Demi Lovato Dyes Her Hair Blonde Sets Bad Example

Demi Lovato blonde

Oh my God I can not believe Demi did this. Doesn’t she know she is a role model to millions of young girls?

How could Demi Lovato go and put blonde highlights in her hair. What kind of message is that sending to her fans?

Getting blonde highlights is basically like saying “I want to be dumb, and I think books are stupid”. Demi is telling her fans they should be bimbos, and is contributing to this nation’s illiteracy problem.

Demi Lovato has got to realize that as a public figure she is a role model to millions of girls. She can’t just go around doing reckless things like dying her hair blonde.

I hope that Demi’s fans know that it is not OK to go blonde, and that getting an education is important despite what Demi Lovato’s hair appears to be telling them.

  • megan

    wtf! learn how to spell at least.

  • ….seriously? …. LMFAO

  • ashleyp

    Are you fucking stupid?!?!!?!?!?!
    That dosent even make fucking sense!!!!!
    That does not mean thing anything you said!!!
    Demi can do what ever shes wants!!
    She is not setting a bad example shes being herself!!!
    Your just fucking stupid and no one likes you!

    • GOD

      I like him. Makes me Giggle


    what????? look to be honest you sound stuipd!!! listen carefully! DEMI CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS WITH HER HAIR!!!!!!!! this deosn’t even make sense!!! first of all you are sterotyping blondes!! not all blondes are like that ok.i hate that ppl talk about blondes like that…. second of all sweetie demi only got highlights HIGHLIGHTS!!! she did not dye her hair blonde oK? get ya facts start!!! and stop making a big deal out of something like this, there are so many posts about OMG demi got highlights!!! like seriously its none of yours or anyones bussiness!!! seriously you imply that demi is stuipd for putting hightights in her hair well YOU stuipd for even making this dumb about a teenager that did nothing wrong but put hihtlights in hair!!! oh on top of that you don’t even make sense? you make a big deal about something that doesn’t need to be a big deal!!

  • LOkkks

    WTF? stupid ass am sure you really cant understand what your saying because if you did you would know is is a fuken JOKE!

  • Emily

    She should be able to do whatever she wants. It’s a free country, for now, at least.

  • Kristie Brown

    For your information, stupid exist everywhere regardless of hair color. In fact hair color HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR INTELLIGENCE LEVEL! All you’re doing is stereotyping blondes (now THAT’S DUMB). She can dye her hair whatever color she wants, and that has NOTHING to do with HER INTELLIGENCE LEVEL! Get a life and stop stereotyping people!

  • WTF

    Seriously ??
    dumb ass
    thats just rude
    ur calling all blondes or ppl who are bolnde/decided to dye their hair blonde idiots -___-
    im not blonde, but still im NOT a idiot who thinks i would be dumb if i was.
    there are plenty of girls who are bolnde AND smart.
    who do u think u are putting sterotypes on ppl >:|

  • Emily White

    Wow thats the most pathetic thing i have ever heard. You are really freaking out over this? Demi Lovato got highlights. SO WHAT! And getting highlights isnt a sin ok. Its not like shes stripping shes changing up her hair and I think that your rediculous!

    • reality check

      You ever heard? You mean, you ever read, you useless c*nt.

      • Maryna

        I wear my hair long.Around age 10 or so, I started to rllaey like my long hair. I’m blond, and I somehow figured out that being blond had special powers. :)It was at this age that my mother started cutting my hair *very short* and at age 12/3 when i started to develop like a woman, my mother cut it off so i looked like a boy. but let me put it this way. my mother strongly encouraged me to have super-short hair, such that i looked like a boy, and whenever i grew my hair out (and to this day), my mother would complain constantly about how “terrible” my hair mother wears her hair short, and has a preference for short hair, but man, she was PUSHY about it. so, from about age 10 until i was 18, i had short hair. most people thought I was a lesbian, and i didn’t attract many guys until i had longer hair in my last year of high school.when i went to university, i grew my hair out. i got lots of attention. i had a great stylist, and he not only did a great job with my hair, he taught me how to put it up into different styles that — honestly — drive men WILD. it’s amazing what two rubber bands, a few bobby pins, and a bit of molding/hair wax can achieve. LOL and seriously, it’s a 3 minute do.anyway, once i was out of hte house, i would get hard core criticism at holidays. in addition to criticism about my hair, i would get it about not wearing make up (i have *rllaey great* skin, and make up irritates it. I do brow/lash tinting and a smide of make up around the eyes and lip gloss, but my skin is so great, i do NOT mess with it), and i was continually considered “fat.” (i am currently five ft, seven inches, size 4 US, 120 lbs, 18% body fat, 26 inch waste, C-cup bra, and yes, mother of one — so, i do not do endless hours of cardo nor starve myself: The Primal Blueprint, look it up.)Anyhoot, I think my mother had issues with me, but I can’t put my finger on what. today, i mostly look to please my husband in as many ways as humany possibly because *i want to get laid, a lot*. he prefers long hair. And so even though i skype with my mom every week, and just about every week she asks me when i’m going to get that “cute” hair cut from 1989″ or whatever, i tell her never.I hvae a new stylist, hair is even more awesome than ever, and I love it. And i can now do my do without the molding wax because of her cut. two rubber bands, a few bobby pins, and 2 minutes.and it looks great as JBF’d hair, too. LOL

  • karlii

    blondes arent dumb. im blonde.
    im in math 2 grade levels higher.
    yea im dumb alright.
    dont be stereotypical.

    • Gigi

      Lol at the irony of writing “your retarded”. Also, lol at the fact that people are calling the author of this article stupid when you all obviously didn’t comprehend that it was written as a joke. Clearly satire is not a familiar concept to you guys.

    • hahah

      “Your Retarded”

      HHAHAH! Wow.

  • Sarah

    are you fucking serious? I am a blonde. i graduated high school with a 3.89 GPA. shut your mouth. you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

  • joan

    ok, your stupid. she dyed her hair bc she wanted to. EVERY GIRL dyes their hair, what about when she dyed it black? everyone dyes their hair…Demi, Miley, Selena, Jordin, EVERYONE!

  • sarahhhhh

    WTF?! I got highlights does that make me stupid, or the fact that I am a natural blonde. hair color has nothing to do with how smart people are.
    and Demi can do whatever the hell she wants.

    • Aditya

      megsy Posted on Be guided by the dogs iosrenalpty when you get itYou may wish to name something that goes with the colours of your dog such as amber but whatever name you choose you will know instinctively that its right for herI called mine Gypsy because she had dark smudges around her eyes like a gypsy with kohl around her eyes chosen after much prior discussion about suitability of names and when I sighted her it just seemed right

  • melissa


    • GOD

      Yes it does I made Blondes that way so guys could get them into bed faster.

  • leanne_emochic

    Really that is so stupid, she is a celeb. She can do whatever she wants. Not all blondes are dumb by the way. I think you should get over it, your causeing drama. I dont see how she is setting a bad example, she is just being creative. Why cant people be creative these days and get the stick out of ur ass.

  • meee

    wow! yuh are stupid! haha seriously find something better 2 write about. cuz this just shoes yuh have no life!



  • Rightok

    WTF! Seriously, this is the stupidest shit I’ve ever read. How old are you? Hair color has nothing to do with intelligence! You are really fucking stupid for this. Geez, get a life, stop stalking Demi.

  • Sophia

    You cannot be serious! You are so fucking stereotypical! What the hell! Some brunettes are dumb some red heads are dumb some blond people are dumb and some people with any color in between are dumb, it has nothing to do with intelligence! Plus, her hair is mostly brown still, she has barley any blond in it! You sound like you’re 10 or 12 so maybe you should stay off of the internet But don’t do anything reckless, like put a little blonde in your hair!

  • Uhm none of your biz? o.o


  • jack mehoff

    i heard demi fucks guys named alex and does coke

  • TaperJeanGirl

    SERIOUSLY?! Dude it’s hair! If she starts rambling on like this post THEN we have something to worry about.

    -An Educated BRUNETTE

  • i c u

    This is so fuckin retarted. how is it setting a bad example if she just dyed her fuckin hair. these people are idiots

  • Vicky Ransom


  • Chruhjay

    WTF??? You are so mean hair color does not make you smart or dumb!!! You prolly don’t even have hair!!! LOSER!!!!

    These people cannot all be serious, right??? Only one other person realizes this article is a huge joke??? Or are all the people that replied just playing along??? Why have I even invested this much effort??? ugh. The Internet is a big hairy asshole.

    • dickspitz

      Next time i want to know if she has to shave her hairy Tex-Mex/Italian cunt and asshole daily. Get with it you Muslim fuck, and get some more “in depth” stories.

  • Maya

    Is this a joke…what kind of idiot are you? the color of her hair doesn’t matter AT ALL. it’s a color. stop being so stereotypical with blondes. the color of her hair will not change her personality. people these days really…leave her alone.

  • Jessica

    uhhh so what’s wrong if she wants to put blonde highilghts on her hair.. i think she looks cute… you need to get a life!!

  • bob

    how offensive is this article?!

  • MiaBoo31

    I have dyed blonde hair, and am currently studying for me Clinical Pyschology degree….so clearly youR shallow comments are correct?!

  • someone u dont know

    demi can do whatever she wants she is free let her live her life while she can btw she looks great and if she want she can die all her hair blonde if she wants. taylor swift is blonde but she is not stupid infact u r ur stupid that u even wrote that as i said before she want do whatever she wants

  • [email protected]

    LOL this is so funny! OBVIOUSLY he’s joking. it’s called fucking with people, and it’s fun, darn idiots. satire anybody?

  • ana

    what the hell are you talking about having blonde highlights doesn’t make you a bad role model! i think she is doing a fantastic job in being a good example!

    and having blonde highlights doesn’t make you a bimbo either!

  • wow

    WTF your prejudice just because your blond doesnt mean your dumb and her hair isn’t even blond blond plus she looks good so stfu

  • danette

    she is not setting a bad example, she’d already has been dying her hair for a long time. if she wants blonde highlights on her hair, she can. She’s not 12 anymore, she’s like 18 and that means she can make her own decisions. im thinking you maybe dont like it on her, well thats okayy, but it’s not a bad example to her fans.

  • chrissy

    this is just plain out stupid why the fuck would it look bad lots of people get highlights,its not like shes sending nude pics like miley or giving lap dances seriously leave her to camp rock!

  • TheRealSpeaker

    hey!!look at the picture of the guy with a long beard right there next to your we dont make fun of him and his nasty beard.WTF……LOOK AT THAT GUY…..THATS THE GUY WHO MAKE THIS SIT!E!!!HES THE LONELY BASTERD WHO MAKES FUN OF PEOPLE WHO ARE BETTER THAN HIM!!!

  • TheRealSpeaker

    oh and blondes are just being pretty……not dumb……and no i am not blonde…..but its pretty…..anyway thats not nice to say…

  • Katie

    I understand that this whole site is a joke, and some of these stories, even if they are terribly rude are funny. This one just doesn’t make sense. It’s like an eight year old wrote it. Demi Lovato is not stupid and stereotyping blondes is mean. My best friend is blond and in eigth grade in middle school she had to go across the street to our high school for 11th grade math.

    P.S. Demi graduated high school two years early

  • Vanessa

    Wait, is this a joke? She looks gorgeous and this doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • …………….

    All right, first of all YOU’RE AN IDIOT! Just because you dye you’re hair blonde doesn’t mean you’re dumb. That all depends all your education, NOT your hair color. I mean, somone can be a BRUNETTE and still be dumb. And by the way, it’s just highlights! It’s not like she full on dyed her hair blonde. And that’s how it was when she was younger. Besides she’s almost 18. And another thing just because you’re blonde DOESN’T mean you’re a bad role model. That all depends on characteristics or in other words your personality. It’s not like she has done what Miley Cyrus has done. She’s doing a wonderful job as a role model. And lastly, I think Demi looks beautiful with her new hair.

  • Nessy

    r u serious? its just a hair colour, alot of people get blonde highlights, doesn’t mean there stupid, infact blonde hair has a bad rep for that because of some girls, but doesn’t mean everyone has to be that way.

  • j.love337

    omg ppl are really freaking out…I’m thinking this is sarcasm…is it? hahaha
    I hope it is!

    “She can’t just go around doing reckless things like dying her hair blonde.”

  • intelligent natural blonde

    Um who is the idiot that wrote this. Being blonde doesn’t mean you’re an idiot. I’m blonde naturally have my my MBA and went to an ivy league school. There is nothing wrong with putting blonde highlights in your hair. It doesn’t mean you’re an idiot. She’s not even fully blonde…she wanted to change up her hair. Seriously this is the stupidest news post

  • coral

    okay you are a fucking DUMBASS yu fucking chomo fairy who give sa fuck if she puts blonde in her hair, you have got to be the dumbest person in the world to be judging her cuz she has fucking blonde really get the fuck over it you douche twat. GET A FUCKING LIFE.

  • macie

    omg u are such a dumbass i should jump ur ass 4 being a dumbass. demi has a mind of her own and she can do whtever the fuck she wants to do with her hair. and by the way dumbass this isn’t the first time she has had blonde to get ur facts straight

  • melinda

    what your saying is called a stereotype, not all blonds are stupid for example hillary clinton is the first women to run for president. and besides that hair color has nothing to do with, who you really are as an individual..gewen stefani and demi lovato are just some of the great artist that i know. you just want to criticize..especially for something stupid.

  • julia

    This website is A JOKE. it is not actually serious stop freaking out

  • edsfsfds

    you’re a fucking freak.
    demi is amazing.

  • Sam

    R u that ignorant? Lol I mean seriously writing about how hair color makes her a bad role model ?? U r a moron!!

  • D

    lol this article.
    i’d rather look up the demi than miley, to be honest.