in the manner that they dont feel like being insulted.Ya know what ,you are not true muslims . Cuz you paste these racy pics.May be you go under yur beds and and smootch and lick her pics till they get all wet.

  • Brandi

    SHUT THE FUCK UP. Demi is awesome. & not a lesbian. So go fucking die in a hole. Nobody cares what a low loser nothing hater thinks.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      broom fucker

      You are right about one thing you dumbass, nobody cares about what you think.

  • McLovin

    the only people in need of rehab are fucking muslim radicals. they actually think blowing up buildings and airplanes gets them to heaven. fucking idiots. if i had it my way,i’d drop atomic bombs on the whole middle east. fucking goat rapists.